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Spacing Out! Ep. 9: Ben Hansen shows stunning UFO footage captured in Florida

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Ben Hansen is a former FBI agent who stars on the popular SyFy show Fact or Faked. We talk with Ben about the show and he shows us some extraordinary footage that the team captured while investigating UFO footage in Florida. He also reviews an astonishing video where a woman who feels she is being abducted captures her alleged disappearance on video. Plus we review the latest UFO and space news including updates with the Baltic Sea "UFO" and more.

'Transformers 4' headed for final frontier

By Robbie Graham

Transformers 4 is headed for the final frontier, according to director Michael Bay. When asked by The Los Angeles Times recently if the new story will involve a departure from Earth, Bay replied: “I think so, yeah, a little... That feels like the way to go, doesn’t it? I want to go a little off [Earth] but I don’t want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded. That’s what works in these movies, that’s what makes it accessible.”

Exactly, because if the Transformers franchise goes too far off-planet then it might stretch credulity. It could even risk tarnishing the gritty documentary realism Bay worked so hard to create in the first three movies. The otherwise sober notion of giant transforming alien robots might even start to seem... silly?

Bay told the LA Times that his next Transformers movie (which will be his last) will not be a reboot, as rumours had suggested, but will nevertheless veer off in new directions and feature a new cast. Some of the Transformers themselves will also be redesigned (allowing for a new line of Hasbro toys).

“It’s not a reboot, that’s maybe the wrong word,” Bay said. “I don’t want to say reboot because then people will think we’re doing a Spider-Man and starting from the beginning. We’re not. We’re taking the story that you’ve seen — the story we’ve told in three movies already — and we’re taking it in a new direction. But we’re leaving those three as the history. It all still counts.”

Transformers 4 is currently without a script. It does have a release date, though: 29 June, 2014.
The Story So Far

UFO Buzzes Chopper over Waldo Canyon Wildfire (Video)

A video on YouTube, taken from a newscast airing on TV, shows a UFO trailing a helicopter fighting the Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado.

The video, caught with a camera phone videotaping a live news report, suffers from poor quality. But it is evident that an unusual, unidentified flying object is first trailing, then overtaking the helicopter.

The shape of the object is the classic flying saucer disc with no wings, lights or exhaust.

The helicopter itself is clearly visible even though the sky is filled with a smoky haze. The object is not far from it, yet it is difficult to make out any clear detail.

The UFO first trails the chopper at relative speed, but then begins to quicken and overtake the helicopter before the live news report ends. This seems to prove it is not attached to the chopper and the water bucket hovering below it is clearly visible the whole time. So, what is it? Here's the video:

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Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant who liaised with Aliens for U.S. Government to speak at Liverpool conference

This summer The Static Gallery on Liverpool’s Roscoe Lane will play host to the first of two summer events to bring discussions and witness testimony from those whom claim experiences that are out of this world.

Extraterrestrial Communication Conference 2012

Headlining the E.T. Communication Conference being held on Saturday 30th June is retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Dan Sherman who spent 1992-1995 in the US Air Force as an “Intuitive Communicator” working for the National Security Agency (NSA). In 1992, Sergeant Sherman attended training as an electronic intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency headquarters. This however, served as a "cover" for the primary training he also received at NSA - that of an "Intuitive Communicator".
After completing training, Sherman was assigned to an NSA Station on a military base where he was tasked to commence receiving telepathic messages from extra-terrestrials, and enter them into a computer terminal to transmit to NSA headquarters. During a ten-month period, he received more than 75 messages from a primary ET communicator, a male he dubbed "Bones". Sergeant Sherman also learned how the extra-terrestrial programs were hidden within the national security classifications in "black projects" or Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) which are not supposed to exist.
Also, Mike Oram will be speaking about his lifetime of UFO experiences; first as a child in the 1950s - then subsequently through his work as a UFO investigator from the late 1960s onwards. From childhood contacts in the 1950s to sinister encounters at Area 51 in the 21st century, Mike's incredible personal story reveals startling and timely new information about an on-going alien interaction with humanity that has the potential to affect all our lives. His testimony is a unique account of one person’s struggle to come to terms with the awesome reality of alien contact over many years; which amounts to a microcosm of the whole UFO phenomenon - spanning many decades.
The event, which also includes talks by Miles Johnston, Denis Denocla and David Griffin, will be hosted by radio host Neal Atkinson of Planet X show on City Talk 105.9 FM. The second event coming soon to The Static Gallery is the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo being held on August 4th to 5th 2012 – an event previously held at both Universities in Leeds since 2009 but is now making its home in Merseyside.
For more information visit the website or contact producer Anthony Beckett on 07733 323841.

