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Mac's UFO News - October 2014 (Series 3 Episode 6)

Published on 29 Oct 2014 By Mac's UFO News
Steven Bassett: November 1st Social Media Blitz For E.T. & U.F.O. Disclosure, Travis Walton & The Skyfire Summit, Cornwall U.F.O. Research Group 18th Annual Conference, Citizen Hearing Evening U.F.O. Lectures Now Available As Video On Demand, U.F.O. Statistics For September, U.F.O. Sightings For October, U.F.O.'s In The News & New Webcast & Documentary Additions For October.

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Spacing Out! Ep's 93 & 94 - Star Trek actor Garrett Wang spots a UFO / 'Flying Man' UFO baffles aviation experts

Star Trek actor Garrett Wang spots a UFO - Spacing Out! Ep. 93 
Published on 17 Oct 2014 By Open Minds Production
Jason and Maureen meet up with actor Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager, at New York Comic Con to ask him about extraterrestrial life and about a UFO sighting he had. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!


'Flying Man' UFO baffles aviation experts - Spacing Out! Ep. 94 
Published on 24 Oct 2014
The UK Airprox Board recently investigated a case where a "flying man" UFO flew past a plane. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Orb ufo caught on film over Bulgaria

Published on 23 Oct 2014 By MilenioParanormal
OVNI en Bulgaria 2014

U.F.O. Orb Spotted Over Valley? Are Aliens Visiting The Area?

By KMPH News
CLOVIS, Calif. (KMPH) - A Clovis man believes he spotted an unidentified flying object near his home, and he's got the video to prove it.
The video shows a bright orb and then a smaller bright light that appears to fly away.
Ricardo Padua who shot the video says, "It was weird because I didn't see it when I taping it. Then I thought on my God, this is real. This is something more than just an orb. It released something."

But what did it release?

Fresno State's Physics Department Professor Dr. Steven White says, "At first when I saw it I thought it could be Mars. But it looks like the International Space Station was flying over, right at that time. It's consistent with the altitude and direction of travel."
With the help of Doctor White's graduate student and a NASA website.
They've determined the bright orb is the space station.

Student Simon Gonzalez says, "If it is the space station it is going around the planet. So when it flies by a stationary star, it looks like that star is moving. When in reality it's the space station moving away from the star."

However Dr. White says another option?

Dr. White says, "Of course the space station does drop capsules from time to time. We might want to check on that. Those land usually in Russia."
As for Padua he's not buying it.
He says this is just one of several sightings he's witnessed.
Padua says, "What they say could be true. But I have other sightings without the video and they have to have a connection somewhere."
By the way, the International Space Station orbits at approximately 220 miles above the Earth and travels at an average speed of more than 17,000 miles per hour.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Man believes his video shows UFO sighting

By Dan Yesenosky , NBC Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Picture going outside on a Saturday night, looking up in the sky and seeing what appears to be a UFO.
That's what happened to Luis Rodriguez last weekend when he was taking his dog for a walk outside his apartment in the Arwen Vista Complex.
"Tried to make sense of it just like any other rational person would," Rodriguez said. "I thought it was a plane or some sort of aircraft that was just flying really low."
After watching it go across the sky he believes it was a UFO, a spaceship of some sort. NBC Charlotte sent the video to some experts at UNCC.
"Took a look at the video and it does look strange for sure," said Catherine Qualtrough, Observatory Director and Astronomy Lab Manager. "Of course, normally in these situations, we find a simple explanation."
The Bank of America 500 was also happening Saturday night around 7:30 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Rodriguez lives just minutes away and we showed him a video sent from members of the Speedway staff, posted on Instagram of military planes flying over just before the race which started at 8 p.m. He acknowledges the similarities in the two clips and even though it wouldn't surprise him if those planes are what he saw, he isn't fully sold.
"I didn't see different aircrafts together," Rodriguez said. "I saw just a perfect V-shape, slim V-shape up above the sky."
Both the Speedway and experts at UNCC believe the formation of the flyover planes is a likely explanation for what Rodriguez saw.

Robert Perala Interviews Travis Walton

Published on 3 Oct 2014 By Robert Perala
Robert Perala Interviews Travis Walton for Contact in the Desert.

