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UFO over London, England / May 2, 2012 (Video)

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"These three lights flew about 5 minutes south west of London, England on 05/02/2012 / 02.05.2012. Twenty-six people have reported this celestial phenomenon. Maybe more people have seen it?"

Europe's Roswell: UFO Crash at Aberystwyth U.K. (Video)

On a dark winter's night in January 1983, the sleepy Welsh village of Llanilar near Aberystwyth was buzzed by a strange flying craft, which hit trees, scattered shiny metal debris over four fields and flew off apparently unaffected.

One farmer witnessed the debris and clean up operation; one national newspaper carried the story; one civilian investigation team made it to the site; one collection of strange metallic debris remains. Witness for the first time ever in graphic detail genuine pieces of a crashed UFO.

Mark Olly is an author, musician, historian, archeologist and lecturer. Best known for writing and presenting the ITV Granada/Sky History Channel's popular television series "Lost Treasures." Here he presents this first investigation in a series of internationally important hidden mysteries.

Ufo Triangle Over France (Video)

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"FO Ovni Hovering Bordeaux,Place de la Victoire,le 6 Mai/MAY 6 2012

Hello. US,Elyansun & Valérie.L, want to report what we saw.We Swear on our Honnor that these videos are genuine, so is too our testimony !

We were standing my mate and me surrounded by about 20 policemen, when the one with we talked with said " What is this in the sky". At his words we looked up our eyes to the sky and saw what You can see on these videos. We took the phenomenon on tape with 2 differents cellulars and with 2 slightly different Angles. During this observation we were surrounded by about twelve policemen, No Joke!!!

- Temoignage et Images - Elyansun et Valérie.L . "Il était 23:39 pm sur la Place de la victoire Samedi 6 May . Nous discutions avec un Crs de 45 ans que l'on entend sur la Video , soudain il nous dit " Mais c'est quoi ...!? ". Nous nous retournons et nous voici tout 3 en train d'observer ce phénomene..." Nous étions alors entourés par une vingtaines de fonctionnaires de Police !"

Book Review: A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact by Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel

By Dr Joseph S Maresca

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel discusses what is known about UFOs, as well as the conditions precedent for the capabilities of extraterrestrial visitors to earth. For instance, the extraterrestrials would be required to possess craft that could hover silently, negotiate the upper atmosphere, disarm sophisticated electronics and negate the impact of known gravitational forces effortlessly.

The author determined that religious institutions or their belief systems could survive an extraterrestrial appearance on earth. There appear to be structures on Mars that were placed there by intelligent life somewhere. Bacteria are believed to be on meteorites yet there is no detectable nitrogen or phosphorus cited. Only four percent of the matter of the universe has been found. In addition, machines will soon be smarter than people according to futurist Ray Kurtzweil. The prospect of genetically modified humans is potentially at our doorstep.

Seemingly real UFO pictures are presented by Hannah McRoberts. These pictures depict an unknown object which appears to be a flying saucer with a light source in the undercarriage. The ship navigates by centrifugal force that may be fusion powered. The huge centrifugal force would be required to achieve the typical lift of a space carriage upward and multi-directionally.

A.D. After Disclosure is a good foundational book on the conditions precedent for a real UFO appearance. The book presents unexplained photographic evidence of random sightings by various parties. The sightings could be explained by spacecraft appearing and disappearing in a time warp.

The difficulty for science today is to verify the source and ultimate destination of UFOs, as well as the physical bodies of spacecraft occupants. In addition, time warps are not fully understood by any scientific law or theory that could be
replicated independently, although fractal geometry may help to explain the
time warp boundaries methodically.

Despite the facts presented by the authors, the real evidence is unconnected to any measurable cause and effect occurrence. Unexplained phenomena are presented without sufficient explanation of the source and destination of the crafts. Yet, A.D. After Disclosure does bring readers closer to the real prospect of visitors from another planet. Only time and additional space exploration will reveal the truth or falsity of the inferences suggested by the authors.

Flying Saucer UFO Video Leaves Oklahoma City Residents Wondering

By Ufo Casebook

UFO ImageOriginally published on May 4, 2012 by xxxdonutzxxx
This very good UFO sighting was near Oklahoma City, United States. The unidentified flying object was filmed from a small plane.
Comments by Jim Kane, www.gather.com
A new video showing a "flying saucer UFO" hovering over Oklahoma City Thursday has surfaced on the web.
The footage might be phony, but who knows for sure? Be aware there is some profanity in the background on the tape.
The disc-shaped craft was filmed from an airplane over Oklahoma on Thursday, and the duration of the footage is about 30 seconds.
The flying saucer hovers in the air, tilting so much, it displays its underside several times. The craft sits in one place for several seconds, almost taunting its human observers, then speeds off into the clouds.
One of the people shooting the strange UFO encounter, says "Oh man," and another man keeps repeating an obscene expression. Is this UFO video real or fake? You be the judge.
There is so much paranormal activity video on the internet, it's difficult to separate fact from fiction, but this is definitely some pretty compelling film.
Original footage shown once, then again stabilized. Edited by www.ufocasebook.com

New A.D. Video - Coast-to-Coast Appearance Version (Video)

This video debuts in association with the May 8, 2012 "Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory" appearance of Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel. It is part of the new C2C use of videos that support appearances of their guests.

This book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites for shipping and as an e-book. It will be in stores by the end of the month of May throughout the world.
As Stan Lee says on the cover of the new edition: "Zabel and Dolan have brilliantly created a compelling blend of history and informed speculation that makes their exciting world seem like tomorrow's news today. Don't dare miss it."
After a successful run as a Keyhole Publishing hardcover, A.D. AFTER DISCLOSURE: WHEN THE GOVERNMENT FINALLY REVEALS THE TRUTH ABOUT ALIEN CONTACT is being released by Career Press - New Page Books as a trade paperback. It has been revised, edited, updated and, if ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble on-line site will ship today. It will be in major bookstores throughout the nation by May 22, including Barnes & Nobles (and is a featured book in their stores this July and August).
With the book getting a major polish, the authors have taken one of their original book videos containing interviews and given it a major production overhaul as well. Please give it a look and tell your friends.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - Daily Mirror 9.11.1967.

Government Psychic Spies and Extraterrestrials

In April, SRI International announced it will be taking over the management of the Allen Telescope Array, whose primary purpose is listening for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. The array was built by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) and the University of California, with the majority of funding coming from its namesake, computer magnate, Paul Allen. SRI is no stranger to controversial projects. In the late '70s SRI developed a method of psychic spying called "Remote Viewing," which quickly caught the attention of the CIA, and eventually culminated into a formal project ran by U.S. Army intelligence. Founding members of this clandestine organization claim they even used their skills to remote view UFOs and extraterrestrials.
SRI was originally the Stanford Research Institute, however, in 1970 it severed its ties with Stanford to become an independent non-profit organization and settled on the name SRI International in 1977. Founded in 1946, SRI is a research institute responsible for many important inventions including the computer mouse you are using to scroll through this story right now.

In the early '70s, SRI physicist, Dr. Harold Puthoff, began looking into psychic phenomena. According to the book, Psi Spies, by Jim Marrs, Puthoff's interests were piqued after reading a book on Russian psychic experiments. His colleague, Clive Backster, had been working on psychic experiments and one of the men he worked with, Ingo Swann, seemed to exhibit real psychic abilities. One of these skills being what Swann called "Remote Viewing," which was visualizing objects or places at a distance.
The same book that had piqued Puthoff's interest in psychic phenomena, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, had prompted the CIA to begin monitoring the Russian's psychic research and inspired them to begin their own. They contacted SRI in 1972, and convinced by Swann's ability, the CIA funded Project Scanate. This eventually turned into the Army intelligence project Stargate, in which the remote viewing protocols SRI had developed were taught to a group of soldiers who would use the skill to remote view for various intelligence agencies. Stargate was headquartered at Fort Meade in Maryland.
Army intelligence officer Joe McMoneagle was the first man taught by Swann to remote view for project Stargate. In an interview, McMonegale told me, "If someone would have told me we think you are psychic and we want you in this program, I would have told them, 'What, are out of your gourd?'" McMoneagle was more than a little reluctant when he was first invited to discuss the project. He says a bunch of men were brought into a room and asked about paranormal topics. McMoneagle recalls that his reaction was that he felt the Army needed to be on top of paranormal research due to the possible implications. This answer must have been what they were looking for because he soon found himself undergoing psychic testing, something he surprisingly showed a great aptitude for.
The original group for Stargate consisted of six remote viewers, and the program ran for nearly 20 years. McMoneagle says the program was very successful. They were tasked by nearly every known intelligence organization to retrieve data on items such as missing fighter bombers, terrorists, enemy bases, and even a kidnapped general. He says often the projects brought to them were cold cases that were over a year old, but within hours their group was able to provide new information which was accurate 22 percent of the time.
McMoneagle said that throughout the program there was also an interest in UFOs, and that he had remote viewed extraterrestrials himself. He shares many of these experiences in his books documenting his career as a psychic spy. Swann also wrote about his remote viewing of extraterrestrials in his autobiography, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepath. In the book he claims he remote viewed alien bases on the far side of the moon.
McMoneagle says most of the remote viewing of ETs and UFOs was done independently of requests by governmental agencies. However, he did recall being asked about an object he sensed while remote viewing a base in the eastern bloc for the Air Force. He described a saucer shaped object at 13,000 feet moving at 4,000 miles per hour that had made a hard 90-degree turn. He later found that at that target, the Air Force had gotten pictures of an unknown object travelling at 3,900 miles per hour at 11,000 feet that had made a hard right turn just as McMoneagle had described.
Project Stargate was shut down in 1995 after two independent studies on the validity of SRI's work. One of the studies, done by Dr. Jessica Utts at the University of California, concluded, "It is clear to this author that anomalous cognition is possible and has been demonstrated. This conclusion is not based on belief, but rather on commonly accepted scientific criteria." Another study, done by Dr. Ray Hyman at the University of Oregon, disagreed. Either way, the government did not feel that the expense of the program could be justified and the government's foray into psychic spying ended.