UFO Hunters S01E01 - The UFO Before Roswell (Video)

Blue Orb UFO Filmed Hovering over Manhattan (Video)

A blue, flashing orb UFO was filmed hovering over the skyline of Manhattan by an amazed father, shooting the video from two different windows of his apartment as he and his child struggle to understand just what it is they're looking at.

The unidentified flying object barely moves in the sky, suggesting it may just be a blimp. But jaded New Yorkers, used to seeing such sights regularly (like the man in this video) know when something looks odd and unusual. This is such a sighting.

The circular orb is bluish in color and seems to be spinning. There are no flashing navigational lights, a requirement for any aircraft flying over New York City.

The UFO is filmed with an iPhone, so the quality is slightly grainy. But a closeup of the object shows it doesn't look like any known aircraft. Is it a spy drone?

The man in the video uses a little bit of profanity, so be prepared. But there's no doubt he is puzzled, and perhaps a bit excited by what he's witnessing. So perhaps he may be excused for using such language in front of his children.

Could a baby skeleton discovered in Peru be evidence of aliens? (Video)

Skeletal remains discovered in Peru in late 2011 garnered attention when supposedly “noted,” yet unnamed, scientists from Spain and Russia reached the incredible conclusion that the skeleton was that of an “extraterrestrial being.” But as Gather reporter Tom Rose reports, this skeleton was recently “made available for serious and extensive study to international scientists for the first time.”

The supposed alien remains were discovered by Peruvian anthropologist Renato Davila Riquelme, who is affiliated with the Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco, Peru. But it is American scientist Brian Foerster, assistant director of the Paracas History Museum near Lima, Peru, who is reportedly behind the studies.
The skeleton is thought to be that of an infant, with eleven ribs, rather than the normal human number of twelve. In addition to its unusually elongated skull, the skeleton has an “inordinately thickened neck and spinal column.” Although elongating skulls was common in some ancient cultures, Rose points out that “no baby skeleton has ever been found which shows this kind of development at such an early age.”
Foerster is coordinating further studies, and top scientists from around the world are reportedly going to “converge in Paracas to study the remains, test the DNA and publish their findings later this year.”

A Wisconsin Family's Encounters With UFOs Near Their Home

By Betty May Ockerl

The UFO topic couldn't have been farther from my mind...until a mid October evening in 2004.
What is the reason behind the bizarre lights appearing in the sky around our home? Are they really UFOs?
After documenting a dozen different encounters from 2004-2007, I was on the quest for an explaination...and the best way to get the word out was to write a book!
The Mysterious Lindsey Lights is our family's story about the sightings...along with illustrations and the time and dates they appeared.

I hope my book encourages other average people to come forward about their experiences and realize that such things can happen to anyone at any time...
Also, I welcome all logical explainations for what our family saw.



Uploaded by on 22 Nov 2011

Betty May Ockerl is the author of the book, The Mysterious Lindsey Lights: One Family's True Encounters with Strange Lights in the Sky Near Lindsey, Wisconsin. Starting in 2004 Betty and her family began seing strange lights in the sky. The sightings continued, so Betty began documenting the sightings and researching the UFO phenomenon to find out more about them. She felt that the sightings were so mysterious and important that she decided to write a book about them, despite the ridcule she may face in her rural community. We will talk to Betty about the Lindsey sightings, her investigation, and the community's reaction to her book. To read more about her book visit the book's page on

Hardly, Hawking: Physicist Relegates UFOs to the Lunatic Fringe

Where did we come from? How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? Is there alien life out there, and what is the future of the human race? These are the sorts of questions that great minds of science have been asking ever since our concept of a universe was first realized, and all were questions put forth by acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking, during a lecture he gave in 2008.
During the presentation, Hawking notes that the apparent probability of life arising elsewhere in the universe, based on conditions we can observe here on Earth, seems pretty high. “On the other hand, we don’t seem to have been visited by aliens. I’m discounting the reports of UFOs… why would they appear only to cranks and weirdos?”
Cranks and weirdos, huh? While Hawking may indeed be one of the finest scientific minds of the last century, the bold assumptions and outright ignorance this statement betrays behind Hawking’s logic is disheartening, at best. As if the discussion required any further reason as to why this is the case, below I’ve chosen to take a look at a few other statements Hawking makes with regard to UFOs and alien life, and why there are more than a few problems with his views.
First of all, when it comes to the study of alien life, it’s understandable that Hawking would fall into the same trap where UFOs are accepted to be aliens from other worlds. Still, this assumption arrives all to often, and despite any hard proof to support such a connection between aliens and unidentified flying objects. While there could be a connection, for all we know, a truly scientific perspective of the UFO phenomenon must remain neutral as to what they actually may be. There is simply no way to directly associate UFOs with alien life, with no reliable frame of reference regarding what aliens may be, or if we’ve been visited.
That said, thanks to the work of journalists like Leslie Kean, Robert Hastings, and others who have gone to great lengths to document official reports by government officials, pilots, and others with officialdom who have had UFO sightings, we can rest assured knowing that “cranks and weirdos” aren’t the only UFO witnesses out there. What Hawking espouses here is representative of a very sad attitude maintained by many in the scientific mainstream, and if anything, it is the result of sheer ignorance. Statements like these are most often afforded us by individuals who, with their focus kept strictly and at all times on the matters of physics and the sciences, probably have never really had proper exposure to UFO reports that are more justifiable than those outlandish episodes to which Hawking refers.

Hawking went on in his presentation to criticize the notion that secret activities may be going on behind the scenes, as played out by our world governments. “If there is a government conspiracy to suppress the reports, and keep for itself the scientific knowledge the aliens bring, it seems to have been a singularly ineffective policy so far.” Or has it? Supposing for a moment that some clandestine organization indeed might have succeeded in keeping UFO-related knowledge from the public, might their success not be measured by the boldness of statements like this one, which Hawking makes so assuredly? If the secret had been kept effectively, for the most part, then arguably someone like Hawking, well-connected though he is in the community, would still remain in the dark about a UFO conspiracy… though again, this would only be in the event that some conspiracy did in fact exist.
In truth, there wouldn’t have to be any conspiracy for potentials to exist that Hawking hasn’t seemed to take into consideration here. He cites with confidence the failure of SETI programs in past attempts at unraveling the mysteries of alien life through discovery of coded alien messages from afar. And yet, he doesn’t stop to consider whether SETI’s real failures might have been in the limitations present with the science being employed; can we really be so bold as to assume that, if radio signals couldn’t be detected, then there is less likelihood altogether that alien life exists?
Below is a link to the short video segment where Hawking, despite his great knowledge, seems to rest his critique of the UFO enigma on a series of under-educated assumptions. What are your feelings on this line of thought, and does this sort of attitude expressed by scientists today actually more harm than good when it comes to understanding the potentials of alien cosmology?

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Ufo's Covered On Australian T.V. (Video)

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Peter Maxwell Slattery says he's spotted UFOs many times near his home in Albury and that he now has proof.

Nick Pope releases tentative alien war plan to launch Resistance: Burning Skies


UFO over Brunswick, Germany Analyzed (Video)

Like him or not, ThirdPhaseOfMoon's Blake Cousins puts himself out there as an intrepid UFO hunter, and as such, he fields unsolicited videos from all over the world.

The latest entry comes from Brunswick, Germany, and shows a flying saucer disc flying erratically over the town from a distance of about three miles. The video was shot by an HD camera, and the quality is fairly good.

Despite some hoaky on-camera presentation skills and simply awful, ominous sounding theme music, the sighting does have a lot of merit.

And, as usual, Cousins redeems himself with some video analysis by blowing up the segment 500 times.

The zoomed-in image reveals more detail of a spinning, saucer-shaped UFO, which to the naked eye, doesn't seem to have any pixelation problems and looks to be real.

Of course, the veracity of these videos is always open to debate as Cousins is notorious for sensationalizing his content and makes no bones about grabbing eyeballs with provocative content.

This time, though, it looks like he got it right. Here's the video:

Three UFOs over California Appear; Disappear (Video)

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Jun 9, 2012 by ufosearchparty
The eyewitness/videographer first heard his dog barking, and went outside to see what was happening on June 9, 2012.
He noticed three lights in the sky. They were in an upright triangle formation.
For a time, they simply sat stationary in the sky, and then in a few moments, simply disappeared.
The video has been enhanced by
To see the full length video, go to:

A guide on ‘Chasing UFOs’ with Nat Geo’s Erin Ryder, Part I (Video)

By John Soltes / Publisher /

Ben McGee, Erin Ryder and James Fox of Nat
Geo’s ‘Chasing UFOs’ — Photo courtesy of
National Geographic Channels / Dean Bradshaw

Some people look through a microscope to learn about our world’s strangest phenomena. For Erin Ryder, star of National Geographic Channel’s new series Chasing UFOs, looking up at the sky can deliver many more answers on humanity’s largest question marks.
Set to premiere Friday, June 29, Chasing UFOs follows Ryder (as she’s called by friends), geologist Ben McGee and UFOologist James Fox as they trek around the United States and a few international locations, always interviewing eyewitnesses, gathering evidence and craning their necks to the starry skies above. Their mission: Prove or disprove unexplained UFO sightings, some made famous (Roswell, etc.) and some deeply personal to just a few people.
Throughout the summer months, Chasing UFOs promises to entice viewers who know that the “truth is out there.” Recently, Hollywood Soapbox talked with Ryder about UFO chasing and what audience members can expect on the eight-part series. Here’s Part I of that discussion (click here for Part II). Questions and answers have been slightly edited.
(At the bottom is a clip from the premiere episode.)

Did you have fun creating the first season of Chasing UFOs?

It was incredibly fun. I think anytime you get to study something as mysterious and as intriguing as UFOs, you’re going to have a lot to look into. We try to make a bit of an adventure out of it. We didn’t do it to be something too scientific. But at the same time, this is a true scientific search for extraterrestrial life.

You approach each case from a research basis.

I think that’s what sets us apart a little bit. We are really looking for some hard concrete evidence. We do have James, who is a believer, and the other side being a skeptic, and me kind of somewhere in the middle. We all want to believe. So our whole goal is to go out there and try to find something, anything, that would really help give us proof that something is out there.

Were you surprised by some of your findings?

I think every time we go out there I’m surprised. I don’t know if you can tell, I get very startled. You’ll definitely see me get spooked at night, but that’s definitely part of the fun. Throughout the series, we make some big discoveries. We don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I will say that if you see the premiere, that I personally capture something in Texas that I really can’t explain. I’m definitely still shocked to this day and can’t explain what I captured. We actually also find some physical evidence at the Roswell crash site, which is something we would never thought we would come upon. We are all really, really excited to share it with everyone.

A UFO outpost in Trinidad, Colo. — Photo courtesy of National Geographic Channels / Snake Oil Productions


How did you get attached to the project?

Well, I’ve always kind of been a bit of an adventurer and explorer. I’m a compulsive traveler. So that’s what got me started on Destination Truth, which is a Syfy-based show looking at different mysteries around the world. And UFOs have kind of been in my blood since I was younger. So I kind of gravitated toward it. I grew up in the Hudson Valley, which is just north of New York City, and we actually had something that they call the Night Siege, which was thousands of witnesses observed this boomerang-shaped craft in the sky around 1982 for years. So I grew up in my own backyard, people believed that there were UFOs. So here I am, being able to combine a lot of the things that I love and that I’m intrigued by. So this has kind of always been my passion.

You fall in between a believer and skeptic. After the first season, are you still in the middle?

I will say, one day, just one day with James Fox, and you’ll have yourself questioning if there isn’t something out there. He is so brilliant and has studied this topic for so long and spoken to so many people.
Like in this season, we speak with colonels and astronauts and doctors and brigadiers. And they say that there’s something else out there. It’s hard not to think, what else could that be? So, yeah, I would say going out on the road this season, I coined the term ‘skeliever,’ but I’m definitely leaning more toward the believer. But I still want that solid proof. I do want something to push me completely over the edge to be a believer.

Is it a challenge to look at these eyewitness videos with blinking lights and not see an aircraft?

Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s what’s important is that there are a lot of things out there that are conventional objects or natural phenomena that are misidentified. But we try to concentrate on those sole fraction of the sightings, maybe the 5 or 10 percent, that can’t be written off that easily. That’s what we focus in on. But yeah you’re right, you go out there and something tends to be mysterious to you just because of the distance or the clouds or whatever it is.
You really have to be careful when looking at video evidence. That’s why we’re going out not just looking for videos or sightings. We’re going out looking at crash sites or potential debris fields, where we can collect something that we can test. Something physical would be really gratifying to collect.

How did the team select the cases for the first season?

I think what we wanted to do is do a really good cross-section of the strange sightings and phenomena in the United States, in our own backyard. And obviously Roswell is something that has captivated the imagination of young and old, and we definitely wanted to go there. There’s an abductee in Arizona, Travis Walton, his abduction is so famous they made a movie about it. And the cattle mutilations in Colorado. There’s so much going on that what we wanted to do was not just show strange sightings, saucers in the sky. We wanted to show that there are other things going on that people believe are related to extraterrestrials. If we can go there and find any trace evidence at all to prove if this is just a work of conventional means or if this is something more mysterious

Chasing UFOs premieres Friday, June 29 at 9 p.m. on National Geographic Channel. Click here for more information.

Doomsday 2012: UFOs, Planet X and Other Heavenly Bodies

By Jim Donahue

After careful reflection and some prompting from certain individuals, I feel as though I have forgotten to mention some material in regards to what might happen on 12/21/2012. So for the moment, the next installment, Doomsday 2012: How to Prepare and Survive the Event, is on hold while I touch on some other perspective problems.
UFOs have been a hot topic of debate all over the world for eons. What with more than one airline pilot admitting to have seen a UFO, it would appear that they do in fact exist. In fact, in México City, UFO sightings are a daily happen stance. And there are other places around the globe where similar things occur.

