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Did Neil Armstrong Take UFO Secrets to the Grave? (Video)

Did Neil Armstrong know more about UFO sightings on the Moon than he told the public? Was it the reason he left NASA and became a very private citizen?

That's the theory cropping up on the web and discussed in the video attached below.

According to this YouTuber, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw two alien spacecraft, watching their every move, as they descended to the lunar surface on the first visit.

Why wasn't the public aware? After all, the landing was seen on TV by hundreds of millions around the world.

Either it was equipment malfunction, alien interference which prevented some key transmissions from being heard, or plain old-fashioned government coverup.

But, supposedly, reports of the objects by the astronauts to Mission Control are part of a transcript published years later by some ham radio operators who were listening in at the time.

In answer to a query by Mission Control, one of the astronauts is allegedly quoted as saying, "These babies are huge, sir. Enormous! Oh, God, you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other space craft out there. Lined up on the far side of the crater edge. They're on the Moon watching us!"

The photo above supposedly shows a picture snapped by Aldrin of the ships shadowing their activities.

If this is true, it would certainly be a reasonable explanation why Armstrong left the space program. He never "cashed in" like many of the other 11 men who actually walked on the Moon.

Did seeing a UFO spook him away? Here's the video:

Europe’s Plans to Visit the Moon in 2018 (Video)

By Jason Major

The European Space Agency is aiming for the Moon with their Lunar Lander mission, anticipated to arrive on the lunar surface in 2018. Although ESA successfully put a lander on Titan with the Huygens probe in 2005, this will be the first European spacecraft to visit the surface of Earth’s Moon.

Although Lunar Lander will be an unmanned robotic explorer, the mission will be a forerunner to future human exploration of the Moon as well as Mars. Lunar Lander will use advanced technologies for autonomous landing and will be able to determine the best location for touchdown on its own, utilizing lasers to avoid obstacles on the Moon’s surface.
With no GPS on the Moon, Lunar Lander will navigate by digitally imaging the surface on the fly. Landing will be accomplished via thrusters, which were successfully tested earlier this year at a test chamber in Germany.
Lunar Lander’s destination will be the Moon’s south pole, where no exploration missions have ever landed. Once on the lunar surface, the Lander will investigate Moon dust using a robotic arm and a suite of onboard diagnostic instruments, sending data and images back to scientists on Earth for further study.
Watch a video of the Lunar Lander mission below, from launch to landing.

Read more about Lunar Lander on the ESA site here.

Chasing UFOs S01 E05 - Abducted In Arizona (Video)


UFO Witnessed by Hundreds Over Myrtle Beach (Video)

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More Amazing Footage shot by Joe Kiernan North Myrtle Beach,S.C. dusk around 8pm of what looks to be a Mothership hiding in the clouds! Also notice the small Object Disappear as it Zooms Underneath the Unusual Lights!

UFO Sightings on KTLA News Broadcast (Video)

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Mass Ufo Sightings on the Weather Report on Long Beach News KTLA Channel 5 waves. California. August 19, 2012

Skeptics vs. Believers: Let's Do the Math on UFOs

Picture added by Mac (credit Google Images)

It seems every time I peruse a website addressing the UFO subject, I see articles from skeptics that usually begin with a title such as "Is this a UFO, or a tractor?" This just seems like shooting fish in a barrel. Of course it's a tractor. Or a balloon. Or Jupiter. Or swamp gas!
The fact is that most all who are interested in the subject would agree that all but a few percent of sightings reported are explainable as some kind of natural object or phenomena. So do we really need an article that exemplifies that well known fact? Of course it is a tractor. It's just a tractor that looks a lot like a space ship when seen in the right light.

Let's Get Serious
Most agree that about five percent of sightings are unknown. That being the case, the believers are beginning this struggle with the odds looking pretty bad for our side. Of all UFO cases, skeptics can write about 95 percent of them, while believers are stuck with a measly five. Doesn't seem fair, somehow. Nevertheless, the result of this inequity is that the believers research the hell out of their five percent, while skeptics just point out tractors and planets and swamp gas and usually act superior.

