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Congressional Hearing Initiative Update

All Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD sets were delivered to the House and Senate. Direct contact with congressional offices will begin on December 1. Emphasis will be on Members of key committees and  Members referred to PRG by constituents. The key committees are these: House: Intelligence; Science, Space and Technology; Homeland Security; Oversight and Governmental Reform Senate: Intelligence; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Homeland Security; and Governmental Affairs.

Social Media Campaign
The social media campaign to ensure the DVDs are reviewed by congressional staff is moving forward rapidly. The number of tweets with hashtag #disclosure since Oct. 31 is 385,800The campaign is being run from three web locations: The Disclosure Lobby (Facebook), and will continue throughout December. 

Media Coverage
Due to the presidential immigration directive and the pending events in Missouri, most congressional staffers were still in town when the CHI was well covered in the Washington Times on Sunday and Monday, November 23, 24.

11/24/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Page 2 (print)
                 (expanded article)

Given all congressional staff read the political sections of the two major DC papers daily and coupled with the social media campaign, it is fair to say awareness of the CHI on Capitol Hill is well underway.

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

The Congressional Hearing Initiative would not be possible without the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club April 29 to May 3, 2013. The DVD video record of the CHD just sent to Congress will open the door for the necessary meetings needed to establish a consensus for hearings. Presently a commercial quality version of the CHD DVD is available at the    CHD website.
[The CHD was produced by CHD2 Productions in conjunction with Paradigm Research Group
Just Cause Entertainment and  IvolveTV 

Stephen Bassett Interviewed on Radio (Skype Video)

Published on 26 Nov 2014
Stephen Bassett has been a leading advocate for ending the 67-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. In this incredible interview, he discusses the obstacles he has faced over the years, and how, over time, the U.S. government has been losing it's very firm grip on its secrecy campaign.

Did you know that the CIA actually founded and funded the National Enquirer to spread disinformation and misinformation to millions of Americans? Did you know that the Cold War was the perfect alibi for those who have been suppressing the truth?

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and cyberspace, people have been able to communicate with each other - across the globe - more and easier than ever before. Bassett's has been operating in cyberspace since 2001 and, along with other UFO researchers, lobbyists and exopolitical advocates, has a plan in place that may lead to full disclosure by February 2015 …

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ron James & Steve Bassett - Bigger Questions Show, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

Published on 4 Nov 2014
In this special edition of Ron James' Bigger Questions show, Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research and Ron James talk about the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, The Truth Embargo, and the Congressional Hearing Initiative. This is an effort to encourage official hearings into the E.T. issue.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Spacing Out! Ep. 98 - Roswell UFO researcher claims he has alien photos

Published on 21 Nov 2014
A key researcher of the 1947 Roswell UFO incident claims he has photos of an extraterrestrial. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Unknown Objects Caught on Video Over Corby U.K.

UFO Casebook
Original Source: Mufon

I was shocked the object appeared to go down and out of sight...

Corby, Great Britain  19th November 2014
I was standing outside my front door when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and saw something shoot across the sky; then suddenly stop at that point.
I got my phone out and recorded the object. I wasn't sure what to think when I first saw the object.
It had green lights that seemed to be flashing randomly; I could just make out it was a solid object and the way it moved from right to left and up and down, I couldn't explain it; I'm baffled.
I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I think I was shocked the object appeared to go down and out of sight. I was rooted to the spot; it took me about 10 minutes to move and go inside.
Then I kept going in and out the front door in case I saw it again. It was a feeling of disbelief.
Did I really see that, or was I just imagining it; but I have video footage, that's says I did. I'm still in a bit of shock now an hour later.

News 9 Investigates The Phenomenon Of RODS

By Kelly Ogle - News 9

Cameras capture a variety of moments in time, but sometimes they capture something else, something unexplained. One man from New Mexico believes he's discovered a new life form, which has spurred a worldwide debate.
"There is a phenomenon that exist among us," said Jose Escamilla, founder and researcher of RODS. "They're like sky fish. They swim through the air like fish."

He first captured a strange image on his photographs back in 1994.

"At first I thought they were insects, birds you know floating close to the lens of the camera," he said.

However, at such a high shutter setting, he says he eliminated the possibility of it being an insect or a bird, but something else, something mysterious.

"We think it's a living entity of some kind. It does have behavior of being alive," said Escamilla. "They're very evasive, they're super fast."

Escamilla calls this entity a ROD, measuring one to six feet long with a cylinder body and multiple sets of wings.

"We don't know what they're doing here. We don't know how long they've been here," he said. "We have rock carvings that appears to show RODS on carve drawings from 50,000 years ago."

Skeptics, however, don't buy into the ROD theory. Skeptics like Mark Zimmerman, an assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.

"I hate to call myself a skeptic, but I'm probably labelled as that because I just think there's some sort of scientific answer for things like this," said Zimmerman. "I think it's interesting and makes for a good topic of discussion."

In fact, he discussed the phenomenon in class recently after one of his students, Erick Perry, captured what appears to be a ROD in a photograph taken for a class assignment.

"It was actually somebody in class who pointed it out," said Perry.

As part of the assignment, Perry took the same photograph at a cemetery during different times of the day. In the night photograph, a white object appeared in the upper right-handed corner.

"People in class joked around about it, like UFOs, but most likely, it was probably like a bug or a plane or something," he said. "The fact that it was in a cemetery made it a little more creepy."

Zimmerman agrees the object is more than likely not out of this world.

"You can capture planes as they're going across the sky, satellites, things that you typically wouldn't see other than like a dot typically when you look up," he said. "Whereas with the longer shutter, when it's open, things will move and light will reflect off of it."

Wanting to prove his point, Zimmerman shot a series of photographs at different exposure times around a porch light, capturing what appears to be objects similar to Rods, but actually turned out to be moths. Like other camera experts, Zimmerman says cameras are capable of producing artifacts, something in the picture that wasn't actually there.

Escamilla viewed Perry's photograph from class and says the mysterious object is not a ROD, but perhaps an airplane. However, he says that doesn't disprove his ROD theory.

"Each object has its own certain footprint, it's certain pattern of flight, you can tell what an insect looks like, you can tell what a bird looks like, a dragonfly and a ROD is a ROD," he said.

Escamilla says RODS can be seen anywhere but their hotbeds are in Washington DC, New Orleans, Canada, Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California the U.S. He says they've also been captured in Scotland, Russia, Japan, China, Germany and the UK.

Escamilla has seen RODS in photographs and video of space and even underwater. He even spied a ROD in video taken from SkyNews9 during tornado coverage in 1999.

"Those RODS are huge. That one white ROD that comes out of the top of the cloud, that cloud front was 10 miles away from the helicopter and it comes out in three frames. That thing must have been a 100 feet in length," said Escamilla.

So what do you believe? Do rods exist among us, these strange living things that appear and disappear in the blink of an eye, caught at just the right moment in time?

"I think everyone always has some sort of conspiracy on anything. I mean, it could be Bigfoot," said Zimmerman.

"This phenomenon is real and for those of you who don't believe in it, that's your prerogative. You can believe what you want, or disbelieve, but the fact is, these things are here," said Escamilla. "They are doing something here. We don't know what they do but they are doing it."

Escamilla says technology has improved the documentation of RODS, where he's now able to capture them using infrared filters and in high-speed footage.

Activist demands congressional action on aliens — of the extraterrestrial kind (Steve Bassett)

While Congress and the White House argue over illegal aliens, Stephen Bassett — founder of Paradigm Research Group and a registered lobbyist - continues to demand that lawmakers, the White House and assorted officials tell what they know about aliens. As in extraterrestrials.

The determined Mr. Bassett has already organized a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” last year at the National Press Club in the nation’s capital. A DVD of the 30-hour close encounter between witnesses, six former congressmen, law enforcement, experts and journalists was sent to all members of Congress on Nov. 5, as a matter of fact.

Mr. Basset now says he will “renew direct engagement” with lawmakers and has organized an aggressive social media campaign among like-minded voters who also want answers about UFO sightings, alien technology and other matters. He offers a dozen sample tweets for interested folk, a #disclosure hashtag and a mission statement: “Dedicated to ending the government imposed
truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.”

Congress last addressed the issue formally in 1968, Mr. Bassett says.

There is some transparency afoot, though. In 2011, the FBI released a limited number of documents - immediately deemed the “X-Files” by the eager press - still found in what the agency deemed its online “vault.” In 2009, the NSA also declassified some historical information and made it public online, right alongside material related to POWs and the Kennedy assassination.

Other governments have embraced transparency even further; Britain’s defense agency released 52,000 pages of formerly classified material simply titled “UFOS” to the public in 2013. Millions of curious viewers from 160 nations promptly visited the archives site online.

Mr. Bassett, meanwhile, is ready to rumble.

“This will be a concentrated three-month effort accompanied by substantial media coverage. If congressional hearings are held, it is quite likely the truth embargo will collapse,” he predicts.

Did We Find Another Planet In Our Solar System?

Published on 21 Nov 2014

It’s long been theorized that there is a planet in our solar system that is beyond Neptune and Pluto. Amy is here to discuss new evidence that might back up this theory.

MUFON Kick Starter - A New Global UFO Database

The Mutual UFO Network has designed a new system to capture UFO reports, display the data, and find answers. Now we need to build it.

First things first. Some good news about taxes: MUFON is a 501(3)c non-profit. Your donation is tax deductible! 

Second important line of business: Existing members and donors! We have you covered. Please be assured that we recognize your support through the years! If you are an existing member of MUFON and select a reward that includes a 2-year Premium Explorer membership, 2 awesome things will happen:

1) Your existing membership will be upgraded to Explorer level. (scroll to the very bottom of the page for the fine print on this new premium membership.)
2) Your membership will be extended 2-years from the expiration date of your current membership. 

**And a special thanks to James Fox for the interview clips at the beginning of the video, as well as his endorsement of this project.**

Now to answer the big questions.

WHAT exactly are we trying to accomplish? 

WHAT are the rewards?

WHO is MUFON? And WHY are we qualified? 

WHEN will we launch our new system? 

WHY do we need 78k? 

Ok, let's dive in.

WHAT exactly are we trying to accomplish?

WHAT exactly are we trying to accomplish?

If you'd rather see it than read about it, check out our prototype. Remember, a prototype is just the visual mock-up of what we are trying to build.
If you'd rather see it than read about it, check out our prototype. Remember, a prototype is just the visual mock-up of what we are trying to build.
1) Improve the usability of the "Report a UFO" experience to gather MORE data and CLEANER data. With better design, we can ensure that fewer people abandon their report before finishing. We also need to revise which questions are asked, and how. Test out the first draft of our redesign.

The user interface of the existing Report a UFO experience, alongside the proposed redesign

The user interface of the existing Report a UFO experience, alongside the proposed redesign
2) Cleaner data will allow us to do more with that data. We want to provide a free, accessible and robust interface to filter, sort, search and visualize the data. This will help professional and armchair researchers find patterns and possibly even answers in the UFO data. 

Here are a few examples of the types of searches you will easily be able to do. 

"Show all black triangle sightings with more than 2 witnesses that occurred in the state of New York during the month of January from 1981-1992"

"Show only reports that have been reported by government officials that include official government documents, involving green lights"

"Show all sightings that happened near airports, in daylight, with more than 3 testimonials, including images"

3) Allow historical, heavily-researched cases to be searched alongside the thousands of incoming reports. Cases from antiquity, Project Blue Book, the COMETA report and other reputable sources will be tagged with metadata and will be searchable as a result. Access to books, articles, papers and other documentation will be integrated into the database. (In a nutshell, get Hangar 1 Case Files Online.)

4) Improve the speed and security of the database. Make sure it's snappy as well as protected from potential hacks.

