Thursday, 7 June 2012

UFO's In Skies Close To NORAD Cheyenne Mountain (Video)

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"Strange Light formations in the skies near NORAD @ Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, CO. Taken on 6/4/12 around 8 pm."

Bizarre, Trapezoidal UFO Snapped Near Brooklyn Moon (Photo)

A bizarre UFO photo was snapped, seemingly unaware, by a photographer in Brooklyn who may not have noticed the strangely shaped thing until looking at the picture later.

The unidentified flying object is trapezoidal and seems to have two glowing lights at its center. What is it?

The photo, added here and posted by YouTuber jemayliproducyion, was made into an enhanced video steadily enlarging the image until the full parameters of the strange object are revealed.

What at first looks like a tiny lens flare off to the side of a hauntingly beautiful snapshot of the moon over Brooklyn, emerging from a spooky cloud, is revealed to be what seems to be a kite shape with some kind of headlights emerging from its center.
The UFO, as labeled by the photographer, seems to be shrouded in the edges of cloud, as if it's trying to cloak itself with wispy vapor. Or, it could be the reflection off a street light or passing aircraft.

Either way, it's one of the most beautiful and memorable accidental sightings ever posted to YouTube. Here's the video:

Human settlements on Mars in 2023 (Video)

The successful completion of the recent SpaceX mission to the International Space Station signifies the beginning of a new era of space exploration by private companies. Exploration missions, asteroid mining, tourist space flights, and even hotels in space are projects well underway by various private space companies. But one company is aiming to establish the first human settlement on Mars.

Artist's rendition of human settlements on Mars. (Credit: Mars One)

Mars One’s goal is to establish a human colony on Mars by April 2023. The plan calls for four astronauts to be sent on a one-way trip to Mars, with new teams of four astronauts arriving every two years following that. The aggressive timeline established by the company details plans to land a supply ship on Mars in October 2016. A robotic rover will land in 2018 with the goal of exploring the planet for the best location to establish the first colony. Living units, life support units, and storage units will be sent to the planet in 2021, where rovers will move everything into place, and prepare the colony for the astronauts’ arrival in 2023.

Where Mars One will find people willing to sign up for a one-way ticket to Mars in unknown, but according to the company’s website, they have already received “many emails” from people wanting to sign up. The company claims this mission to Mars will be the “biggest media event in history.” And it appears the company plans to rely heavily on the media, almost to the point of making the mission into a reality TV show. Mars One explains that, because these astronauts will be Earth’s representatives on Mars, “it is so crucial to have them chosen by the population of the world.” In true reality TV fashion, humans will be able to vote for his or her favorite contestant. During astronaut training, the company claims that “all broadcast footage will be live, so that everyone can watch their favorite candidate and all participants are portrayed equally and objectively.”
Nobel Prize winner Prof. dr. ’t Hooft is an ambassador for Mars One, and he thinks the company’s mission is “an extraordinarily daring initiative by people with vision and imagination.” He also thinks that this mission is “the only way to fulfill dreams of mankind’s expansion into space.”
Mars One is not accepting astronaut candidates just yet. But when they are ready (they are shooting for 2013), an announcement will be made on their website.

UFOs Over Blue Springs MO Continue, One Resident Admits To Being Scared (Video)

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"Blue Springs residents aren't the only ones scratching their heads in disbelief over these nightly nocturnal visitors. The Missouri UFO network has been inundated with reports since KCTV5's original story."