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Michael Schratt Presents Project Aquarius: Special Access Intelligence Revealed (Video)

Carol Rosin Outer Space Treaty at the 2011 UFO Congress (Video)

'Huge' mysterious lights seen in sky at Comrie

The Courier
Tayside & Fife

The source of a pair of bright lights over a Perthshire community on Sunday night remains an enigma.

The Comrie man says he watched the lights through binoculars.

A Comrie stargazer spotted the ''huge'' orbs floating above Strathearn at 10pm before they disappeared ''very fast''.
The RAF at Leuchars was unable to shed any light on the sighting, deepening the intriguing mystery further.
Ken Heiser contacted The Courier after attempts to explain what can now only be described, in the truest sense, as an unidentified flying object came to nothing.
Even a search on an app detailing the commercial flights scheduled to cross the airspace above western Perthshire gave no answers.
Mr Heiser said he saw the UFO ''in the vicinity of Comrie'' on Sunday between 10pm and 10.10pm.
''(I) looked on my app which has all commercial flights across the country and there were no flights in the area,'' he said. ''The two very bright lights at first seemed to just hover in the north-east then came to the east of Comrie and then hovered and then disappeared very fast. Looking through the binoculars they appeared to be huge.''
Unfortunately he was unable to capture footage of the strange occurrence before it was over.
A spokesman for RAF Leuchars confirmed: ''I've spoken to our air traffic control and they have got nothing about that, so we've drawn a blank there I'm afraid.''
The strange incident came just a day after Scots were sent into a state of near frenzy by a meteor which blazed a fiery trail across the night sky.
A ''huge fireball'' was reported travelling from northern Scotland to southern England at about 9.40pm, amid fears a plane had crashed.
But an aircraft-related incident was quickly dismissed and the Met Office tweeted: ''Hi All, for anyone seeing something in the night sky, we believe it was a meteorite.''
The website UK UFO Sightings details 20 ''sightings'' above Perthshire in the last four years including, interestingly, several above Strathearn and all featuring bright lights, either hovering or moving at speed.

Science Channel devotes month to probing extraterrestrial life

Mar 06, 2012

(Credit: Science Channel)

For the month of March, the Science Channel is exploring the question: Are we alone?

According to their website, the Science Channel partnered with TED and the SETI Institute “to enlist like-minded individuals everywhere to tackle this defining question.” A month-long series on the channel, titled Are We Alone?, reportedly features scientists and other experts who explore that very question.

This series features four hours of new, original programming on the Science Channel. The New York Times reports that one of these hours will be a new episode of the series Through the Wormhole, which airs tonight, March 6. The title of the episode is “Will We Survive First Contact?” Through the Wormhole is hosted by actor Morgan Freeman, and has been well-received by audiences. The New York Times provides this description: “The show talks to reputable experts who have done credible research on issues like what traits we humans might have in common with extraterrestrials, what their likely intent would be should they come to our planet, and how we might communicate with them.” Some of the experts who appear in the show are theoretical physicist Michio Kaku and astrobiologist Paul Davies.

SETI's Allen Telescope Array (credit: SETI)

A two-part series titled Alien Encounters provides two more hours of content for the channel’s month-long series of ET programming. Their website explains that this show examines the following questions: What would really happen if we got a message from space? How will humans react when we learn a spacecraft is on its way to Earth? Will humans learn from aliens, or become colonial subjects? The SETI Institute is strongly involved with this show, and leading SETI astronomers like Frank Drake and Seth Shostak appear in the show, along with other leading scientists.

Part I of Alien Encounters, titled “The Message,” premieres Tuesday, March 13, and Part II, titled “The Arrival,” premieres Tuesday, March 20.
And the final hour of Science Channel‘s Are We Alone? month is a show titled NASA’s Unexplained Files. This show airs Tuesday, March 27, and will reportedly reveal NASA’s top ten unexplained encounters, drawing on original NASA footage as well as testimony from scientists and astronauts.
For more information, and for showtimes, visit the Science Channel website.

2012 EBE UFO Film Festival Winners (Video)

Mar 06, 2012

One of the highlights of the International UFO Congress each year is the EBE Film Festival. The EBE Film Festival

MC Alejandro Rojas, film fest volunteer JK Scott and Heather Fetter at the 2012 EBE Awards
is a celebration of ground-breaking films which push the limits with their exploration and study of UFOs and related phenomena.
Best UFO Short Film
This category is for films that are less than an hour. The nominees were:

Legend of the Flatwoods Monster Director: Barry Conrad
Legend of the Flatwoods Monster is a fascinating documentary about one of America’s earliest close encounters with a UFO and its mysterious occupant that reportedly landed on a hilltop in rural West Virginia in 1952. Dramatic reconstructions of actual events along with exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses make this a must-see film for all UFO enthusiasts. For more information and to purchase this film, visit:

Presence & the Ummo Files Director: D.R. Denocla
Presence covers new amazing discoveries in Europe: The crop circle makers identified, 18 ET species described in detail, the UFOs travels explained, the mystery of the black matter solved.. For more information and to purchase this film, visit:

And the WINNER is…
Craft of Unknown OriginDirector: Mike Fisher
Drawing from a number of credible UFO witnesses and UFO reports, the video is crammed with diagrams as well as 2D and 3D animation that accurately visualize the strange vehicles that these witnesses report seeing. For more information and to purchase this film, visit: Goofaman Productions.

Best UFO Feature Film
This category is for films that are more than an hour. The nominees were:

The Truth is Out There
Director: Phil Leirness
Dean Haglund is an actor, artist, improv comic and investigator. Best known as one of the Lone Gunmen from “The X-Files”, Dean continues to be closely identified with the paranormal realm and the conspiracy field. An epic that is equal parts comedy, consciousness and conspiracy, “The Truth is Out There” follows Dean Haglund as he travels the globe hoping to discover what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracies, conspiracy theories are everywhere. For more information about this film and to purchase it, visit: The Truth is Out There.

Montauk Chronicles
Director: Christopher Garetano
This documentary investigates the planet’s history of UFO phenomenon from the 1940’s. High ranking government officials disclose their knowledge and/or experience of the extra terrestrial presence, and prominent leaders in the UFO field share their decades of research. For more information and to purchase this film, visit: Montauk Chronicles Movie.

And the WINNER is…
It Could Happen Tomorrow: Disclosure Dialogues
Director/Producer: Ron James & Jen Stein
It Could Happen Tomorrow covers the history of the truth embargo, the media’s role in the truth embargo, the church’s rule in disclosure and finally, what are the real social and spiritual implications of such a historic moment. For more information and to purchase this film, visit: Paranormal Media Group.

The People’s Choice Award
The final EBE given out this year was the People’s Choice Award. The nominees in the other two categories are eligible for this award. Attendees at the conference rate the films, and the highest rated wins in this category. This year the winner was…

Christopher O'Brien and Jennifer Stein (credit: Michell Jonas)

It Could Happen Tomorrow

The award was accepted by Jen Stein and Christopher O’Brien.
Special thanks to J.K. Scott who runs the film festival and did a magnificent job and Dakota James!

Please note the Open Minds Production UFO Researcher of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards begin this video. The EBE Film Festival Awards begin at mark 16:45 in the video.