Tuesday, 20 February 2018

People Keep Thinking These Eerie Atmospheric Light Beams Are UFOs


Imagine stepping into the night and seeing beams of light that shoot from the earth straight into the atmosphere. You might suspect alien spaceships, but light pillars are of this world.

When a blast of cold weather comes down from the Arctic, flat ice crystals form in the air and hang there like pixie dust. Any source of light reflects off the crystals, creating a dazzling display of brightly colored rods of light known as light pillars.
The appearance of these pillars south of polar regions is so rare that people have reported them as UFO sightings in the past - as some did with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launch in December.
Photographer Ray Majoran captured the otherworldly display outside his home in Ontario, Canada. He shared some photos with us. Follow him on Instagram for more.
On a late night in January, Ray Majoran was sitting on his couch when he got a text from his friend with a photo of the sky. "My phone does not come close to doing it justice," he said.

Majoran didn't hesitate. He grabbed his camera and took off down the main highway in search of light pillars. He turned his eyes to the sky and at first saw darkness.
"Then it happened," Majoran said.

"The sky became littered with light pillars. There were stars above me, yet there were little crystals of ice falling like manna from heaven," he said.

He turned off the highway, set up a tripod, and photographed the sky for the next two hours.

"It was like something you imagine in the movies or a science-fiction show," Majoran said.
He covered about six miles over the next two hours, pulling over wherever he found stunning views. As cars passed by, light pillars shot from the headlights to the sky.

The crystals reflect natural and artificial light, and the light pillars take on the color of whatever is being reflected. Street lamps produced rays in yellow and orange hues.
Majoran said the light pillars were bright enough to shoot with a phone. But he used a Nikon D850 on a tripod and optimised the settings for a long exposure to create sharper images.

Majoran said many people who saw his photos asked if they were Photoshopped. When they realised that's how the pillars really look, he said, "the common response was, 'You've got to be kidding me right now.'"
"To see something so rarely seen anywhere in the world ... is unreal," Majoran said.
Majoran wrote a blog post about his experience capturing light pillars. Click here to read.

‘They’re watching the military’ Spate of UFO sightings reported near air field base

By Sean Martin

A GLUT of supposed UFO sightings near a military base in the US has alien enthusiasts concerned extraterrestrials are monitoring our planet’s war preparations.
Alien hunters believe that extraterrestrials are watching the goings on at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana after a spate of sightings there.
The most recent sighting of an unidentified space craft came on January 24, when a black object, which was reportedly over “half an acre” in size was spotted near the base.
According to website UFO Hunters – which monitors and collects records of sightings – there was a power outage in the region for around 10 minutes at the same time as the sighting.
The website also shows there have been close to 20 sightings within the past decade, making it a true hotspot for UFO activity.
A spate of UFOs have been spotted near Malmstrom

However, sightings there stretch back much longer than the last 10 years.
One former employee at the Malmstrom Air Force Base claims a UFO shut down 10 missiles in 1967.
Capt Robert Salas said: "I was on duty when an object came over and hovered directly over the site.
Many UFO sightings have occurred near military bases

"The missiles shut down - 10 Minuteman missiles. And the same thing happened at another site a week later. There's a strong interest in our missiles by these objects, wherever they come from. I personally think they're not from planet Earth.”
UFO hunters believe aliens are monitoring military bases in the US.
A recent map from the US-based National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) was released which shows UFO sightings across the States.
However, it has been suggested the most dense areas for sightings coincide with US military installations. 
Alex Hollings, a retired US duty marine, now writes for Sofrep.com, a news and intelligence service provided by former special operations veterans.
He wrote: "When laying that same map of reported UFO sightings over a US map showing the locations of all military installations, an interesting trend starts to emerge.
"Many of the regions that seem to show a high frequency of UFO reports coincide with the locations of military installations. 
"For the conspiracy minded, this might mean our alien visitors have taken a particular interest in what our military is up to.
"Others might be inclined to conclude many of these supposed UFO sightings may be nothing more than misidentified military aircraft."

Former Blink-182 rocker & the UFO research academy

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - San Diego's North County may soon be ground zero for UFO research sponsored by a millionaire rock star who grew up in Poway.
The former singer for Blink-182 wants to fund research that's out of this world.
Even if you've never heard of Tom DeLonge or the skate punk band Blink-182, his message about UFOs is hard to ignore.
Two years ago, DeLonge invited our Las Vegas sister station, KLAS, inside his UFO-themed To the Stars gift shop in Encinitas.
The store is packed with flying saucer merchandise and books on secret machines detailing how UFOs crashed on earth during the 1940's.
DeLonge said secret UFO research info was given to him by Department of Defense insiders.
“We found a life form and that conversation changed my life. And I was told there were crashes,” DeLonge said in the 2016 interview.
DeLonge’s newest company – To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science – has attracted so much media attention the author, director and musician is no longer doing on-camera interviews.
He recently hired a team of experts from the aerospace industry and an intelligence officer who once ran a secret UFO program for the government.
“It's probably the most important think I've done in my life, even if it sounds like the tin foil hat, little green men conspiracy theory,” DeLonge said.
To the Stars Academy started out by releasing military videos of UFOs, which were recently declassified.
One of the newly released videos was recorded in 2004 off the coast of San Diego. The Navy pilot who witnessed the flying object said in an interview with Boston’s WHDH that he has never seen anything like it.
“It’s never been explained to me. It had no wings, no exhaust, no nothing,” said the ex-pilot, David Fravor.
DeLonge wants to raise up to $50 million dollars from investors purchasing stock online, to eventually fund entertainment, science and aerospace divisions in his new company.
He hopes to build a ship that can warp through space and time.
He also wants to research brain to computer interface technology, human mind telepathy, and a laser beam that can launch satellites.
DeLonge said in a recent radio interview with host Joe Rogan that he will release several UFO themed movies and TV shows this year.
He also plans to launch a web site with a database cataloging all sorts of paranormal activities.
“My end goal is to build a company that changes the world,” DeLonge told Rogan.
As you might imagine, DeLonge's new business venture is a risky investment, as detailed in a legal document filed with the SEC.
So far, he has raised $2.5 million from online investors. His twelve-month crowdfunding effort is set to end in September 2018, according to legal filings.

UFOs spotted over Hawaii as earthquake STRIKES and 'flashing white lights' seen in sky

By Sean Martin

A UFO was spotted in Hawaii just minutes before an earthquake struck the US state, prompting speculation that extraterrestrial activity caused the tremor.
Eyewitnesses in Hawaii reported seeing an unidentified flying object on the same day the earthquake struck on January 25, according to UFO Hunters. 
The person reported to seeing bright flashes of lights, before the craft manipulated the clouds to exit Earth’s atmosphere.
Eyewitnesses in Hawaii reported seeing an unidentified flying object on the same day the earthquake struck on January 25, according to UFO Hunters. 
The person reported to seeing bright flashes of lights, before the craft manipulated the clouds to exit Earth’s atmosphere.
According to the site which tracks UFO sightings across the world, the witness said: “There were long horizontal lights down each tube, the tubes seemed to have some thick ribs spaced quite a distance apart, joined together with something thinner and darker.
“Then as I was trying to see it clearly, it flashed. After the flash it got a brighter white and all the other lights on the tubes grew brighter to drown out any definition. The clouds then moved until it was covered completely.”
The user adds UFOs over Hawaii are a common sight, saying: “I've seen so many lights manoeuvring the beach in the past.”
According to website Earthquake Track, there were two tremors which struck Hawaii at the same time.
One was a 1.7 magnitude quake, and the other was a 2.0 tremor.
UFO bloggers such as expert Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, says that there is a link between earthquakes and aliens.
He said: "The linking of Earth energies with UFO activity in the 1960s was part of the New Age movement of the period.
"But, by the late 1970s, the time was ripe to put them under the scrutiny of more rigorous investigation. 
"In Canada, Michael Persinger and Gyslaine Lafrenière made a statistical study of the correlation between UFO sightings and seismic-related locations. 
"Their book Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events put forward the evidence suggesting that tectonic strains in the Earth’s crust produce enough energy to produce columns of electrical energy and glowing balls of light in the atmosphere. 
"This Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) explains why UFOs appear at window areas or certain hot spots. 
"Michael Persinger, has gone on to consider and experiment with the possibility that the EM fields of these type of UFOs can trigger hallucinations or trance states in people who get to near to them. 
"This would explain the many stories of ‘alien’ abductions and other strange encounters that are experienced after a witness has seen a light in the sky."

PENTAGON UFO: British Ministry of Defence breaks silence on bombshell US X-Files

By Jon Austin

EXCLUSIVE: The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has issued a response to revelations the US Pentagon ran a top-secret program investigating any potential threat from UFOs over five years. In December news emerged the US Department of Defense (DoD) ran the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) from 2007 to 2012 at a cost of £16million. 
US Government officials previously denied having any interest in the UFO phenomenon since the 1960s when a series of investigations ended.
The revelations were accompanied by video filmed of a US Navy pilot's radar showing apparent UFO said to have been seen by several witnesses, and which investigators claimed defied physics.
UK UFO hunters had hoped the British authorities may have felt compelled to reveal details of any secret UFO programs that may have been running over here.
The response is likely to leave them disappointed.
In response to questions, MP Mark Lancaster, Minister of State for the armed forces, said there were no plans for the MoD to make any announcements in the wake of the Pentagon UFO disclosures.
The MP said the MoD had completed a one off study into UFOs previously and there would be no repeats.
He added: "This study concluded that most UFO sightings could be attributed to the misidentification of common objects, or were most likely the result of some meteorological phenomena."
Mr Lancaster went on to say the MoD had no opinion on whether aliens exist.
He added: "You may wish to be aware that the MoD has no opinion on the existence, or otherwise, of extraterrestrial life.
"Furthermore, the MoD ceased investigating UFO reports after 2009 because they served no defence purpose."
Reddit users have launched a fierce debate about the letter, with some concluding it was an admission there are UFOs.
Referring to the point that "most" UFO sightings were explained, one person with the user name Joe Mangle, said: "Yes, but we're interested in the other ones, aren't we?"
Dave Gydeon said: "Actually, I read this letter as disclosure in disguise. "At the beginning of the final paragraph, it suddenly mentions extraterrestrials.
"Nobody mentioned ETs. The MoD did.
"In fact, the entire point of the request was to confirm whether they acknowledge whether UFOs exist or not. "Now the MOD is denying they are extraterrestrial in origin. Seems like they kind of let the cat out of the bag."
Others thought it was a sensible response. A user posting as Heavens Lent said: "To me, it's just common sense. "Either way, how is it 'letting the cat out of the bag'?"