Stanton Friedman has a very good formula that defines skeptics at his website. And though the "Father of Roswell Ufology" is pretty savage in the way he treats skeptics, they are usually no less so in their treatment of believers. But Stan can site decades of research on one incident, which obviously leads to expertise. Most skeptics spend very little time researching one incident, comparatively speaking. But then, that's what happens when you only have five percent of the total with which to work.

But seriously, with all the new science happening and the building consensus that we will find life outside this planet, isn't it time to quit talking about swamp gas? A good first step in this process would be if the mainstream media would become less snarky on the subject. Is it any wonder that true experts tend to avoid mainstream news shows? James Fox, an otherwise well respected UFO researcher, learned this lesson when he agreed to star in Chasing UFOs on the National Geographic Channel. He seemed more surprised than anyone at the final cut made by the network, which as usual made a mockery of the entire subject. James found out that he was appearing in just one more show where people run around at night with fancy equipment, but this one just features more profanity. How many more "___ Hunter" shows do we need anyway?

This Subject Deserves Better
Don't get me wrong, skeptics are valuable and being skeptical is usually wise. But, being skeptical just for the sake of it, is just foolish. Ditto with believing beyond reason. Just as with any subject, there are extremes on both ends of the spectrum. But at this time, and probably due to good disinformation campaigns, most Americans seem to view the subject with embarrassment. They fear being perceived as a UFO believer. And they feel this way even though many polls find that a majority of Americans believe UFOs exist.

What a weird paradox. We have been trained well by the mainstream media, who cannot broach the subject without wearing smirks on their faces and acting as if the whole subject is beneath them and worth derision and ridicule. Yet these are the same media who devoted weeks to coverage of Anna Nicole's death and whether or not to tube-feed Terri Schiavo. The same media who spent all day watching O.J. Simpson being driven in his getaway car at a blazing 35 mph, puts something as potentially life changing as extraterrestrial visitation at the end of the newscast with the puppy stories and other weird news. In fact, The Huffington Post will publish this under "Weird News." My question is, why is this subject "weird"? It seems to me that it is of extreme national security concern that unknown objects are invading our air space, messing with our nukes, and our military seems powerless to intervene. If people really are being abducted and experimented upon, is everyone alright with that?

These are questions that deserve serious, well-funded study. But presently, it is a very rare scientist who does not do his research on UFOs by paying his own way. Virtually no one receives grants for funding, like those who study more traditional subject matter. And while there is no doubt in my mind that greenhouse gasses will gravely wound civilization if left unchecked, it will take years. And that can be seen as a serious research project, ergo the funding. But if ET really can make nukes malfunction and fly through our space unchecked, that is a bit more immediate to my mind. Surely the government should throw some money that way.

Perhaps They Do
Many believe our country and others have a secret space program. Let's hope so! Perhaps serious money is being thrown at the investigation. We are simply unaware. Maybe that is where some of the billions of dollars in the government's "black budget" go. Who knows? But I believe that is just the point, who knows? Why the secrecy? Our government produces millions of classified secret documents each year. Why? How can so much need to be kept secret? Do the people actually own the government, or vice versa? Is the military/industrial establishment sitting on technology that could solve our energy problems?

These are the questions that need to be answered. And there is no room for ridicule in the search for answers to these very important questions. And we all owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have spent their lives researching this subject with very little if any compensation. And still somehow, coming up with answers to questions that the mainstream simply will not address seriously. And it is a shame that anything written regarding this very serious subject is published under some classification labeled "weird." It is my hope that someday I won't feel compelled to write about these things, as the ridicule will have disappeared and answers will have been found. But in the meantime, when dealing with skeptics, I find the following mental exercise helps illustrate this point.

