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UFOs are ‘extraterrestrial probes’ according to university professor


Dr. James E. McDonald was a college professor and the senior physicist for the University of Arizona’s Institute of Atmospheric Physics in the 1950s and 60s. He was also intrigued by UFOs and actively investigated the phenomenon.
James E. McDonald (Credit: US Government)

On Friday, March 23, the Arizona Daily Star published multiple stories from their archives about McDonald and his UFO research. In an article from 1958, McDonald comments on how the scientific community at the time ignored UFO research. He suggested the main reason for this was “the lack of proper data and the ridicule that sometimes follows the man who sees an unidentified object.”

A 1966 article titled “UFOs are ‘Real,’ physicist asserts” highlights a presentation given by McDonald to “more than 200 U.S. faculty members and students” in which he stated that UFOs are most likely “extraterrestrial probes.” He based this conclusion on his ten years of studying unusual atmospheric phenomena, in addition to six months specifically investigating UFOs.
During this same presentation, McDonald voiced his disgust at the Air Force’s official investigation into UFOs–Project Blue Book. He referred to Blue Book as a “scientific scandal,” and even called into question the scientific competence of the investigators involved.
In another article from 1969, McDonald also criticized the Condon Report, which was another Air Force-funded UFO study.
The full articles about McDonald can be read on the Arizona Daily Star’s website.

UK politician claims his extraterrestrial mother took him on a UFO (Video)

| Mar 26, 2012

Councillor Simon Parkes (Credit: YouTube)

A councillor from Yorkshire, England claims his “real” mother is an extraterrestrial.

Simon Parkes, who was elected to Whitby Town Council in February as a Labour Party candidate, says he met a nine-foot-tall green extraterrestrial when he was only six months old who claimed to be his “real” mother. He alleges he has had more than one hundred extraterrestrial visitations during his lifetime. According to the Yorkshire Post, Parkes has been the “subject of ‘horrific’ alien operations, and had an implant put into his hand by the creatures.”
Parkes also claims that, at age 11, his extraterrestrial mother took him aboard a UFO.
His extraterrestrial beliefs were reportedly not an issue that was raised during Parkes’ campaign. According to the Northern Echo, Parkes stated, “It’s a personal matter and it doesn’t affect my work.”

Travis Walton Fire in the Sky 2011 International UFO Congress (Video)

This is the full presentation from Travis Walton's 2011 appearance at the International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Travis Walton claims that in 1975, while working as a logger in Arizona, he and several co-workers came across a UFO in the forest which shot a beam of light at Travis. Frightened, his friends fled the scene. When they returned Walton was gone. Walton recalled waking up on the side of the road; he thought only a few hours had past, but he had actually been missing for 5 days. He later recalled being on the craft and the strange creatures that were there with him.

Travis Walton is the subject of the Paramount Studios movie, Fire in the Sky, based on his book of the same name. His close encounter has become recognized as the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded. Mr. Walton speaks to audiences and media around the world to share what it has been like living through the ordeal of the experience and its aftermath. He presents the evidence for the incident and takes wide ranging questions from the audience, which usually results in bringing out new perspectives and bits of information previously overlooked.

Ancient Aliens S1 E5 (Video)

An Encounter of the Boomerang Kind

Back in 1996, I toyed with the idea of writing a book on the somewhat enigmatic ‘”Flying Triangle” aspect of Ufology; but, I got so tied up with my books A Covert Agenda (published in 1997) and The FBI Files (which surfaced in the following year) that I never actually got around to doing anything about it. But, had I done so, I would most certainly have included the following – which I prepared for the ‘”Triangle Book” in late ’96.
The case at issue is that of a good friend of mine named Tracie Austin-Peters, formerly of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England (and the host of Let’s Talk Paranormal) and now, like me, a resident of the United States. And with that said, here’s the strange tale of Tracie’s very own 1996 encounter. She began thus when I interviewed her:
“It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon on May 14, 1996, and it was quite a clear and sunny day. I’d got about an hour and a half free before I had to be back at work and decided that, because it was so nice, I would drive up to a wood nearby with a book and read for a while.
“Well, I headed for the local shop and pulled up on the car park, as I was going to get a few items to take with me. But as I got out of the car I got an immediate urge to look up. It was just like something had told me to look up – although I didn’t hear a voice. It was more like an impulse. And I knew directly where to look, too. And as I looked up, I saw a really unusual shaped object that was shaped like a boomerang or a v-shape. It was silent, it was black; and as I stood watching it, I thought to myself: I need to get a grip on this! What am I looking at?”

