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Mars One: Ever fancied living on Mars, now may be your chance


One Way Astronaut - Official Trailer 

One Way Astronaut is about the people who are following this project closely: aspiring astronauts. Stephan, Sara, Henri and Beatriz are 4 people who, like tens of thousands of applicants from all over the world, say they are willing to spend the rest of their lives on Mars. It is the story of Mars One and its founder Bas Lansdorp in the early stages. Space experts answer questions about the likelihood of Mars One succeeding and discuss the kind of risks the astronauts will be taking. The degree of worldwide personal interest this mission has already attracted tells us something about our society today.

UFO Captured in Video of Lightning Storm

By UFO Casebook

Originally published on Aug 22, 2013 by JoinOurBandOfBelief
The Youtube submitter states that: Our new donor's email reads:
While shooting video of a strange lightning storm, this is what I captured...
(Editor's Note: Unfortunately we are not give an exact location or date for the video. It is rather short, and has probably been edited.
What we see is an elongated object moving from right to left for only a few seconds. We have taken that portion of the file and slowed it down, making it easier to see.
Also, we added 5 still frames at the end with one zoomed in. Check this out, and see what you think.)

New Show: "The Unexplained Files" Premiered Aug. 28 on the Science Channel

Published By 8/27/2013 by Melissa Hayer

Strange phenomena and mysterious occurrences are explored in the new series “The Unexplained Files” debuting at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, on Science Channel. Details on “The Unexplained Files,” provided by Science Channel, are as follows: This summer, Science Channel unveils some of the most shocking and mind-boggling cases from around the world in the series premiere of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES. From mysterious disappearances and UFO encounters, to unidentified fanged predators and reported curses, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES investigates actual, inexplicable occurrences that have confounded scientists and inspired legends.

Science Channel kicks off the premiere episode with VALENTICH. THE UNEXPLAINED FILES delves into the story of the missing pilot who reported seeing a strange and unusual aircraft hovering over him just minutes before he disappeared. THE UNEXPLAINED FILES will then venture to Texas for the story of the TEXAS BLUE DOGS researching the bizarre hairless, blue-skinned, blue-eyed and hunch-backed creatures that prey on local livestock and farm animals ­ leaving Texans questioning what these strange animals could possibly be.

UFO Triangle formation Stops Over Berlin, N.H. U.S.

Published on 26 Aug 2013 By UFODI
8:30 pm August 25th! A man records the moment a group of bright lights in a triangle formation pass overhead!!! but then they stop and keep formation over the Berlin district, the recorder is shocked at what he is witnessing, by eyesight its not planes-craft-lanters... So what are they?

UFO TV: UFO's Final Target - Planet Earth / Forbidden Archeology: Suppressed New Evidence Of Early Man

Published By UFOTVstudios
    UFOs - FINAL TARGET: Plant Earth
American Astronomers shocked the world by reporting that a large Asteroid could potential hit the Earth within 30 years. Could humanity survive such an impact? At this time there is no definitive means to protect or defend our selves from the inevitable global devastation this event would ultimately cause. This program profiles some of the most spectacular Comet and Asteroid impacts on the Earth as well as the current and future dangers of such impacts to the survival of the human race. Also presented are the current measures that Space Programs have already set up to observe, detect, locate and trap these celestial objects near the Earth that may someday pose a distinct threat.

    Forbidden Archeology: SUPPRESSED New Evidence Of Early Man

What happens when scientific evidence conflicts with theory? In the early sixties, discoveries were made in Central Mexico, which were the handiwork of early man. Exquisitely carved animal bones and advanced spear points caused much excitement, including a Life Magazine article, until the dates came in. 5 mutually exclusive geological tests revealed they were over 250,000 years old. In spite of the geochronology, archaeologists insisted the dates were too ridiculously old. This world-class archaeological region became off-limits for official research, a "professional forbidden zone."

This is the story of the shocking events that occurred, told first-hand by many of the actual participants. It reveals how one field of science can conflict with another and how new discoveries must battle evidence vs. belief, exposing what some have called "the dark side of archaeology."

In Memory of Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

Published on 29 Aug 2013 By CitizenHearing
Dr. Jessie Marcel Jr., a star witness that testified alongside his daughter Denice and son Jessie Marcel III at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure died on August 24, 2013 of an apparent heart attack.

Once Disclosure has been achieved we will conduct a public campaign seeking the Presidential Medal of Freedom for this man who served his family, his country, and the truth with humble distinction.

Google Declines To Comment On The Kentucky UFO Incident They Claim Was Project Loon

Published on 19 Aug 2013 By Isaac Wilee
"The photos of balloons that Google launched don't match the video of what I saw," Allen Epling told LEX 18 on Monday. "It'd be easy for one to say 'well, that's my object. I take credit for it.' And Google may be looking for some cheap publicity."
LEX 18 reached out to Google for comment. While the company said this was, in fact, their balloon photographed, they declined to go into further detail.

UFOs On Mars? Nasa's Curiosity rover images

Published on 22 Aug 2013 By UFOvni2012

SETI's Search for Intelligent Alien Life Resumes...

The search for extraterrestrial life continues..  The Seti star crowd funding campaign has raised almost $230,000 and operations have resumed.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Flying Triangles: Not “Secret Aircraft”

By Nick Redfern
I recently had an interesting debate with a fellow researcher of the UFO phenomenon, on the topic of that one particular type of UFO that has become known as the “Flying Triangle.” When the conversation got going, it didn’t take long before I was assured that (in words broadly like the following): “They’re just military aircraft, and still classified. But one day they will be unveiled for us all to see – just like what happened with the Stealth fighter and the Stealth bomber.”
Frankly, I get tired of people assuming – often without doing any deep research – that the FTs are domestic in origin. The reason why they reach that conclusion is actually very simple. There seems to be an assumption on the part of many in Ufology that the Triangles are phenomena that have only been seen since the 1980s onwards. Or, at the very earliest, the late 70s. Now, if that was the case, then yes, of course, an argument could be made that these craft are (a) ours; (b) still-classified; and (c) far in advance of the aforementioned Stealth aircraft.
Unfortunately for those who prefer to see the Flying Triangles as vehicles of the military and nothing else, there is a major problem: reports of craft identical to those seen today date back more than sixty years. The issue here is that the “Flying Triangles are ours and ours alone” meme is one that has been fully embraced by lazy souls who simply will not look at the bigger, historical picture. If they did, their views might change – and change significantly, too.
Plus, the fact that reports have been filed for so long begs an important question: if we were building and flying the FTs 60 years ago, and still are, why not simply say so? Both the Lockheed U-2 and the SR-71 Blackbird (particularly during development stage) were subject to deep secrecy. But, the day finally came when they were officially and publicly acknowledged. Same for the Stealth aircraft. So, given that FT reports significantly pre-date all of these aircraft, if the Triangles were and are ours, what’s the problem in admitting it?

Like it or like it not, every aspect of Jeffrey Brown’s FT encounter fits perfectly with what people have reported since the 1980s: the size, the humming, the rounded corners, the illumination. Given that I interviewed Brown in 1996, the skeptics might say something like: “How do you know that Brown didn’t make it all up in the 1990s?” Well, there is a very good answer to that tiresome and predictable question.
After Brown’s encounter was over, he reported the details to the British Ministry of Defense. Several pages of documentation were created as a result of the encounter, and the whole thing was left as unexplained. In 1996, however, and under the terms of the British Government’s “Thirty Year Ruling,” Brown’s report was declassified and made available for inspection at the National Archives, Surrey, England.
It was while going through a 300-page file of reports at the Archives – all from 1965 – that I found the MoD’s papers on Brown’s encounter. So, here’s the most important part of all: the affair is not reliant on the account related to me by Brown in 1996. Rather, we can prove that he reported his encounter to British authorities, no less than 48 years ago. On top of that, the Ministry of Defense records in question specifically detail and describe all of the key issues that Brown cited in my interview with him, in terms of the physical descriptions of the FTs.
There’s no doubt in my mind that the Flying Triangles are 100 percent real. But, the simplistic stance of “they’re just secret aircraft” utterly falls apart when we start to dig deep…

So, you may well ask, where is the evidence that the FTs have been around for more than half a century, and not just since the 1980s? Well, it’s all around us, that’s where! Digging and searching soon identifies it. And there’s mountains of that same evidence, too.
Let’s head back to April 1949. On the 22nd of that month, a UFO was seen at Vicksburg, Mississippi that was flying at a significant speed and that was distinctly triangular in shape. Indeed, in the official U.S. Air Force file on the affair – which is housed at the National Archives in Maryland – the object is actually described in the official report (by Special Agent Bernard A. Price) as a “flying triangle”!
In September 1952, what was described as a fast-moving, large, ”blue-green triangle” was seen by military personnel engaged in a NATO exercise called “Mainbrace.” On top of that, the entire exercise was dominated by UFO activity. Eight years later to the very month - September 1960 – the sighting of what was termed “a triangular formation of lights with a red light in the center” was reported to the British Ministry of Defense, whose files on the matter are now in the public domain. The description will be instantly familiar to those acquainted with the FT puzzle.
But the one case that – for me, anyway – really stands out is that of a man named Jeffrey Brown. Late one night in March 1965, Brown was driving home across the dark and desolate moors of Yorkshire, England, when he encountered something incredible. It was not just one Flying Triangle, but an entire squadron of them. And here’s the most important thing: the FTs were described as being large in size (at least 100-feet from tip to tip) and illuminated from below. They emitted a deep humming noise, and had rounded – rather than strictly angular – corners.

Glowing Sphere Over the USS J.F.K. - Mr. James Kopf

Published on 26 Aug 2013 By Sirius Disclosure

Mr. Kopf joined the Navy in 1969 and worked in communications part of the time on the USS JFK which was carrying nuclear weapons. In his testimony he tells how in the summer of 1979 all electronics and communications onboard the USS JFK stopped functioning when a huge glowing orange-yellow UFO hovered above. He personally saw this pulsating UFO, as did a number of others. When the ship finally returned to Norfolk, VA, men in suits arrived to interview various crewmembers.

Non Terrestrial Microbes? Nasa's Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Animation

Published on 22 Aug 2013 By NASAgovVideo
Concept animation featuring notional crew operations during NASA's proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission.

Theoretical Element 115 Exists, Study Confirms

The Periodic Table of the Elements, by electronic structure Alison Haigh

Researchers confirm the existence of this synthetic element in a new accelerator study. Will it be enough to give ununpentium official recognition and a new name?

