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Spacing Out! Ep. 71, 70, 69, 68 & 67: William Shatner's alien abduction book / Skeptic pilot photographs a UFO / Chris Carter producing new series about Area 51 / Rome UFOs captured on video / UFO recorded over Vancouver

William Shatner's alien abduction book - Spacing Out! Ep. 71 
Published on 2 May 2014
William Shatner appeared on Larry King Now to discuss his upcoming novel about UFOs and alien abduction. That and other UFO stories on this episode of Spacing Out!

Skeptic pilot photographs a UFO - Spacing Out! Episode 70 
A pilot, who describes himself as the world's greatest skeptic, was left questioning his beliefs after photographing a UFO in Australia. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Chris Carter producing new series about Area 51 - Spacing Out! Episode 69

The X-Files creator Chris Carter is producing a new television series about the mysterious military installation Area 51. Jason and Maureen discuss that and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Rome UFOs captured on video - Spacing Out Ep. 68

We discuss a video showing unidentified objects over Rome. We also discuss the passing of Dr. Roger Leir, a pioneer in the field of alleged alien implant research. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

UFO recorded over Vancouver - Spacing Out! Ep. 67 

We discuss a video that shows a UFO over Vancouver in Canada. We also discuss the 2014 International UFO Congress. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Your Need to Know Ep. 11 - Uruguay's UFO Files

In this episode we will explore Uruguay's UFO investigations. Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America and witnesses have reported phenomenon in Uruguay since 1947. It is one of the countries where the military seems to be more open-minded towards the UFO phenomenon. In 1979 the President of Uruguay established the 'Commission for Receiving and Investigating Complaints of Unidentified Flying Objects' or CRIDOVNI as an official department of the Uruguayan Air Force. The commission receives, researches and investigates UFO sightings as part of their routine activity and they openly explore the possibility of extraterrestrial origins.

Talking UFOs with Kimmel stressed out Clinton

According to a body language analysis posted online, Bill Clinton may have been hiding something when he answered questions about UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The analysis was done by Ben Hansen, host of the TV show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Hansen believes Clinton showed signs of “significant apprehension, stress, and guarded behavior.”

Hansen says on his TV show they interview a lot of people to find out if they are telling the truth about their paranormal encounters, and he was getting a lot of questions from fans about Kimmel’s interview with Clinton on UFOs and aliens. He says on Fact or Faked they used a lot of techniques to identify deception, and he decided to look at Clinton’s non-verbal communication during the interview to see what he could find.

Ben Hansen
Hansen also has a background in law enforcement, although he admits he is not an expert in the field of non-verbal communication. He has degrees in sociology and criminology, and has been involved with state level investigations, primarily child sex crimes and white collar crimes. He has also worked with federal law enforcement. So, while he doesn’t have a degree in non-verbal communication, he does have a lot of experience using it.
Hansen says he saw immediate changes in Clinton’s demeanor when Kimmel began asking questions about UFOs. For most of the interview Clinton had his feet flat and was gesturing with both hands. When the UFO conversation started, Clinton crossed his legs and got a better grip on the arms of the chair. Hansen says folded arms and legs can indicate a defensive stance, close-mindedness, or an attempt to conceal information.
Kimmel’s first question was if Clinton had looked into UFOs. Hansen says Clinton didn’t seem to be able to get the chronology right in his answer, and the details didn’t make sense. He noted that Clinton says he did “sort of” look into UFOs, but it wasn’t until his second term, but then seemed to backtrack on that timing. Clinton also mentioned people beleiving aliens were at Area 51 because workers had to wear special clothing. Hansen says special clothing has never been an aspect of the Area 51 alien rumors.
In fact, Hansen thinks perhaps Clinton shared, or was trying not to share information that is not public knowledge. Hansen says several times it seemed Clinton stopped himself from saying things. Hansen wonders if Clinton had more to share.

Hansen says he also found incidents of incongruence between what Clinton said and his body language. For instance, Clinton said he looked into Roswell and had “everything” checked. However, he shook his head, as in a “no” gesture when he said this. Hansen wonders what this subconscious “no” could mean. He speculates perhaps it means, no, Clinton did not find a cover-up; he was frustrated with the outcome of his Roswell findings; or perhaps, no, he didn’t really have the papers reviewed.

Hansen also argues that there were no Roswell files to review. Hansen references a report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) in 1995. It was in response to a request by New Mexico Congressman Steve Schiff to look into the Roswell UFO files. The report states that administrative and communication files of the Roswell Army Air Field between 1946 and 1949 were destroyed. Thus, to Hansen, this raises further suspicions that Clinton is being deceitful in his answer.
However, the GAO report does say that other files were reviewed, including Air Force crash reports and UFO files. They mention two documents in particular pertaining to the incident. One is a history report that refers to the recovery of a “flying disc” that was later determined to be a weather balloon, and the other was an FBI memo of the recovery of a weather balloon that was being investigated at Wright-Patterson, but was of no concern to the FBI.
Either way, Hansen points out that Clinton never went on to say there was no evidence of UFOs or aliens involved with Roswell. Although, Clinton did say they didn’t find any aliens at Area 51.

Area 51 warning signs.
Hansen notes other instances of Clinton clinching his jaw, looking away from Kimmel, and closing his eyes. All of these are indications to Hansen that Clinton was concealing his feelings, stressed, and perhaps being deceitful.
Hansen notes that when Clinton felt the UFO questions were finished he went back to being relaxed and articulate. He did not stammer or avert his eyes, as he did during the UFO questions.
That is until Kimmel hit him with an unexpected question. Clinton had mentioned how there is growing evidence that extraterrestrial life exists, and it is “increasingly less likely that we are alone.” Kimmel quipped, “Oh, you are trying to give me a hint that there are aliens.”
Hansen says Clinton seemed set aback by the question, and notes that while Clinton tells Kimmel “no,” he nods “yes.” Further evidence that this question stressed Clinton is that he seemed to be oblivious of Kimmel’s sarcasm. Hansen says people experiencing stress or fear have a hard time processing sarcasm.
Hansen highlights many other instances to support his theories in the 35 minute plus YouTube video. However, his final thoughts are that there is “Evidence of significant apprehension, stress, and guarded behavior. Several times when he started down a road and stopped himself in awkward ways as if he was about to say something he shouldn’t.”
Hansen speculates that perhaps Clinton knows more about UFOs and aliens than he lets on, or perhaps he was frustrated by his inability to find out more while he was president. Another possibility, says Hansen, is that he found out just enough to indicate to him that he better stop looking into it out of a sense of duty to his country.

Clinton answering UFO questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Hansen suspects that maybe whatever he discovered could be the reason he “wouldn’t be surprised” if we were visited by ET today. Then again, I have to admit I get stressed out and am very careful of the words I choose when I talk about UFOs and aliens in social settings. There is the inevitable eye-rolling , and there is always the fear that you will be taken less seriously if you are pegged as a “UFO guy.”
Another possibility for Clinton’s stress could be that while president he signed a Presidential Determination that allowed “The Air Force’s Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51)” to be exempt from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. This allowed the Air Force and the EPA to get out of a law suit brought forth by victims and their families of former employees at Area 51 who had been told to burn toxic chemicals in open pits. Many of the employees got sick and some died. Could a guilty conscious cause the anxiety Hansen observed?
It is hard to say what was stressing Clinton out while he talked UFOs with Kimmel. His interactions with Laurance Rockefeller, and his Chief of Staff’s alien interests are another couple UFO skeletons in Clinton’s closet. What else could be lurking in there? Check out Hansen’s analysis and tell us what you think.

UFO in the forest of Cadiz Spain ?

Published on 30 Apr 2014 By jmhz71

OVNI En Cadiz España 29/04/2014
Credit.↔ Caraoscura Jose Loreto Suarez.



Full disclosure concerning UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation remains a Top Secret issue among world governments. However, an un-official soft-sell, media campaign of governmental disclosure is actively conditioning the public to the reality of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race. Get the facts in this feature length presentation.

UFOs THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - HD Movie Staring Dean Haglund (The X Files)

(2.5-HOURS) Staring Dean Haglund - (X-Files, The Lone Gunman). Comedy Consciousness. Conspiracy. This film is Funny, Outrageous, and often tragic. For the past fifty years, conspiracy theories have become a prevalent topic of discussion and cause for great alarm, growing into a truly global phenomenon. Comic-actor-inventor Dean Haglund (The X-Files, The Lone Gunman) has had a front row seat to this growing phenomenon. Join Dean as he travels the globe, getting an insider's view of the conspiracy culture. UFOs ... The existence of extraterrestrials ... Water privatization ... The Federal Reserve system ... Population control ... The New World Order ... The suppression of quantum consciousness ... What does it mean to search for the truth in a world where conspiracy theories are everywhere, in a world that has become nothing less than an information blizzard? Discover the Comedy, Consciousness and Conspiracy of a world gone mad in "The Truth Is Out There."

