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Spacing Out! Ep.10 Computer hackers searching for UFO information - Ryan Sprague

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Ryan Sprague is a UFO journalist and a contributing writer for Open Minds magazine. We talk with Ryan Sprague about computer hacking cases where hackers specifically sought information related to UFOs. We also talk about a study looking for signs of extraterrestrial life on Martian moons, a curious alleged alien skeleton, and other UFO and space news on this episode of Spacing Out!

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Unknown Objects Caught on Video over Manhattan Beach, California

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Jul 5, 2012 by MFGLOOM
Manhattan Beach, California - 07-04-12 - 8:39 PM
I caught this group of light orbs zipping around at sunset in Manhattan Beach. I know these are not flares, fireworks, fireflies or Chinese Lanterns.
These are way different than what I caught in the Santa Monica Mountains. This was filmed on my Iphone.
(Editor's Note: As usual, on any given holiday where fireworks are displayed, UFO sightings are always on the increase, and I have fallen into the habit of assuming all of the "lights in the sky" are just fireworks. However, if these are fireworks they are different than any I have seen previously.)
Have a look for yourself...

Gary McKinnon's extradition case adjourned for medical report

By BBC News

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon has been given two weeks by the High Court to decide if he will take a medical test to see if he is fit to be extradited.

Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon is accused of hacking into US military computer systems

Experts say there is a high risk Mr McKinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome, could kill himself if extradited, but ministers want a new report.

Home Secretary Theresa May is said to be "very near" a decision.

Mr McKinnon, from north London, admits hacking US military computers but says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

If he is convicted in the US, he could face up to 60 years in jail.
'Highly detrimental'
Lawyers for the home secretary said she was "extremely concerned" by the conclusion from one medical report that said Mr McKinnon was unfit to plead.

The High Court has to decide how much time should be given before Mrs May announces whether or not Mr McKinnon, 46, should be extradited, the BBC's Ben Geoghegan says.

If the home secretary decided he can be extradited, Mr McKinnon's legal team would be likely to challenge the decision by asking for a judicial review, our correspondent says.

On Thursday, Mr McKinnon's lawyer, Ben Cooper said his client would not wish to undergo another medical test. He said it would be "highly detrimental to [Mr McKinnon's] fragile mental state".

Mr McKinnon now has until 19 July to make a final decision and there will be a further hearing at the High Court on either 23 or 24 July.

Mr McKinnon, who hacked into the US computers in 2002, has been fighting extradition since 2006.

The High Court expressed concern over how long Mr McKinnon's case was taking to return to court earlier this year.

Best of UFO Night Vision Lasertag (Video)

A new, dangerous, and possibly illegal, game of UFO lasertag is being caught on video and a group of players have posted a "Best Of" compilation to YouTube.

It's not clear where these clips are being created, but a commenter refers to a group regularly gathering at a place called Trout Lake. In them, several people are spotting brightly lit, but unidentified, flying objects in the night sky. The object of the game seems to be converging powerful lasers on the crafts, which mostly resemble and behave like satellites. In one clip, however, the object makes a sudden turn, so it cannot be one.

The aim of this form of lasertag appears to be to make the UFO flash brightly, accompanied by a round of whooping cheers. Incredibly, it does seem to work, defying explanation. If the flying craft are airplanes, then what is happening is illegal, since pointing a laser at aircraft could blind the pilot.
It's not likely this sport will continue much longer, since posting this video on the web will likely bring lots of attention. This is one game that will probably be called on account of dumbness. Here's the video:

New extraterrestrial-themed wine launches

On July 1, Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC announced the release of Abduction wine, a new concept brand the company is calling “out of this world.”

Abduction wine is the concept of Robb Jacobs, a science-fiction enthusiast and a firm believer in extraterrestrial life. And, based on a recent National Geographic poll, it’s a belief he shares with a third of the U.S. population. Jacobs believes that, “as long as man looks to the stars and dreams, he might as well have the proper wine to sip while doing so.”
Jacobs explains his reasoning for launching such a wine:
There is a wine for almost every kind of consumer but no one has ever made a wine specifically for the Sci-Fi community until now. Abduction wine caters to exactly this consumer base and will be promoted at science-fiction conventions, the UFO Golf Tournament, Comicon, and through science-fiction media as well as through traditional avenues such as in-store tastings, store displays, truck wraps, and an introductory mail-in rebate.
At the time of its launch, the line consists of two wines: “Galactic White,” which is from 100% Airen grapes, and “Cosmic Red,” which is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Travis Walton pouring Abduction wine at the 2011 UFO/ET Congress
in Bordentown, NJ. (Courtesy: Robb Jacobs)

According to the company’s press release, “The eye-popping labels feature an extra-terrestrial character that is a rendering of the description given by many earthlings who have claimed to see martians or otherworldly beings.” Notable alleged abductee Travis Walton obliged the company by posing with a bottle of Abduction Wine last year at a UFO conference (see photo).

The company reports that “the MotherShip(ment) was tractor beamed to Earth by the wonderful humans and Allied Beverage and Vision Wine and Spirits of New Jersey.”
You can find more about Abduction Wine at