Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Film Crew Catches UFO Rising from the Sea? (Video)

A strange UFO, apparently rising from below the ocean waves near an unidentified beach, was caught on film by a professional camera crew making a promo video. What is it?

The video, created by Chris Ward Productions, catches a somewhat bizarre scene of a woman's legs lolling in a sandy beachfront. What they're trying to convey is anyone's guess, but what happens next is truly weird. A small, dark object suddenly flies past the HD camera lens and out of sight in a matter of seconds. As the publisher says, the strange object was not noticed until the footage was viewed in post-production.

The UFO seems to emerge from beneath the waves just offshore, and, as the video plays out, the activity is slowed down several times to just 5% speed. The segment ends with a zoomed-in clip at slow speed which does little to help identify what this object could be or where it emerges from.
It doesn't look like a bird, and there are no insects which can leap so quickly from sea water. It's obviously not an airplane or a balloon.