Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Newscast from London Shows Unknown Object through Window

By UFO Casebook

London, June 13, 2013: Originally published on Jun 15, 2013 by Russia Today E457
There is almost nothing posted by the Youtube submitter except that on June 13, 2013 during a newscast from London, an unknown object can be seen streaking through the sky.
It is clearly seen through the window behind the newscaster.
(Editor's Note: This is interesting in that the object in real time seems to be moving at a high rate of speed through skies.
This could possibly be a jet plane, except for the speed. See what you think.

UFO Over California Caught On Infrared Camera

Published on 16 Jun 2013 By  Victor Perez

Avistamiento OVNI grabado 8 de junio en California, con una cámara Infraroja.

UFO Sighting recorded in California, June 8 with an infrared camera.

Simon Pegg Feels Responsible For Chinese Farmer's Alien Stunt

By Daily Star
SIMON PEGG has reached out to a Chinese farmer who has been jailed for masterminding an alien hoax based on the funnyman's hit movie PAUL.
 Simon Pegg in Star Trek (Credit Google Images)
Li Kai has reportedly been ordered to spend five days behind bars for staging an elaborate stunt in which he claimed to have found a dead extraterrestrial and stored it in his freezer.
The pictures emerged on social networking websites and Li claimed the hoax was inspired by 2011 alien comedy Paul, which starred Pegg and Nick Frost as a pair of sci-fi geeks who stumble across a real life alien.
The Sun newspaper reports Li has been forced to spend five days in jail for "fabricating lies and destructing normal social order", and Pegg was devastated to hear he has been punished so harshly for the stunt.
In a post on Twitter.com, Pegg writes, "Can't help feeling responsible. Hope he's okay and his five days go fast. Much love from me and (Nick Frost)."

Famous UFO photo taken near Edwards Air Force Base in 1954 (Video)

Published on 14 Jun 2013 By openmindstv
This picture is undoubtedly one of ufology's most interesting and genuine UFO photo cases. It was taken by professional photographers from the Martin Aircraft Company (which later merged with the American-Marietta Corporation and the Lockheed Corporation to eventually become what is now Lockheed Martin) for a promotional shot of their Martin B-57 Canberra bomber. The bomber was flying near Edwards Air Force Base in southern California sometime in 1954. This photo was leaked to the UFO organization NICAP.

UFO TV: The Black Vault and UFO Secrecy / Stealth Mission Curiosity, Confirming Ancient Intelligence On Mars

The Black Vault and UFO Secrecy -
John Greenewald, Jr. LIVE

John Greenewald, Jr. has been exploring the document archives of the U.S. Government for many years, uncovering proof of the UFO Phenomenon. In that time he has created the largest online archive of government UFO documents anywhere in the world. Discover the secrets of his research in this LIVE presentation.

STEALTH MISSION CURIOSITY: Confirming Ancient Intelligence On Mars
Discover the facts behind the Governments secret mission "Stealth Mission - CURIOSITY," and the legitimate validation of ancient intelligence on Mars. However much of what was learned during this mission still remains a secret. This presentation includes the most up to date images and telemetry from over six probe missions providing the widest coverage possible of the Martian surface.

Two UFOs Photographed From Pub Near London

UFO photo taken in Bracknell, June 14, 2013. (Credit: Steve Lambert/Reading Post)

Last Friday night, a patron of the Running Horse Pub in Bracknell photographed two mysterious lights from the pub’s terrace. He says, “They were heading south-west at speed towards Basingstoke – quicker than any normal aircraft.”
The Reading Post reports that Steve Lambert, a 42 year old man from Basingstoke, says the objects were moving so fast he only saw them for a few seconds. This isn’t the first weird thing Lambert has seen, he says, so he was ready to get the picture. Lambert said, “I have seen a lot of funny things in the sky and I have always practiced trying to take a photo quickly on my mobile phone.”
Close-up of UFOs. (Credit: Steve Lambert/Reading Post)
He posted his UFO picture on Facebook, and he hopes that anyone else who saw it will let him know. He says, “If someone else saw a funny light or pair of lights then we know there is something out there. I really want to know what is going on out there – there probably is life out there.”
Bracknell is in Berkshire County, just west of London. Last week we posted the story of another UFO photograph taken in Bromley, a London suburb.

10 Years On – Flyover Views from Mars Express

Published By MrSpechtler

A series of aerial flyby views of various Martian landscapes. It is done by overlaying photographs from the craft’s stereo camera onto 3D maps made from precise laser altimeter data. This allows them to use 3D programs to generate the flyovers. They could also, if they wanted, generate ground level walkthroughs…