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Spacing Out! Ep. 45 - An alien code in our DNA?

Published on 12 Apr 2013 By openmindstv
We talk about a study that suggests a sign of intelligent extraterrestrials could reside within the human genetic code. We also discuss an upcoming documentary that features a "humanoid of unknown classification." That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Huge thanks to guest co-host Marlee Bonnette, and to Alejandro Rojas for his special report.

Your Need to Know Ep. 6 - UFO Documents and the "FBI Vault"

This next part of our "Your Need to Know" series, Antonio Huneeus examines the FBI Vault UFO Documents. The Vault was created in 2011 as a storehouse for commonly requested FBI documents already released under the Freedom of Information Act. Go to, and from there you can easily search a multitude of topics ranging from counterterrorism to unexplained phenomenon.

The FBI recently revealed on its website that the most searched document is a simple one page memo, called the "Guy Hottel Memo". Its contents were written on March 22, 1950, by Guy Hottel, a special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office, and allude to the crash and recovery of the Roswell UFO. The memo ends abruptly with a sentence stating that no further evaluations were attempted. Major news organizations reported on this document being newly released, but it was actually released under the Freedom of Information Act, and available since the 1970's. Bruce Maccabee was the first to obtain this document, and he believes it to be part of an elaborate hoax.

Large UFO Near The International Space Station?

By UFO Casebook

Originally published on Apr 7, 2013 by UFOvni2012
(Editor's Note: Again, we have a video with no information given, except that an unknown object appears to have been captured near the ISS on April 7.
For many years anytime a video from NASA seemed to show something that might be a UFO, they always came up with a conventional explanation. I'm sure if this video gets much attention, we can expect the same thing.

NASA to announce Bigelow agreement to 'place a base on the surface of the moon'

"Business deals don’t get much bigger than this one. Have you ever read a contract that gives a governmental green light to a program to 'place a base on the surface of the moon?' Ever see an agreement signed by the U.S. government that declares a specific goal “to extend and sustain human activities across the solar system?” writes George Knapp in Las Vegas.
"Yet that is essence of an adventurous deal already reached between NASA and Las Vegas space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. An official announcement is still a few days away and will likely happen during a news conference at NASA headquarters."

Online O’Hare airport exhibit includes UFO sighting

Northwestern University’s Transportation Library has posted an online exhibit celebrating Chicago’s O’Hare airport’s 5oth anniversary, and it includes a YouTube video with audio of a pilot reporting a UFO sighting.
The exhibit, titled O’Hare@50, includes biographical and archival data on the airport. There is an image of John F. Kennedy dedicating the airport upon its opening in 1963, and many other historical tidbits. However, it is in a section titled oddities that one can find a random YouTube video of a recording of a pilot reporting a UFO to the control tower.
The video is from November 7, 2006, the day of a famous UFO sighting that was witnessed by several airport employees. However, none of that is included. This recording is a short conversation in which the pilot reports seeing an object that changes colors and then disappears. The air traffic controller says they are not detecting anything unusual. This is the only UFO reference in the exhibit.
OHare C17
Chicago O’Hare gate C-17. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)
While it is interesting that the UFO video is included in the exhibit, the events that took place that day in November of 2006 deserve attention. According to the Chicago Tribune, who broke the story and made worldwide headlines, at the time, the story was their most popular ever.
Witnesses working for United Airlines, and independent witnesses outside of the airport, reported seeing a saucer-shaped craft hovering above gate C-17. According to the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Hilkevitch, “The disc was visible for approximately two minutes and was seen by close to a dozen United Airlines employees, ranging from pilots to supervisors, who heard chatter on the radio and raced out to view it.”
The object then reportedly shot up in the sky punching a hole in a layer of low laying clouds. The hole then slowly closed itself. There are rumors that pictures were taken, but no video or pictures have surfaced.
Visit the O’Hare@50 exhibit here.

HuffPost Live Discusses The Search For E.T.

On Tuesday, April 9, HuffPost Live featured a segment titled “Searching for ET.”