At the bottom right corner of the periodic table of elements, there are a handful of boxes that illustrators often color gray. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry leaves out those boxes altogether, so that their periodic table looks a bit gap-toothed. The boxes are for elements that the IUPAC hasn't yet confirmed actually exist.
Now, a new set of experiments backs up the discovery of one of those elements. An international team of physicists has synthesized an element with 115 protons in the GSI accelerator in Germany. This isn't the first time a research group has synthesized the element, which has the temporary name of ununpentium (Latin for one-one-five, plus "-ium.") A team of Russian and U.S. scientists first made ununpentium in the early 2000s and published a paper about it in 2006. However, at the time, the IUPAC didn't consider that enough evidence to officially recognize—or name—ununpentium. The new GSI studies are another step toward official recognition.

Ununpentium in a Periodic Table of Elements
Ununpentium in a Periodic Table of Elements: Detail of the periodic table by DePiep on Wikimedia Commons

Why do we say that people "synthesized" or "made" ununpentium, instead of saying people "found" it? Well, like other super-heavy elements, ununpentium can only exist when people perform experiments to create it. It's an entirely synthetic element (ununpentium : elements :: polyester : fabrics?). You can't just cook it up in any lab, either. The creation of elements heavier than uranium, which is the heaviest element to occur naturally on Earth and contains 92 protons, requires fusion reactions, nuclear reactions, or other highly specialized chemistry. Before ununpentium, the GSI accelerator had created six synthetic elements with more protons than uranium.
To make ununpentium, the team of physicists working at GSI bombarded a thin film of americium—another synthetic element, with 95 protons—with calcium ions, which have 20 protons each. The bombardment fuses the nuclei of the americium atoms with the nuclei of the calcium atoms to make a new, single, 115-proton nucleus. (See the very educational GIF on GSI's "new elements" webpage.) Like all super-heavy, synthetic elements, ununpentium decays quickly. Atoms of ununpentium that researchers made for the 2006 announcement lasted just 30 to 80 milliseconds.
According to Lund University in Sweden, IUPAC members will now review the new confirmation of the 2006 work and decide whether it's enough to merit official recognition for ununpentium. Lund researchers led the recent ununpentium experiments done at GSI. Meanwhile, the Lund team has published its findings in the journal Physical Review Letters.
Besides confirming cool theories in chemistry, work on synthetic elements helps researchers learn more about the process of fission in general, according to the U.S.' Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. You're unlikely to see ununpentium in even the most advanced gizmos of the future, however. So far, scientists have found practical applications only for synthetic elements with 100 or so protons or fewer.

Mac: A long time ago on a video not so far away:

UFOS BOB LAZAR element 115

The Vincent Eastwood show with guest Richard Dolan

Published on 16 Aug 2013 By Vincent Eastwood
UFO's, Are We Entering The Age Of Disclosure? Richard Dolan,

Vinny's NUTShell: Richard Dolan
One of the most well-known names in modern ufology, being perhaps the world's leading researcher and historian of the UFO subject. He is the author of two information-packed volumes of UFO history - UFOs and the National Security State (volumes one and two), as well as an analysis of the future in a book called A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact. He is a regular guest on Coast-to-Coast AM radio, and he's appeared on many television specials for The History Channel, SyFy, BBC, and elsewhere. Since 2012, Richard has hosted his own internet radio show "The Richard Dolan Show," which airs on KGRA Radio Saturday evenings, from 8-11 pm EST.

New crop circle: Etchilhampton Hill nr Devizes, Wiltshire U.K.

Published on 20 Aug 2013 By Mark Becher
Crop circle filmed Tuesday 20th August 2013 by Mark Becher, Sound tracks provided by Glen Orpheus, FPV Hexacopter.

Spacing Out! Ep. 57 - The CIA Declassifies Area 51

Published on 23 Aug 2013 By openmindstv
We discuss the recently re-released CIA documents that mention Area 51 by name. We also discuss alleged UFOs over a swimming pool in Florida. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

UFO filmed by passenger on a commercial airliner over pacific ocean

Published on 20 Aug 2013 By looknowtv
A UFO sighting was filmed on a Commercial Airliner by a passenger headed to a vacation destination. The Ufo sighting took place over the Pacific Ocean in August, 2013. If you look closely, you'll see a small object flying toward the plane at a hight rate of speed. The object resembles a cigar shaped Ufo. When it passes under the plane wing for a brief moment, you can see the shape of the object. The Ufo appears to be far away from the wing, so it is hard to judge the size and distance of the Ufo. According to the person who filmed this sighting, the Ufo was filmed on a cheap older model video recorder, this is why the quality of the video is very poor.

Roswell witness Jesse Marcel Jr. passes aged 76 (Video)

Jesse Marcel Jr. was the son of the U.S. Air Force intelligence officer who first examined the crash debris found by Mac Brazel near Roswell, New Mexico in early July of 1947. His father had told him about the event and had shown him and his mother some of the debris that was recovered. Marcel passed away in his home on Saturday, August 24, due to a suspected heart attack.
Marcel’s daughter, Denice, posted this message on her father’s Facebook account:
It is with a sad heart that I have to break this bad news to the world.
At the age of 76 my Dad Jesse Marcel Jr.’s life on earth has ended.
Although it is a very sad time for our entire family I am happy to know that he lived an eventful life.
I am so proud to be his daughter. He had taught me so many things in life and one of the more important things I learned from my Dad was to never back down in the face of adversity.
For anyone who wants to know I will be posting, the funeral arrangements once they have been made.
He is survived by his wife Linda, his children Jesse Jr., Myself, John, Marissa, Mackenzie , Aimee, Ashley and Mark and all of his grandchildren.
Although my Dad and Grandpa are no longer with us… The Roswell Legacy will live on FOREVER!!!
Marcel spent much of his life in the medical field and in the military, serving as a flight surgeon for many years. His latest period of active duty was shortly after his 68th birthday. Due to the Iraqi war he was called back into duty in October of 2004 and served as a flight surgeon for the 189th Attack Helicopter Battalion.

Jesse on active duty. (Credit:Jesse Marcel/Denice Marcel)

Marcel completed his pre-med undergraduate work at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and at the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. He then completed an internship at the New Orleans Charity Hospital. Marcel then joined the U.S Navy in 1962.
While in the Navy he was assigned to the USS Renville, which participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Marcel then went on to complete specialty training in Otolaryngology (ENT) at the Naval Hospital in San Diego, California. He retired from the Navy in 1971 and began a private practice in Helena, Montana.
In 1973 Marcel joined the Montana National Guard and went through flight training as a flight surgeon at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. He earned his wings in 1981. While at the National Guard, Marcel was appointed as the State Surgeon of the state of Montana. He retired from the military the second time in 1996 on his 60th birthday. Soon after his 68th birthday he was called back into the military, serving from October 2004 to December 2005.
After returning to civilian life, Marcel took a position as a specialist in Otolaryngology at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Ft. Harrison, Montana. He had recently retired.

Jesse Marcel Jr. with his daughter Denice Marcel at the Roswell Museum in July of 2013. (Credit: Denice Marcel)
Marcel has always maintained that the material his father had shown him was not of this earth. A belief his father shared. He wrote a book about it in 2007 titled The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site.
Jesse Marcel Jr. was well regarded and well loved by those who knew him. His credibility, his love for his country, and his honesty were unquestionable. He will be missed by many, and we at Open Minds send our heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones.

Mac:  I would also like to add my condolences to Mr. Marcel's family at this time, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss.

Thank you for your contribution to ufology Mr. Marcel, rest in peace.

Steve Pierce Update

Published on 9 Aug 2013 By Lori Wagner

Steve Pierce was one of seven men on a logging crew that witnessed Travis Walton's mysterious disappearance on November 5th, 1975.

Since then, Steve has been exploring his own strange encounters with UFO's and finding out through hypnotic regressions with renowned Certified Hypnotherapist, Yvonne Smith, what really has been going on his whole life.

He currently speaks publicly at UFO Events to share his experiences and also his involvement in the "Travis Walton -- Fire in the Sky" real life story.

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UFO Conference - Contact In The Desert (Video)

Published on 15 Aug 2013 By openmindstv

From August 9 through 11th the first annual "Contact in the Desert" conference took place at 400 acre "The Joshua Tree Retreat Center" in Joshua Tree California. Just 90 miles east of LA this conference was had a varying range of topics and was titled with "A weekend of exploration into ancient aliens, human origins, crop circles, UFO sightings and the need to know.

Ufo lights seen by many witnesses over Missouri (Video)

Published on 12 Aug 2013 by Dave Terstal
UFO above Missouri in May 2013 witnessed and filmed by news cameras and onlookers. 

UFO Chased by Jet Over California? (Video)


An amazing video on YouTube shows a military jet chasing a fast moving UFO in the skies over Southern California before the unidentified flying object makes an impossible turn and flies away at tremendously high speed. What is it?
At first, the witness was only trying to catch a glimpse of a jet barreling overhead at high speed, climbing straight into the sky. That's not a usual sight over populated areas of California. The jet can clearly be heard by its very loud engine thrusts.
It wasn't until after the unidentified witness reviewed the video that she noticed the UFO the jet seemed to be chasing, but to no avail.

The object climbs higher and then suddenly turns and zooms out of viewfinder range as the jet helplessly tails the object. There's no hope of catching it as the object flies in a manner never seen before. Obviously, the military jet is trying to chase this object down.

Mac: Uploaded to Youtube on 30 Jul 2013

The Flight 564 UFO Encounter - Radar Operator Audio Recording

Something appeared to be following the America West airliner B-757 on frightful night in May of 1995. At 39,000 feet above ground, First Officer John J. Waller, along with a flight attendant, noticed a strange light off in the distant darkness.
Glued to the window, they observed a row of bright white lights flash from left to right. Not knowing what they were looking at, they kept their noses pressed to the glass.
It was only after a thunderous flash illuminated the cloud behind the object, that they crew of the B-757 were able to make out the source of the strange lights. A cigar-shaped object following them at tremendous speeds 39,000 feet above the ground.
What you’re gonna hear next is the FAA Air Traffic Control conversation with the confused and alarmed pilots.

