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Mac's UFO News - August 2014 (Series 3 Episode 5)

Published on 6 Sep 2014 By Mac's UFO News
This month on Mac's UFO News: The 25 year Canadian UFO Survey, UFO Sightings For August, Seth Shostak - Scientists Say We Will Find Alien Life By 2034, Viewers Events, Megan Fox On Aliens UFOs & Paranormal Phenomena, UFOs In The News.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Space Shuttle Discovery's Legacy, 30 Years Later

Published on 30 Aug 2014 By Newsy Science
The space shuttle Discovery launched for the very first time 30 years ago. Here's a look back at its legacy.

Is NASA Going To Find Life On Europa?

Streamed live on 27 Aug 2014 By DNews
Each month DNews will sit down with NASA to discuss amazing space topics!

This month, we'll be talking about Jupiter's icy moon Europa. Could its subsurface oceans harbor life? What extreme engineering challenges would we have to overcome to explore it? What field work is going on on Earth right now to help find life on other worlds?

UFO With Changing Colours Sighted By Lower Paxton Township Police In Pennsylvania

On Aug. 25, in Pennsylvania, Lower Paxton Township resident Stephanie Wilkerson noticed something in the sky that was moving and changing colors, reported ABC 27. While enjoying a glass of wine in the porch, Wilkerson sad that she saw something in the sky that she initially thought was an airplane, but then she noticed that it wasn't moving and it was changing colors. Wilkerson said she watched the object for about twenty minutes.
Soon, she called her husband and a neighbour to take a look. Her amazed neighbour then, according to Wilkerson, brought over his binoculars. At first, the neighbor thought it was a planet, but then changed his mind when the object's colour turned to yellow.
Wilkerson finally decided to notify the police. An officer responded to the call and, after seeing the stange object in the sky through a pair of binoculars, he was bewildered and rang his superiors. The officer's sergeant and corporal came by to take a look -- and both were reportedly astounded.
The Lower Paxton Township Police Department, then, contacted Fort Indiantown Gap and Harrisburg International Airport to see if they had any aircraft acitivy in the area but both responded in the negative.

When the neighbours were questioned by ABC 27 reporter Mark Hall, a few of them claimed to have seen it. One said that her husband had thought it was a helicopter and another neighbour said that they had a similar sighting on the night of Aug. 22.
An incident report was then written, with Lt. Gary Seefeldt of the Lower Paxton Township police saying, "Our officers saw something that was out of the ordinary for the night sky."
Wilkerson said that she wasn't a believer in UFO sightings until that night when she saw the strange object.
Pennsylvania has a UFO Alert Rating much higher than the average number of recent national reports, with an Alert 3 rating of about 30 cases in the month of July-- the fifth highest in the country. California had the highest number of reports at 104 cases in July, followed by other states with an Alert 2 or 3 rating such as Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Washington.


