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Spacing Out! Ep. 21 - Talking about UFOs over L.A. with Steve Murillo (Video)

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Steve Murillo is the state section director for the Los Angeles, California section of the Mutual UFO Network. We talk with Steve about L.A. UFO sightings, and about MUFON LA's success at developing a real sense of community within its members. We also talk about China's search for extraterrestrial life, the potential for a real-life warp drive, and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Is There An Alien UFO False Flag Invasion Coming?

According to Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, intelligence sources are revealing that hostile extraterrestrials are militarily engaging with world naval forces. In an article, provocatively titled, “UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco,” Duff claims that the Chinese navy is lending assistance to the US in battling these hostile forces in what looks like a real life version of the recent movie Battleship. Duff claims that his intelligence sources are Asian, and that US naval forces are stretched thin in the Pacific due to a beefed up naval presence in the Persian Gulf. Duff admits that the story stretches credibility but that his source is usually reliable, thereby raising the possibility that either the story is largely accurate and/or officially sanctioned disinformation. Are we being prepared for an alien false flag invasion?
Duff is a former Marine and has been very outspoken in exposing the misuse of government power and authority. Veterans Today is a highly popular newsblog taking on many controversial topics not covered by the mainstream media. It includes former senior military officers on its international Board of Directors. So it was very surprising to see Veteran’s Today on Monday leading with Duff’s attention grabbing headline and article. Duff claims:
Disclosure Project: Dr Carol Rosin
This last week, reports of Chinese naval vessels off the US coast, Northern Californian in particular, have been reported but denied. Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.” The verifications of the fleet operations have been many, there have been no confirmations from the US side though the ships have been seen by every vessel that makes it offshore. The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level.
The claim that a multinational military force is battling a UFO threat off the coast of San Francisco appears to be circumstantially supported by unusually high US naval activity in the region. Duff claims that no US military sources are confirming these events. He refers to a classified memo that apparently is being circulated to only a small group of need-to-know officials. Duff claims the memo mentions:
  • Opposition is extraterrestrial and extremely aggressive and unfriendly
  • The threat represents a “clear and present danger” and is isolated to the Pacific Basin
  • China is forced to carry US responsibility because our own naval capability is sitting in the Persian Gulf when America is under a very real threat.
  • Attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences.

Chasing Ufo's

Texas is for sightings


Dirty Secrets

Alien Cowboys

UFO Landing Zone

Abducted In Arizona 

UFO Expert Gary Heseltine Boldly Goes Forward

By UFO Casebook
Gary Heseltine
UFO expert Gary Heseltine boldly goes forward to collect major award
AScunthorpe-born UFO expert's dedication to proving the truth is out there has landed him a second major award.
Gary Heseltine, who has devoted almost 35 years to investigating real life X-Files, has been given the Exopolitics Group Award for 2012.
Exopolitics is a rapidly expanding global network that seeks to shed light on the activities of extra-terrestrial life on Earth.
The award adds to the World Disclosure prize given to Mr Heseltine by the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2010 and increases his global profile as an expert in his field.
He said: "Bar a lifetime achievement award, the 2012 award is the highest award you can receive in the UK in Ufology.
"The Exopolitics group is a worldwide group of UFO activists who basically want governments around the world to acknowledge that UFOs, as in extra-terrestrials, are visiting the Earth now.
"It was a complete surprise to be given the award and I am honoured and delighted to receive it.
"It is always nice when your peers have recognised your work within the subject."
Mr Heseltine is a serving police officer, now based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
He first became interested in UFOs 34 years ago, after witnessing a bright white light gliding across the sky in Ashby.
Wherever this light went, streets were plunged into darkness as power cuts hit Scunthorpe. Mr Heseltine and his girlfriend of the time believed this to be an extra-terrestrial phenomenon.
Since then, he has extensively researched extra-terrestrial activity, leading to the launch of a dedicated online database in 2001.
The Police Reporting UFO Sightings (PRUFOS) database includes details of 435 sightings of UFOs by retired and serving police officers across the country.
Mr Heseltine said: "My award is in recognition of my work with police officers reporting UFOs and my research into Britain's most famous case, the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980."
The incident refers to a series of sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of crafts in an area of Suffolk. It happened close to two military bases which were both being used by the United States Air Force at the time.
Mr Heseltine has recently collaborated with Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander in 1980, on a film script based on the incident.
He is also currently working on a book about the PRUFOS database. For more details on PRUFOS, visit

More Ancient Anomalies

Rod in stone

What can you say when a rock is found that has metal screw-like objects deep inside it? In other words, the rock formed around the metal objects... and how long does that take? There have been many such objects discovered, and a few of them have been added to our "Most Puzzling Ancient Anomalies" gallery.
How can they be explained? Are geologists mistaken about how long it takes hard rocks to form? Or is our history wrong? Do these artifacts come from some unknown civilization that existed tens of thousands or even millions of years ago? These puzzling artifacts raise these nagging questions. Go look.

