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Spacing Out! Ep. 22 - Former military and government men talking UFOs (Video)

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For this special episode of Spacing Out!, we hit the road in our new production vehicle to cover the Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed lecture at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas. We talk with the museum's curator, and with the individuals who presented at the event. We also ask some of the special guests who attended the event for their reactions. Maureen and I also discuss some interesting videos that have generated interest recently, including a video showing an individual with teleportation powers. That, and other space and UFO news, on this episode of Spacing Out!

Ufo News Links For Friday 28th September 2012

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Chasing UFOs S01E03 'Alien Cowboys' (Video)

Alien Cowboys

Flying Wing-like UFO Captured on Video in Michigan

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Sep 24, 2012 by NDestinationUnknownBreaking News UFO Sighting Michigan 9-23-2012
This video shows what appears to be the old 'flying wing,' at least from the perspective of the videographer. It slowly moves near some kind of factory in Michigan.
(Editor's Note: The video has some odd characteristics; the file looks faded or very old, although the submitter claims it was taken recently. The old quality may have been added if it was created on a computer, although there is no proof of that. We enhanced the video to make it a little darker with better contrast, and removed most of the pixelation. We also added a close-up view at the end. See what you think.)

Philadelphia area UFO conference boasts strong speaker schedule

Pennsylvania MUFON is hosting a UFO conference this weekend in the Philadelphia area.
The greater Philadelphia area is in for a treat this weekend as the Pennsylvania branch of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) opens their doors for a weekend of top notch speakers and events.
The Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in Langhorne is the event space for this weekend event where you can get up-to-date on the latest regional and national investigations involving unidentified flying objects.
The UFO conference kicks off Friday, September 28 with a cocktail party featuring Frank Freschino on the Flatwoods 60th Anniversary and a talk by Pennsylvania MUFON State Director John Ventre on UFOs in History and Art. There is also an optional field investigator's training Friday, 9 a.m - 5 p.m. with Bob Gardner, Fred Saluga and Peter Robbins. The training is only for MUFON members who must bring their investigator's training manual for admission.
Saturday's events run from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and speakers include: Sue Swiatek, Karyn Dolan, Stan Gordon, Travis Walton and Rob Swiatek, plus an optional dinner with keynote speaker Peter Robbins.
Sunday's speakers include: Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan, Steven Bassett and Mark Passio, plus a panel discussion and Q & A.
Take a look at the complete conference schedule here. Check conference rates at this page and purchase advance tickets.
For conference room reservations, contact the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047, 215.269.3408. 

UFO heading to China for ‘Science of Aliens’ exhibit

A UFO is scheduled to travel from the United States to China in early October.
This flying saucer will leave from SpaceWorks, the space artifact restoration and replication division of the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. According to the Cosmosphere’s website, SpaceWorks is the only location designated by the Smithsonian Institution to restore flown U.S. spacecraft.
So does that mean this flying saucer was flown by the U.S.? No.
Entrance to the Kansas Cosmosphere. (Credit: Patrick Pelletier/Wikimedia Commons)

This 3,000 pound UFO is “20 feet wide by 9 feet tall, constructed with steel tube framing and aluminum sheeting, complete with uplights, downlights, circulating beam lights and sound.” SpaceWorks fabricated the flying saucer for an exhibit, “The Science of Aliens,” that opens November 9 at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, China. To develop this alien spaceship, designers researched historical UFO sightings. Cosmosphere President and COO Jim Remar described, “Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history, but there is one common theme: the apparent shape of a UFO is generally reported as a saucer or disk. Based on the descriptions and drawings of UFOs we found – some dating back to ancient times – we ultimately developed this design.”
The saucer begins its trip by truck to California from Kansas on October 5. It will then travel by boat across the Pacific Ocean to China.
Flying would probably be faster.

UFO movie news round-up (27 Sept. 2012)

By Robbie Graham
Vatican criticizes ‘Prometheus’

The Vatican's official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano has criticized Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, taking issue with its premise about the origins of mankind and saying that the Ancient Astronaut-themed blockbuster “mishandles the delicate questions raised by ... the battle eternal between good and evil in yet another attempt to steal the secret of immortality... The journey of Prometheus should instead symbolize the search for the supernatural."

Thor 2 to explore all nine realms?

According to a report from the Russian Cinema Expo, Thor: The Dark World “promises to cover not just the Earth and Asgard, but the entire Nine Realms. The studio [Marvel] hopes that Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor has the experience to build upon the fantasy of the series.”

Disney’s alien sitcom is ‘Galaxy Quest’ + ‘The Simpsons’

Disney’s new family sci-fi comedy sitcom The Neighbors premiers tonight on ABC. The show is about “a normal family that moves next door to a bunch of aliens from the planet Zabvron” and will explore “the dynamic of a human family... through the eyes of the aliens and how strange we all are.”
Brutally honest trailer for ‘The Avengers’
And finally, just for laughs...

