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UFO Scout Ship in Arizona Caught on Video

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Published on May 18, 2012 by seatown001
Arizona - 02-23-12
Recorded on iPhone 1.10 at Mile Marker 30, outside of California in Arizona.
I thought this clip might be of interest to our readers. The short duration of the appearance of the unknown object is a negative, but it has been slowed down considerably.
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By Stan Hernandez

Robert Bingham is one of these guys that belong in the UFO hall of shame for his continual hoaxes and misrepresentations. These guys come along all of the time, stating that they have had an encounter with an alien, caught a UFO on tape, or even had a UFO land in their yard. It’s ridiculous.
Bingham, a self proclaimed “summoner” of UFOs got a group of witnesses together in Los Angeles (Most of which knew him personally and have something to gain if he can turn a buck), and saw Mylar balloons floating, contending that they are UFOs. This is absurd! This guy is a complete joke and he is part of the reason why the true study of extraterrestrials is so frowned upon by the vast majority of the public.

This is not the first time that Bingham “summoned” UFOs. In April he did the same thing. Unfortunately, some of the UFO followers are so eager to believe that they are willing to look beyond the obvious hoax here and believe it to be real. You have to be skeptical people. Look at the information and draw a reasonable conclusion.
I have tried to contact Mr. Bingham so he can summon one of these UFOs for me, but he has yet to return my call and will not do so. Let’s hope that I cross paths with him at one of these conventions where I’m sure he will have a book to sell.

Two orbs over Ontario Canada 20 May (Video)

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UFO Sightings in San Antonio

By Fox 29

UFO Sightings in S.A. -- Cynthia Lee Dozens of UFO sightings in San Antonio from different parts of the city. All viewers described the objects as round, reddish-orange, glowing balls. So far, no one's been able to figure out what it was.UFO Sightings in S.A. -- Cynthia Lee

 Video Link: UFO Sightings in SA -- Cynthia Lee - FOX 29

UFO Defies Oklahoma Tornado Winds (Video)

By Tom Rose

An amazing compilation UFO video seems to show unidentified flying objects defying the 300 MPH winds of the tornadoes which struck Oklahoma in April.

Collected from a half-dozen TV News reports, the video shows several unidentified flying objects defying the force of tornado winds, some reported at up to 300 miles per hour, and flying in a straight path, unaffected by the maelstrom.

Although the objects are, at best, fuzzy in detail and don't much resemble the classic craft, either an orb or a saucer, they clearly don't behave the same way all other debris caught by the camera does.

The compilation is presided over by Mexico's Jamie Maussan, who is not exactly renowned for his scientific rigidity.

Nevertheless, it can't be denied that these UFO sightings all share the same characteristic: they don't seem to be affected by titanic winds.

Why these objects would be "hiding" in tornadoes is not addressed. But, UFO sightings have long included crafts cloaked by clouds, the ocean and other natural phenomenon.

No matter the veracity of these sightings, it's quite a vexing idea to propose that any aircraft could defy such awesome power, unidentified or otherwise. Here's the video:

Another UFO Near Miss on Landing Jet in Philadelphia (Video)

By Tom Rose

A UFO, possibly a flare, was spotted by a pilot landing a US Airways jet at Philadelphia International airport on Tuesday. The jet landed safely and the FBI and FAA are investigating.

While the flaming object, reportedly trailing smoke, is not strictly a classic sighting, the fact remains that whatever the pilot saw, it has yet to be identified.

The incident occurred as the passenger jet, Flight 4321 from Elmira, NY, was making its approach to the airport on Tuesday afternoon and was immediately reported by the pilot.
The runway was closed for 30 minutes after the landing and Philadelphia police scoured the area outside the airport looking for evidence that a flare had been fired.
This UFO report is alarming because it indicates that either citizens, or perhaps government officials, are interfering with airline safety by sending objects into the air in the flight paths of airplanes.
Last week, a private jet flying over Denver reported a strange object very close to the plane. Later unconfirmed reports came in speculating it may have been a surveillance drone, which is not yet legal to fly over US cities.
This story is developing and more details will be reported as they come in. Here's the video:

Mutilated cow found at San Ildefonso New Mexico

By L.O.W.F.I.

San Ildefonso Pueblo tribal police are investigating the mutilated corpse of a cow found late Sunday evening.

Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies were the first to respond to a call near El Rancho, according to Maj. Ken Johnson, before handing the investigation over to the pueblo.

“The cuts on the cow were inconsistent with an animal attack,” Johnson said. He would not comment more on the injuries the animal suffered.

Gov. Terry Aguilar of San Ildefonso Pueblo also wouldn’t comment on the investigation or the animal’s injuries. Aguilar said the carcass was found near the exterior boundaries of the pueblo, but he would not give a specific location.–May-16–2012

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - Daily Mirror 26.10.1967.

I (Don’t) Want To Believe

Just a few days ago, I was chatting with a colleague in the field of Cryptozoology about what the creatures of Loch Ness, Scotland really are – presuming they do exist, of course! I found it pretty enlightening that he got quite defensive over my remark that maybe the beasts are not still-surviving plesiosaurs - as so many, including pretty much the entire Scottish tourist industry, want or hope them to be. When I suggested the possibility of giant-eels roaming the deep waters of the old loch, a distinctly frosty atmosphere developed.
Why? I’ll tell you why: because I had dared to question his carefully developed and nurtured belief system. And, for him, the image of giant eels swimming around was nowhere near as exciting and as engaging as a colony of plesiosaurs on the loose.
As we’ll now see, belief – whether relative to Nessie, UFOs, ghosts and the rest of the world’s many and varied paranormal puzzles – is a very dangerous thing.

