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Spacing Out! Ep. 51 - UFO photographed over Santee, California

Published on 31 May 2013 By openmindstv
Here are the news stories discussed in this episode: A green UFO in Queensland, Australia - Searching for alien megastructures - A fake UFO added to a photo from San Carlos, California and A UFO photographed over Santee, California.

UFO Hovers Over Fresno, California For Four Hours


UFOs In Sacramento Makes TV News


Lee Speigel on Ripley's Atacama Humanoid

It turns out that the humanoid found in the Atacama Desert featured in the Sirius documentary may not be as uncommon as we thought. A new book on Ripley of Ripley's Believe it or Not! includes an image from 1933 of another mummified carcass found in the Atacama Desert. Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post has researched and written about this story, and we got in touch with him to find out more about it.

UFO TV: Mars Coverup Exposed & The Archons - Alien Invaders From Space

Alternative 3 - Mars Coverup Exposed
What is "ALTERNATIVE-THREE?" Recent whistle-blowers have come forward and given renewed credence to the myth of "ALTERNATIVE-THREE," that planet Mars is being populated by scientists and prepared as a SURVIVAL COLONY in the face of imminent catastrophic events that will decimate the population of planet Earth. Get the facts about this amazing and enduring story.

The Archons - Alien Invaders From Space
Were ancient, Bronze Age civilizations taken over by sophisticated, parasitic extra-dimensional entities who manipulate the human mind to this day for their own evil purposes? Gnostic texts from the time of Christ may hold the key to the greatest conspiracy in ALL human history!

Wheel Shaped UFO Caught In NASA Photos From Apollo 8


Date of discovery: June 1, 2013
Location of discovery: Out side orbit near Earth

This UFO was discovered in not one but two consecutive NASA archive photos by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He's got a good eye and is an expert at finding evidence of aliens in side NASA photos. This one looks like a wheel, perhaps the legendary Ezekiels Wheel from ancient times? Also not far from this craft is either an orb (drone craft) or another wheel in the far distance.

Sirius documentary: Reported project financial improprieties and "Dead Man's Trigger" fabrication by Dr. Steven Greer undercut UFO/ET and New Energy mission

By Alfred Webre

Dr. Greer reportedly improperly “skimmed” project funds for personal real estate and sexual recreation.
Core insiders including Dr. Jan Bravo, Dr. Ted Loder (portrayed as supporters in Sirius) abandoned Dr. Greer prior to premiere. Some “in fear for their lives”.
“Dead Man’s Trigger” touted by Dr. Greer at outset of documentary is 33 page document (PDF below) containing apparent fabricated accusations.
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
This is a second article in a series on UFO/ET Disclosure & the Transhumanist Agenda
VANCOUVER, BC – As a result of a 3-month investigation including core supporters of film, UFO/ET, and New Energy projects led by Dr. Steven Greer, [Sirius documentary, Disclosure Project, Orion Project] is reporting preliminary evidence of apparent project financial improprieties by Dr. Steven Greer that led to the departure of his long-time core team, including Dr. Jan Bravo and Dr. Ted Loder, portrayed in Sirius as supporters of Dr. Greer, when in fact they had reportedly disaffiliated with Dr. Greer prior to the premiere of the documentary Sirius.

Article continues:

'Jellyfish UFO' Over Peru Captured By News Cameraman (VIDEO)

By Lee Speigel

A news video has revealed an unexplained aerial object in the sky above Lima, Peru. The UFO was seen on May 30 and described by eyewitnesses as similar to a jellyfish, but changed its shape several times, according to the International Business Times.
The UFO was videotaped for 10 minutes by Christian Ubillus, a cameraman for Peru's television network Frecuencia Latina Channel 2. The video was subsequently aired on the news program "90 Segundos," reports Open

Watch this Peru news report about the jellyfish-type UFO:

Nuestro Pasado Extraterrestre, a Peruvian blog, suggested the UFO resembled a "balloon chain and turns out to be very similar to the numerous cases of sightings of EBANIs" (Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada, or translated to Unidentified Aerial Biological Entities), "because its flight would appear to be intelligent."
Whether this UFO turns out to be a bunch of balloons or some kind of biological creature is still anyone's guess in a country that has a huge share of unexplained aerial phenomena. According to "90 Segundos," Peru has "the third largest UFO sightings in the world after the U.S. and Mexico."
And speaking of UFOs south of the border, the sighting and videotaping of the Peru object coincided on the same day -- May 30 -- with another reported UFO that was filmed flying over and then entering Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano.