Travis Walton holding sky watch at UFO abduction site


Travis Walton’s alleged UFO sighting and subsequent abduction, is one of the strangest, most credible, and most famous alien abduction stories. His experiences were the focus of the 1993 movie Fire in the Sky. Now, 39 years after the event, Walton is inviting the public to join him for a nighttime sky watch at the site where it all went down.
Walton says, “I am kind of nervous about it, because it is the first time I go back on the site at night.”
He is right to be nervous, because the events that he and his six fellow crew members describe are quite frightful. In a nutshell, the men say they saw a bright light in the forest that they believed to be a fire. They rushed to the site only to find a large metallic disc-shaped object hovering above the forest floor.
Walton, being a bit of a show-off, ran off to get a closer look, despite his friends calling for him to get back into the truck. The object shot out some kind of beam at him, and Walton flew several feet in the air. Believing him to be dead, and scared out of their wits, his co-workers took off.
Once they came to their senses, they went back for Walton, but he was gone. They reluctantly reported the incident to the police, who thought they had actually killed Walton and made up the UFO story as a cover.
Walton was gone for several days, and everyone believed him to dead, when he ended up calling his family from a pay phone near where the UFO was seen. He had thought only a few hours had passed. Walton later remembered strange events taking place while he was gone. He seemed to be aboard the craft they had seen in the forest. Although what he experienced had similarities to other alien abduction accounts, Walton says he can’t say for sure he had any interaction with extraterrestrial beings. For more details about the event you can watch his lecture at the 2011 International UFO Congress below.
For obvious reasons, Walton says he avoided the UFO site for many years. He says he went back during the day at the request of a TV show, because he felt “There is safety in numbers, at least the allusion of safety.”
As for nighttime visits, Walton says, “I was there one time at night with National Geographic, but other than that I steer clear of there.”
Walton says the few times he has visited the site since 1975, he has not experienced anything too unusual.
He says, “The weirdest one was when I went back after the forest fire had moved through. They closed out the woods and shut down the roads and didn’t want anyone going in there. But as soon as it opened up, me and my son went out on my motorcycle, and strangely enough, right when we got to the Turkey Spring contract area the motorcycle just cut off like you turned the switch off.”
Walton says they hid the bike behind some bushes and walked around. When they returned to the motorcycle, it started right up and he has had no problems with it since.
There has been some investigation done in the area to look for physical traces left in the area. He says researchers have found that the trees near where the UFO was seen do show accelerated growth during the time of the sighting. He says he has been told it is similar to that which has been recorded due to radiation. Trees in the area which had fallen prior to the UFO event do not show the same effect.
The sky watch event will be held on the anniversary of the UFO event, which was November 5, 1975. This year November 5, falls on a Wednesday night. It will be hosted by Ben Hansen, co-host of SyFy’s Fact or Faked. He will be bringing night vision equipment from his company Night Vision Ops. The next day there will be a press conference at the Holbrook County Courthouse with some of the crew members who saw the UFO in 1975, and the son of the man who owned the local newspaper.
All of this is part of the pre-conference events taking place before the Skyfire Summit that weekend in Overgaard, AZ, near the UFO site. Walton is helping to organize the conference which is focused around his experiences.

Walton says the conference was not his idea. He was approached by a man who offered to sponsor it, and talked him into it. Walton says at first he thought it would be too much work, but then he says he “got to thinking.”
Walton explained, “Once I had given a talk at the local college here and we had standing room only. People in this area are really hungry to get the real facts, and they need an education. So that’s the thrust of the conference. The speakers I chose, and the topics I signed are designed to be kind of the foundation. The ground floor of sort of a Ufology 101.”
He envisions the conference as his opportunity to educate the people in the area where the UFO event took place, and the place he still calls home. In fact, he says almost all of the witnesses to the event still live in the area. It is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time at ground zero of one of the most compelling UFO stories with a man who may have spent several days aboard an alien spacecraft.
Open Minds will be there with our cameras. If we all get abducted we’ll catch it all on video. Although, Walton says he hopes that doesn’t happen.
Either way, we will get some interviews and footage for those of you who can’t make it, and those of you who are too scared to make it. But for those of you who are adventurous, come and join us. Just don’t forget some warm clothes. This is Arizona’s high country, not like the hot Phoenix weather you see on TV.
For more information about the Skyfire Summit and how to register, visit

Richard Dawkins: What are aliens like?


Out there, far beyond the edges of our solar system, is there life?
In this video, presented at BBC Future’s World Changing Ideas Summit in New York, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explores one of the great existential questions faced by humanity: what kind of life exists beyond Earth?
It’s safe to assume, says Dawkins, that if we ever have contact with extraterrestrial life from outside our solar system, it will be intelligent. That’s because of the huge distances between Earth and other planets. But beyond that, this may be the only thing we have in common with aliens. Life on our planet is carbon-based, but as Dawkins argues, it’s not totally out of the question to have life based on silicon – robotic, in other words.
Alien beings may be nothing like us – so if and when we meet, it’ll also transform our understanding of ourselves and the Universe we live in.

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Unidentified Lights Captured in Video of Moon

Published on 10 Oct 2014 By WTFflow
I was watching the bright moon last night, just after the clouds got away. I thought I saw a bright light near the moon. I told to myself that I had too much imagination... Till the light appeared again, but this time, there were 2 lights. I was not wrong. I immediately took my Canon 700D with a 50mm F/1.8 lens, and started recording. I waited for about 30 to 35 seconds before they appeared again. This time, a total of 5 noticeable lights were appearing simultaneously near the moon.

After that, nothing happened for 2 minutes so I just stopped recording. Though, one or two last lights appeared some time later, but I didn't record them.

I can't really explain this. The only possibility for me is that these lights are in space, near the moon. Who knows, they're maybe planet sized. But god, the amount light they produced was amazing.

Type ➫ Lights
Scale ➫ Unknown, too far away
Duration ➫ ~20 seconds
Color(s) ➫ White
Light(s) ➫ Yes
Speed ➫ Static
Filmed with ➫ Canon 700D + 50mm F/1.8

(settings: @ F/2.8, 1/30 Shutter, ISO 3200 )

Filmed by me over my house, near Paris, France, October 2014.

UFO TV - AEON of HORUS: The Occult History of NASA

Since its inception in 1958 the truth of NASA’s occult origins has been discretely hidden from public awareness; origins linked to perhaps the most “wicked” of all occult practitioners in modern history, Satanist, Aleister Crowley. As well, the highest echelons of NASA’s administration were dominated by secret society initiates including Freemasons and Nazi SS personnel, most notably, Wernher Von Braun. This high-tech occult cabal secretly used the Apollo moon missions, not to advance science, but to serve their devotion to the mystery gods of ancient Egypt!  

