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UFO News Links For Friday 2nd March 2012

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AZ law enforcement agency investigates UFOs (Video)

UFO sightings routinely result in torrents of phone calls to newsrooms and police stations. And while some police stations find UFO reports to be an unwanted nuisance, a law enforcement agency in Arizona welcomes reports of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.
Ten years ago, according to KPHO, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, “officials on the Navajo Reservation decided to stop the snickering, to treat these witnesses with respect and thoroughly investigate.” This agency, known as the Navajo Nation Rangers, is a federal law enforcement resource, according to retired Lieutenant John Dover, and the management of national parks, fish and wildlife services, and archaeological sites are a few of the agency’s responsibilities.
Dover’s investigations have revealed a “wealth of information,” and KPHO reports that the Rangers recently shared with them photos and documents from dozens of paranormal investigations. Here is the station’s description of one of the UFO cases contained in these files:

Retired Lt. John Dover. (Credit: KPHO CBS 5)
In one of the most solid cases, a mother and daughter describe a mass of lights floating over uninhabited reservation land in January 2012. As they watched, the lights blinked out after a few seconds, followed by a sonic boom, a black domed craft and the entire town of Chinle losing power.
Their drawings are strikingly vivid – blue, orange and white colors stand out against a dark landscape.
Dover told KPHO, “Maybe we don’t believe it . . . Maybe we don’t hold every belief that you do, but we’re going to investigate it rather meticulously and professionally. We’ll report it and let the chips fall where they will.” It is this willingness to take reports of paranormal activity, and the promise to be thorough and discreet during the investigation process, that make witnesses feel comfortable dealing with these officers.
Dover will reportedly be a special guest at the Harkins Shea 14 Theatre in Scottsdale, AZ on March 11 for the screening of the documentary The Phoenix Lights. The event marks the 15th anniversary of the famous mass UFO sighting that took place in Arizona in 1997.

UFO's And The Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer (Video)

National UFO Alert: Six states report 211 February cases

Roger Marsh's photo

The National UFO ALERT Rating System has been updated March 1, 2012, with California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Arizona moving to a UFO Alert 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of February 2012, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
California was the leading high-reporting state in February with 71 cases, down from 90 cases filed in January.
Those states in a UFO Alert 4 category with 13 or more reports include: New Jersey, Washington, New York, Missouri, Illinois, Virginia and North Carolina.
All other states move to a UFO Alert 5 category with lower numbers of UFO activity. The Watch States - with 10 or more cases - are Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky.
MUFON released February statistics March 1, where the total number of reported UFO sightings is listed by state. The UFO Examiner uses these statistics to rate states. The entire country was moved back to the lowest alert level - UFO Alert 5.

California takes the lead with 71 cases (down from 90 reports in January); Texas, 47 cases; Pennsylvania, 37 cases; Florida, 33 cases; Michigan, 30 cases; and Arizona, 23 cases.
Those states with 13 or more reports, the next reporting tier level, are a UFO Alert 4 status: New Jersey, 21 cases; Washington, 20 cases; New York, 18 cases; Missouri, 17 cases; Illinois, 16 cases; Virginia, 14 cases; and North Carolina, 14 cases.
Our Watch States this month are - with 10 reports or more: Georgia, 12 cases; Indiana, 12 cases; and Kentucky, 10 cases.
The sphere remains the most-reported UFO shape with 168 February reports. Other shape reports include: star-like, 102; circle, 92; triangle, 78; other, 75; disc, 74; unknown, 73; oval, 59; fireball, 59; flash, 32; square/rectangular, 26; cylinder, 25; cigar, 21; Saturn-like, 12; boomerang, 12; diamond, 11; egg, 10; bullet-missile, 10; blimp, 9; chevron, 7; teardrop, 7; cone, 6; and cross, 4.
The object's distance from the witness includes: Less than 100 feet, 70 cases; 101 to 500 feet, 72 cases; 501 feet to one mile, 142 cases; over one mile, 177 cases; unknown, 168; and no value stated, 17.
In addition, there were "13 landings, hovering, or takeoffs reported and 0 entities observed."
The most interesting UFO reports do not necessarily come from high reporting states - but those states with higher numbers do account for some of the most interesting evidence to study. While UFO sightings seem to pop up randomly around the country, this list is meant to offer a small insight into where Americans are filing reports.

Fastwalkers - UFO Documentary (Video)

Fastwalkers, reveals the truth about UFOs and Extraterrestrials that has been suppressed and hidden for centuries. Fastwalker is a code word created by NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) to classify (UFOs) unidentified flying objects which approach our Earth from space and enter our atmosphere. It has been reported that from its subterranean facility deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, USA, the Air Force NORAD facility tracks a rough average of 500 of these Fastwalkers each year. For the first time, Fastwalkers in a feature length documentary form discloses information you were never meant to know. Amazing UFO photos and footage gathered from around the world that you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a wealth of information presented by such unbiased experts who focus on providing a "World View" of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what "we are told is happening."
Dr. Steven M. Greer, Steve Bassett, Jim Marrs, Robert O Dean, Dr. Michael Salla, Stanton T Friedman, Alfred L Webre, John Greenwald Jr., Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Richard Boylan, Jaime Maussan, Paola Harris, Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, A.J. Gevaerd, Sean David Morton, Graham E. Bethune, Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, James W. Deardorff, & More.

UFO Newspaper Clipping - Daily Mirror 13.11.1965.

Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version (Video)

Disney to make alien abduction “comedy”

By Robbie Graham

As any UFO researcher knows, the abduction phenomenon is in no way traumatic, disturbing or profound to those whose lives it touches, or even to outside observers, but rather a source of great mirth and slapstick hilarity.

Recognising this, the best minds at Disney have decided to move forward with what Variety describes as a “long-gestating sci-fi family comedy” called The Pet, about “a man who’s abducted by aliens, taken to their planet and turned into a family pet.”

The script for the live-action movie was originally penned by Matt Lieberman (Short Circuit), but was recently rewritten by Tim Dowling (This Means War). Walt Disney Pictures and producer Scott Rudin have chosen Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) to direct.

This won’t be the first time Disney has explored the abduction phenomenon. It did so notably in 1986 with Flight of the Navigator, which was a thoughtful and emotional film, albeit fairly light-hearted. It did so again in 2006 in collaboration with Pixar with the short film Lifted, which encourages the viewer to sympathise with the alien abductor, rather than the human abductee; and yet again in 2011 with Mars Need’s Moms, in which emotionally stunted Martians abduct Earth moms in order to extract their maternal instincts for the benefit of their own babies.

Disney’s The Pet is still awaiting a release date. Sometime in 2013 seems likely.

Researchers who claim the direct contact experience

 By Mike Clelland

Dr. Leo Sprinkle

I've started a list of UFO abduction researchers who also claim life events that can be called contact experiences. Not just seeing a funny light in the sky, I'm talkin' alien abduction. These are sorted in no particular order and suspect there are more beyond the 18 listed below. Some of these folks are controversial and I’m not trying to support the veracity of their claims. I am just trying to look at the overall pattern.
~ Dr. Leo Sprinkle - Pioneering UFO researcher, psychologist and author of Soul Samples. He also claims to channel.

~ Raymond Fowler - Author of the Andreasson series, the Allagash Abductions and a book on synchronicity.

~ Barbara Lamb - Family therapist, licensed hypnotherapist, abduction researcher and author of Alien Experiences.
~ Dr. Karla Turner - Author of a series of books including Taken and Into the Fringe. Died in 1996 at 48 years old.
~ Joe Montaldo - Researcher and director of ICAR, a group focused on the UFO abduction phenomenon.

~ Melinda Leslie - Researcher with a focus on the Military Abduction reports (MIL-ABS).

~ Suzanne Hansen - Resident of New Zealand, therapist and grief counsellor. Created the group UFOCUS NZ in 2000.

~ Darryl Simms - Author and abduction researcher.

~ Collin Andrews - Crop circle researcher and author.

~ Lynne Kitei, M.D. - Author, documentary film-maker and witness to the Phoenix Lights event in 1997. She also tells of channeling.

~ Dr. Steven Greer - Outspoken author and wanna-be cult leader.

~ David Sereda - Author, documentary film maker and researcher.
~ Jordan Maxwell - Author and researcher.

~ Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy - This is the team behind Project Camelot. Both claim contact experiences.

Sesh Heri - Author and researcher. Author of The Handprint of Atlas. He writes about an event in his youth that involves meeting a small being in his yard.

~ Michelle LaVinge Wedel - Author and channeler. She (and her husband Paul) wrote a series of books including The Alien Abduction Reference Guide.

Christopher O’Brien - Author, film-maker, researcher and investigator. He shared a very telling experience from his youth on THE PARACAST. This involved seeing odd skinny entities that appeared as two-dimensional flat apparitions.
There are a few more authors and researchers that I know of (or suspect strongly) that have their own first hand experiences, but are understandably not sharing their experiences publicly.

The number of authors who tell their first-person abduction experiences is too long to even attempt to list here. The bookshelves sag under the weight of these autobiographies focused on contact. Many of these people have played the role of researcher as part of their story, and some are quite dedicated to the advancement of these elusive reports. The list includes:
Whitley Strieber, Katrina Wilson, Leah Hailey, Kim Carlsberg, Lisette Larkins and Ida Kannenburg