UK politician to share alien encounter stories in TV documentary

Image credit: AMMACH Project/YouTube

An English politician who claims he has been abducted by aliens will share his story in an upcoming television documentary.

Independent production company Off The Fence is producing the documentary for Channel 4, in which Simon Parkes will discuss his experiences with extraterrestrials. Parkes is a councillor on the town council of the English town of Whitby in North Yorkshire. According to the Whitby Gazette, the crew filming the show, titled Confessions of an Alien Abductee, “followed him on a visit to the RAF Fylingdales base” and filmed him “speaking about his experiences which began as far back as six months when he had an encounter with aliens in his cot through his teens and into adulthood.”

A drawing by Parkes of his alleged alien mother. (Credit: AMMACH Project/YouTube)
A drawing by Parkes of his alleged alien mother.
(Credit: AMMACH Project/YouTube)
Parkes made headlines in early 2012 when he claimed that his real mother is a nine-foot-tall green extraterrestrial. In an interview with the AMMACH Project, he provided detailed accounts of his life-long interactions with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings.
Speaking about the upcoming documentary, Parkes explains, “What we are trying to do is show I am an ordinary person, not someone challenged with any mental difficulties, that I am the sort of person who is believable and they filmed me during an ordinary day.”
Channel 4 is reportedly “very excited” about the documentary. But the station has yet to announce when Confessions of an Alien Abductee will air.




Mexico: Photo and Video of Popocatepetl Anomaly

By Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Contributing Editor Prof. Ana Luisa Cid sends us a link to a video of the anomaly picked up on the camera belonging to the TELEVISA television network, which is aimed at the slopes of the Popocatepetl Volcano:

"Only a day before," she writes, "CENAPRED station Tlamacas picked up an unknown light in the same area. These images were forwarded to me via e-mail by Verónica Olmedo Cano and Ros Persa."

New UFO video at Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico

Mexico’s Popocatépetl Volcano has gotten a lot of worldwide attention with video of its spectacular eruptions. However, some people believe that a few of these videos show UFO activity. Yet another of these videos was posted on YouTube today.
The new video was posted by YouTuber Michael Morales and is titled in Spanish, “UFO Enters the Popocatépetl Volcano.” The description, roughly translated from Spanish, reads:
The images were captured at 20:38 hours of the day Thursday, May 30th and you can witness them as a light moves over the volcano to then turn around and enter the crater.
In the past, the UFO videos turned out to be birds and one of the most popular videos turned out to be a meteorite. In this video the object does appear to be a bird, but it also disappears behind the volcano or lands just inside the lip. Could it be something more mysterious?

‘After Earth’: the alien / UFO connection

By Robbie Graham

Alien design for After Earth (2013)

M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming sci-fi survival movie After Earth features an elaborate back-story unhinted at in its trailers involving multiple extraterrestrial species. reports that After Earth’s recently-released companion book United Rangers Corps Survival Manual reveals an intricate fictional historical narrative leading up to the events of the film.

“Turns out, there are aliens in this movie,” writes io9’s Meredith Woerner, “lots of them. Different species, in fact, which sound infinitely more interesting than a boy with a spear in the woods.”

Woerner then lays out the approximately 1000 years of events that constitute the movie’s back-story:

“1908 - An alien ship crash lands in Russia. All collective world governments then keep this discovery a secret basically forever. (But they let smarties like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein play with the remains).

2012 - NASA announces that they've invented WARP ENGINES. By secretly tapping into the alien spaceship's knowledge of the universe's "dark energy." Tah Dah!

2071 - 2072 - Earth is all GTFO, humans. No one can live here anymore, because it's poison for us, so 750,000 survivors leave on ARKS (one is named the Asimov). The Arks were created thanks to additional information pulled (over the years) from the downed spacecraft.”

Here, then, we have yet another blockbuster movie borrowing liberally from modern UFO-conspiracy lore, central to which are ideas relating to UFO crash retrievals and top secret efforts to reverse-engineer alien technologies. Although the Roswell Incident of 1947 is most commonly associated with such ideas, Shyamalan has here chosen to reach further back into UFO history – specifically, to the Tunguska event of 1908, which involved a massively powerful and mysterious explosion in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia. Officialdom attributes the explosion to a large meteoroid or comet fragment, but UFO researchers have long theorized that an alien craft may have been involved. Clearly this theory holds great appeal for Shyamalan, whose big-budget movie will now push the Tunguska event further into popular culture, albeit in a fantastical context.

After Earth hits cinemas May 31, 2013. For the rest of the movie’s long and complicated back-story, head on over to

Shag Harbor, Revisited: Was There More to the Story?

By Micah Hanks

For as long as there have been UFO reports, there have claims about the UFO “silencers,” and individuals who have sought to go about covering up credible encounters people have had with exotic looking aircraft. Whether they be military personnel issuing threats, or otherworldly MIBs acting weirdly, the UFO culture is rife with such claims of interactions with strangers who seem to operate according to an unknown, anti-UFO agenda.
The story of retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard French, an alleged former debunker of UFO sightings throughout the American Project Blue Book years, has been causing quite a stir recently in this same vein. French, who testified at the recent Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure in Washington DC, had long claimed knowledge of separate incidents that paralleled the Roswell UFO crash, in addition to having seen a UFO “repair job” being undertaken off the coast of Newfoundland sometime in the 1950s. Granted, there are also a number of facts that have emerged more recently that beg further question about French and his background… So is there still merit to trying to unveil the “hidden” past of this alleged UFO debunker?

There absolutely is merit, if not a necessity, for trying to unravel French’s past. If proof can be found that corroborates with his claims, we may very well have opened a portal to UFO secrecy of the past that will aid future research. But why, then, do so many “UFO believers” seem to be against digging into French’s past? The story only gets more strange from here… and according to some, it may even have to do with a famous UFO incident that took place off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1967.
French “testified” about this incident while he was in Washington a few weeks ago, but there were aspects of his story, as is usually the case, that were being underreported by the media. For instance, it soon came to light that French had been mentioned by name in John Keel’s book The Mothman Prophecies, in addition to photos documenting his time in the Air Force, which were obtained by Antonio Huneeus and the folks at OpenMinds. If anything, it seems clear that at least certain parts of French’s story were true… and yet, despite the “Detective Work” into who he is (or was), and whether his claims ring true, there has been a lot of criticism and heated debate over the idea that facts about his background–if they were indeed secret–could even be obtained.
Commenting on the article that was originally featured at The Gralien Report, many argued that if French’s background had been with “secret” Air Force operations, then it was essentially useless to try and find information about such past operations. This may seem logical to some, and for many, to assume that French’s work had been of a “secret” nature would also mean that it would essentially be useless to look for evidence to support his UFO claims.

In other words, according to this logic, if he says that it had been covert operations he was involved with, then to look for proof to back it up is simply a waste of time. Therefore, many just end up taking what French says at face value… or, alternatively, they dismiss it outright. The obvious result, as we can see, is that people will make their determinations about French based not on what any evidence can provide, but instead what their predeterminations about the man simply want to allow into their scope of reality. Hence, a skeptic might say that French’s testimony is just too good… and that it’s obviously bunk as a result. Meanwhile, a hopeful UFO enthusiast might hear his testimony, accept that it had been “secret” up until now, and accept his words as “proof” of the underlying UFO reality… and never even try to find a shred of official documentation or other supporting evidence to back up this belief.
Thus, to give you just an idea of the kinds of criticism that stemmed from my attempts at looking into French’s past, one commenter posted the following on my article at The Gralien Report:
Wow, talk about making stupid remarks.i guess you think mr. frenches work will be documented right something like this:major French went to so and so to debunk a ufo there he beat one witness and conned the rest at the time he had longish hair to throw people off he is registered with the air force as an ufo debunker come on get real.
One more, just for good measure, which offered a much more grounded view, though along the same lines:
I’d say that it is highly unlikely that a truly top-secret op would keep records of names. As for “evidence” – that depends on how you interpret the word. In certain situations, the lack of records can constitute evidence. For instance if it can be verified that someone was a USAF officer but there is a lack of records of their assignments while such such records are in place for most other officers that constitutes evidence that something out of the norm took place.
I don’t think it’s necessarily bad that some folks (well, many of them) naturally get a bit presumptuous when they think they are dealing with something that is “secretive” or clandestine, especially when it involves government, UFOs, or any mixture of the two. And as a result, often (but not always), the actual facts are left to the wayside… but despite this, I hoped to look into French’s past, and see what kind of documentation–civilian, military, or otherwise–might turn up.
As I’d mentioned earlier, John Keel mentioned Richard French by name in his book, The Mothman Prophecies, in the book’s second chapter, titled “The Creep Who Came in from the Cold”. There, French is described as being an Air Force officer in civilian clothes who had come and introduced himself to a woman in May of 1967, apparently during an inquiry involving a UFO incident. French had been the famous “MIB” Keel spoke of who attempted to drink a bowl of Jell-O (for more on the story, see this article). This is important for a couple of reasons: one, it shows that a Richard French who allegedly worked with the Air Force had been operating around the late 1960s, doing precisely what French says, today, he had been working on at the time: disinformation and skeptical downplaying of the UFO enigma.
M.I.B Kryptonite
M.I.B Kryptonite

Despite the fact that there is a Richard French mentioned by Keel who, at the time, had been working for the Air Force, and with special interest in UFOs… would you believe that I’ve had a few folks express doubts about whether it was “the same Richard French?” (!) Nonetheless, moving along to French’s most recent claims, these involved an alleged UFO incident off the coast of Newfoundland, where he said he had observed two submerged UFO craft, as well as alien beings which were performing maintenance of some kind on them. After featuring the story, one of my readers had contacted me to share the following about its similarity to another famous UFO incident:
I hope you realize that the Richard French underwater UFO account sounds A LOT like the supposed insider Navy account of the Shag Harbor incident. See Dark Object by Don Ledger and Chris Styles, or check Wikipedia. It has nearly the same story of aliens working on an underwater UFO.
One might infer from the tone used here that, yet again, my readership seems to think I’m just no good at researching UFO incidents like this. ;) Fortunately, I’m a bit more thick-skinned than that… and here’s why I don’t think these two cases are one and the same.
The famous Shag Harbor UFO incident took place in October of 1967, off the southern coast of Nova Scotia near the small fishing community after which the incident was named. There are indeed similarities between this case and French’s description of seeing two submerged UFOs with alien beings carrying out repairs on one of the craft. However, according to a Huffington Post article that carried French’s story, the incident French claims to have seen took place in the 1950s (presumably as early as 1952), and had taken place off the coast of Saint Johns, Newfoundland. While one might assert that Shag Harbor, being along the southern coast of Nova Scotia, is “near” Newfoundland, the truth is that the two locations are nearly 600 miles apart. It seems unlikely, at best, that the two incidents had been one and the same, although Antonio Huneeus and other UFO researchers have wondered if French might have borrowed elements of the Shag Harbor story in his retelling of a UFO incident he claims to have witnessed around 1952 near Saint Johns. All things considered, I too find this to be a compelling theory.
The final piece of the big, fruity ufological pie had to do with my personal review of Project Blue Book files from the year of 1952, of which there were a handful of incidents reported near Newfoundland (yes folks, Project Blue Book files can be accessed and reviewed, for those willing to go look, by clicking here). None of the incidents for that year seem to match French’s story… so could he, or anyone else, have gotten the year wrong? Or must we consider whether the story French had told was inaccurate… possibly even a fabrication?

At this point, it is indeed difficult to tell… and no doubt, the conjecture and confusion will continue, as is so often the case with ufological studies. But the conclusions I have drawn, based on what evidence we do have, are that at least some of French’s story really does seem legitimate. As for the rest? Well, maybe those files really are still sitting in a secret archive, for all you or I know. Maybe it’s all a bunch of made-up-nonsense. Who knows.
Without question, there is some “official” information that is kept from the public. Elements of the ongoing UFO narrative are probably missing, at least so far as what civilians can access today. But we have to start somewhere, and subjecting ourselves to willful ignorance with regard to the information we can access won’t do us any good. Whether or not we can uncover the complete story at present, we must strive to put together what pieces we have, rather than overlook them based solely on presumptuous attitudes. And thus, here the evidence seems to suggest that at least some of French’s claims about being a former Project Blue Book “debunker” may actually be true, after all… but the rest, as they say, does still appear to remain a mystery.