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Appropriate security on UFOs probably 2-way street

By Steve Hammons

If some unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are related to intelligent visitors from elsewhere, what is the impact on national security and global security? This is a question that may have faced U.S. and international officials at least since the World War II era.

Wartime security and secrecy procedures probably would have been implemented in such a case. The alleged Roswell incident reportedly occurred in that climate when “Loose lips sink ships” was one of the mottos to remind Americans to keep information about sensitive military activities secret so it would not fall into the hands of enemies.

Many elements of American society including industries, scientists, journalists and others understood the reason for this kind of security related to defense matters and gladly cooperated. American lives were at stake and the outcome of WWII hung in the balance.

And, the “need-to-know” guideline used to maintain security was (and is today) widely accepted as reasonable and necessary in many cases.

During and after WWII, loyal Americans were helping make sure that necessary secrecy was maintained to protect the country and our friends around the world. Most people probably assumed that this was a united group effort that benefited everyone in the long run.


Today, concerns exist about finding the balance between certain security situations, including UFOs and other anomalous phenomena, and making sure that this balance is a united group effort that benefits everyone. Is secrecy at the appropriate levels? Do Americans have a need to know about certain developments?

Many researchers and others have weighed in on these kinds of questions. In fact, there may be different kinds of views within the defense, intelligence and scientific communities about how much and what kind of information and awareness should be made available to the American people.

Additionally, how the information is made available may be a key factor.

It’s hard to make a judgment without knowing more about what we might be facing. Is there a threat from hostile adversaries from elsewhere? Are there friends and allies who want to help the human race? Are there just explorers, visitors and those passing through who are neutral and unconcerned one way or other about the human condition on Earth?

Managing relationships with our international human friends, allies, “frenemies,” competitors, adversaries and flat-out enemies is quite challenging. Maybe we can think about how more complex it would be when dealing with unusual visitors from elsewhere.

Gathering intelligence might be a lot more difficult. As in dealing with other human groups, communication and cultural differences could also play a part. In the case of certain extraterrestrials or other anomalous beings, actual physical and biological differences could also be an element. Gaps between humans and others in technology and/or deeper knowledge might be significant.

If unusual visitors are actually interacting with Earth and humans, who are friends, allies, frenemies, adversaries and flat-out enemies?

And, what if some visitors want to “save us from ourselves?” That is, they look down on the Earth, gather intelligence about how it is functioning and being run, and note that there is vast poverty, hunger, suffering, disease, ignorance, injustice and overpopulation.

What if they note that the Earth’s ecosystem and climate are in grave danger? Or, maybe they know that Earth may face some other threats that we do not fully understand at this time.

And, they may see that the human race has the potential to rise to a higher consciousness and deeper understanding, but is not there yet.


These are quite complex dynamics that could actually be facing us now, if you believe the many credible researchers looking into these topics.

Maybe we can understand how difficult it would be for insiders in the defense, intelligence and scientific communities to sort it all out and make sound decisions. Their missions include protecting and helping the American (and other countries’) people in various ways. Maintaining appropriate security is part of this.

And standard intelligence tasks do not just include gathering information and keeping it secret. They also include interpreting and organizing the information, then disseminating it to the right people in the right way.

In the case of the UFO subject, providing information to the people about what they need to know may be a legitimate and important part of this intelligence mission.

The people, for their part, probably must take the responsibility for being open to new information, including that which is subtle, complex, “between the lines” or presented in relatively general ways. We might also need to use our own judgment, perception and gut feelings about what we are told.

We might need to find understanding within ourselves about what is going on. Human consciousness is undoubtedly a key factor that is part of the overall situation.

As we move forward, there will be more research into UFOs and what is going on. Many people will learn more, one way or the other. This ongoing educational process can contribute to national and global security, as well as enhance the development of the human race.

UFOs and MJ-12 - Stanton Friedman (Video)

"Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman is considered one of the worlds leading experts on MJ-12, the code given to an elite group of scientists and military personal set into action by secret presidential order to over see the harvesting and reverse engineering of technology from crashed UFOs of ET origin. After years of painstaking research, this LIVE presentation provides the facts about this secret research group that operates without congressional oversight."

Is There a Covert Extraterrestrial Alien Presence?

If the aliens have already been here, then, perhaps, they are still around. And if they are here right now, who knows the truth? Is there a covert extraterrestrial presence?
Where are the aliens?

Futurist, STARstream Research

( -- If the aliens have already been here, an idea suggested by Professor Paul Davies during his talk at the Royal Society, then, perhaps, they are still around.
And if they are here right now, who knows the truth?

Is there a covert extraterrestrial presence?
Where are the aliens?
And what about the allegations of a secret government "core story" of contact with an unearthly presence?
It's called the "Fermi Paradox."
Almost sixty years ago, a group of nuclear physicists, including Edward Teller, father of the American H-bomb, and Enrico Fermi, were casually discussing the topic of UFOs.
According to the historical record, in the 1950s, American intelligence services were concerned about reports of "flying saucers" and "unidentified flying objects."
Fermi, according to the legend, did a quick "back of the envelope" calculation, knowing that in spite of the vast distances between the stars, the universe was old enough to support the spread of intelligence across the cosmos.
Is it possible that in the vastness of intergalactic space, we are all alone? The latest data suggests there are an enormous number of planets within our home galaxy.
Consider this: light can travel from one side of the galaxy to the other in about 100,000 years. Yet the oldest stars are more than thirteen billion years old. So called "second generation stars," thought to be responsible for the creation of the materials which make up the basis of complex worlds, appeared shortly thereafter.
One recent estimate put the length of time required for an advanced technological civilization to spread throughout the galaxy from 5 to 50 million years.
The bottom line? There has been more than enough time for intelligent life to spread across the galaxy, in spite of the daunting distances involved.
If Earth-like worlds are out there, in vast numbers -- assuming intelligent life follows -- then the galaxy should be filled with extraterrestrial civilizations.
So where are they?
Maybe they are already here.
According to a few well placed individuals, who remain unidentified to protect their relationship to the United States government, there is a real alien presence.
Physicist Beatriz Gato-Rivera tackled the problem in a couple of unusual papers published in 2006.
Gato-Rivera posed the question: "Is our Solar System part of a Galactic Hyper-civilization?"
The idea assumes our Solar System is deeply embedded within a far superior extraterrestrial civilization -- in fact all typical galaxies are already colonized with embedded "sub-civilizations" -- just as an ant colony might be embedded inside a vastly larger modern city. For all practical purpose, the ants, and the humans, remain oblivious to the higher-level activities all around them.
Pointing to recent developments in string theory, involving new large extra dimensions of space, which remain invisible to human senses and technology, Gato-Rivera explained, "It would be most natural if other universes would also exist located along the extra space dimensions. As a result, these theories open up enormous possibilities regarding the visitation or colonization of the Solar System by alien civilizations."
If the Earth has already been visited, then at some point in time over the vast history of the galaxy, the "extraterrestrial presence" may have left something behind -- something "alien" and probably far beyond our conception of technology -- to keep an eye out for any interesting developments.
For example, the detonation of nuclear weapons.
Is it really a surprising coincidence that nuclear facilities, weapons, and delivery systems, appear to be the focus of the so-called government phenomenology problem? Or are the reports merely useful cover stories for Earthly technologies in need of protection from the other side?
One account of government weirdness arrived in the form of a "core story" of alien contact.
Naturally those familiar with the tale often request they remain unidentified, or even "on deep background."
"The term 'Core Story' has three separate meanings," explained someone familiar with the tale, who added, "The first ... was invented by three persons in a Denny's Restaurant in San Jose, California, on the 15th of July 1986, immediately after new and veridical data had been received directly by two of them from the Director of Security of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory."
"The second is the 'hijacked' term Core Story," which the source explained had been used by Captain Robert Collins in his book, Exempt from Disclosure.
[For background, see our review of Captain Collins' book.]
The differences between the different flavors of the Core Story were described as being "night and day" by the source, who added that the UFO alien visitation tales were "grounded in fantasy, are phantasmagorical to the extreme ... and possess zero data or circumstantial testimony from credible government sources."
As for the first and original core story, one source familiar with the origin of the legend simply noted it was "well grounded" from "credible sources."
It appears that the so-called "phenomenology problem" has less to do with flying objects and more to do with observed violations of physical laws.
Many years ago author Arthur C. Clarke declared that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Are the alleged anomalies, such as those rumored to have occurred at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, evidence of magic? Is this the "smoking gun" for Paul Davies' idea that the Earth may have been visited in ages past?
The landscape of weird alien tales is populated by many past and present government-affiliated individuals -- some highly placed -- who offer stories which defy any reasonable explanation, in the context of their daily responsibilities.
Ingo Swann, the man the U.S. government tasked to train a secret team of "remote viewers" to psychically spy on the Russians, revealed a secret operation to psychically spy on aliens building a base on the moon.
Another source added to this tale, "There is a fortress there. Dark side of the moon ... It is forbidden for our species to go there, It is a multi-planetary, multi-species 'dominated by contract' of the old barbaric sect of the race that contractually dominates this Solar System by permission of the old and new confederacy."
Stories of an alleged alien presence on the moon, perhaps inspired by popular science fiction like 2001: A Space Odyssey, represent the hidden eye of the subconscious mind.
"Occular Luna" stares down at our world, acting as a portal into a repackaged metaphysical territory.
What one learns from investigating the Core Story, is how covert 20th Century "weaponization" of the human mind opened a channel into the "extraterrestrial presence."
Ultimately, the real "core story" extraterrestrial encounter may be the one we experience when we look in the mirror.


UFO Footage Over California Ehnanced: What Is It? (Video)

By Tom Rose
February 06, 2012 06:02 AM EST

A video of a UFO over the skies of San Rafael, California, takes on new significance after the footage is inverted and enhanced. What looked like a glowing orb at first, takes on a different shape and flies erratically, like no known aircraft. What is it?

The video, recorded on Saturday, seems routine enough at first glance. It's shot through the front windshield of a car parked in a shopping mall lot. The videographer notes that the original video was recorded with no sound.

The music track laid over instead doesn't help the credibility of the UFO sighting, but that changes when the video's color is "inverted" and the unidentified flying object reveals some previously unnoticed details.

The OVNI flies shakily through the sky and performs a number of cartwheels and turns as its wings vibrate from side to side. It's obviously under some pilot control. A moment later the UFO begins to descend in a perfectly straight line as it disappears behind a building. What is it?

Here's the video:

(Mac:  Warning, the music is dreadfull)!

UFO Hunters - The NASA Files (Video)

Encounters of the third kind? Not even close… Oh, really?

This is a special guest post by Andrew Nicholson -

A recent article by an Australian astronomer on UFOs and extraterrestrials illustrates the continuing ignorance of many within the scientific community in relation to the UFO phenomenon and other aspects of the paranormal, and exposes the double standards employed when it comes to making extraordinary claims.
In Encounters of the third kind? Not even close published on The Sydney Morning Herald website on 19 January 2012, Perry Vlahos, an astronomy educator, author, broadcaster and past president of the Astronomical Society of Victoria discusses the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials.
Vlahos begins by taking a refreshingly objective point of view in relation to the possibility of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe.
“From my experience, astronomers disagree on the possibility of sophisticated civilisations among the stars – some think ‘yes’ and others think ’no’,” he states.
But he is far less flexible in his thinking when it comes to the possibility that we may have been visited by any such ‘sophisticated civilisations’. “But most agree on one point,” he continues. “There is no credible evidence to suggest we have ever been visited by extraterrestrials.”
“If they exist, they’ve not been here yet,” he confidently concludes.
Oh, really!