The B-757 continued its course, and the lights began to fall behind it. A group of dark thunderclouds formed, and enabled the UFO to be seen as a cigar-shaped object as its lights illuminated the back drop of the thunderclouds.
Waller and his co-pilot estimated the object’s length at 300-400 feet. The object was not visible on FAA radar, but one of the controllers contacted the North American Air Defense Command, and was told they NORAD was tracking an unidentified object. But, this object later turned out to be a small plane with a non-functioning transponder.
The next day, the controller made another check with NORAD, and he was told that they had indeed tracked another unknown target the night before that was at first stationary, but then accelerated and stopped again very rapidly. These quick darts were estimated at somewhere between 1,000 and 1,400 mph.
When reports of the incident began to be leaked, Webb began to investigate. In addition to interviewing the airliner’s crew, he also obtained the tapes of the conversation between FAA air traffic controllers and their contacts during the sighting. He was able to make drawings of the UFO.
He also filed Freedom of Information Act requests, and searched military installations to see if any activity that night could account for the sighting. There was nothing that could explain the sighting of America West Flight 564, and until another explanation can be found for the unusual object, we can assume that a UFO was seen that night. –source: UFO CaseBook
The May 25th encounter is considered one of Ufology’s most solid evidence of UFO activity. Trained airline pilots saw it. FAA and Air Traffic Controllers saw it. Even the NORAD defense system noticed that a strange object appeared on their radar, accelerating at speeds between 1,000 and 1,400 miles per hour. Incredible!

Open Minds TV: UFOs and Area 51 Declassification

Published on 17 Aug 2013 By openmindstv
Interviews with FOIA expert John Greenewald and Allan Palmer, Executive Director of the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, where they have an Area 51 exhibit and host UFO lectures.

The National Security Archive website released a document on August 15 titled The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and OXCART Programs, 1954-1974 by agency historians Gregory Pedlow and Donald Welzenbach. A heavily edited version of this document was previously published in 1992 and 1998. This less redacted version was released in response to freedom of information act requests made in 2005 for a mandatory declassification. This release is notable for the significant amount of newly declassified material with respect to the U-2 and the official acknowledgement of Area 51.

UFO Planet 'Special' - CIA Area 51 Declassified with guest Victor Viggiani

Published on 18 Aug 2013 By Darin Crapo
Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and he interviews Victor Viggiani, News Director of ZlandCommunication international news service, about the recent announcement in the United States that Groom Lake / Area 51 exists. The USA government has officially declassified Area 51.

New Stephenville, Texas, UFO Radar Data Video

By UFO Casebook
By Harold Daniel to UFO Information and Resources
Stephenville Texas UFO
It's been over a year since Billy Cox at the De Void blog posted an article about a new tool that can be used to animate radar data. That program was used to show what the skies looked like around Stephenville, Texas, on January 8, 2008.
Applying a program that duplicates conversions used by air accident investigators, Rob Jeffs has bundled the 2.8 million radar returns MUFON acquired from five FAA and National Weather Service sites, and recreated moving images of the air traffic over central Texas from 4-8 p.m. on Jan. 8, 2008.
I always wanted to see it taken a step further - to show more information about what I was looking at with the radar. So, I used Rob Jeffs' RadarPlot application to create radar video of that evening.
Then, I superimposed a map under the radar animation and provided annotations to show witness locations and the unknown tracks on radar.
The radar analysis and information shown is from "Stephenville Lights: A Comprehensive Radar and Witness Report Study" by Glen Schulze and Robert Powell.
Please refer to the report for details of the witness reports and analysis.

See original report The Stephenville UFOs.

Topic UFO: John J. Ventre - MUFON State Director for Pennsylvania

Published on 19 Aug 2013 By Topic UFO
John J. Ventre (Pennsylvania State Director for the Mutual UFO Network) discusses his many television appearances on such shows as UFO Hunters on the Discovery Channel and UFOs Over Earth on the History Channel... as well as a classic episode of the Anderson Cooper Show.

UFO TV: The Reptilian Agenda / Illuminati Secrets - The New Atlantis

The Reptilian Agenda
Now presenting the film that changed the UFO/ET story for ever. This legendary 6.5 hour movie describes in detail the evidence that a Reptilian ET race is engaging the planet earth and have shaped human history for thousands of years.

Illuminati Secrets - The New Atlantis

WINNER for Best Documentary from the New York Film Festival, The Los Angeles Film Festival and The Tele Awards. Discover Ancient Secrets of the Illuminati that affect our lives today in this Award Winning Feature Film which is the first film in the "The Illuminati Trilogy Series." This is by far the best Feature Film ever Produced on the History and Secrets of the Illuminati, and Masonic Civilization.

Bob Lazar not impressed with Area 51 declassification

Bob Lazar’s claims that he worked on back-engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft near Area 51 catapulted the secretive base into the legendary status it now holds. Lazar first made these claims in an interview with KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp in 1989, and now nearly 25 years later, the CIA has declassified the existence of what has become arguable the most famous U.S. Air Force base of all. In an interview with NBC News about the declassification of the existence of Area 51, Lazar told staff writer Tracy Connor, “Tell us something we don’t know.” Lazar says, “Everybody has known that for 25 years or so.” He says the actual back-engineering of alien technology went on at a secret location just south of Area 51 called S4. He says he would be driven there from Area 51 on a bus. Regarding the recent declassification Lazar says, “That’s a minuscule baby step forward.” Lazar continued, “Maybe a decade from now they’ll acknowledge there’s an S4.”