VIDEO: Extraordinary footage captures 'BLUE UFO' flying over Holland

This extraordinary video footage appears to show a BLUE UFO .
The mysterious object was captured flying over Maassluis in Holland.
Dick Smits was using his video camera to record a boat travelling along a canal when he suddenly spotted the blue object.
As reported by OpenMinds.TV, he then began filming it for several minutes as it hovered at speed.
It is not known how it disappeared from view and so far nobody has come forward to say they know what it is.
The strange object was spotted in the middle of the afternoon on April 11.
Last week, pictures emerged of another strange object flying over north London, prompting some to speculate it could be a UFO.

UFO Planet Ep 114 - Amazing Carrizozo, New Mexico UFO; Crrow777 Eclipse ufo's + more


Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine the following UFOs: Family captures multiple UFOs on film in Carrizozo, NM, USA; Deception in Metz, France; Artist explains UFO sighting over Key West; Citizen in Tampa, Florida calls 911 to report a UFO? Feature interview with Crrow777 featuring footage of UFOs and satellites passing over the moon and Crrows take on moon waves.

Topic: UFO - Derrel Sims - The Alien Hunter

Derrel Sims (The Alien Hunter) shares his thoughts and theories about Ufology and the alien abduction phenomenon. Derrel, who can be seen currently on the television show Uncovering Aliens, has been an alien investigator for nearly 40 years ...

Extremely Large Telescope Could Spot Alien Life / NASA Goes With 'Tron-Like' Design For Next Spacesuit

Extremely Large Telescope Could Spot Alien Life

Scientists are preparing to blow up a Chilean mountain to construct the Extremely Large Telescope, which will take detailed pictures of exoplanets.

NASA Goes With 'Tron-Like' Design For Next Spacesuit

With 60 percent of the public's vote, NASA's next spacesuit will be one that features electroluminescent wiring and looks a whole lot like the movie.

Was the Legend of Utsuro-bune a Close Encounter of the Third Kind?

By Martin Clemens

What is it about Asian culture that intrigues the western world so? The romance, the mystery, the enchantment…all of it seems to come together to form something ready made for western consumption.
The ancient Japanese legend of Tanabata comes to mind:
“In the night sky, there are two stars, Vega and Altair. Legend says that these two stars are the immortal lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi. The lovers, as they are referred to, have been separated by the Milky Way for eternity and though they gaze across the cosmos at each other, their love remains unfulfilled. Except, on the 7th day of the 7th month of every year, when all of the magpies on Earth, fly up to the heavens and, with their wings, form a bridge across the galaxy, allowing these star crossed lovers one night of passion among the darkness of space."
That legend is part of an ancient sky festival that originates from the even older Chinese Qixi Festival, but most western readers would be more interested in the story of the lovers than the story of its origin. Perhaps therein lays the difference. Perhaps it is the inherently one-dimensional thinking of western culture that attracts us to these legends whilst simultaneously impairing our ability to fully understand their meaning, but in the case of the above, it’s quite easy to see the allegorical nature of the story.
This contrast is amply demonstrated in the common interpretation of Utsuro-bune. Depending on who you ask, Utsuro-bune (also Utsuro-fune or Urobune) is either a modern version of a very old legend, or it’s a story of out-of-place-artefacts and even a close-encounter of the third kind.
The story, which in western circles is also called The White Princess, goes like this:
In 1803 a group of Japanese fishers, in the Hitachi province of central Japan, had a chance encounter with an utsuro-bune – which means, simply, hollow ship – on the beaches of Haratono-hama. They were intrigued by the ship, which appeared to them as an ornately decorated and covered log boat. Such a thing would have been highly unusual to their eyes. It was described as almost 6 meters wide and almost 4 meters high. Apparently made of redwood, it was adorned with brazen plates on its lower half and had several transparent windows around its top half. The utsuro-bune was said to resemble a large incense burner, and after dragging it further ashore, the fishers were astonished to find what lay inside.

