Thursday, 21 February 2013

Recent Changes To Mac's UFO News

I've just added a small annotation link on all of my Youtube video's ( Mac's UFO News - YouTube ) which will allow the viewer to navigate directly to Mac's UFO News. The link's are small (top left corner) & can be turned off should you find them a distraction.
Mac's UFO News video's (monthly) will return at the end of February, the aim of which is to highlight the major ufological cases and article's that made the news that month.
Also the link's on my blog for UFO Evolution & recent Mufon cases are now on the 'Navigation Bar' at the top of the page along with the new addition of UFO TV. The UFO TV 'special's' will be updated every month or so. Older Special's can be found on the side bar.

Best wishes!