This is a bold statement. In fact, it is an extraordinary claim. And as Carl Sagan famously said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. This should be as true for a scientist claiming we have never been visited by extraterrestrials, as it should for an ancient alien proponent claiming we’re the descendants of a slave race of alien-human hybrids.
Perhaps he should’ve said that, “If they exist, we have no conclusive evidence that they have ever been here”. A far more scientifically acceptable approach, one would think.
Vlahos then takes it upon himself to share the thoughts of the astronomy community.
“Most astronomers think reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are just that – objects in the sky that are yet to be identified. Certainly, all reports of such sightings cannot be hoaxes and so we must accept that some of them are genuine.”
I commend Viahos for at least acknowledging that some UFO reports are genuine.
He then adds that, “It does not necessarily follow, however, that they are craft piloted by extraterrestrial beings.”
This is true. We do not know that such sightings are craft piloted by extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, there is a widespread misconception that any poor misguided soul who takes the subject of UFOs seriously believes they must be piloted by aliens from elsewhere in the universe. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is just one theory on the origin of the UFO phenomenon. There are other equally valid theories, and not everyone open minded enough to take the phenomenon seriously automatically equates UFOs with extraterrestrials.
The fact is, we do not know who or what is responsible.
Vlahos then discusses the astronomy community’s involvement in investigating sightings. “Many astronomers, including the author, have been involved in identifying sightings that have puzzled the public.”
“In most of these cases, natural phenomena, astronomical objects or local intelligence in the form of aircraft, balloons, satellites and the like are the cause.”
I agree with Vlahos here. The vast majority of UFO sightings, once investigated, usually have a more prosaic explanation.
It’s time to redefine what a UFO is.
It is time to weed out such reports that, with a little investigation, can be easily explained. The currentconvention that any anomalous object seen in the sky remains a UFO until it can be identified otherwise only damages the credibility of the many genuine, inexplicable UFO sightings.


We need to turn this on its head. Only after a sighting satisfies certain criteria, and all other possibilities ruled out, should an anomalous object be classified as a UFO.
Such criteria might include, for example, the number and/or credibility of witnesses, the size and shape of the craft, the ability of the object to defy known laws of physics, and the object demonstrating speed impossible for any known aircraft.
Tick two or more boxes, and you have a UFO sighting. No more sightings of satellites, Jupiter, Chines lanterns, balloons or swamp gas please.
Double standards … what happened to scientific rigour?
Next, Vlahos links the UFO phenomenon with crop circles through the religious fervour of some believers.
“In some instances, it becomes almost a religious experience to people and no amount of explanation seems to change their beliefs.
“A good example of this is the crop circles that started appearing in England in the late 1970s. Some members of the public thought these to be the work of artistic aliens.
“Some years later, however, two men, Dave Chorley and Doug Bower, decided the joke had gone on for long enough and declared to news reporters how, under cover of darkness, they had made the circles in the wheat fields with rope and boards. They even gave a demonstration for the cameras.”

Ok, this is fair enough. This pair of pranksters was obviously responsible for some crop circles. But all crop circles? And where their claims rigorously tested as the scientific process dictates?
No. Because they came forward and admitted to some reporters they were responsible and gave their demonstration with a couple of planks and some rope, that’s good enough for this scientist. Case closed!
Similarly, the famous Belgian Triangle UFO photo was declared a hoax when last year, a Belgian man identified only as Patrick, obviously wracked with years of guilt, announced to the world that as an 18 year old, he had hoaxed the photo by making a simple polystyrene model and photographing it.
Okay, maybe he did perpetrate a hoax. But where was the scientific testing to prove or disprove his claims? There was none. Because he said he did it, again that’s good enough. Why weren’t his claims treated with scepticism until he could successfully reproduce the photos using the same camera he supposedly used to take the original photos?
Here is a case of double standards, as the scientific establishment is often quick to dismiss the claims of the paranormal due to the inability of paranormal investigators and researchers to replicate results.
A mystery no longer, should all the facts be known.
Vlahos concludes in his article that, “The tiny percentage of UFO reports that remain unsolved would almost surely be a mystery no longer, were all the facts known.”
Tell this to the former Head of Operations at the Belgian Air Staff and to the Iranian and Peruvian fighter pilots who contributed to Leslie Kean’s acclaimed book UFOs Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record.

It is time for all of us to take a more mature, open-minded approach to the UFO phenomenon. This includes scientists taking a more objective stance and treating the true phenomenon with the same scientific curiosity admirably demonstrated in so many other areas of our everyday world.
And it applies equally to the so-called ‘true believers’ who treat every coloured light in the sky as a sign that our space brothers are lovingly watching over us.
Only then can we hope to have an intelligent conversation and perhaps gain some understanding of the perplexing UFO mystery.
This is a special guest post by Andrew Nicholson –