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UFO Sightings Rise In Canada But Government Interest Wanes (Video)

Published on 5 Apr 2013 By Isaac Wilee
"Sightings rise in Canada but the Government Interest on the subject apparently goes down Leaving the Human population to Study for Themselves."

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Triangular UFO Sighting Over Manchester U.K. (Video)

Mac:  I have just been informed that this is yet another fake...
Published on 7 Apr 2013 By breno lee
"Triangle UFO! WATCH NOW (NEW),.... Triangle UFO 150ft in size aprox, very very low near Manchester Main City in the UK, GOVERNMENTS NEED TO EXPLAIN! Is this ours?"

I-Team: Author to Discuss UFO Technology Friday


LAS VEGAS -- Wild tales about flying saucers at Nevada's mysterious Area 51 military base are, by now, familiar all over the world. Those stories started on KLAS-TV back in 1989 and have since been featured in movies, TV shows and books.
Two new books explore how the story has evolved over the past 24 years and whether there is any truth to the claims of former government scientist Bob Lazar, who says he worked near the secret base at Groom Lake.
One book by Canadian researcher Grant Cameron alleges the Area 51 tale was part of a planned, but gradual, release of information to the public about the UFO subject. In his book, Cameron said that formal disclosure by the government is unlikely, but that a program of gradual disclosure is underway, using mass media.

"They're sitting there, gradually releasing the core story, using fictionalized versions to protect classified material regarding national security, such as how they fly, how they outrun our jets," said Cameron, who is the author of "UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants. "They want to protect that, but not have the public stuck back in 1947."
Cameron is expected to speak at the Atomic Testing Museum later this year. On Friday night, another author, aerospace engineer T.L. Keller, will speak at the museum about his new book, which examines the technology of UFOs. The museum's Area 51 exhibit is celebrating its first anniversary.
Keller's speech is open to the public.

Tom Cruise says aliens may exist

Tom Cruise is promoting his latest alien adventure flick, Oblivion, this week at its Russian premiere. In response to questions by the British newspaper The Sun, he says he would be up for a trip to space, and would not be surprised to find aliens when he gets there. Cruise is known for several roles in movies about alien invaders. In Oblivion, he plays a drone repairman who is one of the last surviving humans on earth, which, you guessed it, has been devastated by attacks from an alien race.
When asked whether he would like to take a trip to space, Cruise told The Sun, “Who wouldn’t want to do something like that?” He added, “I’m going to let a couple of other people test it out first but it would be great. I was always hoping when I was a kid that we would be travelling to different planets by now.”

Tom Cruise Oblivion
Tom Cruise in a promotional movie still for Oblivion. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

The other people he may be referring to are the several other stars who already have their tickets for space flights being offered by Virgin Galactic. The space flights have yet to begin, but actors Aston Kutcher, Kate Winslet, and Russell Brand already have seats reserved. Brand’s ticket was a birthday present from his ex-wife Katy Perry, who is reportedly “obsessed” with extraterrestrials, and is a big fan of the TV show Ancient Aliens.
Cruise offered his opinion on aliens, saying, “I don’t think you can actually count it out.” He continued, “It might be a little arrogant to think we were the only ones in all the galaxies throughout the universe, but I’ve never met one!”
Incidentally, Cruise is probably the most high profile scientologist in the world. According to many who have left the church of scientology, some of their more advanced and secretive teachings are of an extraterrestrial named Xenu, who manages this part of the galaxy. Supposedly, this alien brought humans to Earth, and it is due to this alien’s antics that we have many of the psychological issues we deal with today. No wonder Cruise likes to blow them away in the movies.

Welcoming UFOs to South Carolina

A new UFO exhibit was scheduled to open on Thursday, April 4 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But according to ABC News 4 in Charleston, the opening of Encounters: The UFO Experience was postponed until at least Saturday, April 6 because “some exhibits did not arrive in time.” 


But explains that, despite the delayed opening, kick-off festivities still took place on April 4, including special presentations by nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman who “spoke in the morning as part of a preview tour of ‘Encounters’ and at a public lecture midafternoon nearby at Legends in Concert.”
But Encounters: The UFO Experience is not the only UFO attraction currently in South Carolina. CNN posted a video story on Friday, April 5 about Jody Pendarvis, a one-man extraterrestrial welcoming party. Pendarvis built his UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, South Carolina twenty years ago to “give aliens a friendly welcome to Planet Earth.”

UFO News Links For Monday 8th April 2013


UFO movie news round up

By Robbie Graham

Disney to remake ‘The Black Hole’

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Walt Disney Pictures is to remake its 1979 sci-fi epic The Black Hole, which followed the exploratory craft U.S.S. Palomino on its long journey back to Earth after a fruitless 18-month search for extraterrestrial life.

In the original movie – a shameless star wars rip-off featuring some of the most inert fight scenes ever committed to film – the crew of the Palomino stumbles across a supposedly lost ship, the U.S.S. Cygnus, which is stationed near a black hole. What the crew find onboard the Cygnus is as ‘wondrous’ (read as ‘boring’) as it is ‘terrifying’ (read as ‘really, really boring’).

Though the 1979 version of The Black Hole was alien-less, don’t be surprised if the remake throws in an ET element, especially as Disney has hired Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, The Darkest Hour) to rewrite the original story.

Joseph Kosinski, (Oblivion), is attached to direct. No release date yet.

National UFO Alert: Four States Report 141 March Cases

The National UFO ALERT Rating System has been updated April 4, 2013, with California, Florida, New York and Texas moving to a UFO Alert 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of March 2013, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
California was the leading high-reporting state in March with 59 cases, up from 53 February cases and 63 January cases.
Those states in a UFO Alert 4 category with 13 or more reports include: Michigan, Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Oregon.
All other states move to a UFO Alert 5 category with lower numbers of UFO activity. The Watch States -- with 10 or more cases -- are Missouri and Indiana.
MUFON released March statistics April 1, where the total number of reported UFO sightings is listed by state. The UFO Examiner uses these statistics to rate states. The entire country was moved back to the lowest alert level -- UFO Alert 5.
California takes the lead with 59 cases; Florida, 30; New York, 26; and Texas, 26.
Those states with 13 or more reports, the next reporting tier level, are a UFO Alert 4 status: Michigan, 21; Arizona, 20; Washington, 20; North Carolina, 16; Ohio, 16; Pennsylvania, 14; and Oregon, 13.
Our Watch States this month are -- with 10 reports or more: Missouri, 12; and Indiana, 12.
The sphere remains the most-reported UFO shape with 124 March reports; with 124 February reports; and 172 January reports. Other shape reports include: Circle, 91; Star-like, 79; Unknown, 77; Triangle, 63; Other, 59; Fireball, 49; Disc, 48; Oval, 42; Boomerang, 28; Cylinder, 27; Flash, 26; Cigar, 18; Diamond, 12; Blimp, 11; Chevron, 10; Egg, 10; Bullet/Missile, 8; Teardrop, 7; Saturn-like, 6; Cone, 4; and Cross, 1.
The object's distance from the witness includes: Less than 100 feet, 77 cases; 101 to 500 feet, 68 cases; 501 feet to one mile, 109 cases; over one mile, 127 cases; unknown, 167; and no value stated, 19.
In addition, there were "23 landings, hovering, or takeoffs reported and 1 entity observed."
The most interesting UFO reports do not necessarily come from high reporting states - but those states with higher numbers do account for some of the most interesting evidence to study. While UFO sightings seem to pop up randomly around the country, this list is meant to offer a small insight into where Americans are filing reports.

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Gary Heseltine to launch UFO Truth Magazine this summer


Gary Heseltine is well known in the field of UFO research. Having worked as a detective in the British Transport Police for over 20 years, he is marking his retirement from the police by launching a new UFO magazine available soon. "UFO Truth Magazine" will be a bi-monthly online publication with 84 pages of UFO related material. He even managed to get me to agree to write for it and that is an achievement, me being "illiterate". A few years back Gary was given a written warning by the Police pertaining to his personal UFO research! We also discuss (again) the strange behaviour of government agent Nick Pope. Gary is also trying to get his film script of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident made into a blockbuster film. If anyone has £10 million please get in touch with him. If the film goes ahead I would like to play the part of the light house operator.

A Case of Cosmic Kidnapping?

By Nick Redfern

The so-called “Kinross Case” focuses upon the strange – and still-unresolved – disappearance of a U.S. Air Force F-89C jet fighter that was scrambled late on the night of November 23, 1953. At the time, it was on an “active air defense mission” to intercept an “unknown aircraft” over Lake Superior. Kinross Air Force Base, which was closest to the scene where the “unknown” was initially tracked, quickly alerted the 433rd Fighter Interception Squadron at Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin, and the F-89C gave immediate chase.

Available USAF records demonstrate that the F-89 was vectored west-northwest, then west, climbing to 30,000 feet. While on its westerly course, the crew received permission to descend to 7,000 feet, turning east-northeast and coming steeply down on the target from above. Alarmingly, as the aircraft closed-in on the”unknown” it subsequently vanished into oblivion, along with its two crew-members. The last radar contact placed the interceptor at 8,000 feet, 70 miles from Keeweenaw Point, and about 150 miles northwest of Kinross AFB, which, today, is called Kincheloe AFB.
An extract from the official USAF Aircraft Accident Report outlines further details of the official story:
“Aircraft took off at 2322 Zebra 23 Nov 53 on an active Air Defense Mission to intercept an unknown aircraft approximately 160 miles Northwest of Kinross Air Force Base. The aircraft was under radar control throughout the interception. At approximately 2352 Zebra the last radio contact was made by the radar station controlling the interception. At approximately 2355 Zebra the unknown aircraft and the F-89 merged together on the radar scope. Shortly thereafter the IFF signal disappeared from the radar scope. No further contact was established with the F-89. An extensive aerial search has revealed no trace of the aircraft. The aircraft and its crew are still missing.”
Although a search-and-rescue mission was immediately launched, no answers were forthcoming. The intriguing fact that the official records on the affair acknowledge the presence of the “unknown aircraft,” as well as the equally intriguing fact that neither the aircraft nor its crew, pilot First Lieutenant Felix E. Moncla, Jr., and radar observer, Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson, were ever found has led to theories suggesting that crew and aircraft were abducted by entities from another world.
First Lieutenant Felix E. Moncla, Jr
First Lieutenant Felix E. Moncla, Jr
For its part, the Air Force eventually concluded that the “unknown aircraft” was a Royal Canadian Air Force C-47 aircraft and that the pilot of the F-89 had identified it as such as he closed in, but then crashed – “probably” as a result of “vertigo” – after abandoning the chase. Nevertheless, in both 1961 and 1963 the RCAF vigorously denied to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) that the object had been one of its C-47’s.
Harvard University astronomer Dr. Donald Menzel championed the Air Force’s position, but added that, in his opinion, the radar operators saw a “phantom echo” of the F-89 that had been produced by atmospheric conditions, and that the “echo” subsequently “merged” with the radar return from the jet and vanished with it as the aircraft crashed into the lake – thus creating the impression that two separate objects had become one, or that an abduction of the Air Force plane had occurred.
It is important, however, to note the important questions and issues raised by the late author and UFO researcher Richard Hall, who stated: “Exactly what happens that night remains unclear, as the Air Force acknowledges, and serious unanswered questions remain. How likely is it that a pilot could suffer from vertigo when flying on instruments, as official records indicate was the case? If the F-89 did intercept an RCAF C-47, why did the ‘blip’ of the C-47 also disappear off the radar scope?”
Hall continued: “Or, if Menzel’s explanation is accepted and there was no actual intercept, why did the Air Force invoke a Canadian C-47, which RCAF spokesmen later stated was not there? No intelligence document has yet surfaced that reports the radio communications between the pilot and radar controllers, and what each was seeing. Without this information, it is impossible to evaluate the ‘true UFO’ versus the false radar returns and accidental crash explanations.”
Very curiously indeed, there is another intriguing aspect to this story that has been overlooked by many researchers of the case: only five hours prior to the disappearance of the F-89, another F89 from Truax Field – this one piloted by First Lieutenant John W. Schmidt and Radar Operator Captain Glen E. Collins – had crashed on the shores of Lake Wingra, approximately 400 miles from the site of the crash at Lake Superior.
In an article in the Wisconsin State Journal on November 24, 1953, it was stated with respect to this earlier crash that: “An Air Force clamshell crane was being used today to lift wreckage of the crashed Scorpion in the mud-filled hole of the University Arboretum in an attempt to find the bodies of Schmidt and Collins.
“Col. Shoup said he was convinced that the men had stuck with their plane in an attempt to keep it [from] crashing into densely-occupied areas of Madison. He praised the cooperation of police, fireman, members of the press and radio and others in trying to find the men.
“He added that an all-out effort will be made to salvage every bit of wreckage to present to an investigating board of experts so that the cause of the mishap may be determined. Officials were inclined to believe that a sudden mechanical failure caused the crash and the two occupants of the plane had no opportunity to radio that they were in distress or to bail out of the speeding aircraft.”
Perhaps this event was indeed a tragic accident resulting from nothing stranger than “mechanical failure” as the Air Force suggested. However, taking into consideration the strange, second incident that occurred only five hours later over Lake Superior – and involving personnel from the same military base and in the same type of aircraft, no less – an open-mind should be kept on the possibility that there was a connection; even if it is one that remains unresolved.