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UFOs in Massena? Some people seem to think so

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a UFO?
The Internet has been abuzz with reports of unidentified flying objects over the north country in recent weeks.
Six reports of mysterious light formations circling high in the skies, from Malone to Hogansburg to Brasher, have been compiled by the National UFO Reporting Center since Jan. 11.
“I never in my life expected to see something like this,” an anonymous user who identified herself as a Hogansburg woman posted on the center’s website after seeing what she described as three orange fireballs flying next to one another. 
“Their motion was like that of several spotlights such as would be seen in Hollywood,” she reported Jan. 12.
Others reported similar accounts, all in the early nighttime sky between Jan. 11 and Jan. 18.
“I saw those lights last night. FREAKED ME OUT,” a person who said he or she was from Canton posted Jan. 19 on Topix.
But, unfortunately for believers in the extraterrestrial, there may be a very earthly explanation for the phenomenon.
According to Lt. Col. Fred Tomaselli, spokesman for the New York Air National Guard, pilots from a pair of nearby posts were practicing night missions the week of the reported sightings.
“It is highly likely that it was the F-16s out of Vermont or the F-15s out of Massachusetts doing night training,” he said.
The first round of Burlington training began Jan. 10 and lasted through Jan. 12, according to a press release, the same nights as the first reports of strange lights hovering in the sky.
The second round of night missions began Jan. 17 and ended Jan. 20, the same dates as three more of the sightings.
While it was not certain, it is possible the reported UFOs were simply fighter jets that have been taking off and landing in South Burlington after dark, said Lt. Col. Lloyd Goodrow, spokesman for the Vermont Air National Guard.
“We do a lot of our training in the Adirondacks,” he said.
According to the officials from the Air National Guard, there is a medium altitude military training area near Massena as aircraft approach Fort Drum.
Flights from a number of posts use the space for training missions, making it difficult to know which facility the jets were actually from.
“As it is a designated military training airspace, it would be just about anyone,” Mr. Goodrow said.
While state police haven’t recorded any recent calls questioning the lights, Mr. Tomaselli said the Air National Guard has fielded a number of questions in recent years from north country residents looking for answers.
Each fighter jet is equipped with blinking strobe lights, he said, an explanation for the hovering lights that have sparked so much interest lately.
“When they are maneuvering at night, there’s no depth perception, so it can look pretty interesting,” Mr. Tomaselli said.
Alleged appearances of UFOs are not uncommon throughout New York. According to the UFO reporting center, the state features the fourth-highest number of sightings in the country, with 2,784 reports dating back to the 1930s.
And there is an average of 25 UFO sightings reported each year across the north country, James G. Bouck, New York state director of the Mutual UFO Network, said during a 2010 visit to Potsdam.

N.A.S.A. T.V.


Man shaken by ‘close encounter’ as he sees a UFO

Scarborough Evening News
Sunday 29 January 2012

BILLY Kirk had an out of this world experience when he saw a UFO in skies above his Scarborough home in scenes reminiscent of Roswell.

Billy, from Ewart Street off Seamer Road, described seeing an intense white light, which was stationary, hover temporarily before it shot off at “thousands of miles an hour”.
Scarborough UFO expert Russ Kellett added weight to Billy’s claims when he revealed that he had heard several similar descriptions of unexplained objects seen in the Seamer Road area.
Billy said: “I’m still in shock. I can only describe it as a big ball of light. I was scared, I just ran in the house and said to my girlfriend ‘I’m not going back out there’. I didn’t know what to think.
“I’ve never been a big believer in things like that but I can’t explain it. It definitely wasn’t the Northern Lights, an aircraft or a Chinese lantern. I’ve thought of everything.
“I didn’t want to say anything at first but I thought it should be reported. It could be a danger to our airspace.”
Billy, who works for Senior Glass Systems in Eastfield, is now keen to find out if anyone else noticed the UFO, which he saw at around 10pm on Monday.
Mr Kellett added: “Stationary objects taking off like that just shouldn’t happen. It couldn’t have been a shooting star or anything like that.
“Around the Oliver’s Mount area we have had some very strange stories about balls of light. I’ve heard similar accounts to Billy’s in the past.”
If anybody else saw the mystery object contact Daniel Sanderson on 01723 383867 or

Operation Mainbrace

Operation Mainbrace was one of the biggest navy maneuvers after World War 2 by the US and its allies. Held near Denmark, sailors and high ranking personnel were witness to some of the most astounding UFO encounters.

Two Agencies (the CIA and NARA's Office of Government Information Services) Choose to Thumb their Noses at FOIA (Item 2.147)

By Larry W. Bryant
[LWB Note: Within a week of each other in January 2012, the Rosemary-Award-winning U. S. Central Intelligence Agency and the lofty but testy and ineffectual Office of Government Information Services at the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration sent me letters proving that their regard for freedom of information centers not on serving the public interest but on serving their own bureaucratic interests. Yes, folks, here we have, once again, another chapter in the We-versus-Them struggle for greater UFOIA -- UFO freedom of information and accountability. At this point, short of my winning a state lottery so as to fund litigation in support of UFOIA progress, we're left with only one viable resource: the emergence of enough whistleblowers with ample confirmatory evidence of their accounts that would convince a federal grand jury to investigate, and report upon, their revelations. They might choose to jump-start this long-overdue disclosure process by issuing deathbed confessions as to their role in/observation of any aspect of the worldwide cover-up of the UFO-E.T. experience (see Item 2.111). Meanwhile, for your inspiration and amusement, I'm printing the contents of each agency's notification letter below.]

== Letter from the NARA-OGIS chief (17 Jan 12) ==

Dear Mr. Bryant:

Re: Courtesy copies to OGIS -- MN:KF:CZ

We are writing to confirm that we have received your latest courtesy copy [LWB Note: I prefer to label it "action copy"] of your correspondence to the U. S. Air Force dated January 4, 2012 [see Item 2.92] and received on January 5, 2012. We have received many courtesy copies from you [LWB Note: untrue, unless no more than three CC copies are considered "many" by OGIS staffers] over time via email and have advised you we do not open case files upon receipt of courtesy copies. We also write to inform you that we will no longer be acknowledging receipt of courtesy copies from you.

The Office of Government Information Services serves as the FOIA Ombudsman, providing assistance to the public and to Federal agencies. We provide mediation services to resolve FOIA disputes and we also review agencies' FOIA policies, procedures and compliance. If in the future you would like to request our services, you may contact us with an express request for our assistance. If we receive future courtesy copies from you we will not acknowledge their receipt.

Thank you for your interest in the Office of Government Information Services.


Miriam Nisbet, Director
Office of Government Information Services
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

== Letter from the CIA's FOIA chief (20 Jan 12) ==

Reference: F-2012-00334

Dear Mr. Bryant:

We received your 28 December 2011 letter, appealing our 23 December 2011 final response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for "any and all CIA-generated and CIA-received records pertaining to the Mars-Visitation Program."

Your initial request [see Item 2.145] was not processed, therefore, there are no administrative appeal rights and we cannot accept your appeal. You are encouraged, however, to refine the scope of your request and submit it anew at any time.


Susan Viscuso
Information and Privacy Coordinator

[LWB Note: could it possibly be that the Agency is vying for yet another Rosemary Award for poor FOIA performance? And: how ironic would it be for the OGIS operation to be added, eventually, to the list of awardees?]

Ufo News Clipping - Daily Telegraph 11.4.1958.

The 1973 Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Encounter

By Brent Raynes

At about 9 p.m., on October 25, 1973, near Greensburg, Pennsylvania, over a dozen witnesses watched a hovering bright red ball of light. A young man (age 22) and two boys (ten-year-old fraternal twins) decided to take a closer look. Together they got into a car and began driving toward the field over which the light was hovering. As they approached, the young man noticed that his headlights seemed to be getting dim, and the trio observed that the light was descending. Then walking up to the top of a hill they all saw a bright white “dome shaped” object, approximately a hundred feet across, apparently sitting on the ground below. The object made a “sound like a lawn mower.”

Next they observed two dark figures moving along a nearby fence line. The young man fired a warning shot over their heads with his 30.06 rifle. The creatures were tall, one being about 7 feet tall and the other a little over 8 feet tall. They were covered in long, dark grayish hair, had greenish yellow eyes, and arms that hung down almost to the ground. The creatures also made whining noises, compared to the sound of a baby crying. There was also a strong odor in the air, similar to burning rubber. Realizing that the creatures were beginning to slowly walk towards them, the young man fired a second warning shot over their heads, eventually firing three rounds directly at the tallest figure. At this point, one of the twins ran back toward his house.

The creature that had been struck whined and raised its right hand toward the other creature, almost touching it. The dome-shaped light and mower-like noise ceased, although a glowing area remained on the ground where the UFO had been (reportedly so bright that a newspaper could probably have been read by it). The creatures turned around and began walking off towards the woods. The witnesses eyes began to bother them.

At approx. 9:45 p.m., a state trooper arrived and returned to the field with the young man. The glowing on the ground was still visible. They both got out and walked around, while something large was walking towards them in the woods. Trees could be heard being torn apart, and when they would stop the sound would soon stop. The trooper had been with the young man for about half an hour when the young man spotted a brown figure coming in their direction. He fired his last bullet at it. Then the young man noticed something coming out of the woods. They jumped into the patrol car and drove out of the field.

At about 1:30 a.m., October 26th, members of the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group arrived on the scene. Around 2 a.m., as an investigator was questioning the young man, he suddenly began breathing heavily, growling like an animal, and flailing his farms, knocking his father and the investigator to the ground. As this behavior was occurring, one of the team members complained of feeling light-headed, then another of breathing difficulty. Then the young man, still swinging his arms around and growling like an animal, suddenly collapsed face down in a heavily manured area. Then he came to and warned the others, “Get away from me. It’s here. Get back.”

The father and the investigator who had been knocked to the ground, began to help the young man out of the area. The young man pointed into the darkness, claiming it was nearby, mumbling that he would protect them. He also said something about seeing a man “in a black hat and cloak, carrying a sickle.” The young man claimed that the dark figure gave him a message: “If Man doesn’t straighten up, the end will come soon.”

The young man had never before displayed any dissociative behavior. Psychiatrist Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz was called in on the case by the Study Group’s director Stan Gordon. A complete account of Dr. Schwarz’s investigation of this dramatic case, Berserk: A UFO-Creature Encounter, appeared in England’s Flying Saucer Review (Vol 20, No. 1, 1974) and in his book UFO Dynamics (1983, Rainbow Books, Moore Haven, FL). Stan Gordon’s book Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook (2010) also recounts this case in detail. In fact, it adds some fascinating new details that I wasn’t familiar with from previous accounts. For example, Dr. Schwarz felt it unwise at the time to hypnotize the young man who had seen the UFO, fired at the Bigfoot, and experienced the strange visionary entrancement of the dark figure. It had certainly been a very traumatic encounter for him. However, “many years later” Stan and a colleague named George Lutz decided to approach both Dr. Schwarz and the young man about allowing one of their “professional consultants” to regress this witness. They were quite surprised when the experiencer looked at them oddly and asked them why they wanted to hypnotize him again! They looked at each other in puzzlement and then asked him what he was talking about. He then proceeded to explain how about two weeks after the UFO/Bigfoot event a man in Air Force blues and another man, tall, dark haired and in a business suit, had approached him and asked him to recount what had happened again. He said he thought that they were members of Stan’s organization, and, in fact, thought the Air Force guy was none other than George Lutz (a former Air Force pilot and officer), but Stan assures the reader that it “definitely was not Lutz or any members” of his group.

After listening to the young man’s account, the mystery visitors assured him he wasn’t crazy. “The Air Force officer removed from his briefcase a series of photos of UFOs,” Stan wrote. “Then even more startling were the pictures of hairy Bigfoot creatures that had been taken nationwide.” One photo, allegedly taken in Georgia, showed a Bigfoot-type creature with a pig under one arm climbing over a fence. “The men wanted the witness to point out to them any of the photos which appeared similar to what he had seen,” Stan added.

After this the Air Force officer expressed their interest in doing hypnosis on him and the witness agreed. After the session they said that they would be in touch and left, but he never heard from them again. “Whoever these men were was never discovered,” Stan wrote. “This leads to the obvious question, does our government have an interest in both UFO and Bigfoot cases?”

At the time of this incident, the Study Group had been investigating an epidemic of UFO and Bigfoot-type reports then raging in western Pennsylvania. Stan’s book provides a fascinating catalogue of these bewildering events.

Readers may wish to check out Stan’s website: