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Mars One: Ever fancied living on Mars, now may be your chance


One Way Astronaut - Official Trailer 

One Way Astronaut is about the people who are following this project closely: aspiring astronauts. Stephan, Sara, Henri and Beatriz are 4 people who, like tens of thousands of applicants from all over the world, say they are willing to spend the rest of their lives on Mars. It is the story of Mars One and its founder Bas Lansdorp in the early stages. Space experts answer questions about the likelihood of Mars One succeeding and discuss the kind of risks the astronauts will be taking. The degree of worldwide personal interest this mission has already attracted tells us something about our society today.

UFO Captured in Video of Lightning Storm

By UFO Casebook

Originally published on Aug 22, 2013 by JoinOurBandOfBelief
The Youtube submitter states that: Our new donor's email reads:
While shooting video of a strange lightning storm, this is what I captured...
(Editor's Note: Unfortunately we are not give an exact location or date for the video. It is rather short, and has probably been edited.
What we see is an elongated object moving from right to left for only a few seconds. We have taken that portion of the file and slowed it down, making it easier to see.
Also, we added 5 still frames at the end with one zoomed in. Check this out, and see what you think.)

New Show: "The Unexplained Files" Premiered Aug. 28 on the Science Channel

Published By 8/27/2013 by Melissa Hayer

Strange phenomena and mysterious occurrences are explored in the new series “The Unexplained Files” debuting at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, on Science Channel. Details on “The Unexplained Files,” provided by Science Channel, are as follows: This summer, Science Channel unveils some of the most shocking and mind-boggling cases from around the world in the series premiere of THE UNEXPLAINED FILES. From mysterious disappearances and UFO encounters, to unidentified fanged predators and reported curses, THE UNEXPLAINED FILES investigates actual, inexplicable occurrences that have confounded scientists and inspired legends.

Science Channel kicks off the premiere episode with VALENTICH. THE UNEXPLAINED FILES delves into the story of the missing pilot who reported seeing a strange and unusual aircraft hovering over him just minutes before he disappeared. THE UNEXPLAINED FILES will then venture to Texas for the story of the TEXAS BLUE DOGS researching the bizarre hairless, blue-skinned, blue-eyed and hunch-backed creatures that prey on local livestock and farm animals ­ leaving Texans questioning what these strange animals could possibly be.

UFO Triangle formation Stops Over Berlin, N.H. U.S.

Published on 26 Aug 2013 By UFODI
8:30 pm August 25th! A man records the moment a group of bright lights in a triangle formation pass overhead!!! but then they stop and keep formation over the Berlin district, the recorder is shocked at what he is witnessing, by eyesight its not planes-craft-lanters... So what are they?

UFO TV: UFO's Final Target - Planet Earth / Forbidden Archeology: Suppressed New Evidence Of Early Man

Published By UFOTVstudios
    UFOs - FINAL TARGET: Plant Earth
American Astronomers shocked the world by reporting that a large Asteroid could potential hit the Earth within 30 years. Could humanity survive such an impact? At this time there is no definitive means to protect or defend our selves from the inevitable global devastation this event would ultimately cause. This program profiles some of the most spectacular Comet and Asteroid impacts on the Earth as well as the current and future dangers of such impacts to the survival of the human race. Also presented are the current measures that Space Programs have already set up to observe, detect, locate and trap these celestial objects near the Earth that may someday pose a distinct threat.

    Forbidden Archeology: SUPPRESSED New Evidence Of Early Man

What happens when scientific evidence conflicts with theory? In the early sixties, discoveries were made in Central Mexico, which were the handiwork of early man. Exquisitely carved animal bones and advanced spear points caused much excitement, including a Life Magazine article, until the dates came in. 5 mutually exclusive geological tests revealed they were over 250,000 years old. In spite of the geochronology, archaeologists insisted the dates were too ridiculously old. This world-class archaeological region became off-limits for official research, a "professional forbidden zone."

This is the story of the shocking events that occurred, told first-hand by many of the actual participants. It reveals how one field of science can conflict with another and how new discoveries must battle evidence vs. belief, exposing what some have called "the dark side of archaeology."

In Memory of Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

Published on 29 Aug 2013 By CitizenHearing
Dr. Jessie Marcel Jr., a star witness that testified alongside his daughter Denice and son Jessie Marcel III at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure died on August 24, 2013 of an apparent heart attack.

Once Disclosure has been achieved we will conduct a public campaign seeking the Presidential Medal of Freedom for this man who served his family, his country, and the truth with humble distinction.

Google Declines To Comment On The Kentucky UFO Incident They Claim Was Project Loon

Published on 19 Aug 2013 By Isaac Wilee
"The photos of balloons that Google launched don't match the video of what I saw," Allen Epling told LEX 18 on Monday. "It'd be easy for one to say 'well, that's my object. I take credit for it.' And Google may be looking for some cheap publicity."
LEX 18 reached out to Google for comment. While the company said this was, in fact, their balloon photographed, they declined to go into further detail.

UFOs On Mars? Nasa's Curiosity rover images

Published on 22 Aug 2013 By UFOvni2012

SETI's Search for Intelligent Alien Life Resumes...

The search for extraterrestrial life continues..  The Seti star crowd funding campaign has raised almost $230,000 and operations have resumed.