The HuffPost Live segment discussing the search for ET.
(Credit: Huffington Post)

HuffPost Live‘s Jacob Soboroff moderated this discussion that featured SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) journal editor Roger Marsh, and Huffington Post journalist Lee Speigel. The panel discussed SETI’s efforts to detect intelligent extraterrestrials by listening for radio signals in space. The group also touched on other astrobiology efforts such as NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope and its search for habitable worlds.

But Roger Marsh pointed out that there are “a lot of people studying ufology today that think that the intelligence is already right here on this planet.” Speaking about the SETI Institute’s efforts, Marsh stated, “They’re looking out into space to see what they can find. I think that’s great research. I think there’s a lot of different things we should be studying. But my organization hasn’t left the planet. We’re right here on the surface looking at the evidence that’s right here.”
Lee Speigel. (Credit: Jason McClellan)
Lee Speigel. (Credit: Jason McClellan)
When discussing UFO sightings, Lee Speigel was careful to point out that many people jump to the conclusion that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft. He explained, “The word ‘UFO’ doesn’t mean ‘alien.’” Marsh also commented, “We don’t know if they’re aliens.” He discussed the 600+ sightings of unidentified objects reported to MUFON every month. He stated that, of those hundreds of monthly sightings, “Only about five or ten of those are really, really good reports.”

Topic: UFO - Today's Guest Harry Drew - The Kingman Arizona UFO Crash

Published on 9 Apr 2013 By Topic UFO
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Harry Drew, Ufologist, UFO Investigator, Historian and Documentarian. Harry discusses his findings after 6 years of investigating the Kingman Arizona UFO crash that happend back in 1953.

Mac's UFO News - March 2013 / Some of the ufo cases that made Mac's UFO News during the month of March 2013


UFO TV: The X-Conference: President Obama and UFO/ET Disclosure - Dr. Michael Salla

In this LIVE presentation, Dr. Michael Salla demonstrates why President Obama and former Clinton era officials are behind a renewed effort to disclose UFO files. Dr. Salla will also reveal how and why they are receiving support from an unlikely source -- the U.S. Navy.

On January 21, the first full day after his inauguration, President Obama issued two Presidential Memoranda and an Executive Order outlining his approach to promoting the principles of Open Government and Transparency. At a Press Conference he said that his administration "is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government." President Obama has made it very clear that Open Government and Transparency will be signature issues of his administration. In choosing these signature issues, President Obama was greatly influenced by the co-Chair of his transition team, and former Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta. Podesta led Clinton administration efforts to promote Open Government by declassifying many millions of national security files that were unnecessarily kept secret. Podesta was especially in favor of declassifying national security files dealing with UFOs. In this presentation Dr. Michael Salla will show why former Clinton era officials are behind a renewed effort to disclose UFO files. Dr. Salla will also reveal how and why they are receiving support from an unlikely source -- the U.S. Navy.

The X-Conference is pleased to welcome Dr. Michael Salla.

The X-Conference is produced by X-PPAC (Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee) and The Paradigm Research Group, who's mission is to educate Congress, the Press and the Public about the Government imposed "Truth Embargo" and to bring about formal acknowledgment by the U. S. Government of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race - Full Disclosure.

Former KGB agent reveals Soviet UFO studies

The Soviet Union took UFOs seriously. The KGB and the Soviet Defence Ministry had dedicated units collecting and analysing information about paranormal activity. Military experts even claimed to know how to "summon" UFOs and make contact with them.

