Monday, 9 December 2013

The Whole Of Series 2

Topic UFO Video Special / UFO Webcast Series - 40 Episode's

Carlos Esquerda - Hercolubus / Alcione Association

Published on 6 Dec 2013
Carlos Esquerda from the Alcione Association joins Rick to discuss Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, which is a gigantic world, 5 to 6 times larger than Jupiter. In the past, it put an end to the Atlantean civilization and it is approaching Earth again.

Marc Brinkerhoff - Intergalactic Mission

Published on 28 Nov 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Marc Brinkerhoff to the program. Marc is a rare Contactee and Conscious Channel for finer Dimensional ET Universals (Ascended Master ETs), who is able to often call in inter-dimensional Extraterrestrial Craft to be witnessed and photographed. Marc also explains how we can request an appearance.

Niara Isley - Facing The Shadow, Embracing The Light
Published on 23 Nov 2013
Niara Isley joins Rick by phone, to discuss her new book Facing The Shadow, Embracing The Light. In 1980, Niara experienced a three month period of missing time during her tour of duty with the United States Air Force. Through hypnosis, Niara was able to recall some of this missing time. Needless to say, what she recalled wasn't good !

James Carman - The Hidden Hand: (The Movie)
Published on 17 Nov 2013
Rick welcomes Film Producer-James Carman to the program, to discuss his new movie, The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-Up. A controversial award-winning documentary that explores the possibility of extraterrestrials here on earth. The shadowy world of UFO's is suddenly brought to light.

Kathleen Marden - The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case
Published on 12 Nov 2013
Rick welcomes Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty Hill, and author of the book Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience. Kathleen discusses what actually happened the night of September 19th, 1961.

HALLOWEEN 2013 SPECIAL - Heidi Hollis - The Shadow People !
Published on 31 Oct 2013
Author and radio show host Heidi Hollis joins host Rick Scouler for a Special Halloween Edition of Topic: UFO. Heidi discusses her new book just released this month, THE SECRET WAR - A TRUE STORY ABOUT A REAL ALIEN WAR AND SHADOW PEOPLE...

Zen Benefiel - UfologyPRSS Website
Published on 30 Oct 2013
Rick welcomes Zen Benefiel, blogger and curator of the UfologyPRSS website. Zen discusses his life long experiences, as well as his involvement with this new Ufology based website that allows one to personally customize their content of choice.

Robert Bingham - The UFO Summoner
Published on 26 Oct 2013
Controversial, publically-proclaimed - The UFO Summoner - Robert Bingham joins host Rick Scouler to discuss what he states is a unique ability to summon UFOs at will... Can this actually be true ? Watch, listen and then make up your own mind.

Stephen Bassett - Ending The Truth Embargo
Published on 18 Oct 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Stephen Bassett to the program. Stephen, who is a leading advocate for ending the 60-year, government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, updates us on the status of several initiatives currently in the works. Stephen explains why he feels 2014 could very well be the year of "Disclosure".

Damien Nott - UFOs From The Land Down Under
Published on 16 Oct 2013
Damien Nott (Ufologist & Videographer) phones in from his home in Taree, Australia to discuss his long time relationship with UFOs, as well as some of his amazing video footage. From flashing red orbs to a bizarre flying creature of the entomological kind, Damien seems to have a 6th sense when it comes to capturing these objects on video.

This episode starts off with a 5 minute video-still collage produced by Damien, which includes just some of what he has captured on video...

David Stinnett - 30 Years of Ufology
Published on 13 Oct 2013
Ufologist David Stinnett joins Rick to discuss his 30 years of research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon... David is also the Director of the New Jersey UFO Paranormal & Consciousness Conference, which takes place on November 9th, 2013 in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Chuck Wade - Roswell According to Chuck
Published on 12 Oct 2013
Rick welcomes long time Ufologist and Roswell Researcher Chuck Wade. Chuck shares his theory regarding multiple UFO crashes that happened near Roswell in 1947. In addition, Chuck shows us what he says are pieces of the crashed UFOs....

 Ilia Rashad Muhammad - UFOs and the Nation of Islam
Published on 5 Oct 2013
Rick welcomes author Ilia Rashad Muhammad to discuss his new book - UFOs and the Nation of Islam: The Source, Proof and Reality of the Wheels, which just came out in September of 2013.

Teri Lynge - Assistant State Director Florida MUFON
Published on 27 Sep 2013
Rick welcomes Teri Lynge to the program, to discuss her personal experiences that began at childhood. It was these experiences that eventually lead Teri to MUFON. She now holds the Assistant State Director position for her state of Florida.

L.A. Marzulli - 30 Minutes with Mr. Marzulli
Published on 26 Sep 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Mr. L.A. Marzulli to the program for a fascinating discussion of the UFO phenomenon. Mr. Marzulli shares his unique Scientific-Ancient Biblical Text viewpoint and theories with the viewers.

Special Edition - MUFON Top Ten Cases for 2012
Published on 24 Sep 2013
In this 90 minute special edition of Topic: UFO, Rick welcomes Robert Powell, MUFON's Director of Research as well as MUFON Field Investigators Norm Gagnon and Mark O'Connell. Discussed are the top ten cases from 2012 as documented in a recent MUFON press release.

In addition to the Field Investigators listed above, we would like to extend a special thank you to the the following MUFON Field Investigators that were integral in making this special episode possible:

Case #36765 - Field Investigator/Gary Neitzel
Case #41298 - Field Investigator/Devlin Rugne
Case #41918,45899 - Field Investigators/Richard West, Fletcher Gray
Case #37562,37585,36704 - Field Investigator/Terry Hinson
Case #38312 - Field Investigator/Mark Ausmus, Olivia Newton
Case #41616 - Field Investigator/Sam Mauranto, Roger Laurella
Case #43607 - Field Investigator/Jason Fisher
Case #44556 - Field Investigator/James Strickland, Ralph Howard

Aros Crystos - Alchemy Event 2013
Published on 23 Sep 2013
Host Rick Scouler is joined by Galactic Shaman, Aros Crystos .... Aros discusses the connection between humans and dolphins, the galactic family and consciousness. Also discussed is the upcoming Alchemy Event 2013, to be held in Los Angeles, California on October 4th, 5th and 6th 2013.

Debra Boice - Faces By Debra
Published on 18 Sep 2013
Debra Boice joins host Rick Scouler to discuss her 1994 white light experience while on a boat at Lake Lanier, Georgia. This experience brought on unique personal changes, including an intense and continued desire to draw faces of beings not seen here on earth.

John Rusciano - UFOs Over San Juan Capistrano
Published on 15 Sep 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Ufologist John Rusciano to discuss his recent night vision captures over South Orange County, California. In addition, John explains his use of the CE-5 protocol for communicating with these unknown flying objects and how ETs have been a part of his life from a very early age...

Dahlia - Follow The River, Lost In The Mountains of Mexico
Published on 31 Aug 2013
Experiencer and author Dahlia joins Rick to discuss her fascinating true story about five people - one woman and four men - on a three-day trek going into the mountains of Mexico that became an eight day journey of survival. With the help of spiritually enlightened beings, their journey took them to a multi-dimensional plane of existence with forces beyond their perception.

Dahlia, is a Metaphysical Minister/ Holistic Practitioner. She holds a Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science, from the University Of Metaphysics, Sedona Arizona. She is a registered Hypnotherapist. She is available for public speaking on the Metaphysical arts. Her interest are in nature, the cosmos, spirituality and people understanding, how to keep their bodies healthy.

Suzanne Chancellor - Random Alien Brain Droppings
Published on 27 Aug 2013
Suzanne Chancellor joins Rick to discuss her life changing event... That event being the day she read the book Communion.... Suzanne will be speaking at - Experiencers Speak 2 - in Portland, Maine on September 6th, 7th & 8th 2013.

John J. Ventre - MUFON State Director for Pennsylvania
Published on 19 Aug 2013
John J. Ventre (Pennsylvania State Director for the Mutual UFO Network) discusses his many television appearances on such shows as UFO Hunters on the Discovery Channel and UFOs Over Earth on the History Channel... as well as a classic episode of the Anderson Cooper Show.

Greg Valdez - Dulce Base: The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez
Published on 6 Aug 2013
Rick is joined by Greg Valdez (Son of Gabe Valdez), for an eye opening look into the facts behind the Dulce Base stories, which have been circulating throughout the halls of Ufology for many, many years....

Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions & Synchronicity
Published on 26 Jul 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes New York Times Best Selling Author Rob MacGregor and his wife Edgar Award Winning Author Trish MacGregor to the program for a discussion of their new book - Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions, & Synchronicity.

In the early morning hours of March 28, 2011, Charles and Helene Fontaine experienced something that they thought was only real in the movies and on television. The synchronicities that followed their UFO encounter shattered their beliefs about the nature of reality.

One evening in 1981, Connie J Cannon was on I-75 with her young son, en route to their new home in Florida, when they suddenly found themselves on a military base, with a man in uniform holding a gun to her head as three Grays stood nearby.

In 1970, pilot Bruce Gernon was chased by something through the Bermuda Triangle and he has been talking about it ever since - to UFO Hunters, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, the Sci-Fi channel, and all their foreign counterparts. For Gernon, the synchronicities have appeared in the aftermath with at least 20 sighting or encounters with UFOs.

Judy Messoline - The UFO Watch Tower & 2013 UFO Conference
Published on 13 Jul 2013
Judy Messoline, owner and operator of the UFO Watch Tower in Colorado, joins Rick to discuss the upcoming 2013 UFO Conference on July 27th and 28th. Judy also talks about how the watch tower came to be, and some of her personal thoughts on ufology.

Robert Thorson - UFOs Over Fresno
Published on 26 Jun 2013
UFO Hunter & Ufologist Robert Thorson shares a sampling of his UFO video captures taken over the past seven years.

Branda Blakley - The Book of the Awakening
Published on 24 Jun 2013
On this episode of Topic UFO, guest Branda Blakley discusses her new book entitled The Book of the Awakening, which is being called a revolutionary common sense hypothesis on the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Laurie McDonald CCHT - Hypnotherapy and the Abduction Phenomenon
Published on 8 Jun 2013
Rick welcomes certified hypnotherapist Laurie McDonald CCHT, for a discussion regarding the commonalities and traits of abductees and contactees. Laurie also discusses I.C.A.R., the International Community for Alien Research.

Gary Thomas - Who is Jacques Vallee ?
Published on 5 Jun 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes guest Gary Thomas for a thought provoking discussion of French scientist and ufologist Jacques Vallee, author of Messengers of Deception.

Bret Oldham - Children of the Greys
Published on 23 May 2013
Bret Oldham, alien abductee and author of the new book Children of the Greys, joins host Rick Scouler to discuss his life long connection with the Greys. Also discussed, is Bret's recent episode on Monsters and Mysteries in America, as seen on the Destination America channel.

Rich Hoffman - MUFON State Director for Alabama & Mississippi
Published on 20 May 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes MUFON State Director Rich Hoffman to Topic UFO. Rich presents his top ten list of concerns regarding the recent Public Hearings which were headed up by Steve Bassett.

The Alien Abduction Files - Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner
Published on 17 May 2013
Topic: UFO welcomes Kathleen Marden (Niece of Betty and Barney Hill) and Denise Stoner, to discuss their new book The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported....

Special Edition - The Life and Times of Norio Hayakawa
Published on 12 May 2013
On this special edition of Topic: UFO, Norio Hayakawa discusses his 50+ years of research into UFOs and UFO related activities. Norio also talks about why he is known as The Unorthodox Ufologist.

Today's Guests Larraine Cilia and Dominic McNamara 
Published on 6 May 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Larraine Cilia and Dominic McNamara to the show to discuss the UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia. Larraine (President) and Dominic (Secretary) discuss how the group got started, what the group does, as well as the amazing UFO activity currently taking place in Australia !

Today's Guest Frank Stalter - UFO's The Truman Years
Published on 30 Apr 2013
Rick welcomes Frank Stalter for a look back at the UFO activity that took place during the Truman Presidential years. This includes the UFOs sighted over the White House, as well as the Kenneth Arnold story that coined the term Flying Saucer...

Today's Guest Ed Komarek - Support Your UFO Leaders
Published on 26 Apr 2013
Rick Scouler welcomes back Ed Komarek for his second appearance on Topic: UFO. On this episode, Ed talks about his April 16th 2013 blog article, where he wrote about how we should all support our UFO leaders who are dedicating theirs lives to carrying the message. Steve Bassett's Citizen Hearings and Sirius (the movie) are main points of discussion.

Today's Guest Sandy Nichols - Alien Research Group (ARG)
Published on 19 Apr 2013
Host Rick Scouler is joined by guest Sandy Nichols, President and Founder of the Alien Research Group. Sandy discusses his initial contact with the Greys at age five, as well as the start of his ARG organization in 1997. During the final segment of this episode Sandy tells us about an entity he calls Stickman...

Today's Guest Greg Heyes - The Janus Memorandum
Published on 14 Apr 2013
Rick Scouler welcomes author Greg Heyes, to discuss his debut novel The Janus Memorandum. Greg blends high visibility UFO cases from the past, such as Roswell and Rendlesham Forest into the storyline of this fictional piece of literature. Greg also discusses his own personal thoughts on the UFO subject.

Today's Guest Debi Tripp - Contact and Abduction
Published on 12 Apr 2013
On this episode of Topic: UFO, your host Rick Scouler welcomes contactee/abductee Debi Tripp. Debi discusses her experiences with the Greys, and what it feels like to be totally powerless in their presence.

Today's Guest Harry Drew - The Kingman Arizona UFO Crash
Published on 9 Apr 2013
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Harry Drew, Ufologist, UFO Investigator, Historian and Documentarian. Harry discusses his findings after 6 years of investigating the Kingman Arizona UFO crash that happen back in 1953.