The History Channel has a series Ancient Aliens attempts to deal with this phenomenon from a factual standpoint. It comes off as factual to some degree, but in the end, it’s just entertainment. One of the show’s most well-known contributors, Erich von Däniken, author of the book, Chariots of the Gods? Is accepted as gospel by true believers.
The background information for the series, posted on the channel’s website, says, “According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. Ancient alien theory grew out of the centuries-old idea that life exists on other planets. The space program played no small part in this as well: If mankind could travel to other planets, why couldn’t extraterrestrials visit Earth?
Most ancient alien theorists, including von Däniken, point to two types of evidence to support their ideas. The first is ancient religious texts in which humans witness and interact with gods or other heavenly beings who descend from the sky—sometimes in vehicles resembling spaceships—and possess spectacular powers. The second is physical specimens such as artwork depicting alien-like figures and ancient architectural marvels like Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt.
Alex Knapp of says, “I find it incredible and frightening that a worldwide distributed television channel that bills itself as ‘The History Channel’ can broadcast such rubbish as Ancient Aliens. If it were an entertainment program, I’d have fewer worries (although it would still make me cross); it is the implied authority of the channel (‘The History Channel,’ not just any old ‘History Channel’) that makes the broadcast of this series so potentially damaging as we saw in the reaction of the forum poster quoted above. A channel that is making claims for its authoritative status, which offers educational resources, has a responsibility not to mislead its viewers (no doubt its executives think of them as ‘customers’). That responsibility is one that all makers and broadcasters of supposedly factual television have, but one that few of them take seriously: the responsibility to check facts.”

Okay, now let’s talk about Planet X. Planet X, also known as Nibiru, is a mysterious object that orbits our sun every 3600 years. This object has a very significant connection to the Mayan calendar date of 2012. There is so much information about what is happening in our solar system that even the local news channels report that there are signs of planet X. Dr. Michio Kaku a renowned scientist claims that scientists like him had made a mistake. He made a statement saying that scientific data regarding the passing of Planet X passing through our solar system was off by a factor of 20. What this means is that scientists had previously misinterpreted the difference between a X class solar storm and the new catastrophic Y class solar storms detected in 2003 from hitting the Earth. This corrected data makes an immensely distinct difference between a survivable X class solar storm versus an incredibly strong Y class solar storm that would disrupt the world so harshly with the possible result of setting humanity back towards a third world economy across a global scale. This is a very real difference in data and a very real threat to mankind. And so it goes. We may have a near Earth object collide with our planet.
There is also increased interest in Earth’s moon. Some say it’s a landing base and operations center for aliens. Rumor has it that the American government has marked as classified a lot of information about findings on the Moon. In 1988, a prominent Chinese official, a member of the nation’s space program, unveiled pictures of human footprints on the lunar surface. The official stated that he had received the information from a reliable source and accused the Americans of concealing that information. The photos were dated from August 3, 1969 – two weeks after Armstrong and Aldrin stepped onto the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969. Therefore, the materials of the lunar mission were studied and classified by NASA.

On March 15, 2009, The New York Times produced another sensation. The same Chinese official, Mao Kan, stated that he had obtained over than 1,000 secret NASA photographs depicting not only human footprints but also a human carcass on the surface of the Moon. Some of the bones in the carcass were missing, the official said. The human corpse must have been dropped on the Moon from an alien spaceship, but the extraterrestrials kept some tissue samples for research.
The photos were taken by a lunar probe. The absence of air makes it possible to capture minute details from the lunar orbit. The pictures of the carcass were very clear.
Dr. Ken Johnston, former manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, said that US astronauts had found and photographed ancient ruins of artificial origin on the Moon. Supposedly, US astronauts had seen large unknown mechanisms on the Moon. This data was classified by the US government.
Some folks are true believers, and others are skeptical. Which are you?

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Mac's UFO News - May 2012 (Video)

Hovering Orange Lights Witnessed in Virgina and Washington

Witnesses in Virginia and Washington report hovering orange lights in the sky in separate cases on June 25, 2012, a national UFO phenomena that appears to be escalating and is being studied by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
"While most orange objects reported are Chinese lanterns, military flares/buoys or incoming aircraft, my research has shown that several sightings in both the MUFON and National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) databases reveal that some of these objects are intelligently controlled, and when grouped, working together," said Marie Malzahn, MUFON's director of investigations and a board member.
The Virginia witness was at home and first saw the light from the living room in MUFON Case 39830.
"I saw a bright flash of orange light which led to me seeing a massive hovering, orange light in the sky off to the northeast," the witness stated.

