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UFO Hunters - Area 52 (Video)

Giant UFO Hovered Over Tennessee

By Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner

Witnesses in Anderson County, TN, watched a silent, black rectangle the size of three football fields hovering at a nearby tree line.

Photo credit:Wikipedia.
Tennessee witnesses in Anderson County report watching a silent, "black rectangular" object hovering near the tree line "with one large light at what appeared to be the front of the craft and 6-8 smaller lights toward the back," according to April 11, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The witnesses were outside looking at Jupiter when the object came into view.
"It moved really, really slow, and sometimes appeared to be swaying," the reporting witness stated. "The lights blinked, pulsed and changed colors- red, yellow, white and green. It looked to be about the size of several football fields in length."
The object seemed to be descending as it moved away.
"As time passed, the craft seemed to slowly descend, dropping further and further behind the tree line until it was no longer visible. We were completely blown away, and slightly nervous."
The entire sighting lasted between 30 and 45 minutes. No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on April 11, 2012. The events occurred on April 3, 2012. Anderson County has a population of 75,129. The above quotes were edited for clarity.
There were 31 reported U.S. cases of the square or rectangular UFO in March 2012.
Tennessee is a current
UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a low number of UFO sightings nationally. Tennessee had 7 reports in March 2012, the 25th highest reporting state - while California had 71 reports in March - the highest reporting state in the nation.
You can read more details about other recently reported cases at the UFO Examiner home page.
The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Tennessee MUFON State Director Eddie Middleton
investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update. Please report UFO activity to
TN, April 3, 2012 - black, silent, hovering with multi-colored. MUFON Case 37376.
we were looking at Jupiter(bc it was really bright and amazingly visible), when we noticed something black- rectangular hovering over the tree line. it was completely silent, with 1 large light at what appeared to be the front of the craft and 6-8 smaller lights toword the back. it moved really, really slow, and sometimes appeared to be swaying. the lights blinked, pulsed and changed colors- red, yellow, white & green. it looked to be about the size of several football fields in length. as time passed, the craft seemed to slowly descend dropping further and further behind the tree line until it was no longer visible.we were completely blown away, and slightly nervous... we were watching "them", were "they" watching us? total sighting time: 30-45min.

Supersonic Saucer UFO Spotted over NY/NJ (Video)

A saucer-shaped UFO was filmed over the NY/NJ area for just a moment as it traveled at super-fast speed through the clouds. What is it?

The unidentified flying object was caught on camera just long enough to reveal it doesn't look like any known aircraft. It's cylindrical, silvery-white and showed no identifying markings or navigational lights.

It was traveling so fast that the YouTube user who posted the video barely had time to focus in on the object before it zoomed out of sight into the clouds.

For the brief moment that the witness was able to film the UFO, it certainly looks like a classic flying saucer shaped aircraft.

It's moving incredibly fast over what the witness says is the area around the New York and New Jersey border. Both states have extensive military presence and commercial airliners regularly fly through the skies there.

But this doesn't look like any aircraft seen before and it seems to be flying much faster than any jet is known to be capable of. So, what is it? Here's the video:

Finding Alien Life: It’s Time to Diversify

The eventual discovery of alien life, and the hope that it exists in various life-conducive pockets within our universe, is hardly a motivation relegated just to ufologists. Physicists, philosophers, and historians will no doubt have equal interest in this paradigm-shifting eventuality, and for different reasons. Think of what technology we can hope to utilize, for instance, in the event that an intelligent alien race begins to interact with Earthlings? Even in the event that we were only to discover more primitive life than ours on a nearby planet, the implications regarding our own evolution as a species could be placed in a new perspective, through the simple observation of how life evolves on a non-Earth environment.
It remains the hope of many ufologists that unidentified aircraft with capabilities far exceeding our known laws of physics might represent extraterrestrials. Elsewhere, space programs employ cosmologists with hope of determining where “out there” such life might exist. However, it always seems to be the case that the search for intelligent life is something that, while hopeful (and even probable), requires a tremendous amount of diversity in thinking applied to the actual process.

