Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mac's UFO News - September 2012 (Video)

UFO News Links For Tuesday 30th October 2012

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More UFO's Filmed Above The Surface Of The Moon?

Published on 28 Oct 2012 By ufonut1972
I filmed these UFOs leaving the moon over the course of about 3 days with an 1.5 hour film time. I edited the videos down for time and to get to the "good stuff". Starting to see this happening every single time I point the camera at the moon. This is the first time I have seen them leaving in a pair and 2x at that. What do you think is going on?

Topic: UFO - Today's Guest Chase Kloetzke - Entity in the Cornfield (Video)

Published on 3 Sep 2012 By Topic UFO
Host Rick Scouler welcomes Chase Kloetzke to Topic: UFO to discuss her involvement in the UFO, Cryptid & Paranormal fields of study and investigation. Listen as Chase describes one of the most incredible and heart stopping MUFON investigations that occurred just a few years ago, right here in the state of Tennessee. As the manager of the MUFON STAR Team and Lead Investigator in this bizarre case, Chase finds herself in the middle of a life changing event.

Airline Passenger Captures Footage Of UFO Over Hawaii

By UFO Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Oct 27, 2012 by looknowtv
A UFO has been captured on a cellphone camera from a plane in October 26, 2012.
Thanks to the anonymous girl who gave me this stunning video to share with the world!
(Editor's Note: This is quite interesting as the object zips across the screen from left to right. The creator of the video applies several color filters to bring out the object more clearly.)

Jean Claude Van Damme Takes On Aliens In ‘UFO’ [Trailer]

By Dusten Carlson

Jean Claude Van Damme is rocking his own mini-comeback among his 80s action film colleagues. His latest outing is a low-budget alien invasion flick, so picture a gritty Van Damme round-housing little green men and you’re halfway there.

The new UK independent film UFO was written and directed by Dominic Burns, and stars Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan, Simon Phillips, with Julian Glover, Sean Pertwee alongside Van Damme. Here’s the official synopsis:
“It started with a blackout, all power and communications down. Hours later city sized UFO’s invade the world’s skies. Then the war began… Five friends attempt to navigate their way to survival amidst deteriorating chaos as the world descends into terror and anarchy during an alien invasion and interstellar war.”
Okay, so UFO isn’t a comeback film on the same level as The Expendables, it doesn’t boast a great budget, and the plot is all-too familiar. But you know? This one seems uniquely appealing to me.
Probably because it’s not another Universal Soldier. I thought that franchise was over after the second one, but it turns out, they make a new one and put it out on DVD every other year. They bring everyone back to life and it’s just a great, big mess. So good for Jean Claude Van Damme for doing something new. That is all.

Did a UFO fly into Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano?

On Friday, October 26, Mexican media company Televisa reported capturing video of a UFO entering Mexico’s active volcano Popocatépetl. The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday, October 25, and was recorded by a Televisa-owned camera that monitors the volcano.

The UFO in the video is a brightly illuminated, cigar-shaped object that appears to shoot into the volcano at an incredible rate of speed. Many have likened the object’s physical appearance to the recent UFO over Kentucky. Televisa asked Dr. Margarita Rosado Solis, a member of the International Astronomical Union and a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), to review the video and provide her opinion of the strange object. She concluded that the object does not appear to be a result of re-entering material previously ejected from the volcano. Although the UFO could have been a meteorite, she points out that the camera captured no sound or explosion to indicate a meteorite impact. The absence of a typical fireball appearance and accompanying trail of gases and debris would also seem to rule out the meteorite possibility.

Dr. Margarita Rosado Solis (Credit: UNAM)

However, it is important to note that the true appearance of the object is likely different from what is shown in the video because it was captured by a time-lapse camera. And although the assumption made by Televisa is that this object flew into the volcano, it is impossible to determine if that is actually the case, or if the object went behind the volcano.
But then again, the object might not have been there at all.
The UFO has a very defined shadow on its right side, and pixel variations are noticeable around the object. These issues have led some to conclude that the object is either a computer-generated hoax, or a simple glitch in the video. Dr. Margarita Rosado Solis suspects the visible object in the video she was shown was not in the original video.