UFO conference in Truro is an out of this world success

UFO enthusiasts had an out of this world experience at the 18th annual conference for encounters of the third kind in Truro this weekend.
Around 70 people attended the Cornwall Unidentified Flying Objects Research Group (CUFORG) at Truro College on Saturday.
They were treated to talks from some of the county’s leading experts, including Robbie Graham, who focused on how Hollywood has shaped our expectations of potential alien life and visitations.
Speaker Lorraine Flaherty shared her expertise on energy fields and the conference's organiser Dave Gillham teamed up with David Lee to discuss a mass UFO sighting over Cornwall, witnessed by 40 people back in December 2000.
Mr Gillham said: “The conference went off very well, just over 70 people came along and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
“The speakers went down very well with the audience.”
The audience also had an opportunity to share their UFO sighting.
“There were some very interesting sightings over Newquay, another one in Devon and another one in Falmouth”, added Mr Gillham.

Unidentified object over Meridian Idaho

By KBOI 2News
MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- An unknown object was spotted in the sky over Meridian Wednesday afternoon. 

A KBOI 2News viewer shot the video and then soon after noticed an airplane with a contrail following the object.

The video was taken from the back porch of Kaitlyn Ellis's home on Wednesday around 2:45 pm. 

KBOI reporter, Morgan Wagner, went out to see what others thought about the flying object. 

"That looks like a UFO," Donald Merritt said. "I lived out in the desert and I saw a lot of weird stuff out there."

But the Cadwells said to them it didn't look unusual.

"No, it didn't," Amanda says. "It didn't look like it was out of this world, but sorry I don't know."

Others say it looked like to them it was military plane.

With still so much confusion, we asked Idaho National Guard Col. Tim Marsano. He told us it wasn't one of their operations.

"I really don't have any idea what that is," Marsano said after seeing the video. "But I can tell you for sure it's not anything that belongs to the Idaho National Guard or the Army National Guard."

Crossing military planes off the list we then asked a local amateur astronomer. 

John McVey told us, in his opinion, based on the apparent zoom level of the camera and Ellis's ability to keep with the object, it appeared to be too slow to be a meteor.

The crop circle phenomenon is coming to Penrith

By Lauren Tesolin

IT   IS an unexplainable phenomenon: what is a crop circle and how did they come to be?
For the past 14 years, Megan Heazlewood has investigated the circles that appear in a variety of crops.
“Fifteen years ago I had never even heard of crop circles, I was incredulous myself, that was until friends of mine showed me what they had seen,” Ms Heazlewood said. “I guess curiosity got the better of me because I started investigating more and more.”
Over the past four decades, there have been an estimated 12,000 crop circles recorded globally.
“The diameter of these circles can range from 3-600ft,” Ms Heazlewood said.
“Of course, over the years there have been hoax crop circles, but there have also been ones that are very much real, and have been scientifically proven.

“They’re absolutely fascinating. They have symbols that are linked to ancient culture, religion, art, tradition and mathematics.
“There is an astounding amount of hidden geometry inside these exquisite pieces of art. I have come to the conclusion this is a way for higher intelligence to communicate with us.”
Ms Heazlewood will present her findings at the Emu Plains Community Centre, on October 19 at 1pm.
It will include her own personal crop circle sighting in Wiltshire, England, and footage of a UFO sighting adjacent to Silbury Hill, as well as that of a crop circle site at Boorowa, NSW.
Admission is $20.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

American University to hold UFO panel discussion


One of the most prestigious universities in the United States has announced that it will hold a serious panel discussion on UFOs, hosted by former CNN anchor, and UFO witness, Miles O’Brien.
Often UFO researchers and enthusiasts voice their concern that mainstream establishments do not take the UFO topic seriously. Well, once in awhile events like the one scheduled at American University take place and suggest that things might be changing.
American University recently announced that it will hold a panel discussion called UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials. It includes ” four prominent national figures,” and is based on the Honors Colloquium, Alien Contact: Science and Science Fiction, by professor and filmmaker John Weiskopf.

The events page for the panel includes a video from Weiskopf describing the event (seen above). He says, “This panel gives you an opportunity to hear from leading investigators, and from eye witness Colonel Charles Halt, the Air Force Deputy Base Commander near Rendlesham Forest. He stood 20 feet away from a UFO, and he recorded the event.”
Along with Halt, the panel will also include investigative journalist and author Leslie Kean. The title of the event is taken from her New York Times best-selling book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record.

Leslie Kean being interviewed by Chilean media during a visit in 2012. General Ricardo Bermúdez, head of CEFAA, Chile’s official department of UFO investigation, stands to her right. (Credit: DGAC)

Other panelists include author Thomas Carey, one of the leading experts on the Roswell incident, and Dr. Richard Haines. Haines is the co-founder of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NICAP), and is a former NASA researcher. Haines served as the Chief for Space Human Factors Office at NASA’s Ames Research Center from 1986-88.
As you can see, all of the panelists are people who either had their own UFO experience or research the topic. Although skeptical, none of them are skeptics. The discussion appears not to be a debate, but rather, the presentation of compelling evidence for the serious investigation of the UFO phenomena.
I am sure many will feel that American University holding such an event is quite shocking. Weiskopf appears to be aware of the novelty of the event. In the video he notes, “There has been no program likes this.”

The choice of the moderator is also very interesting. The tone of a panel is set by the moderator, who can easily sway the focus to be comedic, or incredulous. However, the moderator in this case is beloved and credible, and perhaps one of the more prominent figures to have admitted that he also has seen a UFO.
The moderator for the event, Miles O’Brien, is a former anchor for CNN, and has largely specialized in science, technology, and aerospace. Recently, he has won the hearts of many with the amazingly positive attitude he has had towards the loss of his left arm due to an accident.

Miles O’Brien (Credit: PBS)

O’Brien shared his UFO experience on CNN after the airing of one of a series of news reports on UFOs he had put together. He introduced the piece mentioning that the believed in UFOs, and after the piece played, one of his co-anchors asked him about his UFO comment.
He explained:
Well, you know, I saw something that was very odd about 20 years ago with my wife. We’re in Maine. It was dusk. We saw what looked like, you know, a planet, you know, bright planet, but then it took a 90-degree turn and took off at about Mac 20. And I’m a pilot. I know speed. It was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Could have been a meteor. Could have been some block program. Could have been something else.

The panel at American University will be held on November 12, 2014 from 7:30 – 10 pm. According to a tweet by Kean, it will be free and open to the public.
The panel is made up of some of the most respected, credible, and well spoken individuals to ever research the UFO topic, and with a beloved moderator who has also had his own UFO experience, the event is sure to make people who had not thought much of the topic to a closer look.

UFO or Drone Over Pro - Democracy Protest In Hong Kong 2014

Published on 5 Oct 2014 By Mac's UFO News

Spacing Out! Ep. 92 - Police and NORAD investigating UFOs in Colorado?

Published on 10 Oct 2014 By Open Minds Production
Police and NORAD said they were investigating a mass UFO sighting in Colorado. But they now claim otherwise. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Is Bigfoot an alien? UFO conference to consider various possibilities at upcoming conference

The (Uniontown) Herald-Standard

YOUNGWOOD, Pennsylvania — Bigfoot, traditionally, is viewed as a simple creature of the woods while UFOs are considered sophisticated visitors from outer space.
Yet, could there be a connection between the two?
Speakers will discuss this possibility at the upcoming Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania's seventh annual Pittsburgh UFO-Creature Conference, slated for Nov. 8 at the Westmoreland County Community College near Youngwood.
"There are two different fields of thought with Bigfoot: one that Bigfoot is flesh and blood and, two, that he is inter-dimensional or alien," said Fred Saluga, MUFON's West Virginia state director and Pennsylvania regional director, who is scheduled to speak with Brian Seech, director of the Center for the Unexplained, in a presentation called "Bigfoot and Mysterious Creatures."
A native of Luzerene Township now living in New Cumberland, West Virginia, Saluga, 65, is one of several presenters who will speak on a variety of topics at the conference. Many of them are appearing on television shows. They include journalist Nick Redfern, who appears in "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel, Derrel Sims, who appears in "Uncovering Aliens" on the Discovery Channel," PA MUFON director John Ventre, of Greensburg, who appears in "Hangar 1" on the History Channel and "Alien Mysteries and Close Encounters" on the Discovery Channel. Seech also appears on "Monsters and Mysteries" on Destination America.
Ventre said as a result of the shows, membership and case reports to MUFON have grown higher nationwide. In Pennsylvania, interest was already strong enough to support three annual conferences that take place in Westmoreland County, Erie and Philadelphia.
"We get six cases a week, about 300 a year," said Ventre.
But the shows make it easier for people to discuss their own experiences.
"I think people are starting to come out now with shows like 'Hanger 1,'" said Saluga, 65, a former police officer who is starting a group called the Bigfoot Research Project in Pennsylvania. "Before, everyone was afraid to say anything. The more you get into this, you realize there's so much in the world we don't understand."
MUFON has been investigating unexplained occurrences since its founding in 1969.
"Pennsylvania is one of the biggest states for reports," said Bob BeHanna, 39, of Uniontown, who is state Section 6 director for PA MUFON.
And many of those cases involve Bigfoot.
"Fayette County has been notorious for Bigfoot sightings for many years," said Saluga, noting people have made reports in Uniontown, Dunbar and along the Chestnut Ridge.
But a Bigfoot creature has never been captured, which leads some to wonder if it might be a ghost or an alien.
"It's like someone put him down and then picked him up. Is that possible for a flesh-and-blood animal?" asked Saluga.
"If you think about it, we'd have found something if it was flesh-and-blood," said BeHanna.
To further that argument, investigators say there are incidents where Bigfoot and a UFO have been seen in the same area.
One happened in the countryside near Uniontown on Oct. 25, 1973, when witnesses saw a glowing object in the sky that landed in a pasture and two Bigfoot creatures came out of the woods.
In another Fayette County episode that took place in the mountains in 1974, a woman reported shooting a Bigfoot that she discovered at her backdoor. The creature disappeared.
While no creatures have been captured, investigators have found strange tracks in areas where Bigfoot has been sighted. Saluga has a cast of a large, four-digit track made in 1979 in Pittsburgh's North Park.
While some may scoff at the idea that Bigfoot could be an alien, Saluga said, "Until we find out what they are, there are no experts."

Milky Way Galaxy 'Home to 3,000 Alien Civilisations'

By  Hannah Osborne
There are probably thousands of alien civilisations living in the Milky Way, but our chances of ever meeting them are extremely low, an expert has said.
Michael Garrett, head of the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (Astron), made the comments at the International Astronomical Congress in Toronto.
Reported by Discovery News, the astronomer said data collected by Nasa and other space agencies suggests that Earth is one of 40 billion potentially habitable planets in our galaxy.
In addition, another habitable planet is believed to form every year, meaning the chance of alien civilisations existing is very high - there may be around 3,000 alien civilisations already out there according to the study.
However, Garrett said that with the sheer size of the Milky Way, sending out signals and receiving one back from a civilisation advanced enough to possess this technology is unlikely at the moment.
"On average, you'd expect the civilizations to be separated by at least 1,000 light-years in the Milky Way," he is quoted as saying. "That's a large distance, and for communication purposes you need to allow for twice the travel distance, so you're talking about civilizations that have to be around for at least a few thousand years in order to have the opportunity to talk to each other."
He pointed to Earth as an example of how life developed, with extremely simple life forms having been around for billions of years. Intelligent life only arrived much later, he said.
"We don't really know the time scales in which civilizations persist. [Intelligent life only developed] essentially in the last few minutes of the overall evolution of life on the planet. I don't want to be too negative about this, but... my basic conclusion is that Seti (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) signals will be rare in the Milky Way."
While Garrett does not expect to hear from aliens in the near future, experts at Seti are more hopeful.
In March, leading Seti astronomer Seth Shostak said he expects to make contact within the next 20 years thanks to advances in technology.
Speaking to Popular Mechanics, he said the search is still in its infancy, and is limited by equipment and money, but believes we are not far off: "My guess that we'll succeed in the next two decades is based on the fact that with improvements in digital electronics and computers – which are getting better and cheaper, following Moore's law – we will be continually sifting through the sky faster.
"And you can extrapolate how fast we'll be able to search, assuming we have the money, in the next decade or two."

Megan Fox: Aliens have always been here

By Expose Entertainment
 Megan Fox never worries about being cast as the 'pretty girl'.Megan Fox thinks aliens helped build the pyramids.The actress stars in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as journalist April O'Neil, who has to convince people she hasn't dreamt up the unusual superheroes.Even off screen, the 28-year-old has no problem believing there is other life out there."I believe in everything other people find absurd," she told"I believe in aliens. How would they have built the pyramids otherwise?
There are so many unanswered questions and I'm very open-minded. I think anything is possible. Much of what we know now used to be thought of as absurd."In the film, her character is frustrated people don't take her journalistic abilities seriously as she works in the entertainment industry. She could draw parallels to her own life, as she is often cast as the 'pretty girl'. However, it's of no concern to the mother-of-two."I don't worry much about what other people think when it comes to my onscreen performances," she shrugged."That's my job. I never think, 'I deserve an award for this role.' It's all subjective; everyone is entitled to their opinion."Of course it helps to be attractive in the film industry. It's a visual medium. I don't know why I would have a problem with that."
Alongside helping turtles fight crime on screen, Megan raises sons Noah and Bodhi with her husband Brian Austin Green. Starring in the film prompted her to reflect on real-life heroes."I think anyone who is a mother is a hero every day, because they have so much responsibility," she reasoned."When you have a child, you'll never be the same person again because you worry every second of every day."

Viewer video: UFO or military jet training?

Carolina Live / News Channel 15

A tourist in Cherry Grove saw an unidentified flying object from his porch on Saturday night, and he's got video to prove it.
"Up to the northeast there was this light, a round light, probably I would say 20 percent the size of the moon," explained Mick Rudi, 69.
Rudi said he has been coming to the area on vacation since he was a baby and has never seen anything like it.
Rudi said he still can't explain what he saw.
"It didn't move, it just hung there and I watched it and I said what the heck is that? It gradually got smaller and smaller and disappeared over the horizon," he said.
Rudi grabbed his binoculars to get a closer look at the UFO and then decided he needed to record what he was seeing.
"You always see lights out there, there are boats and airplanes flying around, but this was nothing of that. The light itself did not illuminate the surface of the ocean which if it was some kind of a flare, it would have done that," he said.
We took Rudi's video to Jeremy Bass, an aviation expert and owner of Exclusive Helicopters, to see what he thought of it.
"That looked very much like a military jet training and the different color variations appear to be just different heat signatures, as the pilot was asking for different performance levels out of the engine," Bass said after looking at the Rudi's video.
But what about the moment Rudi said he saw the object disappear? Bass said he has an explanation for that too.
"It's not actually disappearing, it's just that that aircraft has now turned and is flying toward the viewer and they're so far away you don't see navigation lights," he said.
Bass added that he's seen that same thing many times before, not only from land but also when he's flown aircraft.
"I have seen the same shot that you just showed me. I can't begin to count the number of hundreds of times. The same look of that in so many different configurations. It's not even questionable. You're looking at a jet out there flying around that they're so far away, it appears that it's doing things that it's not," he said.
Another aviation expert echoed Bass' statements, saying that the object was definitely military.
But Rudi isn't convinced. He still thinks what he saw was out of this world.
"I was fascinated because you read stories about people seeing UFO's and various similar type things and I thought holy cow, I've never seen one and this is my opportunity," he said.
You can watch the video that Rudi shot by visiting the WPDE NewsChannell 15 YouTube page or by clicking here.

UFOs caught on camera over El Paso, Texas

Published on 5 Oct 2014 By HempSaves
This is footage that was taken out of my own camera from inside of an apartment complex in El Paso, TX on Oct. 4th, 2014 starting at 7:16 PM. The second set of footage was taken starting at 7:29 PM. I believe these to be Unidentified Flying Objects because of the strange ways that the lights in the sky were moving. There was no perceivable wind that day, and the temperature was approximately 70-75 degrees, and the sky was clear with only light pollution blocking out the stars, but these lights were much brighter than the stars in the sky, and they were easily visible through the light pollution. The lights took upon triangular and "V" formations throughout the footage, and at a few points, one appears to go up while the other goes down, and one goes left while the other goes right. At certain points, the UFO's began to hover until disappearing into the night's sky. I don't know what these lights were, but I think "Chinese lanterns" is the incorrect answer for some reason, and the local police stated that they hadn't heard any reports of "Golden Knights" or "Chinese Lantern" activities..

Position: I was standing in the NE part of El Paso close to the Walgreens on Dyer/Wren St. I was facing the direction of East to Northeast when I was capturing the footage. Keep in mind that I was facing the direction of land that is owned by the military at Fort Bliss, so maybe it's some kind of advanced military craft. To be honest, I have no idea what these lights were. I scoured the internet for any evidence of Golden Knights and/or Chinese Lantern shows/activities, and I could find nothing, so your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Cigar UFO enters lighting cloud in Puebla Mexico

Published on 9 Oct 2014 By  pisosmadera
08/10/2014 OVNI Cigarro entra en nube Electrica o portal en Cierra Norte Puebla mexico
Bing translation:  08/10/2014 UFO cigar enters cloud electrical or portal Closes North Puebla mexico

Would You Want To Live On Mars?

Published on 8 Oct 2014 By DNews
In honor of Space Week, Trace thought it would be fun to come chat with you all about the plans to colonize Mars!

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NASA Eyes Crew Deep Sleep Option for Mars Mission
“A NASA-backed study explores an innovative way to dramatically cut the cost of a human expedition to Mars -- put the crew in stasis.”

NASA to put astronauts in deep sleep for Mars mission?
“A NASA-backed study is exploring the feasibility of lowering the cost of a human expedition to Mars by putting the astronauts in deep sleep.”

Birmingham: Olton dog walker claims UFO close encounter

A UFO spotted by Matt Law in Hythe, which Richard Westwood says is identical to what he saw over Olton

Man shaken by line of pulsating orange lights in the sky - and is adamant Chinese lanterns were not to blame
Picking his way along a canal towpath Richard Westwood suddenly became aware of a strange, pulsating orange glow in the clear night sky.
The 45-year-old was walking his German shepherd Ted at the time.
He looked up at the inky blackness.
And there, 1,000 feet above, a strange craft throbbed, its lights blazing brighter than the star-spangled canopy.
Richard instantly knew the strange object above Castle Lane in Olton, Solihull, was no plane.

“There was no engine noise and the lights were not moving away from me,” said the painter and decorator.
“This was no plane – or helicopter.”
Richard, who spotted the UFO at 10.30 last Thursday, is adamant he didn’t witness a cluster of Chinese lanterns, either. “Heat rises. The thing that I saw was perfectly still.”
Richard insists that this was a close encounter.
“I observed a set of three red to orange coloured glowing lights, hovering in a line above the trees and canal below,” he said.
“The set of lights eventually moved off together very slowly. They just silently glided away, straight and level in a northerly direction towards Richmond Road following the canal.
“The two outer lights were large and faced backwards – plane lights don’t face backwards. They glowed bright red to orange.
“The centre light was smaller and flickered red to orange. The craft was airliner-size, judging by the distance of the lights along it.”
Richard’s experience is identical to a UFO report lodged by motorist Matt Law in Hythe, Kent, last June.
Descriptions of the mysterious machine are identical.
Matt, aged 29, said: “There is nothing I know which can remain stationary in the sky and make no noise.”
Richard also describes himself as a sceptic, but can find no earthly explanation for the Olton X File.
He added: “I’m not sure what it was, but in 45 years as an Olton resident living near and walking my dog along the canal every night I have never seen a plane follow the line of the canal at any altitude.”
Dave Hodrien, chairman of Birmingham UFO Group, said Chinese lanterns could not be discounted.
The 37-year-old added: “This has all the characteristic hallmarks of Chinese lanterns. People get tricked because they follow air patterns. They flicker and, when carried by the wind, they move in the same direction and in the same pattern.
“You have got to remain a realist. A lot of sightings are mundane things which, under the right conditions, can seem unusual.”
* Did you see the strange light display over Olton? email

UFO In Erie, According To Viral Video

By Brandon Arroyo / WSEE12 

ERIE, PA (WICU/WSEE) -- As the newscast ended on September 26th, as a controversy began. Asking about a mysterious light formation shining in the night sky.

"i have no idea, the top of a building?"

The YouTube video shedding light on this mystery claims the light formation is an "alien mothership". As of Wednesday, that video has now been seen a whopping 78-thousand in just five days.

Brandon Arroyo set out for the location of the scene to see what he could find. When nothing turned up, we turned to you.

"ummm, it's probably, I don't know"

"I don't think every light you see is a UFO"

" I don't know, some type of distortion"

"No one seems too sure what's going on, but the idea of a floating object over Lake Erie seemed a little bit far fetched for me. So i thought the best place to start looking for answers, was the place where the question started, the WICU12 tower cam down here at Millcreek Mall"
After grabbed some new video from the camera and matched it up with the viral sensation, we found the light appears to be on the shore. In contrast to being located in the sky which was the first thought
Was it a boat? Was it a reflection of the moon? Do we technically have an unidentified flying object?

"I'm not sure, why would they come only on top of Erie"

In Erie, Brandon Arroyo reporting. 

National UFO Alert: September reports spike in four states


A September spike in U.S. UFO reports occurred in Maine, Vermont, New Mexico and Oregon, according to witness reporting statistics released October 1, 2014, from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
“The four states were rated in the National UFO Alert Rating System as a UFO Alert 2 which represents 3.01 – 4.0 reports per million residents during the month of September 2014.”
Nevada, Colorado and Indiana were the next highest reporting states showing between 2.51 and 3.0 reports per million residents and listed as a UFO Alert 3.
Only Missouri earned a UFO Alert 4 rating with reports per million residents between 2.01 and 2.5. All other states were listed as a UFO Alert 5 with 2.0 sightings per million residents or lower. These numbers are based on the month when an event occurred, and not the month in which it was reported.
As the highest reporting states per million residents, the actual numbers are: Maine, 4; Vermont, 2; New Mexico, 8; and Oregon, 15.
The UFO Alert Rating System is based on five levels – 1 through 5 – where states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents are rated an Alert 1; 3.01 – 4.0 reports are an Alert 2; 2.51 – 3.0 are an Alert 3; 2.01 – 2.5 are an Alert 4; and those states with 2.0 or lower are rated an Alert 5.
The UFO Alert Rating System has previously only reported on the raw numbers by state to rate each state. Beginning October 2014, the rating will change to rank states by population.
Disregarding populations, the top 10 reporting states for September 2014 were: California, 93; Pennsylvania, 32; Florida, 32; Ohio, 31; Arizona, 29; Michigan, 28; Texas, 27; New York, 25; Illinois, 24; and Indiana, 24.
The sphere remains the most-reported UFO shape with 140 September cases, down from 179 August cases; 216 July cases; 156 June cases; 129 May cases; 150 April cases, 131 March cases, 91 February cases; and 240 January cases. Other shape reports include: Circle, 84; Star-Like, 82; Triangle, 64; Disc; 61; Oval, 53; Other, 53; Unknown, 50; Fireball, 33; Cylinder, 20; Diamond, 15; Cigar, 14; N/A, 13; Boomerang, 13; Cone, 10; Flash, 9; Blimp, 7; Egg, 5; Chevron, 4; Saturn-like, 4; Bullet-Missile, 4; Teardrop, 4; and Cross, 2.
The object’s distance from the witness includes: Less than 100 feet, 115 cases; 101 to 500 feet, 75 cases; 501 feet to one mile, 169 cases; over one mile, 218 cases; unknown, 238; and no value stated, 16.
In addition, there were “23 landings, hoverings, or takeoffs reported and 0 entities observed.”
The most interesting UFO reports do not necessarily come from high reporting states – but those states with higher numbers do account for some of the most interesting evidence to study. While UFO sightings seem to pop up randomly around the country, this list is meant to offer a small insight into where Americans are filing reports.
Infographics for this reporting period were created by and include: Most Witnessed Shapes by State, Sightings By Country, Sightings By State, and Sightings Per Million People.

Green UFO Recorded During Montreal Weather Report


By Paul Seaburn

Watching the local weather report is generally just a boring activity between the news and sports, but viewers in Montreal will be paying closer attention to theirs after a glowing green UFO appeared while a reporter was being filmed outside.

The incident occurred on October 2 at 10:38 pm. Weather specialist Colette Provencher of the Montreal news agency TVA was delivering her report from a rooftop when a bright green glowing ball shot into view above her right shoulder. As it dropped in the sky, it turned orange before disappearing over the horizon. Provencher had no idea it happened and the program moved on to a report about a nearby fire. TVA later checked with the local police who stated the fire was not related to the green UFO.

Was this UFO a green fireball? The mystery and controversy surrounding green fireballs dates back to the late 1940s when they began to be spotted regularly in the southwestern United States, especially over – you guessed it – New Mexico. Meteor expert Lincoln La Paz investigated and concluded that they were not meteors but could be Russian spying devices or possibly alien spacecrafts. Enough reliable witnesses saw them that an investigation called Project Twinkle was implemented. It quickly determined that the green fireballs WERE meteors, a conclusion disputed by La Paz, and the project was dissolved after two years.

As for the Montreal green fireball, Sebastien Giguere, scientific and education coordinator for the Mont-Mégantic Observatory AstroLab, said it was a meteor that had been seen that night in many parts of the eastern U.S. and that the green color could just be an indication that it contained magnesium, which burns blue-green. This was disputed by Pierre Hudon, a meteor expert at McGill University, who said he had NO reports of meteors in the area that night and, if it were a meteor, it would have lit up the sky behind Provencher’s head.

Why such disagreement among meteor experts? Is there a secret military base in Montreal? Is the Russian government spying on Canada? Did an alien spacecraft misread its GPS directions to Area 51? This green fireball is a long way from being resolved.

Montreal 'ball of light' mystery deepens

By Kate McKenna, CBC News

Experts say a mysterious ball of light over Montreal last night was not a meteor, raising questions about what that ball of light could be.
The website Lunar Meteorite Hunters reports sightings of the ball of light down the Eastern seaboard, including Quebec, Ontario, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Wyoming and Ohio.
But McGill's meteor expert, Pierre Hudon, says the ball of light could not have been a meteor because when a meteor flies through the sky, the entire sky lights up for several seconds. Hudon says he's received no reports of that happening.
"In Canada we have a network of cameras," said Hudon, "and we didn't receive any reports by camera this morning."
Hudon would not speculate on what the ball of light could be, saying "it could be anything."
The ball of light was captured over the shoulder of weather specialist Colette Provencher during a TVA broadcast at 10:38 p.m. ET Thursday night.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

UFO researcher to speak at Rio Rancho’s conference

By KRQE News 13

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Who said Roswell has the market cornered on UFOs? Rio Rancho will host the first New Mexico UFO Conference on Saturday from 1:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the Sabana Grande Recreation Center. It will feature five speakers, including one Rio Rancho man who has an extensive collection of evidence on UFO reports including everything from declassified military reports to audio clips of air traffic control communications.
David Marler said he has researched UFOs for nearly 25 years. In his garage alone, he has 14 filing cabinets full of audio files, government files and newspaper clippings that date back to 1897.
“I don’t know what these things are, but based on almost 25 years of active investigation, there is enough smoke to indicate that there’s some fire,” Marler said.
In digging through all the headlines and images, Marler said many reports over the last 20 to 30 years describe triangular UFOs not the stereotypical “flying saucer.” At the conference Saturday, he said he plans to present his evidence and leave it up to the audience to decide what it all means.
“Whether you relegate UFOs to fact, fiction or folklore, I always come down to the simple premise, it’s part of our history,” Marler said.
He said, despite many nights camping outside, searching for UFOs, he has never spotted one himself.