It’s only natural that humans will tend toward anthropomorphizing any subject we approach; in the absence of any clear, concrete understanding of what extraterrestrial life might be like, what else might we use as a frame of reference, other than ourselves? Even when we begin to consider the implications of alleged ET contact in the form of alien abductions, we see the same reoccurring trends: painfully anthropomorphic, bipedal beings with heads, torso, arms, legs, and often humanesque features such as stereoscopic vision, ears, noses, mouths–or orifices resembling any of these, at very least–all tend to appear rather frequently. While one could argue that it is simply a likelihood that this bipedal form is the most advanced rendering a biological being might adopt through evolutionary processes anywhere in the universe, we must also question this criteria, especially from the perspective that advanced extraterrestrials may be thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years more technologically advanced than us.
Given such possibilities, it is hard to fathom exactly what forms technologically-enhanced “life” might take; and thus, supposing there is any veracity to the notion of extraterrestrial contact with humans via UFO abduction, the appearances of alien “greys” and the like could quite easily represent, for instance, psychic manifestations projected into the conscious human mind, which merely represent a form of intelligence that is simply far too advanced to be perceived by a biological being observing space-time in three dimensions. In other words, the perception that aliens might appear as biological beings might in itself be illusory; an artifact presented to us by advanced intelligence to help humans reconcile with the otherwise extraordinary (or perhaps even imperceptible) elements such an advanced technology might possess.
While we may be light years from being able to perceive nonhuman intelligence in terms of what I’ve described above, at very least, the scientific establishment seems to be taking measures toward broadening the criteria for finding life. Wired recently reported at it’s blog that a team headed by scientists that include Abel Mendez of the University of Puerto Rico at Aricebo have hoped to establish a new index that ranks planetary habitability:
The team proposes to rank planets on both an Earth Similarity Index (ESI) and also a broader Planetary Habitability Index (PHI). The first index looks at how close a planet is to Earth in mass, temperature, and composition while the second is based on the whether or not it possesses more exotic chemistries, liquids, and energy sources than found on our planet. Alien life could be based on elements other than carbon, require liquids other than water, and gain energy through means other than sunlight.
Granted, this new index also still relegates potentials for “alien life” to those which exhibit obvious biology; I’ve often wondered whether our hope for discovering advanced intelligence elsewhere in the universe might rest not on the search for life as we know it, but perhaps instead on finding “life-like” organism that could possess various degrees of animation and autonomy… or even sentience. Regardless, we have a long way to go, but for the time being, perhaps a trend toward diversifying our own thought processes will prove more useful in finding alien life than even the most advanced telescopes and space probes… in which case, solving this masterful riddle of the greater universe may involve using our greatest available technology: our own minds.

The Knight UFO / Humanoid Sighting

By Phantoms and Monsters

Seat Pleasant, Maryland - August 1952 - 21:30

Hearing a buzzing sound, Mrs Suzanne E. Knight looked out and saw something like an airplane fuselage, dull silver in color and with some thin white smoke coming out the rear end. On a small mast at the front was a small red light. Through a row of large square windows could be seen, brilliantly yellow lighted, something like cabinets with slanted tops, and, in the front, a helmeted man looking straight ahead. No controls or instruments were visible. Beneath the fuselage was a windowed gondola, showing the backs of little seats. After trying in vain to get the newspaper on the phone, she looked again; the man was gone, and so was the “observation car.” Then the lights went out, and the object began to glow red, as if red hot, and to rock from side to side. She called her relatives, but it was gone by the time she returned to the window.

Source: NICAP
Type: A


Sometime in August, 1952 (the exact date cannot be recalled) during the major UFO sighting wave of that year, Mrs. Suzanne E. Knight, a young housewife and mother in Seat Pleasant, Maryland (4 miles east of Washington, DC), saw a UFO at close range with what appeared to be an occupant aboard.

At about 9:30 p.m. on that hot summer evening, Mrs. Knight was in her kitchen when she heard a peculiar "bzzt" noise, apparently against the screen of the kitchen window. The noise was repeated several times and thinking it was a large insect, she went to the window and looked out. She saw a bright object descending rapidly at a 45 degree angle and thought it was a plane about to crash; instead, the object came to a hovering position at a right angle to her, approximately half a city block away and about 300 feet above the ground.

