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Mac's UFO News - May (Video)

UFO Triangle Formation Over California (Video)

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Witness reported hearing his dog barking and went outside to see what was going on, and noticed 3 ufos over his house. They stayed stationary and then disappeared."

Extraterrestrials Encouraged To Visit San Diego County Fair

Most fairs and carnivals try to attract a wide demographic: Families, singles, foodies, aspiring prize-winners, but the organizers at the San Diego Country Fair are casting their net even wider and hope to get some extraterrestrials.
The Fair opens June 8 is themed "Out Of This World," and, as such, will include exhibits dedicated to space travel done by humans and alleged trips to Earth by alien visitors.

Del Mar Fair Ufo
A real American flag is hoisted up next to a fake flying saucer at the San Diego County Fair, which is focused around a UFO theme this year. The Fair runs through July 4.  

Fair spokeswoman Linda Zweig says the fair is America's sixth largest, but hopes to get bigger by attracting visitors from beyond the southern California -- like Alpha Centauri.
"It would be so cool if some aliens decide to come," she told the Huffington Post. "I don't know if their craft would fit in the parking lot, but if they show up, we'll make room. There's plenty of room in the infield."
The infield area just happens to be where most of the alienating exhibits are located in a section called "Area Fifty Fun," that will have displays of alleged alien encounters such as Roswell and ancient Egypt, and a mock UFO crash, according to NBC San Diego, which also reports that a creature known only as "Roswell the tweeting alien" will be providing online updates throughout the Fair like this one:
Although mixing extraterrestrials with cotton candy, Tilt-A-Whirls and livestock competitions could be conceivably alienating, UFO researcher Mel Podell of the San Diego chapter of the Mutual UFO Network believes it's an out-of-this-world opportunity to raise the profile of Ufology.
"This may be the first UFO-themed fair ever," Podell told The Huffington Post. "Hopefully, it will bring in more members to MUFON."
Podell says San Diego is already hotbed for UFO activity, thanks, in part, to the many military bases, and because the trademark sunny skies make it easier to spot strange aircraft.
"Especially in summer," he added. "That's when people get outside to enjoy themselves and see these things." and says the area gets increased sightings in summer."

Another researcher who believes the Fair could make a serious impact on making ufology mainstream is Ed McBride, a former teacher who has organized exhibits at the fair about sightings in New Mexico and in ancient Egypt as well as in San Diego.
"The fact that they're doing this is amazing, partially because of there's so much institutional denial about UFOs, and also because they're focusing on the science aspect," McBride told The Huffington Post. "There are many sightings here in San Diego, but the ones that get the attention are all the metaphysical woo-woo stuff."
The most famous example of that may be the 1997 mass suicide by the member's of the Heaven's Gate cult that took place in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., a short saucer ride away from the fairgrounds.
That event, which led to 39 deaths, is not mentioned in any of the UFO exhibits according to sources.
Zweig predicts the alien-themed fair will break attendance records, mainly because a calendar quirk gives them a couple extra days, but, to be fair, there doesn't seem to be much buzz about it among San Diego locals who claim to converse with extraterrestrials.
Eve Featherstone, an artist who says she channels her work from extraterrestrials from other dimensions including "a female reptoid goddess-like creature," was unaware about the UFO carnival until she was contacted by The Huffington Post.
Still, she thinks it sounds right up the alley of the E.T.s she knows.
"As long as it's fun and silly, they'll love it," she told The Huffington Post. "If it's fear-based, they're not interested."
Zweig admitted that not every UFO group in San Diego was contacted about the fair, which explains why the area's oldest organization, Unarius, didn't get invited.
The group, which has been around since the mid-1950s, believes that 33 alien spaceships are currently on their way to Earth to land one on top of each other in a rural area of San Diego County and start an E.T. university, but, apparently, they forgot to contact fair officials to let them know their availability.
But Unarius spokeswoman Tracey Kennedy doesn't feel alienated by the solar system snub.
"Any awareness about life on other worlds is good," she told The Huffington Post. "I do believe that people think there is life on other worlds."
McBride believes only good can come of the fair, reegardless of whether real E.T.s show up to sample the Fair's offerings -- including its newest contribution to carnival culinary delights, a two-pound turkey leg covered with a pound of bacon.
"This is a big chance to open [Ufology] up and present the facts," McBride said. "We want to give people an idea of this topic beyond 'Men In Black.'"

