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Ufo News Links For Monday 30th January 2012

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Fran Drescher UFO Alien Abduction Prompts Sammy Hagar Similarities

By Lalate

Fran Drescher UFO Alien Abduction Prompts Sammy Hagar Similarities

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Fran Drescher UFO alien abduction revelation is mirroring Sammy Hagar’s thoughts about aliens. Fran Drescher claims a UFO alien abduction happened to her and her ex-husband, separately, as children. The news follows reports that Shirley MacLaine allegedly has insurance coverage in the case of future alien abductions as well.
Fran Drescher’s laugh dominated TV history on The Nanny. But Drescher is not laughing about her history on the UFO. Drescher says as a teenager she was abducted by aliens. She said that she traveled on a UFO briefly. And when returned to earth, Drescher says she was implanted with a chip by her alien friends.
Drescher is not particularly certain why aliens implanted her with a chip. But she says that her ex-husband got his own chip as well. Drescher’s ex-husband clams he too was abducted as a child by aliens. But he claims that a cut on his head is not from an abduction but a fall. Drescher tells new that the aliens have programmed her husband to believe that.
In March 2011, Sammy Hagar detailed his life with aliens in “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock” life, and Hagar’s life among aliens. Hagar claimed one night during his sleep the aliens “were plugged into me. It was a download situation … Or, they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment.”
Hagar also asserted that he was visited by an alien spaceship, at age 4. But unlike the adult encounter, aliens only visited and observed Hagar as a youth, claims the rocker.
Shirley MacLaine is allegedly worried about aliens as well. Parade Magazine claimed in March 2011 that McLaine allegedly has a special insurance policy provision that protects her future alien abductions. The $25 million policy protects her in the case of an abduction. Reportedly twenty-thousand U.S. citizens have such a policy. It remains unclear how many insurance claims have been paid out to date for abductions.

UFO Tracks US Aircraft Carrier In Persian Gulf, now sent to Iran.

By Scott Waring

As Russia Today broadcasted news about Iran blocking oil in the Arabian Sea, near a US Aircraft carrier was what looks like a disk. Although this footage was used by RT News in January, it has the date of December 2011 at the Persian Gulf on its label. Very interesting, is it one of ours or alien? It is possible it was not visible to the human eye but the digital camera picked it up.

Out of this world and into your mind

By Andrea Ayala
The Daily Titan January 30, 2012

Photo by Camille Tarazon

Let’s face it: It’s hard enough grasping the tangible world through studies in college.Amidst the business that is school, especially back to school, students don’t usually take the time to lift their heads out of their books and lives long enough to ponder what lies outside of reason.
Reason is college.
Earth to Cal State Fullerton: there’s life outside of school.
There may even be life outside of the planet, according to some. This idea is what’s got the members of the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) going. MUFON International tries to answer difficult questions about unexplained occurrences on this planet, and raise questions as to what is happening in other planets. Regular MUFON meetings are held all over the world. The meetings usually include professional speakers who have done extensive research on the subject.
In a recent gathering of the MUFON Orange County Chapter, on Jan. 18, speaker Christopher O’Brien discussed unexplained occurrences in ancient times, such as the carving of stone heads with glass by the Olmec and space-ship like figures in medieval time art.
When most think of unidentified objects, UFOs and aliens specifically come to mind, and images of long gray faces with big round eyes from childhood animated shows and movies reappear. However, O’Brien argued that unidentified objects aren’t necessarily inclusive of just aliens. Other unexplained phenomena such as crop circles can be classified as unidentified objects as well.
Even miracles, he explained, could be considered unidentified circumstances and occurrences such as the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, in which the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to three shepherd children, fall under the category of UFOs or unidentified flying objects. At the gathering, O’Brien encouraged people to get creative when looking at ancient cultures in order to better understand the past.
Neena Dolwani, a Newport Beach resident, is on the board of directors for the MUFON Orange County Chapter. Dolwani explained that she joined the board of directors in the hopes of encouraging more young people to join the MUFON. Despite the fact that a majority of the MUFON gatherings are populated by middle-aged or older members, many young people may still remain interested in the research of unexplained occurrences. It is important, she says, to “bridge the gap.”
Stephanie Martinez, 26, a biology major, is a good friend of Dolwani. She recently decided to tag along for one of the meetings. “I’ve always had an interest in extraterrestrials… I was an X-Files fan,” said Martinez.
Martinez stated that it’s important to maintain research on UFOs, saying, “There’s just so many unanswered questions, it’s something we should investigate.”
Karl Jara, 19, a CSUF business major, said that most of the information he gets about extra-terrestrials comes from movies or YouTube. Jara said he believes in the possibility of life outside Earth, “not like robots or transformers, not that kind of aliens…but maybe the big headed aliens.”
Jara says that his interest in the unexplained would not necessarily encourage him to attend one of the MUFON meetings. “It would scare me if I found out that there are aliens,” said Jara.
Still, the MUFON could attract many young visitors who are steering away from traditional beliefs and shifting towards the possibility of an alternative explanation for occurrences on Earth.

Mysterious lights above Utah County have people guessing

By Anne Forester
KSL.Com - Utah

PROVO -- An out-of-place light in the sky Friday night captured Anthony Piceno's attention.
He watched the light for minutes, drifting, as he described it, to the south and then to the east.
"I looked up at the sky and it was different object, neon blue, red flashing lights. …just cruising slow," Piceno said.
Several experts have made guesses about what the drifting light could have been, including Lynn Hadfield, president of Utah Valley Aeormodelers. He said he believed it was an RC plane with lights, and that a number of flyers from Pleasant Grove spend time in Art Dye Park in American Fork flying planes at night.
"There have been a number of people who spot these around and wonder if they were UFOs," Hadfield said.
Another theory is that the light was that of a para-glider taking a nighttime joyride.
"If it was a para-glider flying over American Fork then it wouldn't be the first time a para-glider flew at night with lights on," Hadfield said.
Chris Santacroce with Superfly Paragliding says if it was a para-glider, it was against the law.
"We can't fly a half hour before sunset or half hour after sunset, we are strictly forbidden," Santacroce said.
No official explanation about the origin or purpose of the lights has been released.

Video Link:

Ufo's And The Alien Presence (Video)

Ufo Emerges from Cloud and Explodes! (Video)

By Tom Rose
January 30, 2012

In the latest UFO news, two friends driving along a highway in Portugal jump from their car to film an unidentified flying object as it emerged from a cloud. A moment later, the OVNI flashes into bits and falls to the ground.
The amazing footage certainly looks real as faking this kind of image is very difficult. Since the comments are in Portuguese, it's hard to know what the witnesses are saying, but they seem very excited by what they are seeing.
As the UFO peeks out from the cloud the cameraman zooms in for a closeup and the object is revealed to be gigantic and circular in shape. Then the object seems to flash into an explosion like none ever seen before. The OVNI disintegrates and falls to the ground in the distance. What can it be?

Here is an enlarged photo of the object at the center of this latest UFO news, but it doesn't really help to explain what this aerial object is or why it explodes into blue, reflective light.
Here's the video:

Ufo News Clipping - Daily Telegraph 24.1.1958

Alien probe hovers over farm

By Scott Waring
The Canadian

Date of sighting: January 25, 2012
Location of sighting: Galicia, Spain

Eyewitness states: "I took this video yesterday at 12:12-12:20 noon. The UFO comes out of the trees."
It's rare to see a UFO so close to the ground and because of this very few videos of such events exist.
In the video the alien-like UFO probe blends into the environment very well and probably was not seen by the person taking the video until later, due to most UFOs have cloaking that prevents the human eye from seeing it but the digital eye can capture it.

UFO Hunters - Military Vs UFOs