UFO on Google Street View? (Video)

By Jamey Boyum
A strange thing appears when you search for Jacksonville, Texas on Google Maps. If you select street view and pan around you'll see an unusual floating object with a familiar shape.
It was pointed out to us in an email from Andrea Dove. She lives near Houston and was getting directions to visit her aunt in Jacksonville when she stumbled on the image.
You don't even have to put in a street; just Jacksonville, TX., and go to street view, then pan around, and there it is: a thing that I don't know what it is. It looks like something from a low-budget 1950s flick.
"And this, this is the bridge where Google Maps captured an image no one can explain. Not even the people of Jacksonville," I said, pointing at the overpass.
The object was shot right by the Landmark building at the 69 and 79 intersection, Home of Sadler's Restaurant. And across the street there's a Taco Bell. Maybe something was smelling lunch.
Most people who live in Jacksonville just said wow a lot when they saw the image..

I'm just not sure why an unknown object over Jacksonville would be red.
I looked up a dozen different cities and didn't find any similar anomalies. That must make Jacksonville special.
"Do you see anything?" I asked a couple residents.
"Not yet," they replied.
No one I spoke with had seen anything strange over Jacksonville, and although it could be a lens flare or an unexplainable reflection of some nearby object, I saw no indication of anything which fell under that umbrella.
We have contacted Google to see if they are aware of the object, and we have not heard back from them.

UFOs Are Real, Should Be Studied, Says Ex-Project Blue Book Director Col. Robert Friend

Retired Col. Robert Friend, a former director of the Air Force's nearly 20-year UFO study, Project Blue Book, says that science should continue looking into the mystery of flying saucers.
Friend, assigned in 1958 to direct Blue Book, was charged with trying to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security and whether they could be of scientific interest.
"When I first took over the program, I wrote two staff studies, and in both instances, I recommended that [UFOs] be put into another agency which would give them full scientific investigations and analyses," Friend told The Huffington Post over the weekend at a special lecture titled "Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed."
The event, held at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, featured Friend, seen below, three other retired military colonels and a former United Kingdom Ministry of Defense UFO investigator.

These days, the retired 92-year-old colonel acknowledges that he's spoken to more Air Force pilots than most people will ever meet, and he's heard their stories about strange things they've encountered in the sky -- objects that have come very close to their aircraft.
Despite the roughly 700 UFO cases labeled as "unidentified" during the Air Force's investigation of more than 12,000 reports, Blue Book was closed down in 1969. The project's conclusion: UFOs posed no security threat to the nation, nor did they display any technological abilities "beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge."
But Friend, who was Blue Book director until 1963, didn't totally agree with the official findings.
During his tenure, he unsuccessfully tried to get the UFO issue moved to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as well as to the then-newly created space agency, NASA. He's had conversations with pilots and military officials who tossed the idea around that some UFOs might be alien in origin.
"Yes, there were some people who had those opinions. I, for one, also believe that the probability of there being life elsewhere in this big cosmos is just absolutely out of this world -- I think the probability is there."
Friend, the oldest surviving member of the famous Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, was joined on Saturday at the UFO lecture by the man who served as Friend's chief spokesman for Blue Book between 1961 and 1963, Col. William Coleman.

Watch this video of Colonels Robert Friend and William Coleman


Coleman related an encounter he had with a "classic flying saucer" over Alabama in 1955 while piloting a B-25 bomber. The 75-foot-diameter, circular disc got so close to the ground that it left a trail of dust behind it before vanishing in the sky.
When HuffPost asked Friend if the United States had any vehicle at the time that looked like or could perform the way Coleman described, he quietly said, "No." When further pressed on what Coleman and his crew witnessed, Friend instead cited a different case where an aircraft reported a UFO that turned out to be a meteor.
Yet, the soft-spoken Friend treads carefully when asked if he thinks aliens have already come to Earth.
"Do I believe that we have been visited? No, I don't believe that," he said. "And the reason I don't believe it is because I can't conceive of any of the ways in which we could overcome some of these things: How much food would you have to take with you on a trip for 22 years through space? How much fuel would you need? How much oxygen or other things to sustain life do you have to have?"
But would those same issues apply equally to an advanced civilization that may have already overcome the hazards of traveling through interstellar space?
Either way, Friend would like to see an ongoing scientific investigation of UFOs.
"I think that anytime there's a possibility of scientific pay dirt from studying these phenomena, that yes, it would be much better if the government or some other agency was to take on these things and to pursue the scientific aspects of it."