Let's Do the Math
Even mainstream scientists agree that the earth is approximately four and a half billion years old. That is 4,500 million years. Also well known and recently accepted is that we are finding planets are absolutely thick throughout the cosmos. Where we thought the odds extremely stacked against finding another planet like earth, we have already found a few that are very similar. And that leads one to believe that there will be not only one earth twin, but perhaps many. Yet, for the purpose of keeping this example simple, lets assume we find only one. But that one is just a bit older than us. In fact, one million years older. It sounds like a huge difference, but remember one million years is only 1/4500th of the entire history of both planets.

So assume an exact twin of Earth and our human society, except theirs is 1/4500th older, or one million years older than us. Look at what our technology has done in only one hundred years, from 1900 to 2000 c.e. What a humongous difference this has made in our daily lives. One hundred years ago, men barely could imagine traveling in space. Young people today just yawn at the thought of going to the moon -- been there, done that. So we go from riding horses to riding rockets in only one hundred years, what might we do in a million?

So, if there is only one civilization exactly like ours but just one million years older, who is to say what kind of technology such a civilization might possess? Michio Kaku thinks they could probably control at least all the energy in their star system, and perhaps their galaxy. So, if technology develops exponentially, as it seems to do, then this hypothetical planet that is so nearly identical to our own in age would be unrecognizable in technology. We can barely imagine what they might be able to accomplish. So why is it so difficult for a skeptic to accept this scenario? After all, mainstream science is proving the existence of new planets daily. And though barely even started on this search of the heavens, they have already found hundreds of planets, including some pretty similar to our own. Why would it be unreasonable to assume that a civilization a million years older than our own, already knows we're here as well as everything else about the Milky Way?

Rather than exalted and singular in our existence, I tend to believe we are insignificant in our commonality. I think it more likely that extraterrestrials have not made themselves more apparent to us due to indifference, rather than secrecy. Someone so far advanced might not even notice us, the way we do not stop to introduce ourselves to every ant or insect we encounter. So it seems the primary problem that prevents a skeptic from endorsing the reality of extraterrestrial civilization, is egoism. Face it guys, we're just not that special!

Astrobiologists support missions to search for life on Europa

Some scientists believe Jupiter’s moon Europa is the best place to look for alien life in our solar system.

Planetary scientist and astrobiologist Kevin Peter Hand recently explained to CNN that Europa “provides an incredibly compelling place to go to search for a second, independent origin of life and it’s a place where we might find lifeforms that are alive now, today.” But as Wired explains, “big dollar signs” have prevented the necessary exploratory missions to this moon to search for life. NASA had plans to launch a large spacecraft called the Jupiter Europa Orbiter (JEO), but the craft’s hefty price tag ($4.7 billion is hefty, right?) grounded the project indefinitely.

Refusing to accept Europa exploration as a lost cause, astrobiologist Pabulo Henrique Rampelotto of Brazil’s Federal University of Pampa formulated alternative mission concepts for sending craft to Europa for less money. As outlined in the journal Astrobiology, Rampelotto favors sending three small spacecraft, rather than one large spacecraft. Wired explains that this plan, which would include two orbiters and a probe carrying a surface impactor, “could spread out both the cost and the risk while hitting all of JEO’s science goals, and then some.”

According to Wired, Bob Pappalardo, a scientist helping NASA develop future Moon missions, said Rampelotto’s proposal is logical for “tight budgetary times.” But he points out that “saving money by splitting up a big mission into smaller ones brings about another issue: fear of commitment.”
Although the likelihood of any Europa mission happening in the near future is slim, Rampelotto shares the opinion of many scientists that Europa is “the prime candidate in the search for life in our solar system.”

UFOs over atomic plants – Part 2

We publish the second installment of the original series, published in The News World’s “UFO Supplement” in March 1982, under the pseudonym of A. Hovni. Based on then recently declassified documents from the USAF, FBI, AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) and other agencies released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), this article covered UFO incidents over restricted zones of the Hanford (Washington state) and Oak Ridge (Tennessee) atomic facilities in 1949 and 1950. It clearly showed some military and intelligence branches of the U.S. government were quite concerned about the UFO activity over sensitive atomic installations. Some of the FBI documents even use the “INTERNAL SECURITY – X” label, the now famous FBI X-Files, although the marking clearly indicates counter-intelligence matters and not the paranormal, as promoted decades later by the hit TV show.
Aerial view of the Hanford nuclear facilities along the Columbia River in Washington State in 1960. (Credit: U.S. Department of Energy)