Peering through the windows, the fishers saw that the walls were covered in strange texts written in an unknown language. It contained items of food and clothing, and to their great surprise, it also contained a beautiful foreign woman.
She was described as 18-20 years old, with a very pale complexion and strikingly red hair that had been artificially extended with strands of white fur or fine fabric. She was dressed in elegant, flowing cloth of unknown origin, and her language was unknown so the fishers were unable to communicate with her, but despite this she remained friendly and courteous. She carried with her a quadratic box, which she protected from the fishers, no matter how pressingly they inquired about its contents.
Their encounter was brief, as the fishers, once their curiosity had been sated, thought it best not to meddle in the affairs of foreigners, and they ushered the woman back into the utsuro-bune, meticulously reassembling it, and set it again afloat on the sea. They knew not who the woman was or from where she had come. They knew not why she was on her lonely journey, nor where she was headed, but the story speculates, as narrated by an old man of the fisher’s village, that she was a princess of a foreign land, whom had betrayed her powerful husband by consorting with other townsmen. The old man suggested that, due to her beauty, she was loved by the people, and though her husband could have executed her for this wrong, he mercifully banished her and set her to the fates of the ocean, adding that perhaps her precious quadratic box contained the head of her deceased lover.

Ink drawing of the Utsuro-bune by Kyokutei Bakin (1825).

That is the story, or at least that’s one version of it. Even among ancient texts there are different versions. The three best known versions are contained in three books: Toen shōsetsu (‘tales from the rabbit garden’), composed in 1825 by Kyokutei Bakin, Hyōryū kishū (‘diary and stories of the castaways’), composed during the Edo period in 1835 by an unknown author, and Ume-no-chiri (‘dust of the apricot’), composed in 1844 by Nagahashi Matajirō. Toen shōsetsu is the most detailed, most often cited version of the story, even though there is striking similarity between each.
The relatively modern origin of the tale, coupled with the high level of detail suggests to some that this event really happened. Certainly, on its face there is no reason to assume that it didn’t happen. Such boats were common of the era, though the one described in the story was certainly more ornate and robust than would be considered normal. But this might be explained away by both its apparently foreign origin and it having been designed to survive a journey on the high seas rather than inland rivers and lakes where such a vessel would normally be seen.
Now, if we do take it on its face, the Utsuro-bune legend seems to talk of an encounter between peoples of distant lands, on Earth. From the detail given, it’s difficult to decide whether this speaks of a real event or is an allegorical morality tale. Some, however, prefer to take the story as a slight bit more literal, and suggest that the description of the vessel and of the woman are not only based on a real encounter, but some go so far as to claim that they actually describe an encounter with alien technology and a face-to-face meeting with an actual extraterrestrial.

Comparison of the Utsuro-bune symbols to those from RAF Bentwaters and Roswell

Much of the UFO theory regarding this story comes from the associated drawings and symbols that are/were recorded with the story in the books mentioned above. It has been suggested, based on drawings of the vessel, that it could have been a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object), and it’s claimed that the woman’s strange appearance and dress are explainable as that of an alien. Others claim that there is a similarity between the unidentified symbols that adorned the inside of the ship to those that were reportedly observed on the hull of the craft involved in the Rendlesham Forest Incident.
If you take the above to be true, then it does seem somewhat reasonable to draw these comparisons, however, there is much about this that suggests the above is not true.
The story of Utsuro-bune appears, to many scholars, to be an amalgamation of several much earlier cultural legends from both Japan and China. They claim that the elements of the story can be found in any number of other unrelated legends, which doesn’t automatically rule out Utsuro-bune as a truthful telling of a real event, but it casts doubt.
In 1997 a professor from Gifu University in Tokyo, Dr. Kazuo Tanaka, studied the legend of Utsuro-bune, and built upon work done earlier by Japanese historian Yanagida Kunio in 1925 and 1962. Tanaka concludes that the story is nothing more than a (relatively) modern retelling of an ancient allegory. He claims that the cited locations, Haratono-hama and Harayadori, are entirely fictitious, and that certain elements of the story are almost archetypal to Japanese attitudes toward foreigners in antiquity.
Doesn’t it seem though, that a deep analysis of these legends somehow cheapens their value as stories of romance and adventure and morality? Is there not something lost when we try to assign modern cultural values to the tales of our ancestors? Shouldn’t we simply see them, much as we see paintings and sculpture from ages past, as an artistic representation of what life was in those early days of human expression?
Is Utsuro-bune a tale of alien encounters and advanced technology? Is it a description of a real event, an event that carries with it the intrigue and mystery of foreign lands and strange cultures? We don’t really know, and perhaps that’s the way it should stay.

Unknown object over Mexico

Published on 1 May 2014 By José Luis Rueda - CIRCAC

Un extraordinario objeto es captado en Infrarrojo contorsionando y moviendose de forma muy extraña, desconocemos de que se trata pero es interesante la forma en que dicho objeto se desplaza sobre los cielos de Atizapán de Zaragoza. El objeto fue captado el día 11 de abril del 2014, en el Edo. de México, en la modalidad de IR. Se podía ver a simple vista y es cuando escuchamos que un avión se acerca a dicho objeto que es cuando le tomamos fotos para mostrar la referencia del mismo y la distancia a la que pasan estos aviones de estos objetos de forma muy extraña.

Bing Translation: 

An extraordinary object is captured in infrared contorsionando and moving in a very strange way, know that it is, but interesting is the way in which the object moves over the skies of Atizapan de Zaragoza. The object was captured April 11, 2014, in Edo. of Mexico, in the form of IR. You could see with the naked eye and it is when we hear a plane approaching object which is when we take pictures to show the same reference and distance that pass these planes of these objects in a way very strange.

UFO filmed over Las Vegas April 2014 + MUFON report


Published on 28 Apr 2014 By TheLifebeyondearth

UFO filmed over Las Vegas on April 16 2014 by Steven Barone from his home. Steven says "It flew past the back of my house prior to me being able to film it. The object was at least 10 miles away and could be as much as 20 miles away. I don't know of any man made objects that can move that fast"
Knowing the estimated distance make this thing pretty big and very fast. This has also been reported to MUFON so if you would like to check it out the case number is 55621.. A great capture!! Please check out the full original video at the link below and read the full report in Steven's description.

Original video -

Area 52 movie seeks funding

By Robbie Graham

Writer/directorRory Johnston is seeking funding through Kickstarterfor a found footage sci-fi horror feature titled Area 52: The Actual Footage, which will draw liberally from UFOlogical literature and debate. This movie is not to be confused with the in-development Lorenzo di Bonaventua project Area 52, based on the comic book series of the same name.

Located in the Nevada desert approximately 70 miles northwest of Area 51, the Tonopah Test Range is designated by the US Department of Energy as “Area 52,” and, like its infamous sister site, it has long been a testing ground for Top Secret military technologies, including the F-117A Nighthawk, more commonly known as the Stealth Fighter.

Article continues here:

UFOs & NATO: The Mainbrace Affair

By Nick Redfern

From September 14-25, 1952, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) coordinated a huge military exercise in the North Sea and North Atlantic. Titled Mainbrace, the exercise utilized the armed forces of the UK, the United States, Norway, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. No less than 85,000 military personnel took part in the operation, the purpose of which was to demonstrate to the former Soviet Union that NATO was fully prepared to withstand, and counter, any possible Soviet attack on western Europe.
Barely one day into the exercise, at least two reports of UFO encounters were filed with authorities by naval personnel on board ships in the Atlantic, between Ireland and Iceland. The first such encounter involved a “blue/green triangle,” which was observed flying over the sea at a speed estimated to be around 1,500 mph. Later that same day, three unidentified objects, travelling at around the same speed, were seen flying in a triangular formation. All three craft reportedly emitted a “white light exhaust.”
As part of the British Royal Air Force’s involvement in Mainbrace, 269 Squadron – which was based at RAF Ballykelly, Ireland - was posted to RAF Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England. It was at Topcliffe, on September 19, 1952, that one of the most historically important UFO sightings was reported by serving members of the RAF. A September 20, 1952 document written and signed by Flight Lieutenant Dolphin of RAF Topcliffe - and sent to Headquarters, No. 18 Group – states: “In accordance with your instructions, herewith a report on the unidentified object which was seen over the station earlier today.”
The report referred to by Dolphin was prepared by one of the main witnesses, Flight Lieutenant John Kilburn, who revealed the following:
“Sir, I have the honour to report the following incident which I witnessed on Friday, 19th September, 1952. I was standing with four other aircrew personnel of No. 269 Squadron watching a Meteor fighter gradually descending. The Meteor was at approximately 5000 feet and approaching from the east. [Flight Officer R.N.] Paris suddenly noticed a white object in the sky at a height between ten and twenty thousand feet some five miles astern of the Meteor.”