The UFO appeared to Mrs. Knight to resemble the wingless fuselage of a plane and was dull silver in color. Something similar to smoke was coming from the rear. The side of the object facing Mrs. Knight was lined with a number of square windows through which a brilliant yellow light was shining. On top and to the front of the object, to her left, was a small red light, extended somewhat above the body.

On the underside of the UFO was an undercarriage similar to the gondola of a dirigible; this also contained a row of smaller, square windows and was brilliantly aglow inside with yellow light. Mrs. Knight thought she observed what appeared to be rows of seats, similar to theatre seats, in this lower portion. Through the upper windows she was able to see what appeared to be a row of cabinets with slanted tops.

"There was a man in front," Mrs. Knight wrote in her report to NICAP, "looking straight ahead towards the front [to her left]. I couldn't understand what he was looking at so intently, and not moving either. I expected to see a lot of instruments or dials, etc. similar to instrument panels on airplanes, but there were none that I could see." She said that the bright yellow glow in the object made everything inside look yellow, "even the man." This occupant wore a kind of helmet and "around his arm and the side of his helmet, next to his face, there seemed to be a shadow or a dark line."

After watching for a minute or so, Mrs. Knight left the window to phone the newspaper, but she was unable to get an answer. When she returned to the window, the object was still there but the man had disappeared and the undercarriage was no longer visible.

"I thought maybe it had moved up into the fuselage, because not even an outline of the car was visible, but it should have been because the street light would have shown it."

At that point the lights in the object were abruptly extinguished and the UFO turned from a dull silver color to a glowing red, "like the door of an old pot-bellied stove." It also began to rock toward and away from the witness and gave the appearance of being "wavy, like water running over a rock or like heat waves coming out of an electric toaster." She then began calling for someone else in the house to come and see the object but while she was looking for her sister the object departed. Altogether, the incident had lasted approximately three minutes, at least two minutes of which Mrs. Knight had had the object in clear view.

The witness told her sister of what she had seen, omitting the detail about the occupant (she was certain her sister would disbelieve her); the sister displayed disinterest and a certain degree of skepticism, so Mrs. Knight ceased to talk of it. She forgot the incident until a number of years later, when she told her husband and children. The report came to the attention of NICAP and Mrs. Knight made out a full report in September, 1967. Following this, she has been interviewed further by a member of the Capital Area NICAP Subcommittee. Mrs. Knight holds a responsible job in Prince Georges County. - NICAP - National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon

Amateur footage of ‘UFO’ over Gudja Malta (Video)

By Maltatoday

Amateur footage claims to capture unidentified flying objects in vicinity of airport.

Still from the video posted on YouTube of an alleged UFO sighting.

A video posted on YouTube claims to have captured two UFOs hovering over the airport.
"We were returning from Malta to France, when filming the vicinity of the airport, I saw two aircraft hovering over a Maltese house," user WTFflow said on his YouTube profile.
"I immediately shot the UFOs. The two objects began to descend to the ground and disappeared! Video analysed frame by frame, zoomed and stabilized. Drones, unknown military aircrafts, orbs or UFOs?"
The YouTube user is a French UFO and alien researcher.

Japanese Tourist Films UFO In Iran (Video)

By UFO Casebook

UFO Depiction
Isfahan, Iran - 04-09-12
Uploaded by xxxdonutzxxx on Apr 10, 2012
Japanese tourists filmed this UFO in Isfahan, Iran on 04-09-12. The UFO flew over the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque.
This unidentified flying object was discovered later on the video.
Note: Poor quality video enhanced, but still not good quality.


Youtube Video

Connecticut state trooper reports UFO

| Apr 12, 2012

A Connecticut state trooper recently called dispatchers to report a UFO that fell from the sky.
The Boston Herald reports that the trooper was in Warren, CT when he saw an object fall from the sky. The trooper estimated that this object landed near Bantam or Morris, towns approximately 14 miles from where the trooper was when he saw the UFO.
A second witness may have witnessed the same UFO. According to NBC Connecticut, a person driving in Litchfield, CT at approximately 2:00 AM on Tuesday, April 10, reported seeing “a green, glowing object the size of a whale” falling from the sky and crashing into Bantam Lake.
Local firefighters reportedly searched Bantam Lake by boat, looking for evidence of a possible plane crash. But after finding no debris, the search was called off.