5) Create a more valuable member experience. Our membership dues are what keep our lights on. With the new online system we will be able to offer more value to our generous members. With a better membership, we hope to significantly grow our member base and our operational budget in kind. Then we can engage in even more investigative journalism and activism and fund important research. It's a win-win. Members get more and MUFON can do more. Here are a few new things we want to offer our members:

A logged in state, with an online member profile (public or private)
Custom saved searches 
Optional alerts when new reports match a save search
Premium database features
Database CSV export ability
Bookmarked reports and articles
Enhanced commenting and community features
Integrated polling and voting on important UFO and MUFON issues
Automatic MUFON Store discounts
Better integrations with local chapter activity and events
Continued early access to the MUFON Journal (but, in the spirit of free information, back issues will be accessible to the public)

Draft of Member Profile page

Draft of Member Profile page
 6) Improve the general usability, visual design and scientific tone of the website. Create a better content organization that makes more useful and usable on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Ex-NASA Worker Claims She Saw Humans on Mars in 1979

By Paul Seaburn

For those of you tired of looking at pictures from Mars that appear to be skulls, levitating rocks or animals, here’s a story with a new twist. An audio clip posted on YouTube from a Coast to Coast AM show has a woman claiming to be an ex-NASA employee also claiming that she and some colleagues were watching a video feed in 1979 from the Viking lander when they saw two human-like figures walking around.

“Jackie” called in to tell her story to John Lear, the former CIA pilot, ufologist and well-known conspiracy theorist. She is heard saying she handled the downlink telemetry from Viking. She and six coworkers were watching a group of monitors when the incident occurred.
Then I saw two men in space suits – not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer.
At that point the video feed cut out, so she says they went “upstairs” but the door was locked and paper was taped over the window so they couldn’t see in. Her question to Lear was whether the men she saw were from NASA.
Lear, who claims NASA landed on Mars in 1966, responds that they were probably from NASA and were there to do repairs on Viking. He said the light spacesuits weren’t even necessary because humans can adapt to breath the Martian atmosphere. After some banter with the host of the show, the audio clip ends.
As expected, there’s both buzz and questions about Jackie’s claim, not to mention Lear’s response. She calls it a “27-year-old mystery” but 1979 is actually 35 years ago. The clip is from 2014 and was posted in September but there’s no specific date of the broadcast. None of her coworkers were with her to corroborate the story. John Lear has many interesting and controversial theories, too numerous to mention (see Micah Hanks’ article for more info), about UFOs, aliens, life on the moon, NASA’s cover-ups of its work with extraterrestrials and 9/11 conspiracies.
Any thoughts? It’s an interesting story. Now that it’s out, let’s hope Jackie’s coworkers come forward with more information.

This image taken by Curiosity shows what looks like a human figure and its shadow.
This image taken by Curiosity shows what looks like a human figure and its shadow.

UFO TV - Ancient Exopolitics and the Supernatural - Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural, explores ancient Exopolitics and elements of the paranormal that affect our lives.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Spacing Out! Ep. 97 - Night vision records triangle UFO over Michigan

Published on 14 Nov 2014
A witness recorded a triangle UFO over Michigan with night vision equipment. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Topic: UFO - John Ventre - An Alternate History of Mankind

Published on 15 Nov 2014
Rick welcomes one of the stars of The History Channel's "Hangar 1" television series, John Ventre... John is also a State Director for MUFON and the author of the new book, An Alternate History of Mankind.

UFO experts say 'we are not alone'

By Michelle Basch

WASHINGTON -- UFOs were the topic of a panel discussion Wednesday night at American University, and one of the speakers used the occasion to reveal evidence he called a "smoking gun."

"We have come into possession of a couple of Kodachrome color slides of an alien being lying in a glass case," author and researcher Thomas Carey told the near-capacity crowd in Abramson Recital Hall.

He's been researching the 1947 Roswell incident since 1991.

"What's interesting is, the film is dated 1947. We took it to the official historian of Kodak up in Rochester, New York, and he did his due diligence on it, and he said yes, this filmstrip, the slides are from 1947. It's 1947 stock. And from the emulsions on the image, it's not something that's been Photoshopped like today. It's original 1947 images, and it shows an alien who's been partially dissected lying in a case."

Carey says the being looked like what he thought an alien from the famous Roswell incident would look like.