For many years reports of UFO sightings were treated in the USSR as non-science fiction not worthy of attention from serious scientists. Source: Leonid Savinov / RIA Novosti
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was recently asked an unusual question. A REN TV correspondent asked him, as a former president, if it was true that, together with the nuclear briefcase, the head of state was presented with a classified folder with materials about UFOs.
Dmitry Medvedev said this was true. According to the prime minister, in addition to the folder, the head of state was presented with a report from the secret services, whose task it was to control the aliens on Russian territory. When asked by journalist if there were many aliens living among us, Medvedev refused to elaborate, “so as not to create a panic.” However, he did suggest that those interested in the subject watch a "documentary chronicle" called "Men in Black."
Of course, this response can be treated as a joke. Seriously speaking, however, both in the Soviet Union and in modern Russia, the topic of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena was and still remains classified –and none of the officials will ever say anything about it publicly.
On the other hand, there are experts who no longer hold any senior posts and therefore have more room to maneuver. Some former, high-ranking Soviet military officials have recently decided to lift the veil of secrecy on the mystery of UFOs.
It happened at end of March, at the Zigel Readings conference named after Felix Zigel – a Soviet astronomer and mathematician who is largely credited with being the founder of ufology in Russia. This biannual event has been held in Moscow for more than 20 years and is devoted to the study of paranormal phenomena.
For many years, reports of UFO sightings were treated in the Soviet Union as non-science, or fiction not worthy of attention from serious scientists. Only a few enthusiasts like Felix Zigel realized that those facts needed to be studied seriously. In the 1960s, Zigel delivered many public lectures on the topic, thus prompting volunteers to join in the task of collecting information on unidentified flying objects.

The watershed moment for the official attitude toward UFOs came in 1978, when hundreds – if not thousands – of people in Petrozavodsk witnessed a strange luminous object in the sky for several hours. The local emergencies services were inundated with letters and calls from frightened members of the public. Even neighboring countries asked the Soviet Union to explain what mysterious military exercise it was holding.
The last straw was a letter from the academic Aleksandrov –the founding father of Soviet nuclear power plants – claiming that it would be a mistake to keep ignoring this issue. According to him, it was necessary to set up special programs to study these phenomena.
The source for this story is a retired FSB major general and researcher with an Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order Issues, Vasily Yeremenko. At the time, Yeremenko was in charge of the KGB division overseeing the air force and aircraft manufacturing. It was his division that was entrusted with the task of collecting all reports of UFO sightings.
By that time, as Yeremenko told RBTH, there had been an accumulation of reports on numerous paranormal incidents. Missile Troops units were even instructed on how to behave in the event that they spotted a UFO: the main thing was not to act in a way that could create an opportunity for a retaliatory aggression.
In the early 1980s, an experiment to "summon" a UFO was staged at a military range in Astrakhan Region. By then, experts had realized that UFOs were frequently sighted in areas of "heightened tension" – for instance, during weapons tests, or when there was a lot of military hardware gathered in one area.
"One could say that, during that experiment, we learned how to summon a UFO. To achieve that, there would be a sharp increase in the number of flights performed by combat aircraft and a lot of movement of hardware. Then UFOs appeared with a probability of nearly 100 percent," Yeremenko said. According to him, most of the objects looked like luminous spheres.
Over time, all the participants in the experiment became so used to these phenomena that they took them for granted. Some even tried to make contact with the objects. "It looked like this: a person on the ground would wave their arms, twice to the right and twice to the left. The ball in the sky would react to it by swinging twice to the right and then twice to the left. We had no idea how to explain that," said Yeremenko.
In the end, the military, together with the scientists who took part in the experiment, came to three main conclusions. First, these may be natural phenomena that modern science is not yet able to explain. Second, these may be U.S. or Japanese reconnaissance equipment. Finally, these may be extraterrestrial objects.
These days, UFOs have been relegated to the pages of sensationalist tabloids. That is why, as Yeremenko believes, serious scientists do not dare make their attitude toward this issue known and remain silent. In private conversations with pilots and cosmonauts, he has more than once heard stories of UFOs – yet they do not want to speak about it publicly. Still, the expert is convinced that this issue should be taken seriously as a matter of security.

Robbie Williams Records UFO Song With Bublé

Swing singer says Rob wrote the track when looking for spaceships...

Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé have recorded a song together.
However, the former Take That star and Canadian swing singer have not teamed up for a gushy ballad - with the pair actually using Williams' obsession with UFOs as inspiration.
Speaking of their collaboration, Bublé told The Sun: "I don’t think there’s anyone in my life, at this point, who I could relate to the way I could with Robbie.
“We’re around the same age, we’ve gone through a lot of the same things. He’s just become a dad, I’m just about to. We both have problems, we both probably go too far with things we do. He just talks about it more than I do.”
As for their song, the Home singer added: "It’s catchy and fun, neo-swing. One of the lyrics is ‘Soda pop, Yoda what?’ Robbie wrote it when looking at UFOs.”
Meanwhile, Robbie has denied claims suggesting he's worked with Adele on a swing duet.
The Candy hitmaker told RTÉ Ten that he is "too terrified" to sing with the 24-year old, explaining: "She and my wife, Ayda, are really good friends and I'm really good friends with Simon [Konecki], her boyfriend.
"We're good pals, but I wouldn't ask Adele to sing on my record. The whole world wants Adele to sing on their record. I think we'll just leave it as a nice friendship, so that story about a duet is totally made up."

UFOs: Disclosure Is Coming

Disclosure is coming for the UFO world, or so we hope. Political activist Stephen Bassett, along with researchers and military witnesses, will tell their stories before former members of the U.S. House and Senate at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, starting at the end of April in Washington, D.C. They will testify about events and evidence that supports the idea that many people have of an extraterrestrial presence regularly engaging the human race. Their goal is to end the alleged ET truth embargo.
As controversial as UFOs and aliens are, the last time Congress held a hearing addressing the extraterrestrial issue was in 1968. How can that be? There are so many daily sightings around the globe, some telling of crafts that are stupendous in size.
What is probably the most well known UFO story is the Roswell Incident of 1947. A saucer, reportedly containing aliens, allegedly crashed on a ranch near Roswell, N.M. U.S. military personnel were sent to the crash site to gather all relevant evidence. The world was first told it was a crashed flying saucer, then the story was changed to it being a weather balloon, and then later, the public was told it was test dummies. It is one of the most publicized and controversial of UFO incidents.
Did you know there was a fleet of UFOs that flew over the White House on July 12, 1952? It's known as the "1952 Washington, D.C. UFO Incident," the "Washington Flap" or the "Washington National Airport Sightings." There were a series of reports from July 12 to July 29, 1952, over D.C. Yep, more than two weeks of UFO sightings over our nation's capitol.
A massive UFO was spotted by dozens of people over Stephenville, Texas, on Jan. 8, 2008. It was described as half a mile wide and a mile long. Some witnesses claimed to see military aircraft following the object, and others say they saw black helicopters flying at low altitude over their property after the sighting. There were reports of missing livestock and others claimed to have been threatened to keep their mouths shut about what they saw.
It's been reported that over 10,000 people witnessed the gigantic series of lights over the city of Phoenix, Ariz., in 1997. Known as the Phoenix Lights, even Fife Symington, the governor at the time, after making a joke of the situation at a news conference the following day, has since come out to say he, too, saw this huge "otherworldly" object.
These are only a few of the numerous sightings seen in the United States. Unidentified flying objects are reported daily all over the planet.
I feel witnesses are left without answers, baffled, confused and sometimes terrified. If they mention what they saw to anyone, they then have to prepare for the potential ridicule of being told they are fools, nut cases, real wackos, and left alone to deal with something that may have changed their lives forever.
When a gun is found in a school locker or an unmarked box is seen in the middle of a highway, it can make national news, and result in full blown investigations. But when a massive, silent machine glides in the air over one of our cities or suburbs, and it's reported to be the size of four football fields and seen to reach speeds from 0-3000 mph in an instant -- as was reported in Stephenville, Texas, the same national news coverage does not exist. And if there are investigations, which I sure hope there are, there is no mention of them.
It is always interesting to hear the different theories of what these crafts are in the sky. Some people claim these UFOs are our military testing new top secret aircraft. I have heard others say they are some other country's military aircraft. Witnesses, like myself, want to know what these objects are in the sky. Since we get no definitive answers, our next question seems to be, "Why are you not telling us?"
If the day comes that you see a massive vehicle flying over your head that is completely silent and the size of four football fields, or you see many strange lights that hover in the sky changing directions at angles we are not used to seeing and then shooting out of sight at speeds we are not used to seeing, you, too, may ask these same questions and feel frustrated that no acceptable answers are forthcoming.
One of the many theories suggesting extraterrestrial visitation is that they created us and are watching our progress. A theory I really enjoy related to this idea is the Intervention Theory by Lloyd Pye. It speaks of an intelligence behind the design of Earth.
Another theory out there is they are visiting and mining our planet for minerals. Others have speculated that we already have different treaties with the aliens. One of those alleged treaties allows them to study us, which includes continuous abductions of people and animals. In return, it is said they are to give us technology, medicines, or knowledge. Scary, eh?
It is thought by some, myself included, that if we were all privy to knowing that ETs exist, we could cure every disease, mental disorder and energy problem, because it is thought the alien visitors have these answers.
I believe disclosure will tell us who we are as humans and what our role is in the universe. I also believe we humans are ready to handle the truth of these other beings.
Good luck to those attending the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure speaking out about what you and many countless others have witnessed in the sky. I am quite sure the day will come when your efforts and courage will be acknowledged by the masses.

