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UFOs - Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the record LIVE (Video)

Streamed live on 5 Sep 2013 By Truthloader
Tonight (or today depending on where you are) Generals, Pilots and Government officials will go on the record live to discuss their experiences with UFOs. Post your questions and get voting now - there will be a 30 minute question and answer session at the end of the panel discussion.

UFO Planet - Ep 60 - UFO Sightings from Australia, USA, Canada, Russia & France. Guest Shawn Parry

Published on 11 Sep 2013 By Darin Crapo
Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine UFO sightings from Queensland, Australia; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Liberty, Texas, USA; Moscow, Russia; Space Shuttle UFO; Ontario, Canada; France; Guest Shawn Parry.

Top 10 Mufon UFO Cases For 2012 Includes Close Encounters From Seven States

Case 36293. Graphic depicts the father-son case near Chase City, VA, where the object
'came within 50 feet of their right wing.'

The Science Review Board from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) recently released their top 10 cases from 2012. Here's a quick summary of these cases:

Case 36293: 2 p.m., February 18, 2012; near Chase City, Virginia
A father and son, both pilots, were flying in an Ovation II propeller-driven aircraft from Charlotte, NC, to Richmond, VA. They witnessed a bright, orb-like UFO hovering next to their plane. They described the UFO as a bright, circular sphere about 30 feet in diameter. As the object approached their right wing, the plane temporarily lost power. The engine sputtered and all of the electrical equipment including the computers turned off. The pilots estimate that the object came within 50 feet of their right wing. A few seconds later, the plane regained all systems as the UFO swiftly shot away at an incredible speed.

Case 36765: 3 a.m., March 25, 2012; at a correctional facility near Cleburne, Texas
Two officers on duty at a correctional facility saw a triangular object to their south. It was a clear night and the moon was not out. The object flew over them very slowly, appearing to be going only about 5 mph.

Case 41298: In mid-June 2012; near Sutter, California (rural area 40 miles NNW of Sacramento
A security guard was traveling to a construction site to relieve another officer near a levee off McClatchy Road west of Yuba City when he noticed a glowing white light amongst the trees. As he continued in the direction toward the light he continued to observe it until he came within about 650 yards of the object. During the five minutes that he observed the object he noted its saucer-like shape as it glided a few feet above the tree line.

Case 41289: 10:15 p.m., July 13, 2012; rural area near Hartford, Wisconsin; 30 miles NW of Milwaukee
A mother in rural Wisconsin was standing in her driveway on the north side of her house saying goodnight to her daughter who was in the driver's seat of her minivan with her 4-year-old son in the rear seat. Looking south from the minivan, the daughter could see the front of the house and the sky above, while the mother was facing north with her back to the house. The daughter saw something above the garage roof, stretching from the chimney on the house to a tree about 75 feet away.

Case 41918: 5:20 a.m., July 14, 2012; Highway 36 near the town of Milano, Texas, and a repeat event six months later near the same location
The two witnesses saw a pentagon-shaped, black object hovering over the highway ahead of them. At each apex of the pentagon were lights and a more intense light in the middle of the object. The lights at the corners were white and pulsated about once per second. As the witnesses drove under the object they could hear no sound coming from the craft above them.

Cases 37562, 37585 and 36704, April 17-19, 2012; Three separate triangle reports in the same region of Oklahoma and Texas
All three witnesses described a silent, triangular object that displayed white lights on the apex of the triangle and a ruby-colored light in the center of the triangle. There was not sufficient information in the movement of the object to establish that it was not potentially a drone or experimental aircraft.

Case 38312: 9 p.m., May 19, 2012; Lawrenceville, Georgia; (rural property about 30 miles NE of Atlanta).
The witness and four other family members observed nine bright objects pulsating or throbbing deep orange to light orange, each about the size of the full moon, moving ENE to SSW at near treetop level, hovering just above the trees in her backyard at a height of 500 feet to one mile, and then shooting upward into the sky one after another at a 45-degree angle and at an extreme rate of speed. It took each object only 1-2 seconds to disappear from view as it accelerated.

Case 41616: 10:30 p.m., July 18, 2012; Channahon, Illinois; a small suburb 35 miles SE of Chicago
This report comes from a 50-year-old male.
I saw movement coming from the Ursa Minor Constellation. It seemed as though one of the stars was moving in a northerly direction. As I watched it for a few seconds it seemed as though the 'air' around the 'star' seemed to ripple sort of the same way heat does when watching it rise from the ground at a distance. It was then that I noticed it 'moving' again and thought it odd as the stars that make up the Constellation of Ursa Minor don't MOVE! So I shined the flood light at the 'star' that was moving. It seemed to 'absorb' the light. It reminded me of the way water moves when a pebble is dropped and ripples. As I shined the light on it, it actually seemed to respond. It shined a light back at me!
Case 43607: 4 p.m., October 23, 2012; Ball Ground, Georgia; a town of about 1400 people
Two women and their two children saw a silent, black object that hovered almost directly over their home at a height of several hundred feet. The duration of the incident was about 30 minutes. Three short videos of the object were provided by the witness.

Case 44556: 8:15 p.m., December 13, 2012; central Georgia about five miles from Dublin
The witness and a companion observed a saucer-like craft approach his truck at treetop height from the right (north) shoulder of the interstate. The object slowly approached the witness' vehicle and hovered for a few seconds and then disappeared. The object was about 30 feet in diameter, had eight white lights around the underside perimeter and one white light, equal in size of those on the perimeter, in the center.

More information about these 10 accounts can be reviewed here.

UFO TV: OBLIVION: The David Icke Epic


OBLIVION: The David Icke Epic

4.75 Hours. Everything we know about our human origins, our future, and the true nature of the Universe is wrong. Our isolation here on Earth will soon be coming to an end. The facts presented in this film will shock and amaze you so be prepared, everything is not what it seems.

Lincoln, NE news station towercam captures UFO video

A UFO appeared over Lincoln, Nebraska on ABC affiliate KLKN’s towercam on the morning of Wednesday, September 4.
The station’s morning meteorologist Sean McMullen noticed the object just before 6:00 a.m. He explains, “I have never seen anything like this before. I even say that several times while I’m on air describing the object, because I want to let people know even I don’t know what this is, so I can’t exactly tell you what it is.” The flashing triangle or teardrop-shaped object in the video appears to hover motionless in the sky. According to McMullen, the UFO was visible for about 45 minutes, but disappeared from view when the sun rose. McMullen says the object looked almost like a weather balloon, but points out that weather balloons are not equipped with flashing lights.
Metorologist Sean McMullen pointing out the UFO. (Credit: KLKN)
Local resident Rich Webb, who is a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), told KLKN, “It’s an unidentified object. We don’t know if it was flying, floating, what it is.” Webb also informed the station that this same UFO was possibly seen a couple hours earlier that morning 200 miles southeast of Lincoln in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The witness in Lee’s Summit filed a sighting report with MUFON. In this report, she describes:
I noticed a vibrant sparkling/pulsating/flashing light in the window above my front door – facing north. As I walked towards the door/window I didnt see it and thought it was gone but as I backed up it came into view again so it was fairly high. I went to a different window in the house and saw it still, pulsating and every so often it would appear to have a ring. Next I got the binoculars and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was very far, I could see red, white, blue and green flashing lights and at times I could see a small disc shaped object. I say small because I needed the binoculars to be sure. In addition, it seemed to have a couple small – tiny small – lights come out of it. At this time I awoke my husband to have proof. He observed the same details as me and returned to bed. During this time the object started in the center of the window above my front door, moved slightly to the left and ended up to the right which told me I was not seeing a planet or star. In addition, it was a beautiful star filled sky. The stars were very bright, none were pulsating but this and it was very near the big dipper. I tried to take pictures with my iPhone but they look like a white dot. So I attempted to take them with my Canon 40D with a high aperture and no flash but they arent good because the object was so far away it appears solid white. I was not able to capture the flashing/twinkling/sparkly lights. I can however see a red, green, and white, dot of light around the perimeter of the main object . . . The main object remained unmoved until around first light when you could still see the stars but it was gone.
KLKN contacted the FAA, but officials say nothing out of the ordinary was reported on the morning in question. The station also spoke with University of Nebraska-Lincoln physics professor Timothy Gay who says he “can guarantee the non-existence of extraterrestrials, and suspects the Towercam footage was a government aircraft of some sort, or perhaps an odd lens reflection.” Clearly this guy didn’t get the memo explaining that British scientists discovered extraterrestrial life last month. His unfounded claim about the non-existence of extraterrestrial life aside, Gay is correct in suggesting that secret government aircraft should be considered when attempting to identify an unknown aerial object. And although odd lens reflections are responsible for a fair number of UFOs captured on photo and video, that is unlikely in this case, as it was potentially observed by another witness in different location.
Gay also told KLKN that “the number of UFO sightings has gone down substantially in the past two decades.” Although this claim is inaccurate, it is understandable how one could be under this assumption given the media’s roller coaster reporting about the rise and decline of UFO sighting reportsKLKN continues to investigate this UFO mystery.

Topic UFO: Dahlia - Follow The River, Lost In The Mountains of Mexico

Published on 31 Aug 2013 by Topic UFO
Experiencer and author Dahlia joins Rick to discuss her fascinating true story about five people - one woman and four men - on a three-day trek going into the mountains of Mexico that became an eight day journey of survival. With the help of spiritually enlightened beings, their journey took them to a multi-dimensional plane of existence with forces beyond their perception.

Dahlia, is a Metaphysical Minister/ Holistic Practitioner. She holds a Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science, from the University Of Metaphysics, Sedona Arizona. She is a registered Hypnotherapist. She is available for public speaking on the Metaphysical arts. Her interest are in nature, the cosmos, spirituality and people understanding, how to keep their bodies healthy.

Hollywood's first Men in Black were its most authentic... sorry, Will Smith

By Robbie Graham

1984 saw the release of The Brother from Another Planet – a low-budget, independent social commentary piece from director John Sayles. In the movie, a UFO crashes near Ellis Island Immigration Centre and its human-looking, black skinned occupant emerges dazed and confused into the strange and unwelcoming landscape of ‘80s New York City – just another lost soul trying to find his way in the world.
We soon learn that The Brother has ESP abilities and, by touching any given object, he can ‘hear’ its history. He also has healing powers like so many other screen aliens of the 1980s. But The Brother from Another Planet is perhaps most notable for being the first film ever to feature the Men in Black of UFO lore. While a number of UFO movies in previous decades had featured besuited government spooks investigating saucer sightings, it was not until The Brother from Another Planet that the Men in Black were depicted precisely as described in UFO literature dating back to the late-1940s. In numerous accounts over the decades, MIBs have been described as being threatening in their intent and almost ‘alien’ in their actions and appearance, often speaking and moving robotically and appearing distinctly out of place in any Earthly environment.
Enter the MIBs: David Strathairn and John Sayles in
The Brother from Another Planet (1984)
InThe Brother from Another Planet, the MIBs (played by John Sayles and David Strathairn) are gaunt, pale-faced figures clad entirely in black whose behaviour is threatening, robotic, and bizarre; and with good reason: they’re aliens – bounty hunters in search of The Brother. In the film’s closing credits they are even credited as “Men in Black.”
Sayles wrote his film in the early 1980s after having worked on the script for Spielberg’s aborted alien horror movie Night Skies, elements of which would ultimately be used in the Spielberg productions E.T. The Extraterrestrial(1982), Poltergeist (1982), and Gremlins (1984). Evidently, Sayles had at some point familiarized himself with the details of MIB lore, likely during his research for Night Skies, which itself was directly inspired by the 1953 Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident – one of the most famous cases of alleged alien contact in UFO literature.

In The Brother from Another Planet, Sayles paid close attention to the bizarre physical motion of his MIBs. In order to convey their otherworldliness, the director filmed their entrance and exit scenes entirely in reverse and with the camera upside down. The effect is subtle, but creepy. The MIBs make their entrance a counter reading 0:35:27 in the video below...

Thirteen years after The Brother from Another Planet opened in theatres, the “Men in Black” term would explode into the very heart of pop culture with the release of a certain 1997 Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones vehicle. The line between documented UFOlogical fact and speculative pop-cultural fiction had always been blurry, but it disappeared in spectacular fashion with the release of the hugely successful Men in Black, which was executive produced by Steven Spielberg.
While Sayles’ 1984 movie accurately depicted MIBs as being imposing and otherworldly, Spielberg’s 1997 production (based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham) re-spun MIB-lore in favour of the Men in Black themselves and of government secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It was a message encapsulated by Will Smith’s Grammy Award-winning title rap for the movie’s soundtrack:
he good guys dress in black, remember that,

Just in case we ever face to face and make contact...
We’re your first, last and only line of defense
Against the worst scum of the universe
So don’t fear us, cheer us
If you ever get near us don’t jeer us
We’re fearless...
Let me tell you this in closin'
I know we might seem imposin'
But trust me, if we ever show in your section
Believe me, it's for your own protection
Cuz we see things that you need not see
And we be places that you need not be
So go with your life, forget that Roswell crap
Show love to the black suit, cuz
That's the Men in
That's the Men in...
And, well, you know the rest.
In the minds of the many unfamiliar with UFOlogy, Men in Black would now and forever be associated exclusively with a movie and a song of the same name –with science fiction cinema (and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) rather than reported historical encounters. Moreover, MIBs went from being sinister witness-harassers to heroic “galaxy-defenders.” Such is the power of entertainment. But for a faithful big screen rendering of the Men in Black –one of UFOlogy’s most enduring enigmas – give Smith and Jones a miss. Sayles and Strathairn are where it’s at.

Dead Aliens In The UK?

By Nick Redfern

Back in 1996, I received a number of stories – some from retired, British military personnel – suggesting that if I wanted to find out what the British Government really knew about UFOs – and particularly so crashed UFOs - I would be wise to focus my attentions not so much on the work of the Ministry of Defense, but on that of the Home Office. Although the Home Office is chiefly known for its work in the fields of counter-terrorism, immigration, and crime policy, there are indications that its work delves into far deeper, and much more mysterious, areas, too.
According to several of the accounts provided to me back in ’96, the Home Office oversaw the security surrounding a number of secret, underground bunkers located across the south and southwest of England. They were built as fortified havens for senior military and government personnel, in the event of a nuclear strike on the UK by the Soviets during the Cold War. I was advised, however, that deep within two of the bunkers were stored the remains of a number of alien bodies – all preserved in cryogenic states.


Of course, there is nothing new about such controversial claims. There are numerous accounts - particularly within the United States – of retired military personnel supposedly having seen extraterrestrial corpses in “secret hangars” or in “classified vaults.” And, indeed, many people with an interest in Ufology will know of the rumors surrounding the supposed “Hangar 18″ and the tales of dead aliens at Area 51.
What makes the stories about the Home Office and UFOs so interesting and different, however, is the noted lack of attention they have received over the years. That’s not to say there isn’t an intriguing body of data available. Quite the contrary: there actually is an intriguing body of data on this matter. According to researcher and author Timothy Good, in his 1987 book, Above Top Secret:
“A close friend of mine whom I have known since 1952 witnessed the landing of an unidentified flying object in Derbyshire in September 1963, and subsequently came into contact with its operators. Four years afterwards two men with Home Office identification cards turned up at my friend’s flat and politely asked a number of questions which clearly indicated that they were familiar with aspects of the incident.”
Similarly, in 1982 Good interviewed an eye-opening interview with a retired police inspector, in an attempt to determine if the UFO issue was subject to the constraints of the British Government’s Official Secrets Act – a piece of legislation utilized to muzzle government employees when deemed necessary by officialdom. According to Good’s source: “What I can say to you, is that I know the subject itself was the subject of a Home Office directive.”


Further data that suggested a link between the world of the UFO and that of the Home Office came from the late Graham Birdsall of UFO Magazine, who informed me that he had spoken with one George Wild – a prison officer at Armley Prison in the English city of Leeds – on a highly controversial matter of a UFO nature.
Wild informed Birdsall that a “senior Home Office prison official” had once let it slip to him that on the first night of the famous series of UFO incidents at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in December 1980, high-level orders had arrived at the nearby High Point Prison advising staff to prepare for a possible evacuation of the inmates due to a matter of national security.
I also learned in 1996, from a now-retired UK government official, that the Home Office had extensive guidelines in place in the event that a space satellite decayed from its orbit and crashed on British soil. “You could equally apply those guidelines to a crashed UFO,” he said, with a smile of the knowing kind. Acting on this information, in December 1996, I telephoned the Home Office and asked to be put through to their Press Office.
I explained the situation: I was interested to know what the Home Office’s response would be if a large, metallic object from space – such as a satellite – crashed to earth on the UK. I considered it wise not to mention UFOs, even though that was my primary area of interest.
I was transferred to a helpful man who informed me that the responsibility for monitoring satellite movements over the British Isles was predominantly the domain of the tracking station at RAF Fylingdales, Yorkshire. If it appears there is a possibility, however remote, that a satellite in a decaying orbit might impact on the UK, Fylingdales had standing orders to keep the Ministry of Defense informed, who in turn were obliged to advise the Home Office of the unfolding situation. As the Press Officer explained to me:
“The Home Office has responsibility for emergency planning, which obviously isn’t specific, necessarily, to satellites. But the situation is they only really become a matter for the Home Office when they’ve landed, because that’s when the emergency services come into play.”


He continued: “For example, there was one recently – a Chinese satellite which came down. That was one we were kept well informed of and were aware of. We were advised of the expected time it was going to land and all that kind of stuff. We don’t really take much actual action; our side would be more the policy angle; ensuring that all the right contingency plans are in place.”
My next stop: RAF Fylingdales.
“You want the Space Information Officer,” I was advised by the switchboard operator at Fylingdales when I detailed my quest to her. A few moments later the SIO was on the line: “We track satellites all the time. When there are predictions for satellite decays – this is maintained by US and UK authorities – and if there is one which is potentially going to cause problems, the Ministry of Defense and the Home Office are the people who get involved.
“We would just track it and keep those people up to date with what was happening with the satellite at the time. The Home Office and the MoD do all the coordination. Accurate predictions as to where something is going to crash are very difficult: it depends exactly on what the satellite’s doing – if it’s rolling or if it’s got high drag in one part or another. It also depends on what angle it enters the upper end of the atmosphere.


“There are experts that are able to calculate to within an hour or so when it’s coming down. We can advise the Home Office and the MoD of the position of the satellite, how it’s moving, whether it’s speeding up, slowing down, or whether it’s changing its attitude, or whatever.”
In addition, and also in 1996, I received a newly-declassified Home Office directive of 1979 titled Home Office Circular No. ES 5/1979, Satellite Accidents. It dealt with Home Office guidelines for dealing with the possible recovery of stricken space vehicles on the British mainland. The document stated:
“It is for the Government to decide whether, and if so by what means, a public warning of danger from radioactivity should be given. In reaching that decision, the need to prevent unnecessary alarm would be carefully considered. Chief Officers should therefore ensure that nothing is done locally to anticipate a Government statement.
“When reports of suspected or actual locations have been received the police should take such steps as may be needed locally to prevent people entering areas which may be dangerous because of radioactive material. Some larger pieces of debris might have radiation fields of significance over distances of the order of 100 meters.”
The document then went on to illustrate the many and varied divisions within the British Government that had jurisdiction in the area of fallen spacecraft. As well as the Home Office, this included: the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston; the National Radiological Protection Board; the Ministry of Defense; Chief Officers of Police and Chief Fire Officers in the UK; and representatives of the “NAIR Scheme” – the National Arrangements for Incidents Involving Radioactivity.
Clearly the directive – and the testimony of the staff at the Home Office and at RAF Fylingdales – was relative to the Home Office’s involvement in the recovery of crashed space vehicles of terrestrial origin. But what of the Home Office’s link with objects of possible non-terrestrial origin? I have to admit that, although I have a number of stories on-file concerning alleged Home Office involvement in crashed UFO events in the UK, nothing concrete or definitive has ever surfaced. Nevertheless, where there is smoke there is often a degree of fire, too…