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The Day Before Disclosure / Documentary Video


UFO News Links For Friday 19th October 2012

Wanted! - UFO Hunter for Upcoming Documentary Film.

Strange Days: The BBC’s UFO fiasco

UFO obsessive whose plight won backing of celebrities – Herald Scotland

PHOTOS: Man claims he saw two UFOs at Collaroy - Local News - News - The Manly Daily

UFOs Spotted Investigating Australian Skies -

Not UFOs, but night time skydivers in Middletown – FOX19

A Different Perspective: Eddie Bullard's "The Myth and Mysteries of UFOs"

Officials suppress UFO, nuclear site ties – Columbia Daily Tribune

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Newfound Earth-sized planet too distant to visit – Christian Science Monitor

Study Explains The Mystery Of Ball Lightning

UK has anti-alien war weapons, former defense adviser claims – GMA News

“Warning! Armageddon is coming!”

Declassified military UFO reports in detail – British Forces News

UFO conspiracy leader held in Caribbean -

‘Citizen scientists’ spot planet with four suns – Los Angeles Times

UFO sighting in Emerald: family left without explanation - Central...

Did British Hacker Gary McKinnon find evidence of 'alien spacecraft' & 'non-terrestrial officials' (Video)

Secret Space Fleet - Antigravity
Uploaded by on 10 Dec 2010
"Exopolitics HK: SUPPORT GARY McKINNON - Neil & Jake Gould expose on film, actual footage [in infrared] of the Secret Governments Space Fleet, piloted by Non Terrestrial Officers. The technology concerned is antigravity, taken from their UFO crash retrievals or given through technology exchange program by ETs. Financed without congressional oversight and paid for by an unsuspecting American public, these forces are now trying to extradite Gary McKinnon to the USA to ensure his silence; under the guise of his damaging of NASA computers. What are they hiding? Watch as Neil, Jake and Ed Grimsley show you first hand evidence of these craft at 200 miles altitude moving at an alleged 30,000 MPH".

M.I.B. - The Strange Saga of the Vanishing Cars


For years – or perhaps even for centuries – the Men in Black have been elusive, predatory, fear-inducing figures, hovering with disturbing regularity upon the enigmatic fringes of the UFO subject, nurturing and weaving their very own unique brand of terror and intimidation. Like true specters from the outer edge, the MIB appear from the murky darkness, and roam the countryside provoking carnage, chaos, paranoia and fear in their notorious wake, before returning to that same shrouded realm from which they originally oozed.
Very often traveling in groups of three, this definitive trinity of evil seemingly appears and vanishes at will, and is often seen – in the United States – driving 1950s-style black Cadillac’s, and – in the British Isles – 1960s-era black Jaguar’s, both of which are almost always described as looking curiously brand new.

The preferred mode of dress of these sinister characters is a black suit, black Fedora- or Homburg-style hat, black sunglasses, black necktie, black socks and shoes, and crisp, shining white shirt. Very little wonder, therefore, that they have been given the name with which they are, today, most associated.
But, it’s those aforementioned cars that the MIB drive which I’m focusing on right now, rather than the MIB themselves. Just like the dark-suited characters that drive them, the creepy vehicles also display evidence of deep and bizarre high-strangeness, including vanishing into complete oblivion!
Dr. Josef Allen Hynek was provided with the details of a fantastically-strange MIB encounter, that occurred in a small Minnesota town in late 1975, and that falls firmly into just such a category. Ironically, no UFO was seen on this particular occasion, but the chief witness was harassed by the driver of a large, black Cadillac on a particular stretch of highway, and who nearly forced the man into an adjacent ditch. The irate man quickly righted his vehicle and headed off in hot-pursuit, only to see the black Cadillac lift into the air and, quite literally, disappear in the blink of any eye!

Long-time UFO authority, Jenny Randles, the author of The Truth Behind Men in Black, has investigated an extremely similar case that occurred in Britain in August of 1981.
In this particular incident, the witness, one Jim Wilson, had seen an unidentified – but not overly-fantastic – light in the sky, and was later blessed with a visit from a pair of suit-wearing characters flashing ID cards that demonstrated they came from the British Ministry of Defense. The two suggested to the man that he had merely viewed a Russian satellite – Cosmos 408 – and that he should forget all about the experience.
That would indeed have been the end of things, were it not for the fact that the witness found to his concern that, on a number of occasions and shortly after the visit occurred, his home seemed to be under some form of surveillance by two men sitting in a black Jaguar – which is the preferred mode of transport in most British Men in Black cases. The police were called, and, across the course of several nights, stealthy checks of the immediate vicinity were made.
After seeing the car parked outside the man’s home on several occasions, and then managing to get a good look at his license plate – which the police were quickly able to confirm as being totally bogus – they carefully closed in, with the intention of speaking with the pair of MIB and finding out the nature of their game.

Unfortunately, they never got the chance to do so: as two uniformed officers approached the vehicle and prepared to knock on one of the windows, the black Jaguar melted away into nothingness. There was, not surprisingly, a deep reluctance on the part of the officers to prepare any written report alluding to such an event in the station log-book!
Just like the Men in Black themselves, even their vehicles are seemingly able to perform disappearing acts of a near-ghost-like nature…
Feature image sourced from Bob Jagendorf

UFO Sighting Over Noi Vietnam Caught On Video

Published on 14 Oct 2012 by
"I shoot at 22h at 14/10/2012, I lost much longer video. UFO only appears in the sky Ha Noi about 1 hour and then disappears. This is not tech products offline".

A new kind of ultra-giant UFO is zooming around Texas

Last weekend in Texas, a couple sighted a gigantic UFO that sounds like exactly the sort of thing we'd like to see in JJ Abrams' next TV series.
Here's the report they filed with MUFON:

A rectangular UFO was sighted by me near Hutto, Texas . . . It was very large and perfectly rectangular, grayish / black in color hovering below the storm clouds like a huge banner. I was driving toward Taylor, Texas on Hi-Way 79 going east. It was the size of a football field in my opinion. Moving as fast as I was driving at 55 miles per hour going parallel to it.. I watched it for almost 5 minutes in disbelief. Then I took action and took the very next road to intersect with it and it just disappeared! This is the 2nd UFO that I have seen in my life time. The other was in 1973 and it was hovering over the Decker Lake Power Plant near Austin, Texas. What a sight seeing it going zig zag across the sky then stopping for about 5 minutes to recharge then off it went at a blink of an eye it was gone. My wife [Name withheld by SW/LITS] witness it with me too and went to get a camera and it was gone.

Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs - Episode features the BBC Film Crew Arrested At Area 51

BBC Film crew arrested & held at gunpoint at Area 51

Musician Lupe Fiasco claims he encountered a UFO, extraterrestrials

Musician Lupe Fiasco claims he was visited by extraterrestrials when he was eleven years old.
Fiasco disclosed details of the event during a recent interview on Los Angeles radio station Power 106. The rapper explained that his “extra-worldly experience” occurred in 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. He recalls waking up at approximately 7:00 am, shocked to find himself surrounded by a “blue electricity.” Unable to move, he called to his sleeping cousin, but his cousin did not respond. Fiasco then remembers looking out the window and seeing a black disc fly down from the sky, hover, then take off out of site.
Fiasco believes a mysterious scar on his ankle is a result of the incident.
After Fiasco shared his story with the Power 106 morning show’s team, co-host Rikki Martinez shared a similar story. Watch the interview with Lupe Fiasco below:


'UFO spent four hours hovering above our rural home', claims family after capturing video footage of 'spinning lights' in the sky

By Sara Malm

A family has spoken of the terrifying moment they saw a UFO hovering above their house for four hours.
Morag Ritchie, 50, was awoken in the middle of the night by flashing lights in the sky over the family home in rural Scotland.
The grandmother-of-one woke her family up and her daughter’s fiance caught the shocking images of four blinking lights on video.

Sighting: Morag Ritchie said she saw the UFO hovering over her house in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire for four hours
The UFO: Scott Bower, Morag's daughter's fiance, captured the strange lights in the sky above their home

Sighting: Morag Ritchie said she saw the UFO hovering over her house in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire for four hours
Sighting: Morag Ritchie said she saw the UFO hovering over her house in Aberdeenshire for four hours
Morag said: ‘We live in a very rural area so I never have my curtains closed and I like looking at the night sky.
‘I just woke up all of a sudden and looked out of the window to see all these twinkling lights - they looked like they were moving.
‘I was quite apprehensive about it. I’m standing there looking at it and I’m thinking “is it watching me?”, so I went around the house telling everyone and they all came to have a look.'
Mrs Ritchie describes seeing a circular object hovering and spinning around above her home in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.
‘My husband is a fisherman and he’s spent many hours looking up at the night sky, so he was quite sceptical when I told him, but even he admitted it was strange when he saw them.'

Right there: Morag Ritchie in their back garden pointing towards the part of the sky where she saw the UFO on Saturday night
Right there: Morag Ritchie in their back garden pointing towards the part of the sky where she saw the UFO on Saturday night
She says: ‘Eventually we all went back to bed. I woke up a further two times, the second time was about four hours later and it was still there, but when I next woke up it was daylight and they had gone.
‘It was there for so long that even all the way out here, someone else must have seen it, but perhaps they’ve been too shy to come forward about it.'
Morag’s daughter, Cara, 27, had got out of bed to feed her baby at 3am on Saturday night when she first heard about the sighting.
She said: ‘At first I thought it was just a plane, but my mum said it had been there for a few hours and there was no noise or anything.
‘I was quite mesmerised by it all to be honest although my fiance Scott, was pretty scared.
‘He was smoking at the back door where you could see the lights from and he was genuinely frightened, he kept the door half open so he wasn’t actually fully outside.'

Strange: Flashing lights are not usually decorating the skyline at the back of the Ritchie family home in rural Scotland
The mother-of-one added: ‘I didn’t really believe in UFOs or anything like that beforehand. You hear lots of stories, but you don’t really believe them.
‘But this was really really strange. After seeing what I’ve seen, I’m genuinely wondering if there are actually aliens out there now.’
Although 95 per cent of all UFO reports can be explained, UFO expert Malcolm Robinson admitted he was baffled by the footage Scott captured.
He said: ‘I’ve looked at the footage and there appears to be four lights in a line intermittently flashing which could be anything.
‘But it’s strange. Many suspected UFO sightings are actually Chinese lanterns, but it’s not them this time - no way.
‘It’s very interesting to a researcher like me but at the moment we won’t have any answers for a couple of weeks at least when I find out if there were any other sightings or aircraft in the area at the time.’
Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Tony Finnegan said: ‘It could be a light aircraft or military aircraft, but at 2am in the morning, it’s unlikely to be civilian.
‘We aren’t able to find out what aircraft were in the area at the time, but there was increased activity of northern lights last week, so I suppose they would be a possibility.’