Red Orbs Reported Over Eastern North Carolina

People reported seeing at least 10 red circles in the sky above Eastern North Carolina this past weekend. After one women took a video of the event, she learned other people have been seeing these mysterious orbs as well.
Kelly Burke said she spends plenty of evenings on her back porch but had never seen anything like the red circles before.
"That's when they started coming off of the horizon one by one. They would all completely disappear in the same spot - the same spot! So it would go from there to there, poof its gone," said Burke.
Burke, her husband, and her daughter all saw the lights together. She said there were a total of 10 and each flitted across the sky at a level elevation. Burke says the glowing objects were too symmetrical to be flares and too level to be floating lanterns.
"I've photographed Chinese lanterns for weddings that I do. All of those have a center of brightness. " said Burke.
Burke says the circles in sky she spotted were not like the lanterns she photographed. The lanterns she saw did not have that point of brightness. They were the same color all thew ay through. She described the orbs as moving against the wind, not with it unlike a lantern.
Driven by curiosity, Burke posted her video on Facebook. She was surprised to find out a lot of people had seen similar red circles all across the country, several were along the coast from Nags Head to Oak Island.
Friend Stephanie Brunner says she was relieved when she saw Kelly Burke's post. She saw a group of red orbs almost a year ago in Jacksonville.
"Ours was in a formation, like a triangle. Not a full triangle, but there were five of them," said Stephanie Brunner.
Brunner said she and her husband tried to drive closer to the lights before they went out. She said she didn't tell many people about the event.
"People thought I was crazy, but we definitely saw them. I'm just glad my husband was there to see them too," said Brunner.
One local North Carolinian says his whole family saw one while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
"And being in aviation, I know there has to be blinking lights on an aircraft. And there was none on this," described Ronald Winstead.
Reports of flying orbs way back. We found a 1944 article from the New York Times with the headline "Floating Mystery Ball is New Nazi Air Weapon."
Retired U.S. Marine General Tom Braaten says the circle reminded him of a jet burner, but there were some differences. "If you were looking right at the back end, then it would look like a very bright circle," said Braaten.
He did say burners are usually bright white, not the red seen in the video. He also said the shape of the light didn't match up with the motion of the burner. He said a burner would only appear to be a circle if the jet was pointed away from the viewer, but the circle in the video was seen traveling along the coast from left to right. When jets do that, Gen. Braaten said you see the side of the burner which appears as more of a cone shape.
General Braaten and a Harrier pilot we spoke to both said there are too many variables to pin-point what the circles in the sky are.
For now, the circles will technically remain a "U.F.O." After all, "U.F.O." stands for "Unidentified Flying Objects" and these circles in the sky are still unidentified.


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Spacing Out! Ep. 85 - 1966 Westall UFO was a research balloon?

Published on 22 Aug 2014 By Open Minds Production
New research has some believing that the 1966 Westall UFO was actually a rogue research balloon. That, and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Woman takes picture of mysterious cloud or UFO? No, it's a Sun Dog

By Damany Lewis, KXTV
A Sacramento resident wanted to know what she captured on her iPhone.
Ten days ago Sunda Barker says she witnessed a glowing object in the sky while walking home from lunch with her son.
"It was beautiful it was radiant," said Barker
Barker said she saw the object again two days later and thought it could be a possible UFO.
"I sat there at took picture after pictures and pictures," said Barker.
According to Meteorologist Monica Woods what Barker witnessed was called a Sun Dog, a halo created when lights interact with ice crystals in the atmosphere.

New evidence on the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident from Larry Warren presented at UFO Truth Conference 16/17 August 2014.

Published on 19 Aug 2014 By ZxrAlienWarrior  

PC Alan Godfrey, UFO Witness on BBC Breakfast Time TV Show - 1980's

Published on 23 Aug 2014 By UFOTRUTHMAG
Gary Heseltine 

The 1980 Alan Godfrey case is the main abduction case that Gary has researched in depth. He thinks this case is important because as well as Godfrey’s testimony, there are several independent witnesses that saw something strange in the sky at the same time in the local area.

Timeline of Alan Godfrey’s experience. On November 28th, 1980, Alan was in his patrol car in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. He was sent to check out reports of cattle wandering around a local council estate. He saw a bright light in the road ahead and thought it was a bus. As he got closer, though, it became clear that this was not the case. He found himself looking at a rotating object, hovering over the road. He sketched the craft in his notebook. There was a burst of light and he found himself driving further along the road with no sign of the UFO. He returned to the police station and later found that he was missing about twenty-five minutes of time. The sole of one of his boots was split and he had an itchy, red mark on his foot.

Later, he would undergo hypnotic regression, where it emerged that he was taken from the car and led onto the craft. Here, he saw robot-like creatures and a humanoid wearing a black skull cap. Gary has studied the video tapes of Alan’s hypnosis session and has concluded that they were well conducted. Alan was not lying. He had nothing to gain from making up his story and, indeed, his experience has had a negative effect on his life.

Gary would also point to one pioneer of abduction research, the late Dr John Mack. Mack had concluded that many abductions go back to 'the victims’ childhood. Alan Godfrey had spoken of seeing a blue ‘tennis ball’ in his room as a child. Others have reported these blue orbs both in their bedrooms and other places, such as while driving.