Shirley MacLaine's 'Ronald Reagan & the alien' story sells UK papers

By Robbie Graham
The UK's Daily Mirror today recounts the much recycled story of an alleged Close Encounter of the Third Kind in the 1950s between President Ronald Reagan and an alien being.

The Mirror reports that, according Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine, Reagan "confided in actress Lucille Ball that he had a close encounter in LA in the 50s. Lucille told Shirley he’d been on the way to a party with wife Nancy when a UFO landed and an alien emerged telling Ron to quit acting and take up politics."

Losing Reagan was a mercy for Hollywood, but a curse on Washington... proof that aliens aren't so bright after all?

Read more about the intriguing Hollywood-Reagan-UFO connection HERE.

Col. Philip J. Corso - The Lost Interview on UFOs (Video)

UFOs: The Project Beta Scandal

Many people unacquainted with the complexities of the UFO puzzle assume that all talk of attempts by “the government” to silence certain players in the field is nothing but outright paranoia and lies. Even within Ufology there are those who dismiss such stories as X-Files-like nonsense. How wrong they all are. Published in 2005, Greg Bishop’s book, Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth, provided the field of UFO research with what was without doubt one if its most important contributions in years.
The subject matter of Project Beta was an unusual one; and while seasoned researchers were already aware of certain aspects of this dark and ultimately tragic affair, those unaccustomed to the events in question might have been forgiven for thinking that they had stumbled upon a high-tech, X-Files-meets-Robert Ludlum-style thriller. But Project Beta told a very real story – one that was as harrowing as it was informative.

In essence, the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction book related the saga of physicist Paul Bennewitz, who, after digging into Air Force and National Security Agency secret projects at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico in the late 1970s that he believed were connected to the activities of sinister extraterrestrials and UFOs, was put under deep surveillance by the US military and intelligence services, and was bombarded by the murky world of officialdom with a mass of disinformation, faked stories and outright lies in order to divert him from his research – which worked. In fact, it worked rather too well, and led to the mental and psychological disintegration of Bennewitz.
While everyone with an interest in UFOs should read Greg Bishop’s book, it will not please all – particularly those who are of the opinion that aliens inhabit underground

bases in the United States, that cattle mutilations are the work of sinister extraterrestrials, or that the rumors of government-alien collusion have a firm basis in reality. As Greg skillfully demonstrated, many of the cornerstones upon which today’s ufological lore are built, had their origins in the fertile minds of military intelligence and the behind-the-scenes, spook-brigade.
Much of the UFO “truth” fed to the research community by purported and sympathetic insiders and whistleblowers might not be “out there” after all. It may all be one big con behind which a veritable plethora of classified, military projects have been hidden – and, in the Bennewitz caper, projects specifically focused upon NSA communications systems, test flights (and possibly crashes) of early, prototype Stealth aircraft, and Air Force technologies designed to track the orbital movements of space satellites launched by the former Soviet Union.

As Project Beta skillfully revealed, Bennewitz had come to the conclusion that the collective operations described above were related to the activities of extraterrestrials, when in reality the truth was far more down to earth, although most certainly not in a mundane fashion. The book demonstrated that the Intelligence community cared not a bit that Bennewitz thought that their secret operations were UFO-related – precisely because the UFO connection was one of Bennewitz’s own making.

However, there was deep concern on the part of the world of officialdom that by digging into classified activities at Kirtland in search of UFOs, Bennewitz would inadvertently reveal – to the Soviets, in a worst-case scenario – information and technology that had to be kept secret at all costs, even if those costs included Bennewitz’s own sanity.
And so a plan was initiated: Having learned the essential parts of Bennewitz’s theories – very ironically from the man himself, by actually breaking into his home while he was out and checking his files and research notes – that aliens were mutilating cattle as part of some weird medical experiment; that they were abducting American citizens and implanting them with devices for purposes unknown; that those same aliens were living deep underground in a secure fortress at Dulce, New Mexico; and that we were all very soon going to be in deep and dire trouble as a direct result of the presence of this brewing, intergalactic threat, the Air Force gave Bennewitz precisely what he was looking for – confirmation that his theories were all true, and more.
Of course, this was all just a carefully-planned ruse to bombard Bennewitz with so much faked UFO data in the hope that it would steer him away from the classified military projects of a non-UFO nature that he had uncovered. And, indeed, it worked.

When Bennewitz received conformation (albeit carefully controlled and utterly fabricated confirmation) that, yes, he had stumbled upon the horrible truth and that, yes, there really was an alien base deep below Dulce, the actions of the Intelligence community had the desired effect: Bennewitz became increasingly paranoid and unstable, and he began looking away from Kirtland (the hub of the secrets that had to be kept) and harmlessly towards the vicinity of Dulce, where his actions, research, and theories could be carefully controlled and manipulated by the Government.
As long-time watchers of the ufological research scene will be aware, American Intelligence even brought Bill Moore (co-author with Charles Berlitz of the 1980 book, The Roswell Incident) into the scheme and asked him to keep them informed of how their disinformation operations against Bennewitz were working. In return, Moore was promised – and provided with – data and documents on super-secret, official UFO projects, crashed saucers, dead aliens, and more.
After informing a shocked and outraged audience at the 1989 Symposium of the Mutual UFO Network with the details of his involvement in keeping the Intelligence community informed of how their disinformation campaign against Bennewitz was working, Moore largely retired from the UFO scene. Similarly, the official disinformation operation that targeted Bennewitz resulted in his hospitalization, after he was driven to a near-complete mental collapse. This may have been the full intent all along: to crush Bennewitz, and to keep Moore busy chasing similar officially created lies and half-truths about UFOs.
You think officialdom won’t do whatever may be deemed necessary in the name of national security? Read Project Beta and you’ll almost certainly find yourself changing your mind – drastically so, too…

Spiritual Vessels: The Spiritual Side of UFOs

When we think of UFOs, we generally think of alien spacecraft piloted by green-skinned Graliens from other planets, right? A more appropriate assessment of this perception might instead be that, although this is generally the case in the world today, the idea is more recent than most people realize.
Recently I saw an article by Norio Hayakawa which asked some interesting questions, in addition to pointing out a few things about UFO believers in general. Namely, Hayakawa notices trends among the beliefs and values of most UFO buffs he has met, which include “living right,” “searching for truth,” and a lack of desire for “acquisition of material wealth or power.” Many also describe having “something to look forward to in life.”

I find that this correlates well with some of the lesser known aspects of Ufology’s past; specifically, I’m referring to contact with “space brothers” or “interdimensionals” (among the various names folks used for them prior to 1947). This was a particularly interesting period for Ufology because, in spite of the fact that little actual UFO activity was reported in the same manner it is today, there are certainly still encounters on the record, and many of them involve spiritual elements.
Before I get to those, however, I must assert here that this is usually as far as I get before the average UFO buff stops me to say, “you’re wrong! There WERE reports of UFOs that occurred back then!” So again, just to clarify, I certainly acknowledge that there were nuts-and-bolts anomalous aircraft witnessed in the decades before that pivotal year of 1947… but I’ve digressed long enough.
What happened in the late nineteenth century, inconsequential to many (but certainly not all) modern Ufologists was a the height of a spiritual-awakening in which seances, table-tapping, channeling and a variety of esoteric paths to the inner arts were explored. It had been quite the fad, for a period, to attend late-Saturday-evening “revivals,” and although the late nineteenth-century spiritualist movement, with its strangely macabre sensibilities, had been somewhat “darker,” by the time the spirit-revival had spilled over into the twenty-first century, mediums often began to take on personas that were more similar to pastors or religious leaders. Two primary examples of this sort of cross-over were spirit medium Bertie Lilly Candler and William Dudley Pelley.
Candler (who, point in case, often went by “Reverend Bertie Lilly Candler”), was a popular medium in Southern California up until the 1940s and 50s. Originally, her family had been rooted in the Carolinas (where a small town that bore her last name still exists), and Candler, living on the West Coast, managed to garner certain fame for her exploits as a spirit medium. According to those who attended Candler’s seances, often one of the incorporated elements dealt with the “manifestation” of spirit beings, who often emerged from closets and the like. However, in addition to the more popular “ghostly” manifestations, Candler was also known to summon beings who claimed to be from outer space! In my book Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule, I detailed one such encounter, as recounted by contactee Dana Howard:
Candler is credited with allegedly summoning an entity called “Diane”; a very beautiful, eight-foot tall Venusian woman first encountered by contactee Dana Howard beginning in 1939. Sixteen years later, Howard and several friends had gathered together in the presence of the Reverend Candler where she conducted a séance, performed at the Church of Divine Light, on South Parkview Street in Los Angeles, California. During the climax of the session Howard described seeing “a rising glow of phosphorescence. It was very tall at first, but out of this phosphorescent substance a form began to manifest itself. She was definitely different from the other ‘spirit’ manifestations, a solid, fleshly being, delicate in charm and manner.” Soon the entity would identify herself as Diane, the same entity Howard had met in 1939, in addition to revealing that she had been responsible for imparting telepathic messages to her during their sixteen-year hiatus:
She called for DANA. Overwhelmed with emotion I could not choke back, I went up to her, standing only inches away from the manifestation. While I did not recognize her instantly, I knew there was something quaintly familiar about her. Standing like a sylph-like goddess, and bowing low in greeting to the twenty-seven persons present, the rich tones of her voice vibrated through the little church.

“My daughter,” Diane had told Howard, “always remember, without inner perfection there can be no outer perfection. There must be perfect balance between the realm of spirit and the realm of materiality.” It is interesting to note how the motherly overtones of love, fellowship, and “inner perfection,” followed by Diane’s promise that Venus would ultimately be the future home for humankind, share some rather interesting religious parallels.
It was this encounter which garnered the attention of famed (though somewhat notorious) spiritualist William Dudley Pelley, an American Nazi party activist who later served prison time under sedition charges. Pelley, having attended many of Candler’s “spirit revivals,” was dumbfounded by what he also perceived to be the manifestation of a young native girl named “Silverleaf,” who discussed yet another science-fiction element that aided in the materializations:
Finally she said that she had to go back into the cabinet and help “build up the ray” for others.
I asked “What ray?”
“The materializing ray,” she answered.
What she alluded to was, that to obtain such results in actuality, this was what took place: As the medium sank into deeper and deeper trance, her body began to release its ectoplasmic content, which poured out through its orifices into a sort of pool in the cabinet before her. This is one of the chief reasons for the cabinet at all, that such exhibition does not frighten or disgust the spectator. Into this flood of released ectoplasm, the more tenuous Light Body of the materializing entity steps and concentrates—with the help of “guides” like Silverleaf who are in the cabinet discarnate—on what his or her physical appearance was in mortality. This concentration acts as a sort of magnetic ray that begins to draw up the ectoplasm around the discarnate Light-Body like mercury filling up the glass stem of a thermometer. When the Light-Body, or pattern-self, is completely substantialized, the materialization is accomplished and the discarnate entity can leave the cabinet, to all intents a normal human being.
As one might notice, Pelley had a way with words, which hadn’t always worked to his benefit. His unique, descriptive writing style would later “manifest” in other places too, which included a rather inflammatory statement condoning the attack on Pearl Harbor, which had been the determining factor in his subsequent imprisonment. Following his jail time after World War II, Pelley was released from Jail, and told not to engage in any kind of political writing whatsoever. Older, wearier and tarnished somewhat, the hardened Pelley returned to his hometown of Noblesville Indiana, and immediately began publishing a magazine in which UFOs and spiritualism became two of the primary areas of focus. In his own strange interpretations of what was then a field of Ufology still in its infancy, Pelley speculated that the craft seen in Earth’s skies weren’t aircraft of any kind, but were instead “spirit-vessels” of the deceased, having returned to this realm to carry out otherworldly (and other-dimensional) business!
Indeed, the associations between UFOs and spiritualism were once very much joined at the hip. Although many of those stigmas have lifted and risen past the clouds and into the cosmos with the space-brothers themselves, there obviously are still unique similarities between the spiritual nature of mankind and the UFO phenomenon; perhaps more than could be discussed in several volumes, and certainly more than could be named here. At the heart of the matter, it seems that the ultimate nature of the UFO mystery does still maintain some link to our inner-selves. To truly unravel the mystery, perhaps we need only look within.