Photo credit: MUFON

As in other cases, the witness first rules out conventional objects before thinking that the object might be something odd.
"The object measured anywhere from 700 to 900 feet wide, perfectly circular, stationary, light, brightly orange, bright enough to light up my entire backyard and several other buildings around my house."
After watching the object for about 12 minutes, something else very odd occurred.
"The object then emitted a bright white light that shown to the ground. Not sure where as my view was obstructed by several other houses. Then after emitting the beam the light, it slowly faded away until it was completely gone."
Then on the same date in Washington State, a witness reports watching an orange light "rise up from the foothills" in MUFON Case 39822.
The witness was sitting outside smoking a cigarette and happened to look toward the foothills area.
"All of a sudden a bright, reddish-orange ball ascended up out of the foothills," the witness stated. "I immediately stood up and looked through my binoculars to see if I could see if a body shape. All I could see was a bright red orb."
The witness described the object's movements.
"It slowly moved up a few degrees and then stopped," the witness stated. "At this time I noticed it was fluctuating in size and color. I yelled for my son and my husband to look outside. It then slowly moved to the east. All this time it was below the mountains and the cloud cover, but it was inside a thick level of a fog."
The witness attempted to videotape the object, but was too late.
"It did not move away. It did not go behind a building or trees. It just disappeared. The area that I witnessed this in, I am very familiar with. It appeared right above Franklin Elementary School and there is no way a plane or helicopter could be flying in that low in that area."
MUFON has been taking in a high number of cases over the past year where the object is being described as an orange or red light.
"The more we study these phenomena, the less we understand as these objects continue to change size, shape and color," said John Ventre, MUFON's Pennsylvania state director. "One has to start considering that they are not solid and might be alive or interdimensional."
""It's a phenomenon that bears further investigation, and most definitely, an open mind to the possibility that they are extraterrestrial," Malzahn added.
MUFON's Illinois State Director Sam Maranto also believes this type of object should be studied and hopes that there is more digital photo and video evidence. "There a good number of distinct characteristics as long as the witness is close enough to observe them."

New crop Circle in Wiltshire U.K. (Video)

Published on 26 Jun 2012 by

Crop Circle 25th June at Cherhill, nr Calne, Wiltshire, UK.
The crop is Barley.

A Third of Earthlings Believe in UFOs

By Natalie DiBlasio

Aliens often compete with superheroes, vampires and zombies to top hit movie lists - but more than a third of Americans say UFOs are not a fantasy.
That's the word from a new National Geographic Channel study finding that 80 million Americans are certain UFOs exist and that one in 10 believe they've spotted one.

"We wanted the pulse on people's opinions," says Brad Dancer, senior vice president of research and digital media for National Geographic. "We wanted to get a sense of how Americans view UFOs, what people believe and how mainstream pop culture may or may not be playing into their opinions on it."
The results are in: Seventeen percent of Americans don't believe UFOs exist, 36% think they do, and 48% aren't sure.
The survey was commissioned for National Geographic Channel's series Chasing UFOs, premiering Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

About 79% of those surveyed think the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public, and 55% believe there are real-life Men in Black-style agents who threaten people who spot UFOs.
So what if they stopped by? The survey shows:
•22% would try to befriend the alien, 15% would run away, 13% would lock their doors, and only 2% would try to inflict bodily harm.
•If angry aliens did attack Earth, 21% would call the Hulk in to deal with it, 12% would call Batman, and 8% would call Spider-Man.
•Nearly 65% think Barack Obama would be better suited than Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion.
Extraterrestrial beings could not be reached for comment.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 10.11.1967.

Film Crew Catches UFO Rising from the Sea? (Video)

A strange UFO, apparently rising from below the ocean waves near an unidentified beach, was caught on film by a professional camera crew making a promo video. What is it?

The video, created by Chris Ward Productions, catches a somewhat bizarre scene of a woman's legs lolling in a sandy beachfront. What they're trying to convey is anyone's guess, but what happens next is truly weird. A small, dark object suddenly flies past the HD camera lens and out of sight in a matter of seconds. As the publisher says, the strange object was not noticed until the footage was viewed in post-production.

The UFO seems to emerge from beneath the waves just offshore, and, as the video plays out, the activity is slowed down several times to just 5% speed. The segment ends with a zoomed-in clip at slow speed which does little to help identify what this object could be or where it emerges from.
It doesn't look like a bird, and there are no insects which can leap so quickly from sea water. It's obviously not an airplane or a balloon.

Are Some UFOs Living Space Beings?

Rather than alien spacecraft, could some UFOs actually be living beings which normally inhabit the cosmic void?

Picture added by Mac (credit Google Images)

"Zeroid" is the generic term applied to bioforms which may populate the recesses of free space. This domain is characterized by virtually zero temperature and zero atmospheric pressure.
While biologists might contend space is unsuitable for biogenesis, Russian astrophysicist Dr. V.l. Goldanskii argued that appreciable quantities of prebiotic material should be able to accumulate in the regions surrounding nebulae, or titanic gas clouds.
With the protracted passage of time, such matter could ultimately evolve into some form of life, suited to the brutal confines of space. Already dozens of organic compounds have been identified in space, including formaldehyde, prussic acid, and cellulose. In short, there is an abundance of basic building blocks out there to allow for the evolution of zeroids.

