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I'm sorry to say that i've had to remove the chat function from Mac's UFO News.

Some very sad  individual with obvious issues was pretending to be me aswell as many other people.  The language they used could at best be described as foul & insulting.  I can only assume their efforts were to diss credit myself & Mac's UFO News as a whole. 

I shall endeaver to find a 'Members Chat' that will be more secure & apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mac's UFO News - April 2012 / Some of the ufo cases that made Mac's UFO News during the month of April 2012.

Russian Major Records UFO Over Penza, Russia On May 20th.

By Scott Waring

Retired Defense Major Yuriy Pashanin filmed a UFO in the sky over Penza, Russia May 2012. He first seen the object at a test site in Kazakhstan, where he served in the defense department in 2000 in Penza, then again in may 2012, when he was able to film it. "At 20:55 my wife pointed out that the object appeared over the woods. I immediately went for my camera and started shooting.

In ten-twenty seconds the object sped rapidly away towards the horizon "- said Yuri Pashanin. Penzenets claimed that this is not a bag that has been raised into the air by the wind, or a radio model, it was under intelligent control, I know what a UFO looks like he said, I have seen many during my time in the military." The object was large and was three-dimensional, it also had flickering lights, and I am in no doubt it was a craft of some kind.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - Daily Mirror 26.6.1967.

Strange, Unknown Object over Texas on Video

By Ufo Casebook

UFO ImageOriginally published on May 19, 2012 by damiandoan
Submitter says that this footage was taken on farm in Milam County, Texas. At first, he thought the blinking lights were from a plane or helicopter, but soon changed his mind.
He estimates that the object was from 1/2 to 1/4 mile away. The videographer and the owner of the ranch were witnesses to the object.
No sound could be heard coming from the object.
(Editor's Note: This footage is quite bizarre, but could turn out to be something coventional. At this point, I can't think of anything I have seen that matches it.
Sighting occurred about 30 miles east of my location.)
Can any of our readers identify this object?

Alien Cosmology: How Much Like Us Would Our Alien Kindred Be?

As we know it, the modern UFO era began first with the famous “Foo Fighters” seen by both Allied and Axis pilots amidst the heat of conflict during the Second World War. Shortly after the conflict had ended, reports of strange, “saucer like” objects skipping like stones through the open sky were being reported by the likes of Kenneth Arnold and others; within a month of the Arnold sighting, what became an infamous incident, where exotic wreckage was recovered from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, left little question in the minds of many Americans: the Saucers, it seemed, were about to land.
More than half a century later, we still have a surprising lack of information about the origins of UFOs, though it is widely believed by many in both the civilian and even the higher academic circles that the enigma might be attributed to strange encounters with extraterrestrial visitors. This idea, however, is a theory that is surprisingly void of a lot of hard evidence; though many in the UFO camp are angered by this sort of sentiment, I should be clear: while UFOs may be aircraft from other parts of the universe, scientific processes have little to base such determinations on, with regard to collected evidence. And yet, for many, the ET hypothesis still manages to comprise nearly the entire basis of the UFO mystery, when taken at face value.

Whether or not alien beings are visiting Earth–and for all we know, this may indeed be the case–we can still speculate about what kinds of life might exist elsewhere out there… the problem, however, is determining whether aliens would even be recognizable as such!
Universe Today recently featured an article on the varieties of life that may exist in other parts of the deep regions of space, and in what manner such “life” might differ greatly from that which we know on Earth. “Truly new ‘alternative life’ would be life of a different biology,” says Gerald Joyce, a Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the Scripps Research Institute. “It would not have the information in it that is part of the same heritage of our life form.”
If such were indeed the case, might we posit that there could exist life in other parts of the universe that we would be virtually unable to recognize entirely as life at all? This notion has prompted my use of the expression “life (not) as we know it” for such beings, which could possibly stretch the very boundaries of physical formation as we might conceive. Dr. Joyce’s paper, “Bit by Bit: the Darwinian Basis for Life,” discusses the differences between what he calls “true” biology, versus simple chemistry, and how things like DNA are capable of taking chemical functions and “remembering” them, thus capable of passing this stored information along to an organism’s eventual progeny.
At the heart of the matter here is the notion that alien beings, while perhaps capable of evolving through similar DNA/RNA processes known to us on Earth, might still differ greatly from life we would easily recognize. When it comes to bringing various sorts of intelligent life into the equation, I’ve often considered what kinds of evolutionary processes might lead to beings of strange form and variety in other parts of the universe, and whether an advanced civilization might conform to any presupposed laws or condition the human mind could envision.