The Maury Island UFO Indident Will Be Made Into A Movie


 UFO Hunters - The UFO Before Roswell

Of Aliens and Anomalies: Stephen Greer’s Latest “Alien” Find

By Micah Hanks

In 1975, Robert K. G. Temple authored the first authoritative manuscript on what has become known, sharing the title of his book, as “The Sirius Mystery,” in reference to the unexplained methodology Africa’s ancient Dogon tribe had employed to solve an interstellar mystery.
The story goes that the Dogon had somehow possessed knowledge of Sirius B, a white dwarf companion to the star known as Sirius A, long before modern astronomers had confirmed the existence of a smaller star which is, curiously, invisible without the aid of telescopes.
However, more recently the term “Sirius” in relation to ancient astronaut and UFO mysteries has been a hot word in relation to an upcoming documentary produced by Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project. According to Greer, the film will not only deal with the important global economic issues of today as they relate to the UFO enigma (and of course, from an exopolitical standpoint), but the film is also alleged to reveal new information about a small, mummified humanoid which Greer says, rather hopefully, may indeed prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Late last year, Greer noted publicly that he and his colleagues “traveled to the country that is now home to this small possible ET body and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world’s top geneticists.” According to Greer, X-Ray and CT scans of the small anomalous mummy appear to reveal that its organs, such as lungs and possibly a heart, can be seen in addition to a fully intact skeleton.
So will this discovery prove, once and for all, that extraterrestrials have visited planet Earth? Maybe that’s just a bit of a stretch… and here’s why: even in the event that the creature in question were found to be a specimen of some creature other than a human being, or possibly an early human ancestor, this still does not prove that the body belonged to anything extraterrestrial. If anything, it more strongly suggests by its “alien” appearance that there could potentially be (or at very least, perhaps there once were) non-human entities in existence here on Earth, and beings which also were much smaller than modern day humans.


This in itself is exciting, since it may suggest that there is far more to planet Earth than we can presently account for in terms of the varieties of life that have existed here over the last several hundreds of thousands of years. In a recent article on the subject, I also noted that Greer’s “alien”, rather than being a one-of-a-kind discovery, actually may represent one example in
a much longer lineage of “alien dwarf” discoveries; similar discoveries in modern times have occurred dating back to the 1930s, though in almost every case, the origin of the alleged “alien” body has been somewhat questionable.
Perhaps Greer will prove us wrong… but much like the quandary that arises with regard to appending an “extraterrestrial” origin to all instances of UFO phenomenon, we should be careful with how we define any similar anomalies… just because something looks “alien”, does not mean that it actually came from outer space!

Cattle Mutilations in the UK?