Your Need To Know - China's Shocking UFO History

Published on 1 Oct 2014 By Open Minds Production
It has always been difficult for westerners to coordinate with UFO researchers in eastern countries. However, China has amazing UFO cases, and the Chinese government has helped UFO researchers get their findings to the public. This episode of Your Need to Know covers some of those great Chinese UFO cases, and reviews how modern UFO research, with the aid of the Chinese government, began.

Police investigate UFO spotted over Breckenridge

By 9News

SUMMIT COUNTY - Breckenridge Police say they are investigating reports of three "shiny" objects in the sky Friday morning.
"NORAD is not tracking any anomalies in that location. We are investigating," said Army Major Beth Smith, NORAD spokesperson.
Multiple people have called in to report the objects floating in the sky. The Summit County Sheriff's Office is also investigating.

Police have called the FAA. The FAA says they have not had any calls from the public regarding the sighting.
Witnesses say the objects would sometimes form triangles or straight lines across the horizon.
9NEWS reporter Matt Renoux said he doesn't believe the objects were drones or weather balloons, because the objects appeared stationary for as long as 15 minutes at times.
"They would just sit there... without moving an inch on our viewscreen in the camera," Renoux said during a 5 p.m. live report.
After about 15 minutes, a flash of light would appear and the "objects would take off across the mountain ridge," Renoux said.
A Utah television station reported Thursday about a similar incident happening in the Salt Lake City area.

How Fast Are You Moving Through The Universe?

Published on 28 Sep 2014 By DNews
Even when you are sitting completely still, you are still moving extremely fast! Trace thought it would be fun to figure out just how fast we are all moving!

UK Defence Intelligence suggests witnesses may have been exposed to UFO radiation

A witness to the UK’s most famous UFO sighting says he may be suffering from the effects of radiation, and in a recent press release, points out that a UK Defence Intelligence (DI) report suggests that he may have been exposed to UFO radiation. Meanwhile, the U.S. Air Force says they have lost his service and medical records from that time.
It was reported this week that the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted that they will be releasing more UFO files, despite having said that they had already released all of their UFO files. This current revelation has been due to the efforts of John Burroughs, a military witness to the UK’s most famous UFO sighting.
Burroughs says he has been seeking official answers as to what he might have experienced that night in December, 1980 when he and others witnessed a UFO. At the time, Burroughs was a U.S. Air Force security officer stationed at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, which, along with nearby RAF Woodbridge, was on lease to the U.S. Air Force.
Since then he has had health problems and suspects that his UFO experience may have contributed to his condition. He says, “I have specific medical symptoms that are considered by some very knowledgeable people to be a fingerprint of a specific kind of radiation.”
It was actually a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) he made in December that prompted the MoD to release these newly found UFO documents. However, coincidentally, the MoD did not actually post that information publicly until September 16, the day after Burroughs sent out a press release to many UK media outlets alerting them to his plight.
On the Mod’s weekly FOI responses site they posted a response to a letter by Andy Russell asking for the same files Burroughs was asking for, stating that they will release them, but it will take up to 9 months to process them first. Russell, a UK citizen, says he made the request after reading about Burroughs discussing the files at a talk in Sedona, Arizona.
Burroughs also discussed another intriguing UK UFO document that regards him specifically, and his medical issues. In December 2000, UK Defence Intelligence created a secret report regarding UFOs. It was titled, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region: Scientific & Technical Memorandum – No. 55/2/00. The memo was released to the public in 2006.
Burroughs points out that in Volume 2, on page F4, there is a discussion about the effects of “UAP radiation” on humans. UAP, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, is a phrase used for UFO. It states, ” The well-reported Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters event is an example where it might be postulated that several observers were probably exposed to UAP radiation for longer than normal UAP sighting periods.”
The document also noted the effects of “UAP radiation” in the next section:
An important fact is that the reported effects of (presumed) UAP radiation on humans is that it is quick-acting and remembered – although, curiously, following the event there is little or no recall of events as a continuum. In short, the witness often reports an apparent ‘gaps’ or ‘lost time’ – often not accounting for up to several hours.
This section of the DI memo was shocking to Burroughs. He suffers from congenital heart failure, and suspects it has something to do with his years of service. Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services denied his claim in 2012 and told him there was no record of him being in the Air Force in 1980. They said his military records began in 1982. He had actually joined in 1979. In fact, he had to work with Arizona Senator John McCain’s office to get his records corrected. As reported by Billy Cox of the Herald Tribune, Burroughs was told by a McCain staffer, “It took a yeoman’s job to get your DD214 corrected, but we may never be able to gain access to the missing USAF medical records from 1979 to 1983.”

Another witness to the events, James Penniston, is having similar problems receiving his medical records. They believe their files have been deliberately tampered with.
Burroughs is frustrated by the whole affair, and continues to seek to get the UK and US governments to release what they know about the Rendlesham Forest incident.
He is also very concerned that he, as a witness/victim, has had to do all of this research on his own. In particularl, he wonders why researchers, such as Dr. David Clark, who helped get some of these files released and aided the UK National Archives with talking points on the UFO file releases, did not spot some of this.
Burroughs says, “Clarke was able to pick out information on key cases such as Rendlesham, offering for public understanding that the MOD thought the issue was settled, but did not include the part where they said observers experienced radiation and other side effects at Rendlesham.”
Burroughs says he realizes, “[The radiation] is not proof that the phenomenon encountered is extraterrestrial in origin, but it suggests the possibility. I am not saying I know what the phenomenon was that we encountered. Only that it was.”
You can read more about this topic and the Rendlesham incident in the book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, authored by Nick Pope, former MoD UFO investigator, with Burroughs and Penniston.