Lazar claims his work at Area 51/S4 ended when he told some friends where they could watch test flights of the advanced extraterrestrial technology he was working on. They would go there at the designated times, often at 3 am, and film strange lights. One night the military was waiting for them and confiscated their filming equipment. Lazar was then questioned and booted from working at the facility. No records of his employment or education exits, because he claims the government erased them.
Critics of Lazar’s claims argue that educational records, such as his alleged degrees at MIT and California’s Institute of Technology, could not be erased and somebody, at least a past professor, would remember him. However, no evidence, not even someone vouching to have gone to class or to have taught Lazar at these universities has come forth.

Adding to the mystery is the fact that Lazar currently runs a scientific equipment and supply store called United Nuclear. In a recent email to Open Minds, a United Nuclear employee said Lazar’s “companies are involved in several Military contracts and he is a science and technology consultant to Raytheon weapon systems.”
The email also says Lazar stays away from the UFO community in order to avoid “rocking the boat.” The NBC News story confirms that Lazar “wants nothing to do with UFO enthusiasts.”
So even with the declassification of Area 51, the questions remain. Was Lazar telling the truth, and if so will we ever know? Hopefully future declassifications will shed light on more of these dark black projects.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Unknown objects over Basilica Minneapolis

Published on 10 Aug 2013 By RealUFOs2009

Source MUFON
Eyewitness: I was walking to downtown, from my place in uptown, via Loring Park. I spotted two objects hovering in the NE sky. At first I didnt pay much attention to them as I thought it was just helicopters perhaps. But then, one looked like it was sort of checking out the Basillica. Im not sure how far away they were, so it may have just been a quirk of viewpoint and unrelated to the Basillica.

That struck me as interesting so I decided to record them with my Galaxy Note 2 phone. I also tried to get enough reference points in some of the shots to triangulate size if someone is interested in doing so. Im not sure what the objects were. Im inclined to think they were manmade. They werent helicopters though, at least not normal sized ones.. nor did they have the correct lights for that sort of vehicle. (Perhaps Im mistaken?)

The objects themselves were dual colors. They looked like two square lights of some sort attached to one another, which you cant tell from the video due to the low quality. If I remember correctly the colors were a solid blue and green, but dont quote me on that... I cant recall for sure. In the video each object appears a different color versus each being a dual color.

Before I started to record, the second object had been hovering back and forth. Its the object you see hover up from the lower left in the video.

My feelings and reactions: Curiosity more than anything. Like I said, I think it was probably something of terrestrial origin and someone either testing out some kind of say.. drone, or something, or putting on a show of some sort with rc craft. They kind of reminded me of those small automated drones from some of the universities you see videos of doing synchronized flying. That or perhaps small RC craft (but silent). At first I thought there might be some sort of propeller sound, but it was just downtown noise.. As I made my way downtown no one else seemed to have noticed anything. (it was busy downtown)

How did I lose sight of the objects? See the video. They did their thing and then flew off. The second one looked like it had been landing or taking off before I started recording. Its hard to tell for sure though without a better idea of distance though.

Ufo In Vicinity Of Popocatépetl Volcano

Published on 18 Aug 2013 By José Luis Rueda - CIRCAC
Un espectacular avistamiento de un objeto esférico grande por la distancia a la que fue filmado y que se encontraba cerca de los volcanes de Puebla. Se podría decir que se encontraba cerca del volcán Popocatépetl ya que en la filmación se alcanza a ver el cráter del volcán iluminado por el sistema de visión nocturna que se aplicó después de filmar el objeto en el sistema normal cerca del volcán y que después se desvanece hasta en tres ocasiones, es una esfera grande si consideramos la distancia en la que nos localizamos al momento de la filmación, es una esfera grandes y que estaba debajo de las nubes apareciendo y desapareciendo, teníamos una vista espectacular del objeto y del volcán Popocatépetl, es una excelente filmación de un objeto cerca y que se desvanece al momento de la filmación durante tres ocasiones.

Bing Translation:
A spectacular sighting of a large spherical object by the distance was filmed to that and that was near the volcanoes, Puebla. You could say that it was near the Popocatepetl volcano since filming is reach to see the crater of the volcano illuminated by the night vision viewing system that applied after filming the object in the normal system near the volcano and then fades up on three occasions, is a large sphere considering the distance that we locate at the time of filmingIt is a large sphere and that it was under clouds appearing and disappearing, we had a spectacular view of the object and of the Popocatepetl volcano, is excellent footage of an object closely and which vanishes at the time of filming during three occasions.

Anti-gravity documentary seeks crowdfunding (Video)

A new documentary is in the works exploring claims that the government is hiding anti-gravity vehicles that have been developed, tested, and flown for decades. In order to get the documentary completed, the producers have turned to crowdsourcing to get the resources needed to complete the project.

James Allen, the film’s producer, says that he originally took on this project as a thesis for his Masters in Fine Arts degree. However, he began to feel that the subject was of immense importance, and warranted a full length documentary.
Allen says, “If this story is true, and at this point I am fairly convinced that it is, it could be a window into one of the most important technological developments in history.”
The development Allen refers to is the “potential of a man-made anti-gravity vehicle.” Allen says this includes a “Faster-than-light propulsion system that agrees with Einstein’s theories, and the fact that we are surrounded by unlimited, untapped free energy everywhere.”
The movie is titled Zero-Point: the Story of Mark McCandlish and the Flux Liner. McCandlish and his research is the main source for the information in the documentary. McCandlish, an aerospace illustrator, began research anti-gravity in 1988 when a friend described to him a secret advanced anti-gravity vehicle he had seen at Norton Air Force Base.
The story goes, McCandlish and a friend were planning on attending an air show at Norton Air Force Base, but McCandlish ended up having to cancel due to a last minute illustration needed by Popular Mechanics. However, his friend went, and through a well connected acquaintance, was able to gain entrance to a secured area of the base with a special display for politicians and military personnel with high level security clearances.
McCandlish’s friend told him that in this display were three flying saucers floating above the ground. They made no sound. One of them had the side panels removed so that people could view the inner workings. There was also a monitor showing a video of the craft being test-flown. They made “hopping” maneuvers, and then could shoot straight up at incredible speeds. All while making no sound.
The craft were referred to as Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs), and also had the nickname, the “Flux Liner.” McCandlish says he believes these craft are part of a secret program that has been around for decades.

Alien Reproduction Cutaway
Alien Reproduction Cutaway (Credit: Mark McCandlish)
Using his friend’s description, McCandlish sketched the vehicle. He has since done research on how he believes the technology works. He says they use zero-point energy, a concept originally theorized by Albert Einstein.
McCandlish’s work has intrigued a lot of people over the years. Allen says, “This film is an unprecedented look into a topic very few people know of, yet could represent one of the most important advancements in human history.”
If you are one of the many people interested in anti-gravity and McCandlish’s account, you can help the movie get finished by click on the Kickstarter link and contributing one dollar, or thousands, whichever fits your level of interest.

Area 51 “Revealed”, And Aliens Aren’t the Point

By Micah Hanks

Let’s not bother with any creative measures to “set the stage” here, or waste time with little exercises in editorial story-telling. Instead, we’re going to cut right to the latest in an endless series of sensational, conspiratorial headlines we’ve been seeing in the news lately: “CIA Admits ‘Area 51′ Exists, But Says No UFOs.”
Well here’s something else that you may find sensational: that headline is wrong. The latest information about Area 51 (which was actually released back in July), and its involvement with secret technologies that have been developed and tested for the last several decades, actually has a lot to do with UFOs… it just has very little to do with extraterrestrials.
Hence, I’m now going to highlight a number of elements regarding this story that have been continually overlooked. Not only will we tackle how the media has managed to get more than just a few aspects of this story wrong, I’m also going to divulge what UFO researchers can learn from carefully studying the minutia of revelations like this one, involving the CIA’s “acknowledgement” of a well-known and highly controversial desert facility in Nevada.


As we’ll soon see, Area 51 may in fact have everything to do with UFOs.
“Instead of encounters with flying saucers, the documents released by the Central Intelligence Agency on Thursday recount a less sensational history of Area 51,” a recent Discovery News article stated, “as a testing range for the government’s U-2 spy plane during the Cold War.” Sure, many researchers in the UFO field over the last several decades have wanted to believe that there might be connections with Area 51, secret government technologies, and programs that might employ “recovered” alien technology that has been obtained from alleged crashes and reverse-engineered. Many more of us aren’t particularly surprised that official documents relating to Area 51 would have more to do with government programs, most of which have been public knowledge, to some extent, for decades already.
Sure, maybe nothing should be ruled out completely (Editor’s Note: let’s wait and see which of these little narcissistic, sycophantic blogger-types will take my last statement completely out of context, and go around posting everywhere online that, “Micah Hanks seems to believe the government is hiding alien bodies,” without reading what I’m about to write in the next sentence). However, I remain resolute that I’ve never found what I believe to be convincing evidence that reverse-engineered alien vessels are what have been employed in the past at sites like the Groom Lake Facility (Area 51) in Nevada, or that any occupants of those presumed craft have ever been acknowledged, or officially referenced, as having been extraterrestrial beings.

