Friday, 12 October 2012

UFO News Links For Friday 12th October 2012

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Peru: UFO Recorded Over Chimbote

Endeavour's Last Flight: and a UFO

Annual conference on extraterrestrial beings to be held in Westmoreland – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Ufology Research: The Rivers, Manitoba, UFO case of August 28, 1967

The Strange Disappearance of Granger Taylor

UFO Briefly Halts Israel Air Traffic, Investigation Continues – International Business Times AU

UFO conference lights up subject for believers, the curious | TribLIVE

Gilles Fernandez Finds An Explanation For 1890s Airship Sightings

Greenwich museums to host new exhibitions – Opodo

The Haunted Skies Project: Sun (The) 26.3.69.

Mars Rover Finds Shiny Object on Mars' Surface

Mars Curiosity Discovers Evidence of Alien Life (Spoiler: It’s Us) – The Atlantic Wire

Ufology Research: Manitoba UFO Sightings... and a Movie

UFO briefly halts Israel’s civilian air traffic – The Daily Telegraph

The Haunted Skies Project: Sun (The) 19.7.69

Expert to discuss UFO phenomenon in live chat – Digital Spy

 The Lyndia Morel Encounter - Goffstown, NH

Visitors from Elsewhen: Time Travelers Among Us

It’s not a UFO, it’s a plane (sort of) over Danville – Lynchburg News and Advance

“Absolutely Cadavers”: Roswell is Dead, Long Live the Roswell Mystery | STARGATE007 | Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape: The UFO Spy Games

UFO Festival to take place in Presidio – Midland Reporter-Telegram

Saudi Arabia: Opening up long hidden ancient ruins - Travel - NZ Herald News

UFO Telepathy: California Man Claims To Psychically Communicate With Boomerang UFO – Huffington Post

Number 33: Secret Societies, UFOs, Death, Destruction & Disneyland | Mysterious Universe