Tracie continues: “I’m quite a logical person, and I wondered at first if it was a large bird of some kind, but it wasn’t. The wings were just stretched out and it wasn’t moving like a bird. It was sort of turning anti-clockwise. And it certainly wasn’t an aircraft or a hang-glider. I knew I had to grab someone to see if they could see it, too.
“There was a woman near me getting her child out of her car and I said to her: ‘Excuse me, I hope you don’t think I’m being silly, but can you see what I can see in the sky?’ She replied: ‘You mean that black thing?’ I said, ‘Yes! and we both stood and watched it. But I got a very strong feeling, like it was giving off a thought, saying: ‘Have a good look at me because what you are seeing is real.’”
At that point, something truly strange occurred: “I watched it and then it did the most bizarre thing. It shrunk itself into a black sphere but continued to move anti-clockwise. But the strange thing was that the lady who was with me didn’t see it change shape.
“I thought this was ridiculous and ran across the car park to grab someone else. He saw it, too, but didn’t know what it was. But as I watched, the object then transformed from a square back to its original shape and then an appendage came out of the middle, which made it look like an arrowhead.
“It then headed off in what I thought was the direction of the woods. So, I jumped in the car, headed off there, too. I scanned the sky but didn’t see it again unfortunately. Well, I was due to start work again about 4.30 p.m., so I went home and telephoned Irene Bott of the Staffordshire UFO Group and told her what had happened. Irene told me to write it all down and draw a picture of the object – which I did. I also phoned a local UFO group in my area, too, and they said they would look into it.

Image via NASA. Officially "Space Junk"

“Suddenly, at that point, I got this feeling again to look up in the sky and was amazed to see this same object flying directly over my house! It was so strange; I wasn’t frightened – just surprised and excited. And the whole thing took on such a magical atmosphere. And again, I got the feeling that the object wanted to be seen. I’m not too brilliant at heights, but it was much lower than your average aircraft. Again, it was moving in an anti-clockwise way and I watched it until it vanished.”
The story was not quite over, however, as Tracie demonstrates: ”Three days later, the UFO group phoned me back to say that they had had a call from a guy who didn’t want to leave his name but who lived about four miles from me. They told me that he said he’d seen three black boomerang-shaped objects flying over his house, and I just couldn’t believe it.”
To this day, Tracie says, the extraordinary events of 14 May 1996 remain firmly fixed in her mind and she is adamant that something truly out of this world took place.

UFO Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 8.10.1966

Obama, Roswell, and 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' (Video's)

By Robbie Graham
Silver Screen Saucers

Ask President Obama the quickest way to fictionalize a real event and he'll tell you: brush it gleefully with Hollywood dust.

Earlier this week, while in Maljamar, New Mexico, President Obama dropped the R-bomb on reporters in a cheap effort to elicit some laughs. It worked better than ever, because in his next breath he paraphrased the 1951 UFO movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which the enlightened alien, Klaatu, tells the people of Earth: “We have come to visit you in peace and with good will.”

The President then proceeded to... threaten to kill young children who ask him about Roswell??

You heard the man, "We're gonna keep our secrets here," whatever that means. Don't worry, Mr. President. Your comments may have turned a little sinister towards the end, but all the headlines will recall is your whimsical sci-fi movie soundbite... see!

City Action Destroys Thousands of Historic UFO Audio Recordings

By Ryan Dube

ufo audio video clearinghouse
In July of 2011, the city of Calimesa, CA destroyed one of the largest single video and audio UFO collections in the world in a single afternoon. The destruction took place by a team of guys wearing anti-bacterial suits and face masks.
No, this isn’t a scene from some science fiction movie – this event really happened at a small house in Calimesa. Sherry, the woman that lived at the house, was found passed-away in the house on Tuesday. By Friday, the city had hired Ecology Control Industries (ECI) to clean out the house.
Apparently, the condition of the house created such a health hazard – Sherry had owned a number of cats – that the crew had to wear white anti-bacterial suits and face masks over their mouth and nose.
While this is something that you’d expect to see whenever a city needs to take care of a house that has become a health hazard in a community, the twist in this story is that stored in the garage was a lifetime collection of audio and video tapes and documents covering the subject of Ufology. The house was formerly owned by both Sherry and her former boyfriend – David Aaron.
If you don’t recognize the name – David Aaron was well known, particularly in the 1990s, as the owner of a massive collection of amateur video and interviews covering UFOs called the “UFO video clearinghouse.” He gave a talk for MUFON titled “UFO Videos From Around The World”, and in 1994 he was quoted in a Time Magazine article about Harvard psychiatrist John Mack (1).
The collection that was stored in the garage – directly in the path of the ECI trash removal crew – was David Aaron’s own collection, encompassing years of research, work and archiving. He has said that his collection that he started in 1986, included audio and video dated from 1947 up through 2005. Within hours, David Aaron’s collection would be lost forever, but not without a fight.   
David Aaron Loses the UFO Audio-Video Clearinghouse Collection
In 2010, Don Ecker of Dark Matters Radio interviewed David Aaron. Don is also another fixture of the “old guard” of Ufology – the young researchers of the 60′s through the 80′s that are now quite a bit older, but no less interested in the subject of UFOs.
Prior to the interview, Don introduced David on his blog as follows:
“When it came to the UFO subject and television and radio if Dave did not have it in his stockpile…it wasn’t available anywhere! He was The One Stop Shop for everything UFO.”
This month, Dave has been sending out emails to all of his contacts throughout the UFO community, alerting them to his tragic loss.
“On a Monday in July 2011, I received a phone call from my former girlfriend stating that she was going to loose her home, this was my house. I moved to a much larger house, and would move items into my new home, as time permitted. We made arrangements to meet on Friday to remove all the VERY RARE UFO AUDIOTAPES out of the garage where they were stored, without any incident for many years. When I arrived at the house, men in white anti-bacterial suits covered the area. One of my neighbors ran up to me and told me that ‘Sherry’ my girlfriend was found dead on Tuesday. I was in a state of semi shock.”
At this point, David’s story turns dark, as he describes starting to videotape the scene as one of the ECI workers in a white anti-bacterial suit told him that he would go get his gun and shoot him if David didn’t leave.
David went straight to the Calimesa Police Department and reported the situation – begging them to save the thousands of rare UFO tapes that were being thrown into the trash.
The Calimesa police refused him to help – referring him to the City. Unfortunately, Dave’s hands were tied – City Hall was closed already, and would be closed for the weekend.
David returned to the home, ignoring the earlier threat, and started to take photos of the men at work removing furniture, boxes and trash from the house.

ufo audio video clearinghouse

From the vantage point where David began taking his photos of the situation, you can see the ECI trash unit on the roadside, furniture and boxes piled outside the house, and a certain amount of trash loaded inside the large trailer.
The scene almost looks as though there is a sorting process taking place – with trash going into the trailer, furniture going in a pile, and then other assorted piles across the front lawn.
You almost have to wonder if some of those boxes included pieces of David’s collection. As the men disappeared back into the house, David ran to the trailer unit to capture a few shots of the pile inside of it.

