Monday, 29 February 2016

Steve Johnson UFO and Sci Fi Author - Mercury Rapids

Steve Johnson's interest in UFOs began in his childhood, when his brother handed him a picture book on the subject. Already a fan of science fiction, he would maintain his interest in unidentified flying objects through to adulthood.

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson wrote a book, titled Mercury Rapids. It is a science fiction adventure, heavily influenced by UFO lore. Two sequels followed, The Thoth Imperative and The Mountains Of Tomorrow. MERCURY RAPIDS is a science-fiction trilogy. Steve's website also features articles on UFOs, the paranormal and conspiracies, as well as TV, book and film reviews and original screenplays.


After attending the Great British UFO Show in Leeds in 2005, which was organised by former UFO Magazine editor, Russell Callaghan, Steve wrote a review for his website. Russell contacted Steve and asked if he would like to join the team for a new print magazine called UFO DATA Magazine.

The magazine ran for fourteen issues until closing in 2008. Mr Johnson contributed many articles for UFO DATA and also worked alongside Russell, Philip Mantle and Michael Buckley in producing the magazine.

Philip Mantle later contacted Steve and asked if he could write for a new print magazine called UFO Matrix. Steve wrote a new column for the first few issues, but personal matters forced him to step away. 

At around the same time, Steve was approached by Dionne Rose, a movie producer based in London, and a contract was agreed for him to write the screenplay for a movie about a real-life alien abduction called A70. Unfortunately, creative differences intervened and the project eventually went elsewhere.

No longer writing or actively participating in the UFO field, Steve still has an interest in the subject and his articles can still be found on his website

All books were published by iUniverse and are available on line.