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'UFO' Found in Baltic Sea Will Make You Believe (VIDEO)

on February 2, 2012 at 11:57 AM

If you're a skeptic on all things extraterrestrial, prepare to have your mind blown. An object found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea during a sea explorer's search for a shipwreck full of vintage champagne has turned up something quite different. An object many are describing as looking "like the Millennium Falcon" (from Star Wars) is sitting at the bottom of the sea.
Predictably, bloggers and conspiracy theorists have gone wild, speculating that this is everything from a UFO to a remnant of the lost city of Atlantis. It's also the second find of its kind in this particular location. Last July, a team of Swedish researchers found something similar.
At 80 meters below, there sits a "60-meter diameter cylinder-shaped object, with a rigid tail 400 meters long," according to CNN. Here is a video from last summer:

Judging from the photos, one could make any number of guesses as to what this object is. But it does look an awful lot like the Millennium Falcon. See for yourself. It's true, no?
The reality is, we have no idea what an alien spacecraft would look like. Our notion of a flying saucer is entirely based in science fiction, which is obviously fantasy. But many believe (and probably rightfully so) that we aren't alone in our universe and so it would make sense that, at some point, we might discover evidence here on Earth of extraterrestrial life.
Personally, I like the idea, so I am choosing to believe this. No matter what you think, it's unique. The explorers themselves said they have never seen anything like it at the bottom of the sea, even speculating that the object has skid marks indicating some sort of crash landing.
Skeptics will harp on the unreliability of the one-side scan sonar images, which -- admittedly -- do make it hard to tell if an object is a natural geological formation or something different. But isn't it more fun to believe?
As the techniques sea salvagers use become more advanced, there may be more and more discoveries like this. The bottom of the sea is a vast unknown, so why shouldn't there be UFOs? I could believe it.

UFOs Spotted in Dublin, Georgia - Sightings in GA on the Rise (Video)

January 27, 2012

The Secret UFO NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun

EBE Award Winner! Best Film - International UFO Congress Film Festival. This program presents the history of UFO sightings by NASA Astronauts and the facts around a secret independent study to monitor the digital video cameras on all NASA Space Shuttle missions. Martyn Stubbs recorded over 2,500 hours of live NASA video transmissions over a period of five years. Some of this footage shows what appears to be intelligently controlled UFOs caught on NASA's own video cameras. This "historic" video footage and the story that lay behind its discovery can now be revealed.

This film was originally released in 2001 and revolutionized UFO research with NASA Space Shuttle cameras. This film remains today an important source of UFO research.

Hilter’s Saucers and Secret Files

When it comes to the UFO topic, there can surely be few more emotive issues than that relative to so-called “Nazi Flying Saucers.” So, the story goes, in the latter stages of the Second World War, Hitler’s hordes began working on radical, circular-shaped aircraft designs, but failed to capitalize on them to any meaningful degree as a result of the Allies fortunately gaining the upper hand, and ultimately, achieving victory.
The theory continues that, in the post-war era, the secret Saucer technology was clandestinely transferred from Germany to the U.S., successfully developed, and duly deployed. In other words, Nazi Saucer proponents say, what we are seeing today are not alien craft from far-away worlds, but highly-advanced flying machines of a definitively terrestrial nature, whose origins can be traced back to wartime Germany.

It must be said that a lot of what has been written on this subject is over-the-top, exaggerated nonsense. But, what is intriguing is the significant body of official documentation on the matter which has surfaced under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.
The following Air Force report of 3 January 1952 (on the subject of UFO sightings investigated by the Air Force in the late 1940s and early 1950s) from Brigadier General W.M. Garland to General John A. Samford, Air Force Director of Intelligence makes this point abundantly clear, and also touches upon the work of the aviation geniuses, the Horten brothers:
“It is logical to relate the reported sightings to the known development of aircraft, jet propulsion, rockets and range extension capabilities in Germany and the USSR. In this connection, it is to be noted that certain developments by the Germans, particularly the Horten wing, jet propulsion, and refueling, combined with their extensive employment of V-l and V-2 weapons during World War II, lend credence to the possibility that the flying objects may be of German and Russian origin.”

The document continues: “The developments mentioned above were completed and operational between 1941 and 1944 and subsequently fell into the hands of the Soviets at the end of the war. There is evidence that the Germans were working on these projects as far back as 1931 to 1938. Therefore it may be assumed that the Germans had at least a 7 to 10 year lead over the United States.”
The CIA showed similar concerns in 1954: “A German newspaper (not further identified) recently published an interview with George Klein, famous German engineer and aircraft expert, describing the experimental construction of ‘flying saucers’ carried out by him from 1941 to 1945. Klein stated that he was present when, in 1945, the first piloted ‘flying saucer’ took off and reached a speed of 1,300 miles per hour within 3 minutes.”
Then there is an intriguing FBI document concerning a man who appeared at the Miami Office of the FBI on 26 April 1967, and furnished the following information relating to a circular-shaped aircraft that he allegedly photographed during November 1944:
The FBI noted: “Sometime during 1943, he graduated from the German Air Academy and was assigned as a member of the Luftwaffe on the Russian Front Near the end of 1944, he was released from this duty and was assigned as a test pilot to a top secret project in the Black Forest of Austria.”
During this period, recorded the FBI, the man was witness to a strange, flying vehicle. It was, he told the interviewing agents, “…saucer-shaped, about twenty-one feet in diameter, radio-controlled, and mounted several jet engines around the exterior portion of the craft. He further described the exterior portion as revolving around the dome in the center which remained stationary. It was his responsibility to photograph the object while in flight. He asserted he was able to retain a negative of a photograph he made at 7,000 meters (20,000 feet).”
The FBI further detailed: “According to him, the above aircraft was designed and engineered by a German engineer whose present whereabouts is unknown to him. He also assumed the secrets pertaining to this aircraft were captured by Allied Forces. He said this type of aircraft was responsible for the downing of at least one American B-26 airplane.
“He has become increasingly concerned because of the unconfirmed reports concerning a similar object and denials the United States has such an aircraft. He feels such a weapon would be beneficial in Vietnam and would prevent the further loss of American lives which was his paramount purpose in contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic and during the same time frame, British authorities had uncovered a similar body of data. A 1957 Secret Air Ministry report, for example, states that, “A review by the Daily Worker newspaper of a book recently published on German wartime weapons contained references to a German flying saucer which was flown at a speed of 1,250 mph to a height of 40,000 feet.”
Similarly, in 1998, the British Government declassified a two-volume document – titled Unorthodox Aircraft, previously withheld at Top Secret level and dating from the period 1948-1951 – that dealt with British Intelligence interviews with former prisoners of war who had seen unusual and radical aircraft in the vicinity of German and Russian airfields and military installations.
Interestingly enough, interspersed throughout the reports are a variety of foreign newspaper clippings on circular shaped aircraft and the attempts of the Nazis to build and utilize such vehicles. Moreover, copies of the file were distributed to a whole host of British agencies and departments, including the Joint Intelligence Bureau, the Air Ministry’s Scientific and Technical Intelligence office, MI10 at the War Office, and Air Intelligence.
Of course, one could make the reasonable argument that in the search for the truth about Flying Saucers, government and military agencies have followed numerous leads, and a whole variety of theories to explain the phenomenon. And just because they have studied the data suggesting the Nazis constructed fantastic UFO-like craft, doesn’t make the theory true.
But, it doesn’t necessarily mean the data is false either…

Fire in the Sky: A New Gig

It’s not every day that you get to go and see a lecture from Travis Walton of Fire in the Sky (the book and the movie). But you can next month! The San Antonio, Texas chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has a one-day conference arranged for Saturday, March 3, at which Walton will be headlining. Called the Fire in the Sky conference, it will also feature presentations from Angelia Joiner (Stephenville, TX UFO); Teresa Turner (MUFON); Eddie Hill (paranormal investigator); Robert Powell (MUFON); and UFO author, Noe Torres.
You can find out more about the Fire in the Sky gig at

UFO Hunters - Vortexes (Video)

The alien abduction of police officer Herbert Schirmer

Prufon News
Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whether you believe it or not, the following story is a fascinating one. Perhaps one day the governments of the world will tell us what they know... if they know. But we must adhere to the fact that there are many UFO and alien encounters observed by credible eyewitnesses of different professions around the world e.g., fighter pilots, commercial pilots, military personnel, former presidents, astronomers, astronauts, and yes, by police officers like Herbert Schirmer. This abduction is considered alongside officer Lonnie Zamora case of Socorro, New Mexico of 1964, as major UFO encounters by seasoned law enforcement officers whose credibility should not be denied.
The story according to officer Schirmer:
On December 3, 1967, around 2:30 am, near Ashland, Nebraska (USA), 22-year-old police sergeant Herbert Schirmer, was making his normal patrol rounds when he noticed some red lights on the intersection of highways 6 and 63. Thinking that they were red lights atop a large truck, he approached on highway 63 and shone his high beams on it. At this point, he realized that it was no truck, but a disc-shaped object with a polished aluminum surface and with a type of catwalk going around it.
The blinking red beaming lights were coming through what Schirmer described as "portholes" around the craft. The UFO appeared to be a mere six to eight feet above the road, and was hovering in the air with a slight tilt and could see what he thought were "legs" underneath the object.
Then the object began to slowly ascend, making a siren kind of noise, and issuing a flame-like display from the underside. Sticking his head out the window, Sgt. Schirmer watched the UFO pass nearly overhead. Then suddenly it shot up and out of sight.
Believe it or not!:
Schirmer then got out of the police car and, with a flashlight in hand, inspected the surface of the road where the object had hovered so low to the ground. After this, he drove to the police station and wrote in the logbook, "Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!"
He was puzzled to notice that it was now 3:00 am, as the sighting seemingly lasted no more than ten minutes. As the morning wore on, Schirmer was to suffer a headache, a "weird buzzing" in his head, and would discover that he had a "red welt" on his neck. It was about two inches long and about half an inch wide, and was located on the "nerve cord" below one of his ears.
A few hours later, Chief Bill Wlaskin would visit the alleged encounter site and find a small metallic artifact. Chemical analysis revealed it was composed of iron and silicon. Investigators from the Condon Committee speculated that it was probably "ordinary corroded earthly waste."
The Condon Committee investigates:
The Condon Committee, located at the University of Colorado, which investigated UFO sightings at the time, heard of Schirmer's sighting, and requested that he come to Boulder, Colorado. On February 13, 1968, Schirmer would undergo hypnotic regression, administered by psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming.
Schirmer relates his encounter through hypnosis:
During the hypnotic regression session, Schirmer would bring out many new details that he had suppressed. He explained that as he neared the UFO, the engine in his police cruiser stalled. Some type of blurry white object emerged from the UFO and communicated with him telepathically. This object kept Schirmer from drawing his firearm. He tried to call the sheriff's office but his radio was dead.
Suddenly, he observed a red-orange glow on the bottom of the craft, and saw a hatch open. He said, "It was then that a shape of a man came out and walked over to the front of the patrol car. Then a second man came out of the craft and walked over to the car. The first man stood in front of the patrol car holding a small box-like object and pressed something on it. A green mist came out, spraying all over the patrol car. The other man walked over to the driver's side of the patrol car, reached inside and pressed a silver object against my neck, directly under my left ear. I felt a tingling sensation go through my whole body."
They power their craft through electric power lines:
He continued relating that the humanoid beings escorted him from his car and into the ship, where the leader, then asked, "Are you the watchman of this town?" Schirmer answered, "Yes sir, I am". He spoke again, "Watchman, come with me." The gray-white skinned alien gave him a tour and explained how the craft operated, showed him the power source and computers onboard, and answered questions on the purpose of their mission on Earth.
Other facts recalled by the police officer were that the beings from the ship were friendly; they powered their UFO through the electric lines, and had a base of operation on the planet Venus.
The leader explained to Schirmer that the craft had landed to extract power from a nearby hydroelectric transmission line. The leader said, "Look watchman." Then Schirmer saw a blue bolt of light, through a porthole. It was like a beam and it hit the transformer on a power pole approximately 200 feet from the craft. There was a bright flash of fire and the blue bolt came back to the craft.
He also said that they have been observing us for a long time." Herbert Schirmer was then escorted from the UFO and returned to his police cruiser. He watched as the craft flew away and got lost out of sight high in the sky.
The aliens' descriptions:
The entities were described about 4½ to 5 feet tall, had slightly slanted "catlike" eyes that didn’t blink, gray-white skin, long and thin heads, with flat noses and slit-like mouths. They wore silver-gray uniforms, gloves, and helmets, which had a small antenna on the left side around their ear. One odd fact that was described was that the aliens wore uniforms with an emblem of a winged serpent on the left breast, similar to the winged serpents that have appeared in mythology around the world. Schirmer had the impression that the small antennas were for communicating mentally with him somehow.
The Condon Committee concluded that, "Evaluation of psychological assessment tests, the lack of any evidence, and interviews with the patrol officer, left project staff with no confidence that the trooper's reported UFO experience was physically real." However, psychologist Dr. Sprinkle (the one who hypnotized him) reasoned that officer Schirmer "believed in the reality of the events he described."
Schirmer’s personal problems:
When Schirmer returned to his duties in Ashland, Police Chief Wlaskin resigned, and Shirmer was appointed as the new police chief. But when the townspeople ridiculed Schirmer because of his UFO experience, they hanged him in effigy as an expression that they didn't believe him. His patrol car was subsequently dynamited, his tires were slashed, and a windshield was broken on his car. To exacerbate his misfortune, his wife left him.
He stated, "I would give somebody a traffic ticket and they would look at me and laugh, and tear up the ticket. What could I do? Schirmer stated in an interview at his home.
Due to that, he was unable to rightfully perform his duties and resigned two months later. But despite the ridicule and the misfortune, Schirmer has stubbornly stuck to his story since 1967 and feels he is ready to tell it to the world no matter what.
Looking for relief from his psychological problems, he would undergo more hypnotic regressions on June of 1968. Hypnotist Loring G. Williams conducted the sessions, which would reveal many more details of his encounter with the UFO. There would be two books written about his experiences, "Gods, Demons, and Space Chariots" and "Gods and Devils from Outer Space" by Eric Norman.
Please note: These UFO occupants were described something like the beings encountered by Filiberto Cardenas in Florida (USA) in 1979. The aliens wore tight-fitted silvery bluish-white one-piece suits covering everything except the face. He also observed an emblem worn on the right side of the chest with an “X” lying down with a raised serpent in the center and a button-like earphone over the right ear with a small antenna sticking out the top. You can read about Filiberto Cardenas encounter here.

Officer Schirmer endured a sad experience. Is it better to keep quiet when one sees a UFO and/or its occupants? Many people who have gone through a similar experience had to live with it all their lives for fear of being ridiculed. In the case of officer Schirmer, as a public servant had to report what he saw, therefore had to log it in the logbook at his headquarters. But sadly the town residents aggressively did not believed him, which caused him to resign from his job. In the 1960’s, when "Flying Saucers" were beginning to be known, there were a lot more skepticism than today. Since those early years, a great number of professionals and reliable eyewitnesses have been involved in the sightings, and with the advent of computers, the Internet and videos movies etc., a lot more evidence of their existence has turned up.

UFO identified over Southend?

Thursday, 02 February 2012

SIGHTING: Gary Fulger highlights the object, which has been zoomed in (right).
SIGHTING: Gary Fulger highlights the object, which has been zoomed in (right).

CANVEY coastguard Gary Fulger thinks he might have caught a UFO on film.
Gary, of Surig Road, unwittingly filmed the object flying over Priory Park but spent more than 18 months researching before going public.
He said: “I didn’t want to look like an anorak. I wanted to see if I could identify it first.”
Gary was in the park with his wife on July 24, 2010, when he saw an object in the sky and filmed it.
Looking through the footage later he decided that the object was a helium balloon.
However, while watching the footage frame by frame, he noticed another object shoot through the sky in the background.
“It crosses the screen in the wink of an eye, like a bullet,” said Gary. “There’s no noise and no vapour trail. I can zoom in on my TV and it doesn’t look like there’s a tail fin, either.”
The object crosses the sky in less than a second, remaining on screen for just 16 frames. It moves so quickly that it is impossible to get a clear image of it.
He said: “I’ve been a coastguard since the 1990s so I know all about weather phenomenon and Chinese lanterns. It’s not either of those and it’s much too fast to be a plane. The only thing I could compare it to is a cruise missile – but faster.”
Gary said he was mainly concerned about air safety and had even reported the sighting to Castle Point MP, Rebecca Harris.
He said: “This thing’s humping it across the sky in commercial airspace. If another plane comes into its path, it’s not exactly going to be able to do a handbrake turn.”
He added: “I’m not saying it’s little green men. I’d just like to know what it was. Maybe someone else has seen or filmed something similar, or maybe they were filming the same thing that day.”