Rotorua UFO 'sighting' goes viral (Video)

By The Daily Post

Sightings of unidentified flying objects in Rotorua skies have sparked an online discussion about paranormal activity in the Bay of Plenty. A video uploaded to YouTube claims to have images of UFOs above Rotorua. It has had more than 131,500 hits since being uploaded by someone with the username Horsefarmer1000. The video blurb states it was taken between 2am and 4am three weeks ago.
"Camera was pointing towards the back of the farm ... North towards the ocean ... I'm in the Rotorua Region close to Tauranga," the blurb states.

UNIDENTIFIED: Videos of possible UFO sightings have been uploaded on YouTube.

 The footage has received 30 pages of comments from around the world. The uploader has also loaded several other similar videos and comments that Bay of Plenty has lots of unexplained aerial activity. Ufocus NZ director Suzanne Hansen said it was hard to comment without talking to those who shot the video. Ufocus is an independent UFO research network based in Tauranga and Ms Hansen said the video seemed to capture meteors. "The larger lights are obviously closer, but the slow motion makes them look bigger than they probably are. "They are unlikely to be aircraft landing lights as Tauranga Airport is not active at that time. I don't know what they are and would need to speak to the witness and visit the site, to get a clearer picture of the surrounding area." Ms Hansen said although the video information labelled the UFOs as crafts, they were just unknown lights at this stage. "Having said this, we are currently investigating sightings in areas between Tauranga and Rotorua which involve a landed object, not a conventional aircraft, objects hovering over farmland, not aircraft and a UFO sighted from an aircraft. "These sightings are still under investigation and we cannot comment further until this is completed." Ms Hansen said New Zealand was experiencing an upswing of sightings at present.

UFO Sighting at US - Mexico Border (Video)

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
US - Mexico Border - 06-06-12
Originally published on Jun 7, 2012 by justmekkb
This sighting of an unknown flying object was captured by thermal camera. A UFO was hovering for near 7 minutes on the United States/Mexico border at approximately 10:00 PM.
The areas of the border on the Rio Grande River are constantly monitored by various types of surveillance craft, some of them quite unique, but this object appears to be something different. See if you agree. The full length video is over 7 minutes and can be seen at: We are showing a version edited for content below.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - Daily Telegraph 27.6.1967

Chupacabra Adventures

As someone who is an author, I am often asked to write reviews of other people’s books. The vast majority of all the books I review are focused upon the adventures and exploits of other people. Island of Paradise by Jonathan Downes, however, is very different, in the sense that it’s a book in which I play a central role. Nevertheless, I hope this has not influenced my opinion of the book! It’s a highly entertaining, warts and all study of what occurs during the course of an expedition of the Chupacabra kind…
It was in the summer of 2004 that Jon and I headed off to the rain-forests of Puerto Rico, courtesy of the SyFy Channel, who wanted to film us chasing the Chupacabra and UFOs for its now-defunct show Proof Positive – which was a pretty well executed combination of The X-Files meets CSI, albeit in a non-fiction format. For seven days we rampaged and roamed around the island in search of the vampire-like beast, and heard tale after tale of crashed UFOs, dead aliens, bizarre conspiracies linking the Chupacabra with extra-terrestrial experimentation, secret military operations, black Flying Triangles, and much more.

The best way I can describe Island of Paradise is as a Fortean version of Hunter S. Thompson’s fabulous The Rum Diary that told of the master’s own journalistic adventures on Puerto Rico back in the 1950s. Jon skilfully captures the essence of what makes Puerto Rico so magical, in terms of its history, its culture, its people – and its overwhelming weirdness, too. Truly, as Jon demonstrates, Puerto Rico is a locale that attracts the adventurer and the thrill-seeker like no other.
And given that it was a veritable hot-bed of activity of the ufological, vampiric and downright uncanny kind, what else could I, or indeed we, do but welcome the aforementioned weirdness with wide-open arms. If Jon and I were going to spend a week hunting vampires and/or aliens courtesy of the SyFy Channel, then, as he reveals, there was no better place to do it than deep within the heart of the island of paradise, and while regularly fuelled by the finest of local cuisine and a plentiful supply of ever-present chilled margaritas and imported beer. Onward!
I was pleased to see that Jon included in the pages of his book a description of our time spent at our base of operations: the Wind Chimes hotel in downtown San Juan. For those who weren’t there, it might seem superfluous; but for Jon and me it was a time to rekindle a friendship that had been separated by the Atlantic for a couple of years; and it was a time to make new friendships with the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive crew.
There is something unique about the camaraderie that comes with hanging out alongside fellow thrill-seekers and adventurers – all from different corners of the globe, most not even knowing each other, yet all thrust into a strange and surreal quest to seek out the truth about a diabolical beast said to roam a real-life paradise. But, Jon demonstrates, it was without doubt the day we go our hands on a shining, silver jeep that things really took off…
Driving around in an open-top jeep in a place like Puerto Rico with one of your best friends, with the wind in your hair (for those who don’t shave it off every morning…), and in hot pursuit of the unknown, while ear-splitting punk rock reverberates out of the CD player is all good fun. But, barely one hour into our expedition, as Jon records, everything got a bit surreal.
No expedition of this type would be complete without an excursion into the darkened depths of a shadowy old cave. That a bat decided to piss on my head while we were in there only made things more memorable.
With much humor, Jon records how I decided not to bother with rabies injections of a type that Ozzy Osbourne was forced to undergo after his own legendary encounter with a bat; and instead I hoped that the little pisser wasn’t rabid, and that I wouldn’t wake up the next day like one of the frenzied souls from 28 Days Later or the spectacular 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Needless to say, I didn’t.
Of course, I knew that all of this would serve as good fodder for Jon’s planned book on our trip around the island, and so I merely wiped my head with my bandana, swore at the offending beast and his or her brethren and continued roaming and filming. And a crew of a dozen, led by the good Mr. Downes himself, laughed heartily!

Of particular interest is what Jon has to say about an alleged UFO crash deep in the El Yunque rain-forest of Puerto Rico back in 1957. Jon tells the reader of our fascinating encounter with a woman named Norka who was able to fill in some of the gaps suggesting that at least something had genuinely crashed on Puerto Rico back in the 1950s, and who was also a veritable fountain of knowledge on all-things monstrous too.
As long as I live, I will never forget that moment when Norka told us of her own personal encounter with the Chupacabra late one night in 1975, and Jon and I turned to each other and realised that the beast Norka had seen was practically identical to the notorious Owlman of England – a creature that Jon had hunted, and been haunted by, for years. It was truly a pivotal moment in that memorable week.
As we sat on the balcony of Norka’s beautiful home high in the hills of El Yunque, sipping cold drinks, listening to her stories, and with the sun bathing down on us, I knew that we were experiencing something very special, and that beneath its beautiful exterior, something – or some things – dark, ominous, dangerous and bizarre dwelled on the island. And Jon’s chapter on this particular encounter most certainly does not disappoint.
One of the things that stood out for me upon reading Island of Paradise was how the initial quest quickly became something very different – and particularly so when new, and unforeseen, factors came into play. We had flown to Puerto Rico with the intention of trying to determine, for the benefit of the SyFy Channel, if we could find, examine and identify any evidence for the existence of the Chupacabra – such as undeniable DNA. Yet, by the end of the week we were deeply immersed in stories of crashed UFOs, genetic mutation, bizarre changes in the island’s ecology and much more.
I will never forget that week in the summer of 2004 when Jon and I roamed Puerto Rico’s rain-forest, its lowlands and its little villages in search of monsters, UFOs and aliens. It was an experience that will stay with me for all my life, and one that (as the book records) was as much about friendship, adventures and good times as it was about hunting for the Chupacara and for the remains of wrecked alien spacecraft. And at the end of the day, that was good enough for me. As for Jon: well, Island of Paradise tells it all, just as it was – the good, the bad and the plain strange.
If you’re looking for an excellent study of the Chupacabra phenomenon, its potential links with the UFO controversy in general (and crashed UFOs in particular), and what goes on behind the scenes of an on-site, week-long investigation in an exotic and mysterious world, then Island of Paradise is most definitely the one for you.