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The Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference 2015

By Malcolm Robinson

The Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference
Pleasance Theatre, Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ
  June 20th 2015.
10:00am till 8:00pm.
(Doors Open 09:15am)
Sponsored by Phenomena Magazine.

10:00 - 10:10am  Compère Conference Introduction. (Councillor Billy Buchanan)

10:10 - 11:10am  Brian Allan.  ‘Truth Lies and UFOlogy’.

Brian Allan has written twelve books dealing with various aspects of the paranormal, magick, the occult and UFOlogy and has also produced scripts for several TV documentary programmes and has acted as a consultant for many more. Brian is still a dedicated and active ‘hands on’ paranormal and UFO investigator and is a former editor of Paranormal Magazine and is currently the editor of Phenomena Magazine. He has made a study of certain esoteric aspects relating to Rosslyn Chapel and made his own contribution to the lore surrounding this unique building; he is also noted as the discoverer of the remarkable and mind-altering ‘Rosslyn Frequency’.
However, in this presentation Brian changes tack slightly and casts an eye over the way in which, since the late 1940’s, various, mainly western intelligence agencies, have ruthlessly and cynically exploited the subject of UFOlogy for their own dark ends, sometimes to the detriment of the public, but almost invariably to provide an effective cover for cutting edge developments in a range of military and civilian aero-space programmes. Although absolutely convinced that we are regularly contacted and visited by non-human beings and entities that do not originate in our version of reality, Brian will present startling evidence (most of it new) to back up what he says, so what you hear (and see) in this presentation may give you cause to reconsider what you thought were unassailable icons from the early days of UFOlogy and see them in a very different light indeed.
(5 minute break/questions)

11:15 - 12:15pm  Nick Kyle. ‘The Scole Experiments - A Participant’s Account’
The Scole Experiments, one of the most impressive examples of physical mediumship and afterlife communication, took place in an old house in Norfolk over 500 sittings during the 1990s. These séances provided photographic and video evidence, spirit materialisations, apports, levitation and orbs moving in and through the bodies of participants. Nick Kyle, with four companions, witnessed the impossible twice at Scole and these experiences have changed his life. Consider the breath-taking evidence and get an update on what has been happening since, much closer to home. Nick Kyle is the President of Scottish Society for Psychical Research (SSPR)
(15 minute break/questions)

12:15 - 1:00pm    Lunch

1:00 -  2:00pm      Ron Halliday.  ‘UFOs Past & Present, Blue Men, Fairy Abductions And More’.

The question of what ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ are  is clearly a fundamental one and a matter on which there are many differing views. Are we being visited by alien beings from a distant planet? Are sightings of ‘flying saucers’ a glimpse into events in another dimension or parallel universe? Or are they no more than figments of the collective imagination? I intend to look at reported strange events from the past which I believe shed some light on the UFO phenomenon.  Maybe we can we learn from the experience of our ancestors. My presentation will cover aspects of the UFO phenomenon that have always fascinated me. The link between UFOs and past (and current) Scottish folk legends. I will look at such issues as ‘blue men’, strange objects, for example, balls of lights sighted in lochs over the centuries, ‘birdmen’, fairy abductions,  phantoms in all their various forms and  evidence that ‘ancient astronauts’ visited Scotland. Does the modern sightings of UFOs, comprise, as some suggest, no more than a 21st century update of ancient legends? Or a phenomenon that stretches back in time – one with a common ancestry – the ramifications of which we have really only recently begun to understand.
(15 minute break/questions)

2:15 -  3:15pm      Alyson Dunlop ‘Communicating with Aliens’ (Or Phoning E.T.)

Alyson Dunlop is a paranormal and UFO investigator with SPI Scotland. She currently hosts her own show, The EDX-Files (East Dunbartonshire Radio), which deals with the subject of the strange and mysterious. Alyson has also studied ancient religions and magic at the University of Glasgow, where she graduated in classics. She is a healer, shaman and mystic, who founded the original Glasgow University Pagan Society and Scotwitch E-group, later Pagans of Scotland and Scotwitch.

As a classicist, Alyson has written books and adapted a couple of ancient texts for stage. As a writer, she explores sci-fi, fantasy and horror, as well as having a column with Phenomena Magazine. As a hypnotherapist, she specialises in fears and phobias, believing fear can be a feeding source for negative energies, as well as a block to our spiritual progression.
Alyson's interest in the paranormal began at an early age, and she has had many strange experiences throughout her life. In fact, she has been described as a Profound Human Experiencer because her encounters with the paranormal appear to be across the board: incubus attack, astral projection, The Hat Man, The Shrouded Figure, a Shadow Person, Shadow Spiders, precognitive visions, an angel, clairvoyance and healing gifts, and most recently telepathic communication with what may have been benevolent inter-dimensional beings. Alyson believes we do not have to fear alien entities, that there is a better way forward, and that we can experience communication with beings who wish to help and heal us. If we are open to it, Alyson will explain what to do if you want to phone E.T.! She will discuss ancient shamanic wisdom and methods for communicating with other occupants of the universe, showing that it is possible for us to interact and receive their knowledge and wisdom. They gave Alyson a message and she would like to share it with you!

Alyson Dunlop MA (Hons), DipCBH 
Writer & Hypnotherapist 

(15 minute break/questions)


3:30 -  4:15pm     Ewan Irvine. ‘Are We All Psychic’?

Ewan Irvine is a Clairvoyant Medium working in the UK and Ireland. As a child, Ewan experienced many strange happenings that could not be explained logically. It was only at the age of 19 that he began to realise that he had the ability of mediumship. Having developed these abilities with Portobello Spiritualist Church in Edinburgh, he became a regular demonstrator of mediumship within the UK. In 2008 Ewan won the UK's Spiritual Connextions Open Platform Award.

He has also worked with the paranormal and has used his mediumship in both private and public locations. These have included Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh’s Ragged School, Edinburgh Vaults, Scooner Hotel Newcastle Keep and many more. Ewan has also appeared in a number of TV productions including Most Haunted Live and ITV’s Tough Gig. Articles have also included Edinburgh Evening News, Scotland Today, Psychic News and BBC Radio Scotland. Ewan will speak about the mechanics of psychic ability and mediumship, and how it is used in everyday life as well as giving proof of the afterlife.  Many people have that feeling of a sixth sense, or a foretelling that something is about to happen. Is this the psychic? where does it come from? And how do we fine tune it? Ewan will bring these together with examples of his own life's journey within the psychic and mediumship field, one that came about accidentally but quickly became a way of life.  Ewan will also explore the question, Are we all psychic!

(15 minute break/questions)

4:30 -  5:30pm     Peter McCue.  ‘Dangerous Encounters and Dangerous Involvement’

Peter McCue is a former clinical psychologist. He has a Ph.D., from the University of Glasgow, awarded for a thesis on hypnosis. His interest in anomalous phenomena goes back decades, and he’s written numerous articles on these subjects. Peter is the author of a book, published in 2012, entitled Zones of Strangeness: An Examination of Paranormal and UFO Hot Spots. He believes that paranormal phenomena occur, and that many UFO experiences are genuinely anomalous. He contends that if we want to obtain a comprehensive understanding of ourselves and the nature of reality, these enigmatic phenomena can’t be ignored.
Some people believe that UFOs are spaceships, operated by extraterrestrials with a friendly disposition towards the human race. However, UFO encounters, whatever their nature, may result in injury or death. In some instances, this may be purely accidental. But other cases suggest deliberate targeting. The late Bob Pratt cites many such cases, from Brazil, in his 1996 book ‘UFO Danger Zone’. There are also accounts of pilots and their planes vanishing after UFO sightings. In October 1978, Frederick Valentich disappeared after reporting, by radio, the close proximity of a UFO while he was flying over the Bass Strait, near the Australian mainland. In June 1980, a small plane disappeared on a flight from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. A pilot and student pilot were on board. The pilot started sending ‘Mayday’ calls, which weren’t received by the control facility at San Juan International Airport, Puerto Rico. But a Madrid-bound airliner acted as a link with San Juan. The transmissions from the stricken plane indicated that its occupants were lost, and that a strange object was making them lose course. After about three minutes, there were no further radio communications from the small plane. Subsequent attempts to locate it were unsuccessful.
According to conspiracy theories, there’s a widespread cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, and being a researcher in this area, or being privy to sensitive information about it, can put one at risk of being silenced or eliminated by officialdom. It’s been suggested, for instance, that one of the reasons for the JFK assassination was a fear, on the part of some, that Kennedy was going to reveal the truth about the UFO phenomenon to the US public. 
UFOs can also be a threat to non-human animals. For example, strange lights or UFOs have sometimes been spotted around the time of cattle mutilations, providing fodder for the theory of alien involvement. But other cases are suggestive of human agency. For instance, mutilated animals have been found with gunshot wounds; and on many occasions, helicopters have been seen around the time of mutilations. However, if there’s a paranormal aspect to some cases of animal mutilation, it’s possible that witnesses’ perceptions have been manipulated, and that the craft haven’t been real helicopters.

 (15 minute break/questions)

5:45 - 6:45pm    James Welsh. ‘Exposing a UFO Cover-Up’

James Welsh is the author of Corroborating Evidence the UFO investigation of the millennium. Born and raised in Glasgow, James is a multiple event UFO eyewitness who experienced an intense series of UFO encounters during December 1999. After submitting an official UFO report to Glasgow ATC on December 15th 1999, he later received a written response from the British Ministry of Defence dismissing his report. After making further enquiries he was informed that there was ‘no corroborating evidence’ to suggest the airspace had been breached. This reply was highly inaccurate as he had personally observed RAF Tornado jets in pursuit of these UFOs, both before and after the official report was submitted. So stories of a UFO cover-up just got personal. In 2001 he contacted UFO researchers Graham Birdsall and Ron Halliday and was instructed to get a written account down on paper. It was just the first small step of a very long journey. After setting up a meeting with all of the other eyewitnesses to his sightings and Ron Halliday in February 2002 James asked for Ron’s advice on what to do next. Ron’s advice was clean cut. Keep researching and keep writing. After a decade of intensive research, on August 31ST 2012 he personally went on to make an incredible series of discoveries while looking into the STS103 Hubble mission photographs which were taken during the redeployment of the space telescope on December 25th 1999. What he discovered cannot be easily dismissed as ‘ice crystals’ of ‘space debris’ and leaves NASA with a lot of explaining to do. James will be presenting Corroborating Evidence the UFO investigation of the millennium and his talk will be entitled Exposing a UFO cover-up.

(15 minute break/questions)

7:00 -  8:00pm      Malcolm Robinson & Alien Bill ‘9-11, An Inside Job’? 10 Of the Best Ghost Photographs & Alien Bill’s Orbs and Fairy Photograph’

Strange Phenomena Investigations founder Malcolm Robinson kicks off this double bill by discussing the inconsistencies with the evidence surrounding one of the world’s worst ever tragedies, 9-11.  Malcolm asks was 9-11 an inside job conducted and orchestrated by the American Government as an excuse to fight terrorism throughout the world whilst killing its own citizens to allow them an excuse to do so? Malcolm will discuss but some of these inconsistencies.  After this Malcolm will show 10 of what he considers to be the best ghost photographs ever.  Next up on this double bill is Alien Bill Rooke who will show some of his astounding orb photographs followed by his world shattering photograph of what he believes to be a real fairy and the equally astounding statements from some professors who viewed this photo from around the United Kingdom.

8:00 - 8:10pm     Close of conference vote of thanks from compere to speakers etc.

The organisers will try to ensure that the conference will finish on time but can’t guarantee that there won’t be a slight time difference owing to speaker’s running over their time.

Tickets priced at £10 for the full day are available from these sellers.

Malcolm Robinson (speaker and organiser) Tel: 07949 178 835  (English Seller) 

Ron Halliday: (speaker and organiser) Tel: 07512 743751.  (Stirling Central Scotland Seller) 

Alyson Dunlop: (speaker and organiser) Tel:  07852 575184  (Glasgow Central Scotland Seller) 

Or tickets available at the door on the day.

About the Pleasance Theatre Edinburgh

Address: Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH8 9TJ
Phone: 0131 556 6550

The Pleasance hosts a full, year-round programme of incredible live music, comedy, theatre and film, open to everyone (but with great student discounts!)

Last October, The Pleasance Sessions brought together some of Scotland’s favourite promoters, boutique festivals and respected publications to lay on three weeks of handpicked live acts in the unique setting of The Pleasance Theatre. 

Everybody knows that the Pleasance is one of the best loved Fringe venues with audiences flocking to the famous courtyard every year. Not everybody knows that outwith the month of August there is a strong and exciting year round program of events on offer.

Cabaret Bar
Capacity 175, disabled access
This versatile bar is used for more events than you could shake a stick at. This large space hosts regular comedy nights, acoustic sessions, theatre and dance as well as our ever popular pleasance pub quiz. It is situated to the rear of the courtyard past the Pleasance Bar.

Pleasance Bar
disabled access
A popular hangout for student sports teams and societies, the Pleasance Bar has a lively atmosphere and serves a decent pint. The Pleasance bar opens into the Cabaret Bar on larger events. It is situated on the left as you enter the courtyard.

Pleasance Theatre
Capacity 300, disabled access
The Theatre, located on the first floor hosts regular theatre and dance performances as well as comedy and opera. This fully seated room is the perfect venue for large production stage shows.

Giant UFOs in World War Two

By Nick Redfern

Most people with an interest in the UFO phenomenon will be familiar with the so-called “Foo Fighters” of the Second World War. They were those perplexing, fiery balls of light that time and again plagued and puzzled military pilots. Theories for what the Foo Fighters might have been range from natural phenomena of a poorly understood nature to alien probes, and from Nazi secret weapons to equally secret devices of the Allies.
While the stories of the Foo Fighters are well known within the domain of Ufology, less well known are the accounts of the other UFOs of the Second World War. In these cases, we’re not talking about small balls of light causing concern and chaos for pilots.

Foo Fighters

No, we’re talking about absolutely massive UFOs – not unlike those of later years that became known as “Mother-Ships.”
One classic, stand out case dates back to 1942, the details of which were recorded officially by the British military. Documentation of December 2, 1942 tells the story – under the heading of “Report by the Crew of 61 Sqdn. A/c ‘J,’ Captain W/O Lever, of object seen during raid on TURIN, night of November 28/29th, 1942.”
Bomber Command was told: “Herewith a copy of a report received from a crew of a Lancaster after a raid on Turin. The crew refuses to be shaken in their story in the face of the usual banter and ridicule.”
With that all said, let’s now take a look at the report itself. It reads as follows (QUOTE):
“The object referred to above was seen by the entire crew of the above aircraft. They believe it to have been 200-300 feet in length and its width is estimated at 1/5th or 1/6th of its length. The speed was estimated at 500 m.p.h., and it had four pairs of red lights spaced at equal distances along its body. These lights did not appear in any way like exhaust flames; no trace was seen. The object kept a level course.
“The crew saw the object twice during the raid, and brief details are given below:
“(i) After bombing, time 2240 hours, a/c height 11,000 feet. The aircraft at this time was some 10/15 miles south-west of Turin traveling in a north-westerly direction. The object was traveling south-east at the same height or slightly below the aircraft.
“(ii) After bombing, time 2245 hours, a/c height 14,000 feet. The aircraft was approaching the Alps when the object was seen again traveling west-south-west up a valley in the Alps below the level of the peaks. The lights appeared to go out and the object disappeared from view.

“The Captain of the aircraft also reports that he has seen a similar object about three months ago north of Amsterdam. In this instance it appeared to be on the ground and later traveling at high speed at a lower level than the heights given above along the coast for about two seconds; the lights then went out for the same period of time and came on again, and the object was still seen to be traveling in the same direction.” (END OF QUOTE)
Very few people will need to be told that neither the Allies nor the Axis powers were building, or deploying, vehicles that were close to 300 feet in length and which had the ability to fly at around 500 miles per hour and across the skies of war-torn Europe. Indeed, today’s Boeing 747-400 “Jumbo Jet” is only 231 feet and 10 inches long.
More than seventy years have now passed since this very curious saga unfolded. It is, therefore, highly unlikely we’ll ever know for sure what the crew of 61 Squadron encountered on that fateful night they bombed Turin. All we can say for sure is that something of immense size and high-speed was cruising around the skies of Europe in the early 1940s. No way it was ours.

UFO over Hermosillo Sonora

Published on 10 Jun 2015 By Monica

Esto ocurrió el día de hoy 10 de Junio de 2015 a las 7:20 pm por el vado del río a la altura de Villa Bonita, se puede apreciar lo que aparenta ser un objeto volador no identificado que se pasea por el cielo hermosillense.

Google translate:
This happened today June 10, 2015 at 7:20 pm at the ford of the river up to Villa Bonita, you can see what appears to be an unidentified flying object that wanders through the sky Hermosillo.

Stephen Bassett - Deception, Denial and Disclosure

Published on 13 May 2015
For the past ten years a growing political movement has targeted the politics of UFOs/disclosure. All levels of the media have received extensive materials on the subject. Former members of the U.S. military, astronauts and many government employees have been speaking privately and publicly in unambiguous terms regarding the extraterrestrial presence and a government cover-up. Each day the UFO/ET cover-up continues and each new revelation of abuse of power by this or that government agency further erodes the fundamental trust the American people hold in their government – and benchmarks for trust in government are at all time lows. If you truly wish to unite the country and begin an era of cooperation, you must engage an issue of transcendent importance.

ALIEN COSMIC EXPO: Conference unites those who think outside the box

By Heather Ibbotson

If you are interested in UFO research, alien encounters, crop circles or astral travel, the three-day Alien Cosmic Expo to be held in Brantford from June 26 to 28 will be the place to be.

The first-time event will bring a who's who of acclaimed international researchers of UFO and related phenomenon, as well as a host of fascinating vendors, to the Best Western Brant Park Inn on Holiday Drive.
Renowned UFO researcher and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer and Jason Martell of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens program are among 24 guest speakers who will deliver lectures over the three days.

Others guests include Colorado-based crop circle researcher Patty Greer and Brantford's own Bob Mitchell, who will speak about alien encounters.
Stu Bundy from MUFON will also share the stage with researcher Luigi Venditelli and Emily Trim, who will speak of her multiple-witness, childhood close encounter at a school in Zimbabwe.

Ticket prices for the event range from $25 to $35 for single lectures (available online and at the door) to single-day tickets at $125 to a full three-day pass for $298.
Admission is free to the exhibitor's hall -- throughout the three-day event -- where visitors not attending lectures can browse among a host of mediums, aura photographers and alternative health practitioners, as well as meet event experts, each of whom will have a table in the hall.

Visitors can also mingle with the speakers during the free breakfast on Friday, June 26, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Seats for the breakfast must be reserved online in advance and a donation to the food bank is recommended on arrival.
With international experts from the world of extraterrestrials, out-of-body experiences, alien encounters, past-life regression, soul readings, psychic mediums and more, the event promises to be one of the largest events of its kind in Canada this year, organizers say.

"ACE is a conference of scientific study of extraterrestrial life and occurrences," said event spokesperson Jo-Anne Eadie.

"We wanted to create an event with professionalism, credibility and integrity," she said.

Eadie said the guest experts will speak on a wide variety of topics from alien abduction to crop circles to past lives, psychic readings and ancient Egyptian connections to other worldly beings.

"We've gathered them together for one weekend with some spectacular vendors on display," she said.

"ACE is devoted to uniting individuals who think outside of the box and see what others deem impossible."

At a Glance

What: Alien Cosmic Expo

When: Friday, June 26 through Sunday, June 28

Where: Best Western Brant Park Inn, 19 Holiday Drive

Ticket prices range from $25/$35 for single lectures to $298 for a full three-day pass.

Free admission to the exhibition hall, throughout the event, featuring vendors including mediums, channelers and alternative health practitioners.

Visit for complete event information, including lecture topics, speaker biographies, times and ticket prices.

Alleged UFO filmed over Mount Valerien, near Paris France

By WTFflow
Published on 10 Jun 2015

"Skies are getting clearer each night! Good! I was having a tea in my garden, when I noticed a little light far in the night sky. I didn't really pay attention to it, it was probably another satellite. When it got closer, I realized it was flying right over my house.

A little later, I started to understand what it really was. Anyway, it was not a satellite for sure. The object seemed to have some kind of "bubble" around it, like a shield or an energy ball. I was totally stunned. At first I stared at it like a fool, then woke up and ran to get my camera, the Canon 6D, with a 50mm F/1.2 lens. I bought it for its outstanding low light capabilities. The object was right over me, and I could film its flight since it disappeared behind the trees."

Hangar 1: The UFO Files Series Explores the Truth, but Some Are Skeptical

By Heather Granruth

Hangar 1: The UFO Files premiered in 2014 on The History Channel. Episodes of the show examine MUFON cases, which stands for Mutual UFO Network, and look for patterns that relate to UFO events in history as well as possible alien agenda. Supposed real-life footage is shown and experts weigh in and give their opinions on the subject. The idea behind the show is to explore the truth surrounding UFO’s. Some people are intrigued by the idea, while others are skeptical according to MUFON News.

The title of the series comes from the Hangar 1 where archives of MUFON evidence and cases are stored. There are approximately 75,000 cases stored. The primary focus of the show is to explore the truth and educate viewers about the truth behind UFO’s and the phenomenon of them. The series features investigators, researchers, and journalists presenting detailed cases in each episode. Recreations of events are also featured so that viewers can have an easier time visualizing presented cases. Showcasing MUFON’s mission is the key agenda as is pulling in viewers while doing that.
Hangar 1 also has a well-rounded cast that help to keep the audience engaged and informed about past events and new found information. This cast includes John Ventre of MUFON and Jeremy Ray, who is the star investigator for the network. Jason McClellan also stars as well as Jan Harzan, who is MUFON’s executive director. Many others make appearances in the series also.

The show’s season one contained eight episodes and one focused on whether or not the presidents of the past had encounters with UFO’s and more specifically with aliens. Also, the subject of whether or not some presidents were kept in the dark because they could not be trusted with the knowledge was brought up. Some presidents such as Nixon and Reagan were said to have had encounters as were some others. Did they keep others in the dark about their new knowledge because it was too risky? All of these ideas were proposed and evaluated in season one.
Season two is currently airing, with episode eleven set for June 19 on The History Channel. MUFON News stated that fans are excited to see the concept further explored and to see investigators dig into new potential occurrences as well as research old cases. The premise is that the truth is out there and Hangar 1 is there to find it. History said that Hangar 1: The UFO Files goes deep into archives to make and find connections and also to look for new evidence and clues. Experts can only find the truth by investigating Hangar 1‘s files. Fans of the series want to know the truth or at least have a better understanding of UFO’s and the concept of alien life, but as the article said some people remain skeptical.

On the MUFON website some fans have raved about the show, while others remain disappointed. The article said that some fans feel that there is a lot of comments made without proof to back them up. Some feel that the show started strong but weakens as time goes on. Others have expressed the opinion that the show discredits The History Channel overall, adding that supposed experts have no concrete evidence to support their theories. The article went on to say that people are looking for truth and not hearsay as some fans have put it.
Regardless of any negative feedback, the show continues to engage many who are searching for answers. The Hangar 1: The UFO Files series promises to explore the truth despite those who are skeptical. Examining the cases of old and new is the main focus and experts are there to weigh in and explore the truth behind UFO’s and alien life.

Halle Berry: Aliens are out there

By Belfast Telegraph

Halle Berry is convinced there are other life forms in the universe.

In her TV show Extant, Halle plays an astronaut called Molly who discovers she's pregnant following a 13-month solo mission. The plot has made the 48-year-old star consider extraterrestrials and she's sure there must be other life somewhere.
"There has to be something else out there, don't you think? I've never been egotistical enough to think we are the only ones," she told British magazine Hello!
"I always like to know how we can all co-exist, how we manage to get to the next step in our evolution. Being on a TV show that deals with these questions has really widened my horizon."

Shooting the show was a special time for Halle, not just because she was making the move to TV but also because she'd just welcomed her second child, son Maceo who is now 20 months.
Juggling a young baby, her older daughter Nahla and work was a difficult period for the star but one she's glad she went through.

"It hit me very quickly. For months I did 'drive-by nursing' every three hours. It was an awakening for me, I don't think I've ever worked harder in my life," she explained.

The thing Halle usually gives up when she works and cares for her kids is sleep, but she's got used to that. It's important to her that she still thinks about her career, although now she tries to get work nearer her home so she doesn't have to leave them.

"It's made me more complete as a person, no question about it," she said of parenting. "You're responsible not just for you, but for the well being of your children. It's a huge undertaking, but it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done."

The Aliens are back, and they’re pissed: Independence Day Forever

By Maureen Elsberry

We’re nearing in on almost 20 years since Will Smith, Bill Pullman, JEFF GOLDBLUM, and Randy Quaid went to war against a large-scale, hostile alien invasion in Independence Day.  Since then, we’ve been able to reverse-engineer advanced alien technology, but a lot can change in a short matter of time. The aliens are pissed, and they’re back with a vengeance. The only goal? Eliminate Earth as we know it.

Here is the official synopsis:

“After “Independence Day” redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global catastrophe on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.”

Independence Day Forever directed by Roland Emmerich, penned by Carter Blanchard, and starring JEFF GOLDBLUM, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, and Maika Monroe will hit theaters June 24, 2016. Don’t expect the alien problem to be solved next summer though, Part II of ID Forever will follow in the summer of 2017.

Can you tell I like Jeff Goldblum?

Open Minds UFO Report Ep. 2 - White Orb UFOs Caught on Video

Published on 12 Jun 2015
Welcome to the Open Minds UFO Report! We bring you the latest UFO news on weekly basis, with interviews from news makers and UFO researchers. You won't want to miss an episode!

Crop Circle at Sherston, Nr Malmesbury Wiltshire

By MrGyro FPV
Published on 10 Jun 2015

Live Long and Protest? Scotland Yard Kept an Eye on Trekkies and X-Files Fans

By Red Pill Junkie

Star Trek fans –commonly known as Trekkies– have many things to be worried about: Worrying about UV light fading that priceless Leonard Nimoy autograph over their original ST blue shirt; worrying about securing tickets for the next Star Trek Con; worrying about not losing their virginity –EVER.
The last thing they would be worry about, though, is that their undying devotion to a (seemingly innocuous) classic Sci-Fi show would attract the unwanted attention of the Law. And yet that exactly what seems to have happened in the UK: According to The Telegraph, Scotland Yard’ Special Branch kept a secret dossier on the American TV series Star Trek, the X-Files, Dark Skies, Roswell and the movie The Lawnmower Man, amid fears that British fans of these Sci-Fi shows might turn on society, commit mass murder, start a religious cult, or all of the above!
The name of the dossier is UFO New Religious Movements and the Millennium, and is thought to have been filed between 1998-1999, when the X-Files was at its peak of popularity –and the meme of “the government denies knowledge” was probably making the bobbies kinda nervous. In the document, retrieved thanks to the diligence of UFO researcher Dr. Dave Clarke, concerns about UFO conspiracy theories coupled with millenarist Doomsday fears, were named as reasons to keep a watch out on the audience watching these shows on the tellie:

“Fuel is added to the fire by television dramas and feature films mostly produced in America,” the report said.
“These draw together the various strands of religion, UFOs, conspiracies, and mystic events and put them in an entertaining storyline.”
It added: “Obviously this is not sinister in itself, what is of concern is the devotion certain groups and individuals ascribe to the contents of these programmes.”

Okay X-Files and Dark Skies? Those are a dead give-away –wot, no Millennium?– After all, those 2 programs perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the 90’s, and no doubt had a huge influence in the way many people reacted to events like 9/11 (“Trust No1!”). But Star Trek? Gene Roddenberry’s utopic vision on how Humanity might finally grow beyond its current state of adolescence, unite as one planet and join the ranks of peace-loving species in the galaxy? What’s so subversive about wanting to “boldly go where no man has gone before”??
The answer is to be found inside a 9,200-square-foot mansion, located inside a gated community in the San Diego county area called Rancho Santa Fe, where in the year 1997 38 adult individuals were found dead, after ingesting a poisonous cocktail of phenobarbital mixed with apple juice, following the instructions of their leader Marshall Applewhite. The Heaven’s Gate cult became a world-wide news, and it raised the alarm bells of Scotland Yard in fear that a similar event could be copycatted on British soil.

If you think suspicions against UFO buffs is a recent development, think again. The fact of the matter is that governments have always been weary against both the phenomenon and the people who obsess over it. It’s not necessarily that the powers that be want to suppress the truth about flying saucers from the public, mind you; the thing is that not only the topic seems to attract people of a certain iconoclastic, non-comformity nature –and if you’re reading these lines, you probably qualify as one!– but that often many of the ideas revolving about the subject tend to run contrary to government policies.

George Adamski

Take for instance the famous Contactee of the 1950’s, George Adamski, who claimed to receive frequent visits from Orthon and his Venusian comrades: Along the messages of love and light brought from on high by the Space Brothers, the #1 constant was their admonitions against nuclear weapons, which to the FBI sounded a lot like Commie propaganda –Adamski’s constant attacks against the Capitalist system didn’t do much to asway the Feds’ fears either…
The same was true across the pond. In his book Contactees, our good friend Nick Redfern mentions how the British counterparts of the George Adamski and George Van Tassell were also doing a phenomenal job raising the heckles of Scotland Yard. Here once again, David Clarke and his partner Andy Roberts were instrumental in uncovering the once-classified files documenting Special Branch’s interest with British Contactee George King and his group, the Aetherius Society:

"Roberts and Clarke learned from now-declassified Special Branch documentation that in both August 1958 and August 1959, Special Branch operatives secretly attended Aetherius Society demonstrations in London. Special Branch recorded that: “…it can thus be seen that the Aetherius society is molding its preposterous claims to conform with the popular concepts of religion… There is a possibility that all this high-sounding talk of ‘Karma’ and ‘Cosmic Parliaments’ is simply a system of financial gain for certain individuals and George King in particular” (Clarke, 2007)
Moreover, Roberts and Clarke cite one particularly important Special Branch document from the same era that states the Aetherius Society was “still active in its campaign against nuclear weapons tests, and in this respect its policy is closely allied with that of the Communist Party”

What are we to make of all this? For once, that to the vigilant eye of the Government, there is no such thing as a ‘harmless hobby –I’m sure there’s at least one or two still-secret documents warning about the hidden subversion in Adventure Time.
The second thing is that Authority has always been suspicious about UFOs. And maybe it should be! Because if you think about it, flying saucers represent the ultimate symbol of Anarchy: Not only does it undermine the apparent control governments have over their territory and citizenship, but during all these years the phenomenon has defiantly refused to be classified into any simple explanation, that could make any sort of sense to a bureaucratic system afraid of unexpected disruptions to the Status Quo.
The bloody things even refuse to obey the law of GRAVITY, for crying out loud! What could be more subversive than that?!