For instance, consider the famous Drake Equation, which originated during early talks about what would become the SETI program among colleagues such as Frank Drake (for whom the equation is named), and later Carl Sagan, among others hoping to utilize radio signals to receive messages from distant star systems. For Drake, the obvious and looming potential that humanity might destroy itself (remember, this was during the height of the Cold War era) cast doubt on the likelihood that an advanced civilization elsewhere could even survive long enough to harness technology advanced enough to propel them through the vast expanses of our galaxy. This assumption, however, is painfully anthropic, at best, in the sense that what humans tend to envision with regard to “other” varieties of life that may exist reflect our own values and, as this instance shows, our fears as well.
Conversely, I’ve always wondered if alien beings on a distant planet, based on environmental influences, might evolve in ways that would cause them to evolve in ways that would lead to advanced forms resembling different varieties of genus known on Earth. Think, for instance, how an intelligent race of insect-like beings might behave. What if a truly hive-like mentality prevailed among such beings; would this be more conducive to having a society that functioned together as one, if all were somehow connected on a mental level, and focused (even subconsciously) on working toward common societal goals? On the other hand, could this also work to the detriment of a neighboring civilization, in the event that such an “Insectoid” race would do anything necessary to secure their own necessities… even if that meant the destruction of another advanced race?
This line of thought, of course, still manages to project a lot of our inherent “human” concerns into the equation, and fundamentally still works off the notion that physical, anthropomorphic beings of our same relative size and stature might constitute our alien neighbors. In truth, the alternatives are quite vast, in that here may be an entire host of odd forms, shapes, or for lack of a better expression, simply different “manifestations” that could occur in a cosmic sense. It seems entirely plausible that any existent life forms elsewhere in our universe might elude us (and have continued to do so) based on their exotic nature. While we may even have the science needed to perceive such entities, it may not be the case that the proper methodology is understood or has yet been applied in order to do so (this would especially be the case if we were dealing with various kinds of interdimensional life forms).
Engaging in a bit of mind-stretching, what kinds of strange and exotic forms and manifestations have you considered regarding the potentitals for alien life that may exist?


By Stan Hernandez

According to reports, the UFO sightings have skyrocketed in North Island, New Zealand, but this is not the only location that is seeing an increase in activity. Australia is also reporting it. According to Suzanne Hansen, the director of Ufocus, “an object had land and it was definitely not an aircraft,” a quote that she got from a “reliable source.”
In two weeks, over thirty reports have been submitted in North Island, which is beyond any normalcy. The night skies are full of unusual crafts, which have included reports of saucers, cigar-shaped, and triangular in shape. Strange lights and even daytime sightings have gotten the public in frenzy, but the cover story is already coming into play.
The term “mistaken identity” is being thrown around, and that may apply to 70% of the people that aren’t familiar with military crafts and the different natural occurrences that can create some strange stuff, but the 30% that have some knowledge cannot be dismissed.
I spoke to Cameron Dale of North Island, New Zealand, about his UFO sighting. Dale stated that: “I saw a silver saucer. It remained silent and hovered over us for three minutes before disappearing. I know a thing or two about military crafts and I can say with certainty that this was not one. This was something else. This was seen by myself and about eight others that I know of. I would say that it was the same size as a B-1 Bomber.”
Why this is happening is still unknown, but there are plenty of UFO sightings being reported worldwide. As I have said before, these crafts are always here, flying at a frequency that we cannot see. Every so often they will change frequencies that the human eye can see and we get a glimpse. Why they are doing that now is still being investigated. I am currently investigating several key cases in both New Zealand and Australia. I will return with reports.

Robert Bingham Summons UFO's over L.A. (Video)

Published on 20 May 2012 by

"The Footage You Have Been Waiting For! The UFO Event, Robert Bingham Summons UFOs Over L.A. for over 100 Eyewitnesses! More footage continues to come into Thirphaseofmoon regarding the May 19 2012 Event! "

Flashing lights spark a UFO mystery (Hampshire U.K.)

By Rhys Phillips

NUMEROUS sightings of unusual flashing lights in the night sky were reported over Basingstoke last Thursday.
Postman Ron Brooker, 57, of Timor Road, Popley, saw the lights after leaving a quiz night with five friends at the Recreation Hall, in Old Basing.
He said: “It was after dark around 10.30pm when we saw a dull white light flickering up in the sky and moving slowly right to left, and then left to right. It was up there for about 10 minutes and could still be seen when we arrived at our home in Popley.”

Two friends in the Brighton Hill area were in a back garden in Porter Road, when Kayley Parker’s dog, Zena, started barking, alerting them to the strange lights which were moving slowly forwards and backwards in the skies over Down Grange.
Amy Waissen, 20, of Beechwood Close, Hatch Warren, was at friend Kayley’s house, in Port Road, and said: “I don’t usually believe in UFOs but we definitely saw something up in the sky just after 10pm. The lights were green and moving slowly backwards and forwards for 10 minutes.”
A student from Yateley, Sophie Tottman, 22, saw a cigar-shaped light in cloudy skies over Fleet. She said: “I was driving in Fleet with a friend when we saw a long pale yellow light just above the trees near Fleet bends. It was moving left to right slowly for about 10 minutes just after 10pm.”

A further sighting was made by a number of people examining the night sky in the Tadley Way area, and comments were also posted on Twitter regarding the night’s events.
A Hampshire Police spokesman said the force did not receive any significant calls, but Flight Lieutenant Katie Sheppeck, at RAF Odiham, said: “We did have a few Chinooks on routine manoeuvres around 10pm, and the seven-mile westerly approach to our airfield does pass through parts of Basingstoke such as Brighton Hill, Hatch Warren and Kempshott.

Houston man investigates UFO sightings


HOUSTON – While some call it hogwash, others are fascinated by unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.
If aliens wanted to land somewhere on this planet it seems the Lone Star state would make the short list. With well-known cases like the Stephenville sightings in 2008, and even those bizarre blinking lights in Texas City last month, the only state that reports more UFO’s than Texas is California.
Chuck Stansburge is a UFO investigator. He said he works for MUFON, or the Mutual UFO Network.

“There are going to be some people who watch this and say maybe that man is a little crazy, possibility, I’ve been told that many times,” he said.
Long before tackling the paranormal Standburge carried a badge. He said he spent years in law enforcement in Colorado and Oklahoma.
Then a disability forced Chuck into early retirement. That left him with plenty of time to explore his passion of strange sightings that are reported in a 14-county area in Southeast Texas.
He said trading in a uniform for UFOs wasn’t exactly a household decision. His wife Sandra just didn’t get her husband’s fascination.
“I had never seen anything, or heard anything from friends relatives, or anyone I ever worked with, so UFOs, no,” she said.
But an experience with her own eyes would eventually make her a believer too, she said.
What she saw that night will remain a mystery. But there are a handful of cases that her husband works each week. He looked into the lights in Texas City—and it seems that case is now closed.
MUFON did a mock up and it turned out to be lanterns.
MUFON said that 90 percent of cases are eventually solved, but that doesn’t stop him.
“There’s stuff out here definitely all over the state of Texas,” he said.

Hunting for extraterrestrial microorganisms

The United States Rocket Academy’s project Citizens in Space is seeking entries for a science project that will attempt to collect microbes that could exist in Earth’s upper atmosphere at the edge of space.

Artist's rendition of the XCOR Lynx spacecraft. (Credit: XCOR Aerospace)

This science project, named the High Altitude Astrobiology Challenge, was announced on Saturday, May 19, and gives participating citizen scientists the opportunity to win up to $10,000. Citizens in Space project manager Edward Wright explains that this project, inspired by a NASA astrobiologist, is asking citizen scientists to develop hardware for collecting high-altitude microorganisms. Approximately one hundred of these collection devices will be selected and flown aboard a low-cost suborbital spacecraft, like the XCOR Lynx.
According to Universe Today, “XCOR Aerospace is a private California-based company that has developed the Lynx, a reusable launch vehicle that has suborbital flight capabilities.” Citizens in Space currently has a contract with XCOR Aerospace for ten suborbital spaceflights. The winning microorganism collection device from the High Altitude Astrobiology Challenge will fly on all ten flights.