Kilburn continued: “The object was silver in colour and circular in shape, it appeared to be travelling at a much slower speed than the Meteor but was on a similar course. It maintained the slow forward speed for a few seconds before commencing to descend, swinging in a pendular motion during descent similar to a falling sycamore leaf…After a few seconds, the object stopped its pendulous motion and its descent and began to rotate about its own axis.”
Then, Kilburn noted, something amazing happened: “Suddenly it accelerated at an incredible speed towards the west turning onto a south-easterly heading before disappearing. All this occurred in a matter of fifteen to twenty seconds. The movements of the object were not identifiable with anything I have seen in the air and the rate of acceleration was unbelievable.”
As well as the documentation filed by Kilburn (which was supported by the testimony of five of his colleagues), a number of reports from members of the public reached RAF Topcliffe too, all of which were received by Group Captain J.A.C. Stratton and forwarded to the Air Ministry at Whitehall, London for scrutiny.
The major American presence in Mainbrace was the huge aircraft carrier, the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. On September 20 (just one day after the incident at RAF Topcliffe), an American press-photographer, named Wallace Litwin, was on board the Roosevelt to photograph U.S. planes taking to the skies from the aircraft carrier.
It was while securing the pictures that Litwin sighted a circular, silver object maneuvering above the American fleet. Litwin, who was shooting with color film, managed to obtain three photos of the UFO. Significantly, all the photos had the Roosevelt in shot – something that gave the pictures depth of field and assisted in determining the size of the UFO, which, according to Litwin’s report, was considerable.


Twenty-four hours later, a similar object was seen over the North Sea. Again, it was silver in color and circular in shape. On that occasion, an interception was attempted by a number of RAF fighter aircraft engaged in the exercise. The UFO easily outdistanced itself from the planes.
Then there is the testimony of William Maguire, formerly of the RAF. During Mainbrace he was posted to RAF Sandwich, Kent, England where something seriously strange was going down. In Maguire’s own words…
“My memory was that everything was in a complete flap. Normally, in a military situation everything is ordered, regular and set out. But here was a situation that was plainly out of control. Mechanics were flying about all over the place.”
As Maguire got his bearings, and the situation was revealed to him in its starkest form, the reasons behind the blind panic became staggeringly clear: a huge, unidentified aerial object was being tracked on the radar-scopes high over the English Channel: “The mechanics were being blamed for not calibrating the instruments properly; we were being blamed for not interpreting the readings correctly. Every single instrument on the base was showing this enormous object sitting up at an unbelievable height. It was the size of a warship and it just stood there.”
Now we move on to the world of the CIA: as part of their monitoring of foreign press agencies, the CIA obtained a copy of a Norwegian newspaper clipping concerning an incident that had occurred on September 18. Published in a Harstad, Norway newspaper, a CIA translation of the article reads as follows:
“On 18 September, at 1400 hours, three forestry workers who were working right outside Kirknes, noticed a flat, round object hovering motionless at about 500 meters altitude. The object appeared to have a diameter of 15-20 meters. After the workers had observed the object for a while, it suddenly flew away at great speed in a northwesterly direction. It appears that only these workers saw the object; they swear, however, that their report is true.”
It must be said that the characteristics displayed by the UFO were very similar to those described at RAF Topcliffe just one day later.
And we’re still not done with Mainbrace. In his book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, Edward J. Ruppelt – former head of the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book – revealed that a British Royal Air Force intelligence officer, on an exchange visit to the Pentagon, admitted it was the Mainbrace sightings that led the British Government to officially recognize the UFO.
Curiously, Ruppelt also stated in his book that prior to the commencement of the NATO exercise, it had been suggested by someone in the Pentagon that Naval Intelligence should “keep an eye open for UFOs” during Mainbrace.
Why someone might have had advance notice that UFOs were likely to turn up during Mainbrace remains a mystery to this day. Unless, of course, NATO knows better…