So many people in Forteana profess to being open-minded on whatever happened at Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, the true nature of Bigfoot, whether or not life after death is a reality and…well, the list goes on and on. But, that’s actually not so – unfortunately. Time and time again I have seen researchers – in pretty much all aspects of Forteana – take that arms-folded, barriers-up approach when their cherished theory is questioned or doubted.
Are these people for real? Indeed, they are. I’m not saying I’m anything special, because I’m most certainly not. But, correct me if I’m wrong, the reason why Mysterious Universe exists, the reason why books are published every year on a mountain of mysteries, and the reason why paranormal-themed radio and TV shows exist is specifically because we don’t have the answers. If we did, I wouldn’t be writing these words right now, because I wouldn’t need to! Instead of having answers, we have beliefs.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with belief – it does, after all, fuel every single religion on the face of the planet. But belief – in a deity, in a Heaven or Hell, in aliens, in Bigfoot or in anything else of a potentially supernatural nature – should be recognized, and more importantly admitted, for what it is: an acceptance that something exists without hard, definitive proof of that existence or its nature.
Now, of course people see UFOs, encounter lake-monsters and giant hairy ape-man, and have profound near-death experiences. But, this is all very and vastly different from having proof that UFOs are specifically alien spacecraft, Bigfoot is without doubt an unknown/unclassified ape, or that there really is a God and a Devil. The former are unusual events and experiences that require explanations. The latter are beliefs constructed to try and explain and rationalize those same experiences and events.
Is that a problem? Well, again, not if there’s an admittance that any explanation is theoretical and belief-driven. The problem, however, surfaces when a demand is made (consciously, deliberately or otherwise) that belief equals fact. It doesn’t. Or, it shouldn’t. But, for so many, it sadly does.
I very well remember the fury that erupted in 2005 when my book Body Snatchers in the Desert was published, and which suggested the events that occurred in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947 had far less to do with careless aliens in need of a few good lessons in flying, and far more to do with dark and dubious military experimentation.
While debating the book at a conference in Roswell itself in the summer of 2007, it became very clear to me – and very quickly, too – that whole swathes of people didn’t just disagree with the data contained in my book. They clearly – from an emotional and an “I want to believe” perspective – just plain did not want the alien theory threatened. Why? Because the ET angle was exciting, reinforced their hope that there’s more to life than just birth, school, work and death, and made them feel that researching Roswell, and the bigger UFO issue, hadn’t been a big waste of time.
But, here’s my point: if we solved Roswell and it was proved to have been an alien event, well that’s great. Ufology is vindicated. But, if it’s one day proved not to have been an ET encounter, then why is that a problem? For me it isn’t. Research should be about finding answers, no matter whether we like those answers or not, and no matter if they utterly shatter our preconceived beliefs or add significant weight to them.

I don’t know with 100 percent certainty what happened at Roswell. Neither does anyone else in Ufology. Maybe the number of people at an official level who know the full story is incredibly small. I don’t know if the people I interviewed for Body Snatchers were telling the truth or were a bunch of manipulative liars. But, I do know that denying the validity of this or that simply because it doesn’t sit comfortably with what someone wants to so desperately wants to hear is utterly ridiculous.
It’s the same with Bigfoot. Most researchers of the phenomenon support the “unknown ape” theory to explain the many sightings that have been reported for so long. But, the fact is that there is barely a Bigfoot enthusiast out there who has not come across at least one case of Bigfoot high-strangeness in the course of their research. That’s to say where the witness has reported the creature vanishing in the blink of an eye, when the beast has been seen at the same time – and even at the same location – as a UFO, or when something else, but equally mystifying, occurs.
But, so often, these rogue cases are dismissed as mistakes and hoaxes. Or, worse still, they are just outright ignored. Why? Because they threaten the orderly belief-system that Bigfoot is just an unidentified large ape and nothing else.
And, here’s the danger: by ignoring or dismissing certain data that does not fall comfortably into an accepted zone of belief, the field of research (Cryptozoology, Ufology, the whole bloody lot) is doing itself a huge disservice by limiting its ability to finding the answers.
When it comes to the unknown, a mind already made up is a mind deceiving itself.

SETI alien hunter Jill Tarter stepping down

Officials at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California announced on Tuesday, May 22 that Jill Tarter, the director of the Center for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Research is retiring.

Tarter, who reportedly served as the inspiration for Jodie Foster’s character, Ellie Arroway, in the novel and movie Contact, has spent 35 years scanning the skies for extraterrestrial radio signals. And although she is stepping down from her current position, explains that Tarter is going to become a full-time fundraiser for the SETI Institute. Full-time fundraising hardly sounds like retirement, and she admits that she does not particularly enjoy fundraising. But with the Institute’s need to raise two million dollars every year to continue operating, Tarter feels that fundraising is crucial to SETI’s survival.
SETI efforts have been fortunate lately to receive wide, positive media coverage. The Institute’s involvement with researching new planets recently discovered by NASA’s Kepler space telescope have garnered attention for SETI. As Tarter explained to, “The Kepler worlds are really legitimizing SETI. All of us that are even peripherally involved with that are looking and saying, ‘You know, Earth 2.0 — that’s just right around the corner. We can almost taste it.’”
The SETI Institute will recognize and celebrate Tarter’s career on June 23 during a gala event at the SETIcon II conference in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Hyatt. As the Institute explains, “SETIcon II is a public convention that draws together more than 60 scientists, artists and entertainers to explore our place in space and the future of the search for life in the universe through presentations, panels, exhibits and films.” More information is available at