Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Paris UFO from Plane Enhanced and Analyzed (Video)

By Tom Rose

A video on YouTube shows an enhanced version of a clip of a saucer UFO flying past a jet taking off from the Paris airport. What is it?

The video includes the raw footage establishing the shot as the passenger boards the plane at the airport and films out the window as the plane taxis down the runway. As the camera catches the view outside on the tarmac, a streaking object zooms by moving much faster than the plane.

The mysterious object moves so fast it just looks like a bird. But the enhanced, zoomed-in version freezes the object frame-by-frame, and the similarity to a bird ends there.

Whatever it is, the UFO has no wings, is silver white, and is shaped like a disc or a saucer. If it is some kind of aircraft, it's awfully close to an airplane taking off, which is always avoided.

This video is a good example of a new phenomenon in unidentified flying object videos: the accidental capture.

Other videos have caught a similar object from an airplane window, and many of these sightings have yet to be satisfactorily explained. So, what is it? Here's the video:

UFOs seen approaching Shenzhou 9 rocket

By Global Times
UFOs seen approaching Shenzhou 9 rocket
UFOs seen approaching Shenzhou 9 rocket
TV viewers watching the Shenzhou 9 mission liftoff on Saturday evening might have seen two UFOs approach the rocket as it exited the earth's atmosphere.

Video recorded by infrared cameras revealed two shining objects rapidly moving toward the rocket from opposite sides of the Long March 2F rocket about four minutes and 11 seconds after liftoff.

The objects could not have been stars as none were visible during the 6:37 pm launch time, said Wang Sichao, a researcher at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Wang ruled out the possibility the objects were parts of the rocket, as they appeared ahead of its trajectory, as well as the theory they were birds since the objects left extremely visible heat signatures.

He added that further information is needed in order to identify the objects. 

Update: Travis Walton UFO incident witness Steve Pierce (Video)

Steve Pierce recently spoke with Open Minds and gave what he said would be his final interview. Since then, an outpouring of encouragement has come from his supporters and friends. Realizing how vital his story is, Steve has made the decision to continue to speak out about what he witnessed in 1975. The friendship between Travis Walton and Steve Pierce had been strained, but since the posting of the Open Minds interview with Pierce, the friendship is on the mend. In the interview, he expressed his fears of sleeping alone in the woods, but recently with the help of Travis, Steve has over come those fears and spent his first night alone in the woods since the incident. The two will also be teaming up this summer to speak at the 2012 Roswell UFO Festival.

Steve Pierce

In the years since the incident, the polygraph tests have been the crucial piece of evidence backing their story. The test and results are posted online, but not a lot of attention has been given to them. Pierce recently brought these documents into the light again, in hopes of suppressing the skeptics and presenting solid evidence for the events of that night. Travis Walton has also come forward to speak with Open Minds regarding the documents and the exams too. The documents clearly lay out the questions asked, along with the examiners conclusion that: “These polygraph examinations prove that these five men did see some object that they believe to be a UFO and that Travis Walton was not injured or murdered by any of these men, on that Wednesday (5 November 1975).” He also shared some words of encouragement for Pierce, and how speaking out will be a positive thing for him. The tenacity that these men display in sticking to the truth rivals most. Their trials have been daunting, yet they press on, adhering to their stories through the crowd of skeptics.


Here’s one that sort of “snuck under the radar”, and it raises all sorts of interesting speculations and questions:
US satellite spy agency donates telescopes to NASA
Now, when I read this, I thought, “Whoa….!” For one thing, the use of high resolution spy satellites has an obvious purpose, to spy on other nations, on their bases, constructions, activities, and, one would assume, with the advent of Radar Tomography, what they’re doing to a certain depth beneath the ground as well. Now, in the past, we’ve been told by various internet sources, that these satellites would not have much use for space purposes, say, in photographing…well, the Moon for example, or Mars, etc. Now, granted, the telescopes are on the ground, and the article states there are no cameras, and so on. Sure…the NRO always launches telescopes to peer into other people’s business, but, woops, forgets to put a camera on board, or broadcast equipment to send pictures to the earth.
Maybe that’s true, and maybe it isn’t, but the donation of these satellites to NASA suggests that the NRO may have been surveilling more than Moscow or Beijing, and that indeed, the NRO may have been snooping on other things altogether. A secret space program, so to speak.
Now what also caught my eye was that the NRO no longer “needed” these spy satellites with their implied “space” capabilities, and that NASA doesn’t have the money to launch them. As for the first implication, perhaps it indicates that something else has been put into place, and that the NRO may be busily engaging in taking pictures of our nearby neighbors.
In any case, it is an interesting tidbit of information, and one, yet again, that suggests strongly that there is more going on in space than meets the eye, and that someone, at least, is watching it closely.
See you on the flip side.

