Monday, 14 May 2018

UFO expert calls for probe as declassified Russian files list horror 'alien' encounters

By Joy Basu

A RUSSIAN UFO researcher is calling for an investigation after declassified files from the Soviet era detailed cases of terrifying incidents alien encounters.

Former naval officer and UFO researcher Vladimir Azhazha believes the documents that mention Soviet K-222 submarines being hunted out of the sea by speeding unidentified objects, “are of great value.”
The experiences listed in the documents are similar to the ones reported in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, one of the world’s biggest mysteries, reports Alien Revelations.
According to the declassified Russian Navy records, unidentified submerged objects (USOs) have been spotted within the Earth’s oceans.
The technologically advanced objects are far superior to anything we’ve ever built, the website adds.
One of the most interesting cases Mr Azhazha examined, involved a nuclear submarine on a combat mission in the Southern Pacific.
During the routine operation, the submarine detected six unknown objects travelling in formation at speeds in excess of 230 knots (265+ mph). 
In comparison, the fastest submarine was the Soviet K-222, which reached about 44 knots (51 mph).
The objects were believed to be headed straight for the Soviet submarines, which were therefore forced to surface. 
But the USOs followed them to the surface and then flew away. 
Retired submarine commander Yuri Beketov recalled similar instances in the region of the Bermuda Triangle. 
Mr Beketov said on-board instruments often malfunctioned, indicating the presence of strong interference. which many believed was a clear sign of USO and UFO presence.
Mr Beketov said: “On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 265 mph. 
“Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development.”
Vladimir Azhazha believes the issue should be thoroughly investigated. 
He said: “I think about underwater bases and say: Why not? Nothing should be discarded.
“Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyse what they encounter there.”

UFO investigations in US and UK hampered due to demonic alien fears

By Megha Singh
A former UFO researcher of the UK Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope told that he used to face many snubs over the investigations centered by a lot of controversies.
The US Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which performed research about the UFOs was announced to have been ceased in the year 2012. But now the reason has turned to be something fishy. Although it was believed to have been curtained due to budget issues, yet it has now been revealed that the cease was more likely to be associated with the religious beliefs of some senior officials.
A former UFO researcher of the UK Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope told that he used to face many snubs over the investigations centered by a lot of controversies. Pope said that he had the knowledge that “Pentagon pushback on UFO research” was partly because of the involved officials’ religious belief. Further, he stated that it was a peculiar irony that the investigations about UFOs were facing hurdles as the belief of some people in God implied that either they did not trust in the presence of “extraterrestrial life” or they felt that the extraterrestrials and the UFOs are demonic. The researcher added that the fact regarding some people’s belief of the UFO being demonic may have its origin in “the biblical description of Satan as being the ‘prince of the power of the air’ from Ephesians 2:2.”
Luis Elizondo, who worked formerly as an intelligence official said that the secret mission was pushed back by the senior officials due to their feeling that the study could prove to act as a matter of humiliation for their department and due to the study’s conflict with the official’s religious terms. Elizondo had also spoken regarding the five-years-old study previously in the year 2017. He said that the government stopped funding in the year 2012 but the program continued because of the resources provided by the CIA and the US Navy.
Recently the common USA citizens have reportedly witnessed an object of alien origin in the sky. The black mysterious UFO was seen just prior to a storm. A videotape made by the citizens of the country has been confirmed to be genuine by the Ufologists. As per the received reports, the flying machine was more precisely seen in the US state of Texas over Los Fresnos. The peculiar incident took place on 6th May Sunday when the region suddenly started experiencing a big storm. In accordance with the statements given by the ufologists of the United States, the cases where the UFOs are seen at the time of storms are not actually rare.
Also, alien hunters have spotted mysterious triangular-shaped spacecraft travelling through the bolt of lightning. The alleged alien spacecraft is following the path of lighting with ease. Conspiracy theorists say that it cannot be human spacecraft as the object travelled through lightning and only extraterrestrial life source could have made such spacecraft.

What are they hiding? UK Government is withholding three UFO files, former Ministry of Defence employee claims

By Shivali Best

In 2008, the Government started to release its UFO files to the public, but 10 years later, three files still haven’t been made public, according to Nick Pope

While UFOs are often seen as objects that belong in the imagination of conspiracy theorists, the British Government has taken them very seriously for years.
In 2008, the Government started to release its UFO files to the public in the hopes of being as transparent as possible.
But while the release process was expected to take three years at most, three files still haven’t been made public, according to Nick Pope, a former employee at the Ministry of Defence (MoD). 
Mr Pope said: “Having worked on the Ministry of Defence's UFO project and having written many of the documents that have already been released, I'm extremely disappointed that ten years after the release of the first files, the project is still incomplete.”
Nick Pope

Why the Government is withholding the files remains unclear, but Mr Pope explained that the files have been sent backwards and forwards between the MoD and The National Archives at least twice, adding to people's suspicions. 
Mr Pope said: “A lot of people think the government is covering up the truth about UFOs and this unfortunate situation is only adding fuel to the fire with regard to these conspiracy theories.”
Mr Pope added that while he and his colleagues took the issue of UFOs seriously, they were often forced to ‘spin’ the subject for the media, ‘disingenuously stating that the subject was of "no defence significance"'.

New Hampshire has embraced its UFO abduction, but in Mass. they’re more hesitant

By David Brooks
New Hampshire, of course, is home to the first and probably most famous case of alien abduction – Betty and Barney Hill’s tale of being taken up into a spaceship near Franconia Notch back in 1961. We’ve got an official monument for the event, and Betty Hill’s papers, plus items like the dress she was wearing at the time, are kept at her alma mater, UNH, for researchers to ponder.
Turns out they have a sort of similar-ish event in western Mass, where a 9-year-old boy saw a flying saucer in 1969 in Sheffield, Mass., an event marked by a monument that received approval from the state government. Sort of. But maybe it has to move.
That’s the story I learned from the Boston Globe tale (which you can read right here):
As an adult — and in what he calls an effort to preserve the facts of his family’s case — Reed began speaking publicly about the incident, traveling to UFO conventions and appearing on a variety of TV programs dealing with the paranormal. He won a following among UFO believers, his family’s case getting its own display at the UFO Museum in Roswell. Then, in 2015, he secured formal recognition by the Great Barrington Historical Society.
In a decision she now labels a “mistake” and a “professional embarrassment,” then-society director Debbie Oppermann penned a short letter of testimonial on behalf of the historical society declaring the off-world event as “true” and “historically significant.”
On Nov. 3, 2015, nine months after the historical society’s endorsement, Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker signed a state citation — a kind of ceremonial honor issued by the hundreds for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and “other outstanding achievements” by state residents who request them — honoring the Reed family’s claim.

Just like New Hampshire!  But it gets messy: “Responding to inquiries from the Globe, Baker spokeswoman Lizzy Guyton said in an e-mail that the citation was ‘issued in error and was not authorized by Governor Baker.’ ” And the 5,000-pound monument might be on public land without permission and might have to be shifted. UFO fans, of course, are outraged.
Stay tuned!

The head of the Pentagon called the 5 signs looks like a real UFO

By Jan Hartman / The Siver Telegram

The former head of the secret service of the Pentagon said that during his career had seen many mysterious object of alien origin. Now the expert did not hide and called 5 signs that help to distinguish a real UFO from other objects.

The former head of a secret Department of the Pentagon to search for UFOs Luis Elizondo says: “UFOs exhibit characteristics that do not currently exist in the military equipment of the United States or any other country. Alien objects are likely to have extreme maneuverability and greater speed.” The specialist also unveiled the 5 factors that will help to identify UFO from other objects in the sky. First, UFOs don’t use aerodynamic or thrust to stay in the air.

Secondly, they are very maneuverable as any manmade flying device. Thirdly, UFOs fly with no sound and don’t have the noise of the engine. The fourth attribute is almost never possible to consider the shape of the object in the sky. The fifth feature – the ships humanoids can suddenly take off and instantaneously at speed to stop the movement.

Lita To Host Strange Show That Has Nothing To Do With Wrestling

The Hall of Famer is going beyond the ring as she investigates sites
with reported UFO sightings in The UFO Sho on ASY TV. 
There are a whole lot of ex-Wrestlers and ex-WWE personalities that have shows and podcasts and video casts. And pretty much all of them are about... surprise, surprise... wrestling. Well, former women's champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Lita, is about to join her fellow former superstars with her upcoming show - although hers will stand out from the crowd in that it isn't about wrestling at all. It's about UFOs!

There will be three episodes of the show that will follow Lita as she visits Roswell/Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona. But don't expect to see any aliens on the show. While the truth might be out there - Lita isn't looking for it on The UFO Sho. Speaking with Punk Rock and UFOs about the show, she said:

"My premise of the show is incorporating being on the road and stopping and pulling over at every [UFO themed] road side attraction, but we weren't going to be that show that actually proves anything... We aren't 'hunting' UFOs. It's more of a human interest show. The theme that links all the parties together."When it comes to UFOs there are believers and non-believers. But Lita isn't trying to change anyone's mind with her show, "With the show, it's all about 'let's just talk about it.' I'm not trying to change anyone's mind." And she also told a story about talking to The Miz (a strong non-believer) about aliens:


"[In general] I kind of lob up a question to see where someone stands on it, because people are very polarized with how they feel on it... I had a great conversation talking to The Miz about this. He so adamantly denies everything. We happened to be the only people sitting at catering and it happened to come up.

I think he saw my UFO pin on my jacket, and was like 'UFO pin, huh? What do you think there are green men flying around?' And I was like 'What do you think there's not?' and he goes 'Oh, come on' and cuts a full-on Miz promo on me. The next guy sits down, who is a a camera man, and when asked about UFOs said he saw something one time, and right after that Kalisto came and sat down and I was like 'Hey, what do you think?' and he was like 'Oh, yeah in Little League I saw' and then went on. All of a sudden I had all these supporters, and Miz was being drowned in all of these people's experiences."

UFO mysteries unraveled: How the ‘real-life X-Files’ emerged from a top secret UK project

A former official at the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence has shed new light on the circumstances surrounding a secret government UFO study that was conducted during the 1990s.

In 1996, the MoD commissioned a defense contractor to produce a comprehensive report on U.K. UFO sightings. The report was compiled at a time of huge public interest in UFOs fueled by the wildly popular “X-Files” TV series and 1997’s 50th anniversary of the purported UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico.

Careful to avoid using the term UFO, the report described sightings as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Code-named Project Condign, the report analyzed a database of sightings between 1987 and 1997 and was delivered to officials in 2000. The study, entitled ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Air Defence Region,’ found that that sightings could be explained by a variety of known phenomena, both man-made and natural. The incidence of relatively rare natural phenomena was also noted. “No evidence exists to associate the phenomena with any particular nation,” it said.

Project Condign has been compared to Project Blue Book, a U.S. Air Force effort to investigate UFOs that closed in 1969.

Nick Pope, a former MoD UFO investigator who is now an author and journalist, told Fox News that he was involved in setting up the study with his counterpart in the Ministry’s Defence Intelligence Staff. “The reason for the study was that while we'd been investigating UFO sightings on a case-by-case basis for decades, we'd done very little trend analysis,” he explained, via an emailed statement. “Project Condign was supposed to rectify this and be a proper intelligence assessment that would look for patterns in data we already had.”

“We were trying to draw everything together and say in relation to UFOs: 'OK, what's our best assessment of what we're dealing with, what are the threats, and what are the opportunities?',” he added.

Initial discussions about the study started in 1993, according to Pope, who was no longer involved in the Ministry's UFO investigations by the time work on the report itself started. 

Pope, who left the MoD in 2006, has been quoted extensively in the media as a result of his links to what remains a highly controversial topic. His involvement in MoD UFO investigations lasted from 1991 to 1994, according to his website

“The study was highly classified and extremely sensitive, not least because the MoD consistently told parliament, the media and the public that UFOs were of limited interest and ‘no defense significance’,” Pope said. “Our concern was that if the existence of the study became known, it would have exposed an internal position on the phenomenon that was different from our public position.”

The report only entered the public domain in 2006 following a Freedom of Information request from academic Dr. David Clarke. The identity of the report’s author has not been revealed.

A new set of previously-unseen documents recently obtained by Clarke, a principal research fellow at the U.K’s Sheffield Hallam University, have thrust Project Condign into the spotlight once again. The records show how over-worked MoD officials were keen to reduce their commitment to investigating reports of UFO sightings. With its findings, Project Condign duly laid the foundations for the MoD to start scaling back its UFO-related operations. The Ministry’s DI55 department, which had secretly collected data on potential UFO sightings since 1967, closed at the end of 2000. The MoD’s UFO Desk closed in 2009.

Pope found the final Project Condign report disappointing. “In places it looked like a conclusion-led study where data had been used to support a personal opinion,” he said, but acknowledged the challenges involved in compiling such a confidential report.

“The problem with an intelligence study like Project Condign is that it's so secret and sensitive that those involved don't reach out to subject matter experts outside the intelligence community,” he explained, adding that consultation with the U.K.’s Met Office weather service, other scientists and academics would have been helpful.

The report also suggested that atmospheric plasma may account for some UFO sightings, which Pope sees as confusing. “In speculating about exotic atmospheric plasma phenomena the report's author had made the classic mistake of trying to explain one mystery in terms of another,” he said.

The former MoD employee was also surprised by the discussion of “novel military applications” that could be supported by greater understanding of the UFO phenomenon. “This was essentially a reference to weaponization, including the construction of a directed energy weapon,” he said. 

In a statement provided earlier this week to Fox News, the MoD explained that all its historic files that refer to UFOs have either been released, or are in the process of being released to the U.K.’s National Archives. “The MOD continues to have no opinion on the existence, or otherwise, of extra-terrestrial life and does not investigate reported unidentified flying object sightings,” it said.

Trent University student discusses UFO research on CBC Radio’s Ideas show

Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes is writing a PhD dissertation on the history of Canada's investigation into UFO sightings, states a posting on Trent's website.

His work was featured on the CBC Radio show Ideas last Friday evening. The show is hosted by Paul Kennedy.

Hayes is a PhD candidate in the Canadian studies department at Trent University.

His research has included a review of 15,000 pages of government documentation compiled from 1950 to 1995.

The Trent website explains that Hayes became interested in the history of UFO sightings in Canada after he saw an online exhibition on the subject presented by the National Archives in 2000.

"I didn't realize that Canada has its own UFO investigation at all," he stated. "It just kind of snowballed from there."

Hayes also holds a bachelor of arts in anthropology from Trent University, states the site.

He explains on the Trent website article that his research revealed a "consistency" in the reports of UFO sightings over 45 years.

"People are still seeing the same thing over and over again," he said. "That makes you question even more acutely why the government didn't take this seriously when there's
such a continuity and such interest."