Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Morphing UFO over Moscow Goes Viral (Video)

An amazing video going viral on YouTube shows what looks like a saucer UFO morphing shapes as it flies over the night skies of Moscow.

The video, posted by YouTuber olegen77, starts tracking a light in the distant sky over the rooftops of the city and then zooms in for a closer look.

The lights on the unidentified flying object look as though they wrap around a circular, disc-shaped craft.

As the three minute video plays out, the object seems to morph into a different shape as now multi-colored lights shift to align with a transformed contour. How is that possible?

The video is drawing a lot of comments, mostly agreeing that the UFO is not like any known aircraft they've ever seen. Its resemblance to an airplane at various points only deepens the mystery. How can it change shape?

This object seems similar to others seen on videos posted from around the Moscow area in the past two years, as well as other regions of the world.