“They” Are Watching…

As I noted here just recently, I have had several curious experiences that seem to suggest - quite strongly at times – I have been the subject of some degree of official surveillance as a result of my UFO pursuits – directly or indirectly. And much of that very same surveillance appears to have been in the form of telephone-based monitoring and interference.
This is not exactly surprising, since I do a lot of research (and interviews with witnesses) via the phone. But, just in case you think this is all simply a case of me – and only me – getting overly paranoid and seeing the sinister Men in Black just about here, there and everywhere, it’s worth noting I’m far from alone when it comes experiencing, or commenting upon, such matters.

On September 3, 1999, author (of the acclaimed Project Beta), researcher, radio host and good friend Greg Bishop stated the following in an email exchange with Jim Keith – an author of numerous books on UFOs and conspiracy theories who died, under circumstances that some still see as highly suspicious, only four days after he and Greg exchanged emails:
“I turned on my computer about mid week last week (the last week of August, 1999) and found that all of my article and work in progress files had been deleted. Luckily, I had backed them up. What was weird was the fact that the articles were not only ‘trashed,’ but were also deleted from the trash AND erased from he trash sector of the hard drive, making them unrecoverable. This takes a few steps of which I would have most likely been aware, and certainly don’t remember, if indeed I was the culprit. There are a few possibilities: I was hacked through the modem, I was given a virus that only affects my article folder and no other Word files, or someone broke in the house and deleted them. I guess I’ll believe the story that makes me feel best.”

And this odd and slightly unsettling affair was far from being a singular event, as Greg astutely noted when he referred to yet another curious series of circumstances in which he found himself well and truly immersed:
“Mail tampering is the darling of clinical paranoids, but nearly every piece of mail that the late researcher/abductee Karla Turner sent to [my] PO Box looked like it had been tampered with or opened. Since this is easy to do without having to be obvious, we figured someone was interested in her work enough to make it clear that she was being monitored. She took to putting a piece of transparent tape over the flap and writing ‘sealed by sender’ on it.”
Greg continued with the story: ”Karla pretty much took it for granted after awhile, and suggested I do likewise. The same mail problems later cropped up with a cattle mutilation researcher. Our postal and even e-mail exchanges were often a marvel of missed and misrouted communications. He recently suggested that we back off our discussions for awhile for reasons he would not talk about. Then there were the endless hang-up calls. ‘*69′ never worked with any of them. These came in sometimes five to ten times (or more) a day. If we picked up the receiver, there was static or silence.”
And Greg has still more to say on this matter of official, secret attention by, well, someone. This time, it’s with regard to Greg’s self-published magazine of the 1990s, The Excluded Middle, that sought to uncover the many and varied intricacies of the UFO puzzle and a whole range of conspiracies and secrets:
“Is a silly little UFO zine worth any attention? Well, maybe. Just think of all the wasted effort and money that our government puts out to justify a salary or political peccadillo. With unlimited cash flow plus idle hands and an intel operative’s pet paranoia in charge, we begin to see why this might not be so far-fetched.”
Indeed, it might not. And, I cannot begin to tell you how many more friends and colleagues in Ufology - and also in Cryptozoology, for some very baffling reason – have experienced extremely similar things. I made mention of some of these additional events in my 2006 book, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies. Today, however, the number of stories I have in my personal possession – which have never, ever seen the light of day and which originate with numerous well known figures in Ufology - has reached ridiculous proportions.
Someone is watching us, the collective Fortean community. They most certainly have the means, the funding, the motivation and the technology to do so, and in a highly organized, secret and widespread fashion, too. The big, nagging question that remains is: Why…?