By Nick Redfern

Back in January of this year I gave a lecture for the Orange County, California chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON. While there, a member of the audience asked me if there had ever been any reports of cattle mutilations in the UK, where I was born and brought up. When I asked the man if he meant mutilations of animals by what might be perceived as extraterrestrials, he replied: “Yes.” Well, that’s a tricky one to answer.

In my books There’s Something in the Woods and Monster Diary, I discussed a variety of highly disturbing animal mutilation events in the UK. Some of those cases involved sheep. In other cases, cats were the victims. And in a few, horses were the unlucky ones. Moreover, I have also discussed other such incidents from the UK right here, at Mysterious Universe. Here’s one example and here’s another. But, I have to say that all the cases of animal mutilation I came across in the UK seemed to be linked to occult sacrifice, rather than to UFOs, as the links above will demonstrate.
I do, however, have one case in my files that, just perhaps, might indicate a UFO-cattle mutilation connection in the UK. In this case, however, it wasn’t so much a mutilation as an interrupted mutilation. Or, maybe! To this day, I’m still not sure.
At approximately 8.30 p.m. on an autumn evening in 1985, a father and son were driving across the Cannock Chase (a densely packed and huge area of woodland that dominates Staffordshire, England) towards the town of Rugeley, having visited the nearby town of Penkridge to purchase a motorbike. All was normal until they approached one particular area of the Chase that the military used to use as a rifle range.

As they rounded a bend in the road, both the father and son were shocked and amazed to see sitting in the sky at a distance of around one hundred feet – and at a height of no more than one hundred and fifty feet – a large, black triangular-shaped object that was lit up by a series of three lights attached to its underside.
They screeched the car to a halt, jumped out and stared in awe at the incredible spectacle. For a moment, the object simply hung there in utter silence above the silhouetted trees of the forest, and then without warning shot away at an incredible speed. Both father and son looked at each other and then raced back to the car and headed home to Rugeley.
On arriving, the father telephoned Rugeley Police Station to report what had occurred. Interestingly, the police responded immediately and two uniformed officers arrived on the doorstep post-haste. Detailed witness statements were taken from the two men who, significantly, were informed by the officers: “You know, you should never have got out of the car.”
Precisely why this should have been the case was never made clear; however, the police did admit that a report on their close encounter would be forwarded to the Ministry of Defense for analysis.
To this day, no explanation has been forthcoming as to why police at Rugeley responded with such speed to the report; however, the possibility that the police action was prompted by other, similar reports on the night at issue, or that the object was being test-flown by the military, must be given some consideration.
Of course, this case could be just another baffling UFO event. Except for one thing: only two days later, and at the nearby, aforementioned town of Penkridge, something decidedly strange and sinister occurred.

In this particular case, the prime witness had previously served as a military policeman with the British Army in Egypt. At approximately 4.00 a.m. on a weekend morning, and along with a friend, the man in question had driven to Penkridge to take part in a “duck-shoot” at a stretch of river that was situated on the fringes of local farmland. All was normal until around 5.30 a.m.
Suddenly, the man caught sight of a light in the sky that appeared to be moving in his direction and across the fields on the opposite side of the river. It was at a height of what he estimated to be approximately three hundred feet. He watched carefully and with mounting concern as the light came to a complete halt above one particular field and proceeded to fire a beam of light down to the ground. As it did so, the man was able to see directly illuminated in the beam of the object a herd of cows that were blissfully munching away on their breakfast of grass.
Astonished by what he was seeing, the man leapt to his feet; as he did so, however, three smaller lights came out of the larger one – two “swept off” and one, to his horror, headed straight for him.
“Don’t point your gun, whatever you do!” the man told me he said to himself. And so what course of action did he take? He made a run for it. Clearing a fence of not inconsiderable height, he ran to his friend who was busy at the car and blurted out what he had seen. Both decided to head back to the scene, but the lights had vanished. As for the cows, they were still eating breakfast, seemingly oblivious to all that had taken place.
An interrupted cattle-mutilation? Your guess is as good as mine. But, to be sure, it’s a saga of strange and eerie proportions…