Sunday, 19 August 2012

Chasing UFOs S01E04 - UFO Landing Zone (Video)

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Aliens next door: "Shouldn't Obama know about this?" (Video)

Aliens -- Disney just can't get enough of 'em. The House of Mouse will launch its latest alien visitation-themed project this September through TV subsidiary ABC. Here's the official blub (and scroll down for the trailer)...

"How well do you know your neighbors?

Meet the Weavers, Debbie (Jami Gertz) and Marty (Lenny Venito). Marty, in hopes of providing a better life for his wife and three kids, recently bought a home in Hidden Hills, a gated New Jersey townhome community with its own golf course. Hidden Hills is so exclusive that a house hasn't come on the market in 10 years. But one finally did and the Weavers got it!

It's clear from day one that the residents of Hidden Hills are a little different. For starters, their new neighbors all have pro-athlete names like Reggie Jackson (Tim Jo), Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Toks Olagundoye), Dick Butkis (Ian Patrick) and Larry Bird (Simon Templeman). Over dinner, Marty and his family discover that their neighbors receive nourishment through their eyes by reading books, rather than eating. The Weavers soon learn that the entire community is comprised of aliens from Zabvron, where the men bear children and everyone cries green goo from their ears.

The Zabvronians have been stationed on Earth for the past 10 years, disguised as humans, awaiting instructions from home, and the Weavers are the first humans they've had the opportunity to know. As it turns out, the pressures of marriage and parenthood are not exclusive to planet Earth. Two worlds will collide with hilarious consequences as everyone discovers they can "totally relate" and learn a lot from each other.

The Neighbors stars Jami Gertz (Entourage, Modern Family, Still Standing, Ally McBeal) as Debbie Weaver, Lenny Venito (Bored to Death, Men in Black III, Person of Interest, Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Marty Weaver, Simon Templeman as Larry Bird, Toks Olagundoye as Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Clara Mamet as Amber Weaver, Tim Jo (Glory Daze) as Reggie Jackson, Ian Patrick (Wanderlust) as Dick Butkis, Max Charles (The Three Stooges, The Amazing Spider-Man) as Max Weaver, Isabella Cramp as Abby Weaver.

Guest starring are Mitch Rouse as Real Estate Agent and Doug Jones as Alien. Co-Starring are Bruce Green as Angry Man and Mary K. DeVault as Angry Woman.

The Neighbors was written by Dan Fogelman (Cars, Tangled, and Crazy, Stupid, Love) who is also an executive producer with Aaron Kaplan, Jeff Morton (Modern Family) and Chris Koch (Workaholics, Modern Family). The Neighbors was directed by Chris Koch and is from ABC Studios."

Amazing UFO Sighting Caught on Video over George St. Sydney

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Aug 15, 2012 by WeirdWildSpooky
This footage was captured by a city of Sydney Contract Surveyor/Planning Consultant commissioned to examine potential shading and visual impact issues regarding a multi-story building development proposal at 423 George Street, Sydney.
On Monday the 12th of August 2012 in broad daylight a town planner attached to Sydney City Council had set his camera to film an 18 hour arc in an effort to examine the potential shading and other visual impacts surrounding a proposed large scale building development at 423 George Street, Sydney, Australia.
It was therefore by sheer chance that one of the best UFO sightings this year was captured -- a classic flying saucer style craft (that may sound a bit cliche or 'corny,' but the video camera does not lie!).
Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to offer any thoughts or insights you may have. Thank you kindly and best regards,
Mr. Theodore (Chief Administrator)

When Aliens and Creatures Clash

No, the title above is not a reference to a new Japanese monster-movie, as much as it might sound like it should be! What I’m actually referring to is something that both students of UFOs and researchers of strange creatures – for the most part, anyway – absolutely hate. What is it? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s those curious, and not irregular, occasions when Ufology and Cryptozoology don’t just cross paths, but where certain cases suggest a common point of origin for both phenomena.
Of course, many Ufologists and Cryptozoologists get irate and fired up when I bring up such matters. But what the heck; I don’t care. The fact is that there are a lot of cases suggesting a connection. So why hide them? Let’s take a look…
Stan Gordon is a well-known, long-term researcher, writer and authority on many things of a Fortean nature – as is clearly evidenced by his excellent and insightful 2010 book, Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook, which was sent to me for review in January of that year. Now, I know for sure that any book suggesting Bigfoot may somehow be inextricably linked with the UFO phenomenon is bound to raise distinct hackles in certain quarters, but, such reports undeniably exist, so examine them we must…

The fact of the matter is that there is surely barely a Bigfoot researcher out there who has not been exposed to even just a few creature cases that absolutely reek of undeniable high-strangeness, and that place the hairy man-beasts into definitively Fortean – rather than zoological or cryptozoological – realms, whether in Britain, the United States, Australia, or elsewhere. But, whether or not those same Bigfoot researchers are willing to give such reports some degree of credence is a very different matter.
Fortunately, there are a number of researchers who recognise that as much as it would be undeniably preferable to place Bigfoot in a purely flesh and blood category and nothing else whatsoever, there is a significant and hard to deny body of data and testimony that points in a very different direction. And it’s a direction that, to his credit, Stan Gordon does not shy away from. Indeed, Stan’s book is a first-class study of a truly weird wave of Bigfoot / UFO activity that swamped the good folk of Pennsylvania, USA in the period from 1972 to 1974.
Moving, now, to the UK…
Regardless of what people may personally feel or conclude about the Bigfoot-UFO connection – or, more correctly, the theoretical connection – none can deny that when we go looking for places in Britain where both enigmas have been seen and encountered, there’s certainly no shortage of stories to address. Back in 1879 sightings began of a strange, “ape-man-like” creature known as the Man-Monkey that haunted England’s Shropshire Union Canal and the nearby village of Ranton. It so happens that, back in the 1950s, Ranton was the site of a famous – but now largely forgotten – UFO encounter.
Researcher Gavin Gibbons wrote that one October evening in 1954, a Dutchman living in England named Tony Roestenberg returned home to find his wife, Jessie, “in a terrified state.” According to Jessie: earlier that day nothing less than a flying saucer hovered over their isolated farmhouse in Ranton. In addition, Jessie could see peering down from the craft two very “Nordic”-like men that could have stepped right out of the pages of the controversial Desmond Leslie-George Adamski tome, Flying Saucers Have Landed.
Their foreheads were high, their hair was long and fair, and they seemed to have ‘pitiful’ looks on their faces. The strange craft reportedly circled the family’s home twice, before streaking away. Curiously, on the following Sunday, Tony Roestenberg had a “hunch” that if he climbed on the roof of his house “he would see something unusual,” which he most certainly did. It was a high-flying, cigar-shaped object that vanished into the clouds.
Gavin Gibbons, who investigated the case personally, stated: “When I visited the Roestenberg’s house almost three weeks after the sighting…Jessie Roestenberg appeared. She seemed highly strained and nervous and her husband, coming in later, was also very strained. It was evident that something most unusual had occurred.”
Then there is the ape-like Shug Monkey of Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England – which also happens to be the site of what is undeniably Britain’s most famous UFO encounter: that of December 1980 and most vividly described in Left at East Gate by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins. And, to illustrate still further the UFO-hairy man connection, just down the road, so to speak, from Rendlesham Forest is the town of Orford – home to a legendary wild man caught in the seas off the coast of Orford centuries ago.
Now let’s take a trip to Loch Ness, the lair of Nessie…
In 1968, Alistair Baxter – who had a lifelong interest in stories and folklore relative to Irish and Scottish lake monsters – traveled to Loch Ness and spent nine weeks armed with a camera and binoculars quietly and carefully monitoring the loch for any unusual activity of the long-necked and humped variety. Baxter never did see the elusive beast of Loch Ness, but he was able to speak with numerous people who had seen it.
After being at the loch-side almost constantly for five weeks, however, an unusual event occurred. Baxter was awoken in the middle of the night by a curious humming sound that was emanating from a bright, small, ball of light about the size of a football that – at a height of around fifteen feet from the ground – was slowly and carefully making its way through the surrounding trees that enveloped Baxter’s modestly sized tent. Suddenly, and without warning, the ball of light shot into the sky to a height of several hundred feet and hovered in deathly silence over the still waters of Loch Ness.
How do we explain such undeniably rogue events like those cited above? Well, right now, we don’t, simply because we can’t. All we can really say is that they offer yet further food for thought that the many and varied cryptozoological creatures of our world are not all that they initially appear to be. Perhaps, until we do know more, it’s apposite and wise to place such very hard to define cases in our definitive grey-basket and leave them there to languish.
Of only one thing can we be sure: where monsters lurk, at some point, so do UFOs…