Considering that our island universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old, it is conceivable that zeroids represent the earliest life forms in the cosmic backdrop, perhaps even existing for nearly that entire time!
With such an elongated span of time at their disposal, zeroids could easily have trod many different evolutionary paths: They may range in dimensionality from the microscopic to the macroscopic.
Morphologies may vary from the utterly simple to the extraordinarily complex. They may live singly or in vast colonies. It should, of course, be stressed that humanoid forms are not to be expected. But, intelligence might be a developed feature.

For sustenance, zeroids' primary bill of fare might well be intergalactic dust and gas. Also not to be overlooked is the distinct possibility that larger zeroidal entities might possibly feast upon smaller ones.
Zeroids may have migrated to all sectors of space -- both within and without galaxies. Endowed with both mobility and intelligence, it is conceivable that some may have actually penetrated our zone of existence and been seen as UFOs!
Atmospheric friction might parboil some zeroids to cinders, and our planet's gases and temperature might prove lethal to still others.
Yet, some may have evolved a protective shield -- either physical or electromagnetic in nature -- that has enabled them to survive entry into our domain. These would be the living UFOs!

Actually, two UFO cases appear to support this intriguing concept. In 1976, in the Cluj-Napoca region of Romania, there materialized what appeared to be a living sphere of light exhibiting decidedly-animate behavior. Photographs taken of the entity passed all tests for legitimacy.
And, in British Columbia in 1978, researcher Dorothy Wilkinson snapped the first of many shots of bizarre string-like forms of light that resembled space worms!
So, considering the vastness of both space and time, it is certainly within the realm of feasibility that at least some UFOs may actually be living space creatures!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How will the discovery of extraterrestrial life impact religion?

What will the impact be on religion when extraterrestrial life is discovered? It is a common assumption that such a discovery will be detrimental to core beliefs of religions around the world. You might be surprised to hear, however, that some experts believe the religious impact will be minor.
(Credit: SETI Institute)

A panel discussion on this topic took place on Sunday, June 24 at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute’s SETIcon II conference in Santa Clara, California. This panel, titled “Would Discovering ET Destroy Earth’s Religions?,” concluded that the resulting impact on religion from an alien discovery is “probably not going to be as severe as we might initially think.” That is according to panelist Doug Vakoch, the director of Interstellar Message Composition at the SETI Institute.

Mike Wall of points out that “the Bible, Koran and other sacred texts of the world’s major religions stress God’s special concern for humanity and for Earth,” so discovering ET “might seem threatening, by implying that we and our planet aren’t all that special.” But as SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak mentioned during the panel, “We haven’t been the center of the universe for a while now — four centuries.”
Ancient astronomers Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei countered the established belief that the sun and everything else in the universe revolved around Earth. Such crazy talk was viewed as blasphemy by the world’s largest Christian church–the Catholic Church. The present-day Vatican, however, is much more open to science and the possibilities of life elsewhere in the universe. In a 2009 interview with Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Father José Gabriel Funes, the director of the Vatican observatory, stated, “As a multiplicity of creature exist on Earth, so there could be other beings, also intelligent, created by God. This does not contrast with our faith because we cannot put limits on the creative freedom of God.”
Ted Peters

In addition to this latest panel discussion on the topic of the extraterrestrial impact on religion, an “ETI Crisis Survey” was conducted in 2008 by Dr. Ted Peters, professor of systematic theology at both Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley California, to test the belief that, “upon confirmation of contact between Earth and an extraterrestrial civilization of intelligent beings, the long established religious traditions of Earth would confront a crisis of belief and perhaps even collapse.” More than one-thousand people from varying religions participated in the study, and results showed that only a small percentage of the participants felt their personal beliefs would be affected by the confirmation of extraterrestrial life.

What are your thoughts? Would the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrials have any affect on your religious beliefs? Share your opinion with us on the Open Minds Facebook page.

Morphing UFO over Moscow Goes Viral (Video)

An amazing video going viral on YouTube shows what looks like a saucer UFO morphing shapes as it flies over the night skies of Moscow.

The video, posted by YouTuber olegen77, starts tracking a light in the distant sky over the rooftops of the city and then zooms in for a closer look.

The lights on the unidentified flying object look as though they wrap around a circular, disc-shaped craft.

As the three minute video plays out, the object seems to morph into a different shape as now multi-colored lights shift to align with a transformed contour. How is that possible?

The video is drawing a lot of comments, mostly agreeing that the UFO is not like any known aircraft they've ever seen. Its resemblance to an airplane at various points only deepens the mystery. How can it change shape?

This object seems similar to others seen on videos posted from around the Moscow area in the past two years, as well as other regions of the world.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 9.11.1967.

Glowing Orb UFO Buzzes Detroit Accident Scene (Video)

A weird, spherical, glowing blue orb UFO buzzed over the scene of a traffic accident being covered by a news team in Warren, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. What is it?

The unidentified flying object is like no other caught on video, being perfectly round and flying in a straight line until it disappears in the distant night. The scene it flies over is reportedly an accident with the emergency lights and vehicles clustered around the undescribed mishap.

It's easy to chalk this up to a meteor or falling star but it doesn't resemble those phenomenon.

In the case of this UFO the light emanating from the object is a soft blue and not fiery at all and there is no streaking tail. The video shows the raw image first and then plays the sequence again at half speed.

It doesn't help to identify the strange object, which bears no resemblance to aircraft, balloons or birds.

The Goblin’s Grimoire: Hopkinsville Reprised, or the Hollow Earth?

The month of August 1955 was a strange one for residents around the small town of Kelly, in Christian County, Kentucky. A number of locals, as well as area law enforcement, had claimed to have been experiencing various odd things of an “alien” variety; in fact, things would end up getting so strange for one group of locals, the Sutton family of nearby Hopkinsville, that their lives would be forever changed in the aftermath.
The events that led to a terrorizing evening for the family, along with a visiting friend from out of town, were both terrifying and wholly inexplicable. Things started as Pennsylvania native Billy Ray Taylor, along with Elmer Sutton, went outside to investigate noises coming from the forest nearby on the evening of August 21st, shortly after a series of odd lights had been seen in the distance. Both men, carrying guns, claimed to have witnessed a strange nonhuman entity emerge from the trees, prompting their return to the farmhouse. Soon afterward, the Suttons and Mr. Taylor would begin an evening secured within the home, as these strange “goblins” attacked them from the outside; thus began their nightlong bout with what have forever remained known as the “Hopkinsville Goblins,” an event in American Forteana that remains one of the strangest ever recorded.

On that fateful evening in August of 1955, the badly frightened Sutton family would eventually enlist the aid of area law enforcement, who sent no less than twenty officers out to the house, expecting a confrontation with some kind of otherworldly presence. Upon arrival, while evidence of a window-rattling conflict was found a plenty, there was no sign of any of these odd, diminutive beings, variously described as humanoid, though of smaller stature, light-skinned, and sporting large ears that stood upright off the sides of their heads.
The curious story does remain among some of the more odd urban legends and unexplained encounters ever collected, prompting a number of researchers over the years to suppose that the mystery of the “Hopkinsville Goblins” might have some basis in extraterrestrial intelligence visiting from afar… though the odd manner in which these creatures behaved could hardly be described as “intelligent,” at least in the human sense. Or perhaps these strange beings were something else… inter-dimensional visitors, cryptozoological monstrosities, or just plain hallucinations the occupants of the Sutton home may have somehow suffered en masse. But could there be other explanations than these listed here, which seem almost “conventional” at least within the realms of the strange and unusual? If so, what might they entail?

A recent report that appeared at the Who Forted? website discussed a strange story that, while almost entirely too good to be true, seems somewhat reminiscent of the fabled Hopkinsville Goblin encounter. According to blogger Greg Newkirk, he received an email from a Kentucky man claiming to have made contact with strange, diminutive creatures with pale skin, large eyes, and an odd method of “chirping” for communication. The man reports that these odd entities have appeared around his home at various times throughout the last several months, and that their presence has caused great distress among he and his family members, even to the point that they’ve been forced to leave the property for fear of these strange “cave dwelling” creatures. The complete article (which includes photos of the creatures alleged footprints) can be viewed here.
Could there actually be a race of semi-subterranean humanoid creatures that exist beneath parts of Kentucky, the likes of which might have appeared long ago around the time of the infamous 1955 Hopkinsville encounter? Or if not, what else might these strange creatures be… other than an elaborate hoax, inspired by the classic story of “Hopkinsville Goblins” from so long ago?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Weird Flying Saucer UFO Snapped over Australia (Video)

By Tom Rose

An unusually lighted flying saucer UFO was snapped in several photographs darting among the wispy clouds of an undisclosed area over Australia. What is it?

The unidentified flying object is seen in a series of still photographs from different angles and enlarged to reveal a transparent disc-shaped object with an unusual light array, arranged like a cross X pattern, blazing through its center.

The YouTuber gives virtually no information about the sighting other than that it was snapped somewhere in Australia. The shape of the object is very unusual and doesn't look aerodynamic at all. How does it fly?

The object even seems to change shape depending on the angle showing itself to the camera. Of course, video of this UFO would have been much better since there's nothing like seeing how it moves through the air. But this sighting is unusual enough to ask the usual question: What is it? Here's the video: