Friday, 3 February 2012

UFO News Links For Friday 3rd February 2012

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Super Bowl advertisers call on extraterrestrials (Video)

| Feb 03, 2012

The extraterrestrials in Chevy's Volt commercial. (Credit: Chevrolet)

It’s the time of year again when that major television event known as the Super Bowl takes place.
This American football championship game has historically been the most-watched program on American television. In fact, the 2011 Super Bowl had the largest audience ever for a U.S. television broadcast at 111 million viewers. This year’s big game could repeat last year’s record-breaking viewership. But something else from the 2011 Super Bowl that will certainly be repeated this year is the appearance of extraterrestrial-themed advertisements.
The ET theme was dominant in commercials that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl. Several extraterrestrial-themed movies were advertised during the broadcast, and multiple car companies featured extraterrestrial characters in their ads. Last year, Chevrolet used a character from Transformers: Dark of the Moon in one of their commercials. The company is going with an even stronger extraterrestrial theme this year. Motor Authority reports that “Chevy has enlisted the little-green-men-brigade to sell Volt sedans and Silverado pickups during this year’s big game.” The commercial for the Volt is filled with little extraterrestrial characters and UFOs.
I have a feeling that the extraterrestrial theme will be popping up in several other commercials too.
The Super Bowl takes place Sunday, February 5 at 6:30 PM ET on NBC.
Watch Chevrolet’s Volt commercial below:

The URZI UFO Case - The Full Story (Video)

UFO Orbs Escort A Passanger Jet Taking Off From O'Hare Airport, Chicago (Video)

By Scott Waring

In this video the we can see two UFO orbs escorting this passenger jet as it takes off from O'hare airport, during the month of January 2012. It was seen at 11:45 am recorded by Kevin McCarthy. The main question I have about the sighting is where is the radar data to confirm it? Where are the pilots statements? Where there other eyewitnesses? I hope we get more info on this sighting.

Killer Asteroid Threat: Reinforces Need For Neoshield (Video)

Spying on the Saucer Seekers

I’m often asked: Do government agencies really spy on certain elements of the UFO research community? The answer to that question is an undeniable “Yes!” A classic example is that of one of the premier collectors of data on alleged crashed UFO reports, the late Leonard Stringfield, who was a high-profile figure within the American UFO research community from the mid-1950s right up until his death forty years later.
The author of two books on UFO encounters, as well as numerous “Status Reports” on his crashed UFO data, Stringfield first attracted official attention in 1954 – from the FBI, no less – whose now-declassified documentation on Stringfield makes it very clear that the man himself suspected more than fifty years ago that his UFO activities were the subject of an official monitoring operation.
According to the FBI: “A source of unknown reliability, an acquaintance of Leonard H. Stringfield, who is the Director of the captioned organization Flying ObjCivilian Research Interplanetary ects, in October 1954 advised that Stringfield is the Director of the organization and is assisted by his wife, and that Stringfield writes and publishes monthly the multi-lithographed ‘Newsletter’ of the organization. He uses the ‘Newsletter’ to report news pertaining to the sightings of flying saucers and he claims the ‘Newsletter’ now has a worldwide circulation of about 4,000 copies.”

The FBI continued: “The same source furnished a copy of the ‘Newsletter’ [that] reports that Stringfield had a private talk with Lieutenant Colonel John O’Mara, Deputy Commander, Intelligence, United States Air Force, on September 21, 1954, and that in essence Colonel O’Mara told Stringfield that flying saucers do exist and that past contradictions were unfortunate. Stringfield has stated that he believes his home telephone is being monitored, presumably by the Air Force, and that he therefore makes his phone calls to Lieutenant O’Mara at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from his office. Stringfield, in talking about the possibility that the US Air Force might stop his operations, made a statement to the effect, ‘The Air Force can’t do anything to me. I’m claiming saucers are interplanetary.’”
As far as official surveillance of Stringfield in later years was concerned, researcher Bill Moore – a researcher who had widely acknowledged links with the U.S. Intelligence community in the 1980s and who co-authored with Charles Berlitz the first book on the Roswell “crashed UFO” controversy of 1947, The Roswell Incident - stated in the September 30 1989 issue of Focus the following:
“Drawing from my own knowledge and experience, I can summarize the individuals who were the subject of intelligence community interest between 1980 and 1984. It is important to remember here that in some cases, I was not personally involved, but rather only aware of these goings-on through conversations with others…”
Moore continued: “Stringfield remained the subject of some interest through 1983, after which I heard very little about him. The [counter-intelligence] people seemed to know a lot about Len and his sources. The impression I got was that someone else much closer to him than I, was keeping tabs on his activities, but of course, I never knew for certain.”
In 1991, Stringfield himself wrote: “I have other sources today who seem to know that I am currently a subject of interest to the intelligence community. If I could draw any conclusions from the travails of my past experiences, then I am also being subjected to both good information and disinformation…”
Leonard Stringfield died in December 1994, never really knowing if the data provided by his whistle-blower sources on crashed UFOs was genuine or carefully-orchestrated disinformation. But, that he was being watched by someone, specifically because of his saucer-based activities, does seem very likely.
And, Stringfield was just one of many, as I will reveal in future posts…

UFO Hunters - Alien Contact (Video)

Deer Hunters Shoot at UFO - Aliens Escape Unharmed

By Tom Rose
February 03, 2012 04:30 AM EST

Two Minnesota men, presumably deer hunters, reported firing several shots at what they thought was a UFO, but the unidentified flying object flew away, apparently unscathed.

The eyewitness account of the UFO sighting details what happened when the two men spotted what they at first thought was an X-47B military drone hovering in the air over the woods at night.

"We were in fear," one of the unnamed men stated, "and trained a scoped Winchester Sportsman .30-06 deer rifle on the object, and fired three successive shots center mass at the object, with no obvious effect, or ricochet sound. Man with me fired two slugs from a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun center mass, also with no effect."

The OVNI, apparently not damaged, then floated away as the men ran through the woods to escape.

This is a weird report, posted on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) which is a privately owned and operated website used by witnesses to report unidentifiable aircraft sightings. If they thought it might be a military plane, why did they shoot at it? Weren't they worried they might hurt someone?

In this time of Doomsday 2012 fear it may be that people who were once willing to just observe a UFO in awe are starting to fight back. Apparently, though, UFOs are bulletproof!

UFO News Clipping - Daily Telegraph 6.2.1959.