ufo audio video clearinghouse

David explained in his emails that the collection he lost included over 1,200 rare UFO radio program recordings, many of which you probably can’t find anywhere else in the world anymore, including:
(1) A 1947 interview of Walt Whitmore interviewing Mac Brazel about the Roswell event.
(2) A 1958 recording of Major Donald Keyhole on CBS Radio interviewed on the subject of UFOs for the Air Force. The recording included the point in the show when Air Force Officers inside the studio forced producers to turn off his microphone.
(3) A rare 1960 TV interview of Barney & Betty Hill on Louis Lomax KTTV.
(4) A collection of NICAP on-scene interviews and investigations on reel-to-reel audiotape, donated to David by Richard Hall of NICAP.
These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Like or hate modern Ufology, anyone has to lament the loss of so much documented history.
All of my attempts to contact ECI for information on where the items removed from the house were taken were unsuccessful at the time of the publication of this article.

Follow-up Interview With David Aaron

I contacted David Aaron directly to obtain more details about this event. It is no secret that there’s no love lost between myself and many of the old-guard Ufologists out there.
The manner in which most jump to the assumption that the NSA, CIA or some other alphabet-soup agency is involved in a massive cover-up of UFO information is unsupported by evidence. In fact, in his email, David started to imply that somehow the CIA or NSA was involved in the cover-up of this particular story – rather than the more likely reason that most mainstream journalists just have no interest in Ufology.

However, given the extent of this loss – and the sheer volume of history in the form of audio and video that was lost in this incident, it is very difficult not to feel bad for David. He has lost his life’s work. Even worse, the field of Ufology has lost a virtual library of historical data that can never be recovered. That is a big loss for any investigator that’s truly interested in the truth.
Ryan: David, you listed a few prime examples of some things that were in the collection, are you able to estimate a rough total of how much content (audio/video/writings) there were in total?
David: Ryan, no email can tell you the entire story of the UFO Audio Video Clearing House. The letters from the State Department, the FBI, all destroyed as well. The exact content is only an approximation, there were around 1,400 UFO audiotapes, all the old NICAP newsletters going back to 1956, what members ordered, a computer list of where each UFO report or video or audiotape was located.
Ryan: I was a bit surprised to see you mentioned the NICAP investigations were included in the collection. Were you in charge of maintaining those interviews, and do they represent the entire NICAP archive of all of their investigations?
David: I was only a member of NICAP years ago, and the Late Richard Hall just loaned me the masters to put on audio cassette I mailed back the originals reel to reel NICAP TAPES OF WITNESSES back to him years ago. Mr. Hall was getting up in years, and wanted to make sure the NICAP audio files had a safe home for future generations.
David’s concern and paranoia regarding the whole scenario was that he had just talked to Sherry merely a day before the Coroner’s report says that she died. What had they talked about? Sherry had asked David to come and move the UFO collection out of the house because she couldn’t afford to keep the house anymore. One day later, she’s found dead.
My first call to the San Bernardino Coroner stated that Sherry Died of blunt force trauma, and that boxes fell on her head. Next, it was changed to a heart attack, and next it was changed to high blood pressure (Medication which she stopped taking 6 years ago after she changed her diet and stopped the salt intake.) When I asked for the Coroner’s report, they said it would take 8 months to get. I now have it, and it shows the cause of death as heart attack due to high blood pressure.
David concluded our brief interview by lamenting the loss of his collection, and how he was completely powerless to do anything to stop it.
“….then, when I was threatened to be shot, I had to take the photos. There is not much that I can prove, as you can see by the photos..everything related to my company was thrown in a dumpster and taken to hinterlands. I think they wanted the letters from the FBI and the State Department.
I was unable to locate whom purchased what, because all our sales books, computer floppy disks (Back ups) and all our records were also destroyed. Yes, a 69 year old man can cry after seeing so many years of history thrown in the trash, even though I had no power to stop them, and law enforcement could have cared less!”
While it isn’t much consolation, David stated that he does have most of the videotapes from his collection up on the Internet, but all of the thousands of rare audiotapes, and all of his records and documents are lost forever.