Friday, 29 June 2012

Blue Orb UFO Filmed Hovering over Manhattan (Video)

A blue, flashing orb UFO was filmed hovering over the skyline of Manhattan by an amazed father, shooting the video from two different windows of his apartment as he and his child struggle to understand just what it is they're looking at.

The unidentified flying object barely moves in the sky, suggesting it may just be a blimp. But jaded New Yorkers, used to seeing such sights regularly (like the man in this video) know when something looks odd and unusual. This is such a sighting.

The circular orb is bluish in color and seems to be spinning. There are no flashing navigational lights, a requirement for any aircraft flying over New York City.

The UFO is filmed with an iPhone, so the quality is slightly grainy. But a closeup of the object shows it doesn't look like any known aircraft. Is it a spy drone?

The man in the video uses a little bit of profanity, so be prepared. But there's no doubt he is puzzled, and perhaps a bit excited by what he's witnessing. So perhaps he may be excused for using such language in front of his children.