As a police officer, Gary was interested in evidence, and this case has so much of it!

Joey Essex believes in aliens

By Expose Entertainment

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star visited Area 51 in Nevada - where the US government is believed to be studying extraterrestrial life - while filming his latest show 'Educating Joey Essex - Space Cadet' but admitted he doesn't think anyone will ''ever know'' if there are aliens inside.
Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I think aliens are definitely real ... There's evidence out there that you can clearly see. I would say aliens are definitely out there, I mean, I think we've all seen them we just don't know it.''
The 24-year-old TV personality went on to joke that he once spotted an alien at a nightclub in Essex, owned by his former co-star.
He revealed: ''I saw one in Sugar Hut ages ago. It just looked a bit like Micky Norcross but like a younger version of Micky Norcross.''
Despite admitting he's a keen believer in UFOs, Joey - who attended space camp and was given astronaut training during his American adventure - confessed he doesn't fancy a trip to the moon anytime soon.
He explained: ''I'd be really paranoid. I mean I've got bad claustrophobia as well so I'd be completely scared in case my rocket disappears or I get abducted by aliens or something.''
'Educating Joey Essex - Space Cadet' airs on ITV2 on September 2 at 9pm.

Alien craft or huge drone being transported On public highway?

Published on 24 Aug 2014 By  UFO GLOBE
Date of sighting: August 2014
Location of sighting: Highway in Cornwall, England

This saucer craft was seen this week on the highway in Cornwall. The shape and size are perfect for being a crashed UFO or even a new military disk. This is amazing footing and I only wish the person continued to follow them so that we can see where they were going. Perhaps a military base nearby.

Published on 12 Aug 2014 By Ben Logan

Fifth annual UFO Festival in Exeter, NH

By Alfred University
Watch out for aliens at the fifth annual UFO Festival lecture program, Saturday, Aug. 30 at the Exeter, NH Town Hall, 1 Front St. where Richard Dolan, AU Class of 1984, will be one of several speakers marking the “Incident in Exeter,” which occurred Sept. 3, 1965. Norman Muscarello was hitchhiking home when he spotted a 90-foot-wide, brightly lit object. Muscarello later returned with Officer Eugene Betrand and the two watched the object fly out of the woods and up into the sky. Several other witnesses reported seeing the object during this same time, including Officer David Hunt. The incident was investigated by the Air Force but officials couldn’t identify the object and the mystery remains unsolved. The UFO Festival is sponsored by the Exeter Kiwanis Club and is family friendly. Additionally festivities will be conducted outside the town hall, in Founders Park, and at the Exeter Public Library. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to children’s charities and children’s/community programs.
For more information, please visit:

Aliens Are Real - Seth Shostak on the Australian morning show Sunrise

By News 7

Did Russia Really Find Plankton On The ISS? NASA Not So Sure

Published on 21 Aug 2014 By Newsy Science
Russian cosmonauts say they've found evidence of sea plankton on the International Space Station's windows. NASA is a little more skeptical.

UFO over Ocean Isle?

By WWAY3abc

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- What was in the sky over Ocean Isle Beach this weekend?
"I thought that's a strange light. Maybe it's a helicopter light, and I was watching them go, and they sorta did like a half circle," said Woozy Dell, who is vacationing for the week out on Ocean Isle Beach. "And then I saw another one come, and then I thought this is bizarre, and it got a little interesting."
What she says she saw were a series of dots in the sky. They appeared to be glowing orbs, changing in color and multiplying in number.
"So I saw two, and then I started seeing three, and then I started seeing four, and then I started counting them, because I thought, 'My gosh. What is this?" Dell said. "What I saw was an orangish red, and when it went back around it was white."
She saw it all late Saturday night. She said it lasted just 17 minutes.
"It was in the sky, and then went away, and it was, the lights, were so unusual that it was something you don't forget," Dell said.

We got an e-mail from someone in Wilmington seeing strange lights in the Wrightsville Beach sky, too, that night. Problem is no one knows what it was.
"I have to admit," Dell laughed, "I did go out the next night looking. And tonight looks like a clear night, so..."