Thursday, 28 June 2012

UFO over Brunswick, Germany Analyzed (Video)

Like him or not, ThirdPhaseOfMoon's Blake Cousins puts himself out there as an intrepid UFO hunter, and as such, he fields unsolicited videos from all over the world.

The latest entry comes from Brunswick, Germany, and shows a flying saucer disc flying erratically over the town from a distance of about three miles. The video was shot by an HD camera, and the quality is fairly good.

Despite some hoaky on-camera presentation skills and simply awful, ominous sounding theme music, the sighting does have a lot of merit.

And, as usual, Cousins redeems himself with some video analysis by blowing up the segment 500 times.

The zoomed-in image reveals more detail of a spinning, saucer-shaped UFO, which to the naked eye, doesn't seem to have any pixelation problems and looks to be real.

Of course, the veracity of these videos is always open to debate as Cousins is notorious for sensationalizing his content and makes no bones about grabbing eyeballs with provocative content.

This time, though, it looks like he got it right. Here's the video: