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25 Years of Canadian UFO Reports

By Ufology Research

Ufology Research has released the results of its 25-year-long study of Canadian UFO reports.

Most ufologists and Forteans know that Ufology Research, formerly UFOROM (Ufology Research of Manitoba), has been collecting and reviewing Canadian reports since 1989, publishing the results as the annual Canadian UFO Survey. When the 2013 edition was published in 2014, it marked 25 years of the annual analyses of UFO report data.

It seemed reasonable, then, to group all 25 years of data together and examine the data for trends and changes with time over a quarter of a century. When the final tally was produced, there were almost 15,000 UFO reports received as data since 1989. Coincidentally, this almost exactly matches the total number of UFO reports collected and analysed by the United States Air Force Project Blue Book during its official run of less than 20 years from 1952 to 1970.

The Ufology Research study is titled "UFOs Over Canada: 25 Years of UFO Reports." It is available from the Canadian UFO Survey web page here. In

The 25-year study should not need much explanation to those familiar with the annual Canadian UFO Survey. However, an outside reviewer has suggested I make a few points to clarify the process of collecting and analyzing the data.
First, in addition to UFO reports being received as data from UFO organizations and investigators, cases were also received and collected from official agencies such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Forces, Transport Canada and other official bodies. This is very unlike the American experience, where official agencies have not, in general, made UFO reports easily available. (UFO reports were also received for this study directly from witnesses, of course.)
Second, a word about hoaxes. In short, while hoaxes cannot be ruled out, the number of hoax reports that have ended up in the database is quite low. In fact, in most cases where a hoax was suspected or discovered, this has been noted in the data. One reason why hoaxes are minimal with respect to the larger body of data is because a very large percentage of reports could be explained or thought to have possible explanations. In other words, these reports were not hoaxes but honest mistakes, and there were real objects in the sky to misidentify.
Third, although we believe we have captured a rather complete set of sighting report data for this study, the database may not include all Canadian UFO sightings during the past 25 years. It is known from other studies that only a fraction of all UFO sightings are ever reported―this percentage is thought to be around 10 per cent. Our study reflects only those sightings which were actually reported to UFO groups or official agencies. Also, which we were able to obtain many reports from official agencies, it is very possible that an unknown percentage of cases are never officially released, although the Canadian government has been very transparent in this regard, with thousands of UFO-related documents always being available to the public either at the National Archives in Ottawa or online.
Next, our study shows that people are reporting sightings of unusual objects, some of which have no simple explanation. This result has no overt bearing on the question of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. The interpretation that some of the unexplained cases may represent alien visitation is left to the reader to speculate. What can be said is that UFO witnesses have, in general, not been hallucinating or making up tall tales; UFO witnesses are indeed seeing unusual objects in the sky for which they have no explanations.
Also, while the level of good investigation of UFO sightings has been regrettably low, some UFO groups such as MUFON have made excellent strides in educating lay investigators and encouraging proper UFO investigation.
Finally, this study was only made possible through the dedication of a handful of individuals who have taken the time to express curiosity about what has been reported by Canadians as UFOs during the past 25 years. Data collection is very time-consuming, and moreso thorough case investigation, which is done only rarely in the present-day field of ufology. If every one of the nearly 15,000 cases studied were completely investigated, what would the results have been?
Regardless of one’s belief in the “reality” of UFOs (however that may be construed), studies such as ours affirm that there is a persistent phenomenon that deserves further scientific study. If UFOs are not “real,” then why are tens of thousands of Canadians (and others worldwide) seeing unusual objects in the sky? Is there a need for better education of the masses? If there is a residual percentage of truly unexplained cases, what do these represent? Alien visitation? Clandestine military exercises? A hitherto unrecognized natural atmospheric phenomenon?
Our study 25 Years of Canadian UFO Reports is presented for your consideration.
 The "25th Anniversary Written Report" (in pdf format)The "Data" (in pdf format)Since 1989, UFOlogy Research of Manitoba has solicited sightings data from active Canadian researchers. This data is annually compiled into the "Canadian UFO Survey." The survey is made publicly available in an attempt to promote the dissemination of information across the field of ufology. This page contains many of the surveys, as well as the data.

The "Survey Essay" page contains just that; the essays produced each year summarizing the findings of the survey for that year, along with explanations of trends, as well as describing some of the more interesting cases for each year.
The "Search The Database" link is currently inactive. In the future, the complete database will be put on the web, allowing any users to search the database for sightings based on the criteria of their choosing.

The "Data Tables" page contains the raw data, in html table format, for most of the Survey years. Basic data, such as date, time, number of witnesses, etc. is listed, as well as a very limited general description of each sighting. Right now we have the basic data for most years up on the web page, but are currently missing 1989, 1992, and 2009 on the website. We hope to get that data online sometime in the near future.

The "Charts" page contains assorted charts summarizing the data over the years. One can find such things as the distribution of sightings by province, time of day, etc. The charts are in .gif format.With respect to the charts, there is a trade-off that must be made. If one is to be able to view the results of the different variables being measured, the chart is frequently too large to fit on the monitor, and one has to scroll left or right to view the entire results. Shrinking the charts to fit the screen, while making the entire chart as a whole visable, makes it difficult to actually interpret the chart, as the labels become too small. I have chosen to forsake convenience and make the charts large enough that one can actually read the results. Given this, the various charts are best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer, as it gives you the ability to easily resize the images. Printing the charts using I.E. seems to work well too. With Netscape however, some of the charts don't print on a single page, and either come out on two pages, or it simply cuts off a portion of the chart.
The "Testimonies" page is currently inactive, but will contain eyewitness accounts, in the own words of the witnesses.

UFOs Over San Pablo Brasil

Published on 9 Aug 2014 By pisosmadera

foi gravada por Reinaldo França Sampaio
vibrações emitian en quanto cantava
Bing Translation: OVNIS EN SAN PABLO BRASIL 8/3/2014 It was recorded by Reinaldo France Saemitian en vibrations as sang

Ufo or Meteor over Australia ejects 'something'

Published on 9 Aug 2014 By U.F.O.Lou


Incredible UFO Caught by Canadian News Agency

Published on 14 Aug 2014 By Open Minds Production
On July 17, 2014, local news reporters covering a wildfire inadvertently got more than they were looking for. Thirty-seven seconds into their news report they show a clip of a water tanker dropping fire retardant and above the mountain an object can be seen shooting out of the clouds across the sky. The video changes to another clip before the object can be seen leaving the field of view of the camera.

UFO Planet Ep 118 - Rock Star UFO Abductions - Grant Cameron Interview

Published on 11 Aug 2014 By Darin Crapo
Darin Crapo interviews Grant Cameron from Canada on the topic of rock star alien abductions. Grant also shares some of what he will talk about in Toronto later this month. For more information visit

Unknown Objects Over Martigues, France

Published on 14 Aug 2014 By UFO GLOBE

Date of sighting: July 2, 2014
Location of sighting: Martigues, France
This UFO sighting was recorded last month and was just put up this week for the public to see. It shows a mass of UFOs over Martigues, France. This is not the first time such a sighting in Martigues has been recorded. Back in July 2, 2008, a similar UFO sighting was recorded and shows identical craft in the sky. Clearly this means there has to be a alien base below this city...for it to have so much attention by aliens. Same day (July 2nd) the sightings occurred..this not a coincidence. The day must have special meaning for aliens in France.

Chilean government says UFOs pose no threat (Video)

The Chilean government’s civil aviation department recently met on whether or not UFOs pose a threat to their military air operations. Upon examination of their recorded UFO cases, and with input from their official UFO investigation organization, they decided that no threat exists.
Unlike the United States, and many other western countries, Chile takes the UFO phenomenon very seriously. They have their own agency for investigating the phenomenon called the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA). It is part of the Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), their equivalent to our FAA. CEFFAA also works closely with the Chilean air force.

Author and journalist Leslie Kean has been keeping tabs on CEFAA and broke the news of the meeting on a blog post on the Huffington Post. She says the meeting took place on July 31, and was organized by CEFAA’s director, General Ricardo Bermúdez. He invited nineteen experts with varying background to explore the question of military air safety in regards to UFOs. The group convened for three hours.
Coverage of the meeting on the official DGAC YouTube page can be seen above.
Kean says the group had already determined that UFOs are a real phenomenon worthy of serious study. This includes scientists and DGAC specialists. She writes:
Among the DGAC specialists were the director of the Meteorological Observatory, the chief of Radar Operations Metropolitan Center, the head of Accident Investigations, DGAC chief of operations, the director of Airport Security Operations, and an aerospace engineer.
Representatives from different branches of the armed forces and the police corps were also present. All of them, including a navy commander who is in charge of flight security for navy aviation, are also pilots, or have been in the past. Along with Mercado, Bermúdez was once a combat pilot.
Members of CEFAA and the DGAC meet with other experts to discuss the threat UFOs pose to military air operations. (Credit: DGAC)
Kean highlighted some of the discussion leading to the final decision. The DGAC chief of operations pointed out that their evidence shows unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), another term for UFOs, demonstrates “intelligent behavior,” and as such it is important to discover the nature of the UAP’s intentions.
He said, “Intelligence is what matters. If this is so, we must ask: has it shown hostility or carried out openly threatening maneuvers? Has it actually attacked our aircraft? To date, this doesn’t seem to be the case. We cannot possibly call something a threat to something or someone if they have not shown any open intention to do harm.”
Navy captain Roberto Borè agreed, saying, “Aside from any natural distractions to the flight crews, the risks so far have been null. We cannot call UAP a risk to our operations, not even a low risk.”
Radar control chief Mauricio Blanco also agreed, but stressed the need for a scientific evaluation of the risk. Blanco told the group, “In aeronautics, we have to measure risk scientifically and we have all the tools for that. We have to establish a ‘risk matrix,’ considering possibility and probability. The risk level [for UAP] has not been analyzed. It can be measured, and given the probabilities, this level is very low.”
Throughout her report, Kean points out the vast difference in the way the UFO phenomenon is handled in Chile versus the U.S. She writes about her visit to a radar center in Santiago where Blanco collects UFO reports. They have a careful protocol to maintain the integrity of the cases, and Kean says she found it “hard to get used to the fact that UFOs are fully accepted as part of life in Chile.”

Chief of Radar Operations Mauricio Blanco at work. (Credit: Leslie Kean) 

CEFAA’s Director of International Affairs Jose Lay told her, “For Chileans, this is completely normal and we don’t consider it news at all.”
During the meeting, officials comment on UFOs as a matter of fact, such as the DGAC expert on accident investigations who said, “Until now, in practice, we have seen only the effects. And those we have captured through photographs, videos, official reports, testimonies, etc. And thus, we are able to say the phenomenon exists. But its origin, we have not defined. And without this definition, we cannot establish a strategy to counteract it. … I have spoken with pilots who have had sightings. So far, none has experienced undue concern, just plain curiosity.”
In the end, the experts agreed that more multi-disciplined study into the nature of UFOs was necessary. The air force psychologist also suggested more education for pilots about UFOs. A nuclear chemist in the meeting also explained why this would be important.

Leslie Kean being interviewed by Chilean media during a visit in 2012. General Bermúdez stands to her right. (Credit: DGAC)
The chemist said, “If our civilian and military pilots are well informed about UAP, the risk due to distraction will come down to a minimum because the surprise factor will not be there.”
Kean says the conclusions regarding air safety were clear.
“Based on the evaluation at the meeting, the committee concluded that UAP do not present a threat or a danger to air operations, either civilian or military,” Bermúdez said. “Although there have been a small number of accidents attributed to UAP around the world, none have withstood an objective examination that presented unmistakable proof that UAP were the cause.”
For more information on CEFAA and the meeting, visit Kean’s blog post on the Huffington Post.
More coverage of CEFAA and Chilean UFO cases:



A series of astounding developments have now shattered American Archaeology's most cherished beliefs. Excavations have uncovered solid evidence that ancient America was settles at least 50,000 years ago. Further evidence suggest that Ancient Alien mound building structures began to appear by 3000 B.C., after a mixture of races from the east (Atlantis), west (Mu and China), the Pacific (Polynesia) and Lost Ancient Alien Tribes combined with Siberian nomads to eventually build the ancient mound structures we see in America today. Additionally, this series of discoveries support predictions made by noted psychic and healer Edgar Cayce, decades before these discoveries were confirmed by scientists. A mysterious Alien genetic type has been identified in ancient American skeletal remains as well as in some modern Native Americans. Scientific evidence proves that Ancient Aliens came to the Americas as far back as 50,000 B.C. This program includes amazing facts about this fascinating history and features a series of spellbinding interviews with investigators, researchers and scientists to uncover this amazing Ancient Alien mystery.

Alleged Lights in sky over secret government-contractor base ?

Published on 8 Aug 2014 By  Qoot123
no description available

Unidentified object caught on film over Chile

Published on 9 Aug 2014 By Irving castañeda
Objeto Volador No Identificado, impactante
Bing Translation: "Object flying unidentified, shocking"

Were there UFOs over Houston Texas

By Click 2 Houston
Pictures posted on Twitter Monday night and Tuesday morning show something floating through the skies over the Houston area.
In one, a circular object appears to hover. In another photo, something appears in front of impressive clouds. In a third picture, a lighted circle appears to stand on its side.
"I think the trick in UFO's is figuring out what else they could be.

It's easy to say that could be the aliens," said Dr. Carolyn Sumners, vice president for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
She investigates and is writing a show about UFO's.
"If it's a real object and it looks like it is. The more people who see it in different directions, the more likely we are to figure out where it is, what it is and see if we can explain it," Sumners said.
She said the rough weather in the Houston area on Monday night could help explain what we saw in the skies over Houston.
"All the way back to recorded history, there are going to be things we can't explain. That's what makes it exciting," she said.
For now, what some consider a UFO remains unidentified.


My Favorite Alien

By Paul Seaburn


His portrayal of an alien brought him into our orbit, his comedy was universal and his talent was out of this world, I am a comedy writer. Like many in this business, I am a student of the craft and was both inspired and intimidated by the huge comedic talent of Robin Williams. Yes, I was a fan of Jonathan Winters, Sid Caesar, Johnny Carson, the Marx Brothers and other comedy geniuses but Robin was part of the new generation … one of us. While I never got a chance to meet him, I had the pleasure of watching him live, in recordings, in movies and of course, on “Mork & Mindy.”
For those who may not remember or are not familiar with the show, Mork was sent to Earth by his superior, Orson, because humor was not permitted on his home planet of Ork and Mork would be ostracized for it, or worse – a feeling shared by many of us former class clowns and by followers of unusual and unaccepted beliefs. The first and by far the best season focused on Mork trying to understand humans and fit into the culture. At the end of each episode, Mork reported on his experiences to Orson, a kind of alien therapy session.

For me, comedy is an art and a science and often a mystery. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish what Robin Williams did – make people laugh universally. If and when we finally meet visitors from other planets, will they have a sense of humor? Will we be able to make each other laugh? What a wonderful way to get to know each other.
Perhaps we could try a few lines from Robin Williams, courtesy of Mork & Mindy:
I want to be a hickey on the neck of life.
If my knees knock any louder, I’m gonna look inside my pants and see who’s there.
Mindy – Mork, why are you building a tower of Cheerios?
Mork – Because it’s hard to stack oatmeal.
And one from Robin for all of us:
You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.