"3 and a half to 4 feet tall, the head is almost insect-like. The head has been severed, and there's been a partial autopsy; the innards have been removed, and we believe the cadaver has been embalmed, at least at the time this picture was taken. The owners of the slide -- it's an amazing story. The woman was a high-powered Midland, Texas, lawyer with a pilot's license. We think she was involved in intelligence in World War II, and her husband was a field geologist for an oil company."

Carey says he plans to reveal the images early next year.

Another panelist, Dr. Richard Haines, is a retired NASA scientist and co-founder of NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena), which provides pilots with an anonymous way to report sightings they can't explain.

"We're pretty ignorant yet about what we're dealing with. And that's the birth of a science. That's how most sciences begin," he said.

Haines says NARCAP has collected hundreds and hundreds of UFO cases.

"Our government is not taking the subject seriously. My role, or mission, if you will, is to bring this to the attention of our aviation world, at the union level, at the airline level and at the government level. I'm finding hardly any difficulty doing that in foreign countries. I'm having a great deal of difficulty in America, and I don't know why."

Leslie Kean is an investigative journalist, co-founder of the Coalition for Freedom of Information and author of the New York Times bestseller "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record."

She wrote her first story about UFOs in 2000.

"My whole life was changed at that point. I was so compelled and so interested and so curious about this UFO phenomenon, because the more I studied it, the more I realized that you couldn't write it off. … It's not like you learn ways of explaining it. You learn more and more about the mystery of it, and the incredible documentation that's out there," she said.

During her presentation, she detailed several interesting UFO cases, and showed some photographs, including one of a shiny, circular object.

"This is an incredible photograph that was taken over Costa Rica in 1971 by a government plane, a mapping plane, that had a camera strapped underneath the aircraft. And every 17 seconds it took a photograph of the ground. The dark area is a lake, and ... the lighter area is the land, and over that lake there's a disc-shaped object."

Kean says Chile and France have full-time government staffers who do nothing but seriously investigate UFO cases, and she thinks the same is needed in the U.S.

"I'm trying to make the point that our scientists need to get more involved. In order for that to happen, we need a government agency here that will open the doors to allowing our scientists to engage with this topic."

The most riveting presentation of the night came from retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Charles Halt, one of the witnesses of a famous series of UFO sightings in England in 1980 known as the Rendlesham Forest incident.

Halt says he went into the forest to check out a report that a UFO had landed there. He saw three indentations in the ground that were spaced evenly, and a Geiger counter showed abnormally high levels of radiation in the area.

Mum catches 'UFO' on camera and proclaims: "It was unbelievable, I've never seen anything like it"

By Rebekah Holliday

Colourful craft flew fast across the sky in Liverpool, sparking speculation among residents about what it was?

This is the intriguing moment a multi-coloured 'UFO' was caught on camera soaring through the night sky above a city in Britain.
First it was bright blue, then red and then amber – causing Giedre Misiunaite to wonder what on Earth was flying overhead.
The 28-year-old mum and her husband were left stunned by the strange phenomenon.

"We were standing there in the backyard having a smoke and my husband said, 'look at that!' the Liverpool Echo reports.
"It was bright blue and then it was staying still – like it was floating –  and then it went really, really fast backwards and forwards.
"And then it went amber and then red.
"Then it just stood still and then disappeared but it came back about 10 minutes later.
"I'm sure other people must have seen it because we went for a drive and we saw other people standing outside in their pyjamas."

Giedre, from Old Swan, Liverpool, added: "I'm sure it wasn't a plane, it was 100 miles too fast for a plane ... It was just unbelievable – I've never seen anything like that in my life."
And she wasn't the only resident to spot the mysterious UFO.
Heather Prescott told the Echo via Twitter that she saw something strange overhead but assumed it was a lantern.

"Just an orange light out of (the) living room, botanic park, Littlewoods , Edge Lane direction but again presume lantern," she wrote.

Mrs Misiunaite said she had no idea what the mysterious light was.
See the video below and make up you're own mind – we've slowed down the vision so you can get a better look.

Multiple unknown lights filmed over Germany

Published on 2 Nov 2014 - No description...

Weird shaped UFO caught on camera over Mexico

Published on 15 Nov 2014
OVNI En Mexico Df Amorfo subido 14-11-2014

UFO Performing intelligent Demonstrations

Published on 19 Nov 2014
El 21 de Septiembre de 2014 en Chandler, Arizona fue vídeo grabada una verdadera demostración inteligente de los llamados Objetos Voladores No Identificados estos fueron grabados por un teléfono celular.

Google translate:

On September 21, 2014 in Chandler, Arizona was a real smart video recorded demo called Unidentified Flying Objects they were recorded on a cell phone.

Triggers of Consciousness lecture on Saturday November 22

By Fairlea Polmear

Every six minutes someone in the world sees something strange in the sky which cannot be explained. However the truth is out there and it’s coming to Tingrith Meeting House, Osmington.

Mary Rodwell is an internationally renowned researcher in UFO and contact phenomenon. She will be bringing her special workshops to the South West due to high demand from local residents.


Her Triggers of Consciousness lecture on Saturday November 22 will involve footage of a real UFO, statements from an astrophysicist, a look into children’s stories of sightings and generally helping people connect the dots with their own experiences.

“We are not alone and I’ll show you evidence” Ms Rodwell said.

Ms Rodwell’s passion for researching extraterrestrial encounters stems from her work as a professional counsellor. A man came to her claiming he, his wife and his children had all been waking with marks on their bodies but no doctor would take him seriously.

Since then, Ms Rodwell has worked with over 3000 individuals who have all experienced unexplained phenomenon including doctors, lawyers, psychologists and military personnel.

People who have experienced contact often describe the aliens as taking the form of angels, spirit guides or bald headed blue creatures.

The experience is said to impact a person’s life greatly, inspiring them to change and approach life in a more holistic fashion.

According to Ms Rodwell the reason why the South West region has more cases of unexplained phenomenon is due to people moving here after having a transformative experience.

People who have been contacted develop psychic abilities and heightened senses that can be overwhelmed in a city environment. 

Ms Rodwell will be running an all day workshop on Sunday November 23 for people who believe they have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings.

The workshop will provide a safe environment, free from ridicule for people to describe what they have been through. Ms Rodwell hopes the day will enable long lasting connections to occur between participants creating a community support network when she leaves.

“They are not space cadets”, Ms Rodwell said

Tickets are still available to both events and can be purchased from Lorraine by emailing her at or by phone on 0415 408 086

Brittany Allen has an alien encounter in 'Extraterrestrial' / Interview + Trailer

By Niki Cruz

In the film "Extraterres-trial" actress Brittany Allen plays a fully realized character inside of an epic alien invasion story.
Even though the genre-bending film steers just enough away from typical horror tropes, Allen as April is the film's highlight.
Stuck in a series of crossroads in her life, April is led on a trip by her boyfriend (Freddie Stroma, "Harry Potter") and their group of friends to a cabin she spent her childhood summers in.
While she hopes to reminisce and create new memories, the group of 20-somethings deal with a terrifying encounter not of this world.
Allen spoke with amNewYork about "Extraterrestrial," which open this Friday.

Your character is very strong and complex. Did that material help you ground her?
Yeah, it really did. When I was first introduced to the character of April I instantly connected with her. I thought, this is a real person. This isn't some fantasy idea of who a woman is. She's not being a prop used for her sexuality, which you do find in some horror movies. She has a voice.

How much did you have to react to things that weren't there?
It was all CGI. When we were on set it was just reacting to things that were in our imagination. Pretending a tennis ball was a menacing monster was hard, but for the most part it was things that were just out of sight, or just beyond the door. I love being able to let my imagination run free.

As kids we're encouraged to dream up these worlds. It's interesting to see adult actors go back to that stage.
I think that's been my biggest journey as an actor -- finding my way back to how free and open and uninhibited I was as a child. I'm so lucky within my work that I'm able to have an outlet to explore those hidden parts of myself.

Did this film change your mind about the existence of aliens?
I've always been open to that possibility. There's so little that we know of the universe and what's beyond, to say definitively that there's not other life out there seems naive. I've talked to people who had experiences that they felt or saw something. I'd be curious within my lifetime if that would ever become common knowledge.

Travis Walton UFO Encounter Anniversary Site Visit - Skyfire Summit

Published on 19 Nov 2014
Travis Walton allegedly witnessed a UFO with several of his fellow loggers in the woods near Heber, AZ, on the evening of November 5, 1975. The UFO shot a beam of light at Travis and he was sent flying. His friends thought he was dead and took off. When they returned soon after, Travis was gone. They were accused of killing Travis and hiding his body in the forest. Five days later, after what Travis thought was only a few hours, Travis returned. Now it seems that Travis may have been taken on-board the mysterious craft and encountered extraterrestrial beings.

This year, 2014, Travis held the Skyfire Summit, a conference centered around his experience. To start the events off, Travis along with Ben Hansen of Night Vision Optics, took attendees out to the location of the UFO sighting for a night sky watch exactly 39 years to the day after the event occurred. The next day, the group visited the court house where Travis' co-workers took, and passed, lie detector tests.

We documented the visit to the location of the UFO encounter and the court house, and interviewed Travis about his conference.

Meteor? UFO? Flash Over Russia May Have Earthly Origin

By NBC News

Video of the sky lighting up over Russia's Sverdlovsk region last Friday calls to mind the enormous fireballs that fell over Chelyabinsk in early 2013 and Murmansk in April. But at least one expert seems sure that this particular phenomenon may not be celestial in origin. A meteor-watching blog quotes Marco Langbroek of the Dutch Meteor Society: "I doubt this one is a meteor." He points out that the onlookers already seemed to be aware of a red glow in the sky before the flare-up — and that when the light does appear, it's stationary. "To me, it looks like a fire or series of small explosions and subsequent large explosion or flash fire reflecting on a cloud deck," he concluded.

A local news site suggests there's an old chemical plant outside the nearby town of Rezh, the explosion of which would be consistent with this phenomenon, and one local on the forum of wrote there were also reports of the military setting off ammunition.


Evidence of a Secret Colony on Mars has sparked the interest of UFO Researchers around the world. Recent whistle-blower revelations from President Eisenhower's great granddaughter and others give renewed credence to the evidence that planet Mars is being prepared as a SURVIVAL COLONY in the face of imminent catastrophic events that may decimate the population of planet Earth. This film presence the best evidence available that there is indeed Life on Mars.

Researcher Robert Hastings' UFOs and Nukes Documentary Film Needs Your Support

By Geeks News Desk

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ Over the past 41 years, I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their knowledge of UFO incursions at American nuclear weapons sites, including incidents during which ICBMs malfunctioned, just as a disc-shaped object hovered over them.

CNN streamed my September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C. at which seven of the veterans discussed their involvement in those or similar events. The full-length video may be viewed at

My film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, is currently in production and nearing completion. However, our funds will be exhausted before all of the work can be finished. Some of the computer-generated animation, post-production audio, and musical scoring is on hold. My colleagues and I estimate that an additional $25,000 will be needed to wrap up the project.

The purpose of this film is public education. The information I have gathered over the past four decades confirms the reality of UFO activity at American and Soviet nuclear weapons sites. The specifics, as reported by the ex-military witnesses and declassified documents, are both stunning and tremendously important.

Significantly, UFO incursions at American ICBM sites have continued to occur long after the end of the Cold War. On October 23, 2010, at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, communications with launch officers operating 50 Minuteman III missiles were temporarily disrupted. According to my then-active duty U.S. Air Force sources, a huge cigar-shaped UFO was observed during the incident.

It's clear that the American government does not plan to reveal these amazing and perhaps ominous developments any time soon. Therefore, a grassroots effort must be made to acquaint people everywhere with a situation that has been successfully kept secret for decades.

While my 2008 book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, has introduced this potentially paradigm-altering information to thousands of readers, a widely-distributed film on the subject will reach millions worldwide.

Rather than launching a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, which would involve unnecessary expenses, we have decided to implement a simplified public appeal. Those who would like to support this effort, or more information, may go to my Support Our Film webpage.

Knowledge is Power. If you believe that this campaign should continue, please help us Spread the Word by going to my website and making a contribution.

Robert Hastings