water-ufoI hope I’m being clear about all of this, because there is a far more important truth underlying the CIA acknowledgement of Area 51, as well as what the recently released files tell us about the location and its activities. Furthermore, many (well, virtually everyone) in the media have continually overlooked this element, based on their fundamental misunderstanding of what a UFO is. Indeed, while “UFO” in pop journalism today is used to imply the existence of an extraterrestrial spaceship, the term really only means unidentified flying object (apologies for those of you who hear me say things like this on a weekly basis, as I know it must seem redundant. However, just know that I’m not directing my present rant at you specifically). In fact, with these latest revelations, we indeed may have found some of the most useful UFO-related material we’ve seen in years, and information which most logical, grounded people would probably be willing to acknowledge… it is information that could also be particularly interesting in relation to extreme skeptics like Phillip Klass who, over the years, have made attacks that include allegations of dishonesty against UFO witnesses. So without further ado, here’s the bottom line: when we review the history of government programs that involve secret aircraft, what we learn is that there have been aerial vehicles employed over the years that were both highly advanced for their day, and which were also kept secret from the public. Insert one or two unassuming witnesses to observe this otherwise seemingly-inexplicable phenomenon, and you now have a formula for a UFO encounter. I don’t think it requires a logical leap to consider whether this could have happened, time and time again, over the last several decades of well-documented UFO encounters. So yes, I’m saying “it’s not aliens” (though admitting this literally makes my hair stand on end… ), and furthermore, I think it’s pretty clear that whether “it’s aliens” or not misses the point. It doesn’t have to be alien for it to be a UFO. Hence, this shows us that there might indeed be occasions where a UFO witness, say, thirty or forty years ago, could have been telling the truth about something they saw, which they simply could not account for with their knowledge of existing aircraft. While believing that such an object might be advanced enough to be not of this Earth, the witnesses in this case would only have been incorrect in their interpretation of that craft. Though wrong, in part, about what they saw, they were nonetheless being truthful in their primary claims about seeing an unidentified flying object.
This was all brought up during a correspondence I recently shared with my friend, Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D., who graciously allowed me to quote him (as he attempted to give me more credit than deserved for something which I feel he deserves equal kudos). As Kokjohn correctly notes below, some of my own predictions about the future of UFO research, as discussed in my book The UFO Singularity, entail the eventual disclosure of terrestrial technologies that, by being kept from the public for various reasons, have continued to add fuel to the growing mythos surrounding UFOs:
Along with the acknowledgment of Area 51, several news accounts also included the idea that some UFO reports filed by pilots were due to U2 aircraft overflight at extreme altitude. That hypothesis offers one possible explanation for some mysterious sightings of objects operating far beyond the capabilities of commonly known (then) current aircraft technology. It also happens to be a facet of your book thesis (as I interpret it) that at least part of the UFO explanation will be found within humans and human technology.
Kokjohn continues:
But if it does hold up, this possible explanation conveys other interesting things. First, people observed and reported ephemeral visual evidence of physical objects that were really there. We can now account for why and how these particular sightings were so mysterious. Second, in addition to reminding us that witness reports can be valid and useful accounts, it suggests there is value to collecting and maintaining them in searchable, relational databases. In other words, a systematic, evidence-based approach will yield dividends if combined with patience.
Kokjohn makes a number of excellent points here, and I have little doubt that some of the early reports of what the newspapers called “saucers” years ago (many of which left exhaust trails, as I note in my upcoming book The Ghost Rockets) were actually tests of similar craft, dating all the way back to the 1950s or earlier. Somewhat similar to the way newspapers have, for some time, referred to every mangy coyote carcass they came across as a “chupacabra,”every unusual aircraft seen shortly after WWII became a “flying saucer”. In reality, a number of these were likely nothing saucer-shaped at all, and employed innovative jet propulsion technologies, rather than extraterrestrial manipulation of gravitic fields.
And yet, one of the more combative approaches to modern UFO research that has emerged over the years has been to say that people are just “liars.” While speaking with a former associate of the late Phillip Klass just a few months ago, I was met with equal skepticism in relation to the concept that some UFOs could represent technologies that are kept from the public for national security reasons (keep in mind also that another skeptical blogger recently referred to such analysis, as presented in The UFO Singularity, as a “make believe idea”). “This many years afterward,” the gentleman told me, referencing some of the more classic UFO encounters of the 1950s and 60s, “the information about those programs, if they existed, would have been released if government had that information.” Thus, in his estimation, all the people who claimed they had seen exotic looking craft in such instances “were lying” (these were his actually words… I’m not misquoting him, or putting words in anyone’s mouth here).
Looking to the media yet again, I note the following headline: “5 decades later, some JFK probe files still sealed.” Now obviously, this has nothing to do with UFOs, but it has everything to do with my point about the common, skeptical assertion that “all of that information would have been released by now.” To the contrary, there are a variety of instances where information is withheld from the public, when the reason for secrecy is considered sensitive, closely related to national security issues, or even if it’s just plain politically damaging. To assume that government craft haven’t been mistaken for more exotic UFO craft in the past, based on the simple presumption that government will inevitably engage in transparency, is perhaps the very height of naivety.

Now folks, I often call myself skeptical… it is an approach I maintain in all walks of life. However, I still find that many of the other researchers who employ this term in reference to their work allow themselves to become ideologically extreme in their skepticism just as well. Hence, for some folks, their brand of “skeptical” research will also tend to support one’s own preconceptions, rather than employing an unbiased approach to the study of any observable phenomenon. In some cases, this may also be with the inclusion of such logical leaps-of-faith as, “the government would never lie to us, or withhold information from the public.”
I don’t think one has to be a conspiracy theorist to see, based on the headlines we read each day in the news, that our present way of American Government fundamentally lacks transparency… and is coming damned close to usurping people’s rights to privacy, information, and damned near anything else you can imagine. Sorry, but that’s just the reality of the situation here… so would it be such a “leap” to consider that many UFO reports that have surfaced over the years actually do deal with aircraft designed someplace here on terra firma… but due to this lack of transparency that exists for various reasons, people were seeing aircraft which they simply did not know existed?
I will conclude by saying this: if we are to learn anything from the recent discussion about Area 51 and CIA “disclosure,” it’s not that this new information about the facility should be seen as tool for use in debunking UFOs. Quite the contrary, Area 51 may hold the keys to better understanding a number of UFO reports, and a variety of other complex areas within UFO studies. What Area 51 doesn’t have is anything to do with alien technologies… or at very least, what the mainstream media thinks a “UFO” is supposed to be.