Other than correcting typos and adding illustrations, the article was transcribed identical as it appeared on the newsstands in New York City in March 1982. We’ve also added some of the FBI, USAF OSI and AEC samples official documents cited in the article, so that you can read them in their own context.
* * *
The News World, New York City, March 6, 1982
Waves of UFOs buzzed vital U.S. atomic sites
Hanford, Oak Ridge facilities saw alerts
By A. Hovni
Special to The News World
Second in a three-part series

The U.S. Air Force was assuring the public in 1949 and 1950 that their so-called “Project Saucer” (actually code-named Project Sign first, later renamed Project Grudge and finally Project Bluebook) had been terminated and that the whole flying saucer scare had in essence ended, or was on its way to do so. Yet at the same time and unknown to the public, a number of government agencies ranging from the CIA and the FBI to the military and the Atomic Energy Commission, seemed quite concerned with the unpleasant fact that many of the nation’s “vital installations”—such as the atomic plants and research facilities at Hanford, Wash. and Oak Ridge, Tenn.—had apparently become “targets” for unidentified flying objects.
Fighters scrambled in Hanford
An F-82 Twin Mustang on the runway in 1952 of the type used by the USAF during UFO scramble missions at the Hanford and Oak Ridge atomic facilities in 1950. (Credit: USAF)

Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s book about the U.S. Air Force UFO files mentions an incident on May 21, 1949, when a flying disc “was observed in restricted air space over the Hanford Atomic Plant.” The object was confirmed on radar and was sighted by the personnel at the Hanford radar station and an F-82 fighter from nearby Moses Lake AFB was scrambled, but was not able to locate the UFO which also vanished from the radar screen.

Another interesting declassified military document shows that there were other sightings reported at the Hanford AEC installations in Washington State, where radioactive waste material has been stored for years. Written by a Major U. G. Carlan and dated August 4, 1950, the memo states that “since 30 July 1950 objects, round in form, have been sighted over the Hanford AEC Plant. These objects reportedly were above 15,000 feet in altitude. Air Force jets attempted interception with negative results.”

The incidents apparently caused quite a bit of stir. “All units including the anti-aircraft battalion, radar units, Air Force fighter squadrons, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” continues the memo, “have been alerted for further observation. The Atomic Energy Commission states that the investigation is continuing and complete details will be forwarded later.”
Less than three months later, on mid-October 1950, UFOs were buzzing once again over vital atomic installations for several days. This time, it was Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The Oak Ridge Flap
The Oak Ridge Gas Diffusion Plant in Tennessee, which played a key role in the Manhattan Project. (Credit: tonycoxhome.com)

“Beginning at 2325, EST, 12 October 1950 a total of eleven (11) objects and possibly more appeared on the radar screen of the CPS-1 Air Force Radar Station at McGhee-Tyson Airport, Knoxville, Tennessee. The objects began appearing on the north edge of the Oak Ridge controlled area and proceeded south…” Thus begins a series of UFO reports and memoranda from and between the Air Force’s 8th District Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI); the FBI’s Special Agent in Charge (SAC) in Knoxville, Tenn.; the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) and the AEC’s Security Patrols in Oak Ridge, concerning a number of UFOs sighted for several days on mid-October 1950 over one of the nerve centers of America’s developing atomic industry.

The Oct. 14, 1950 AFOSI document just quoted stated then that five minutes after the unidentified echoes appeared on the radar screen, the “controller at the radar station” gave orders to scramble “an F-82 fighter at 2330 and the fighter was airborne at 2339. (The pilot) vectored the plane on two (2) specific targets on stern approaches…” Although we told that “the fighter appeared to intercept the target on the ground radar screen,” the F-82 crew, on the other hand, “observed no target either visually or on their airborne radar screen.” Two more interesting points in this first document signed by the AFOSI Detachment Commander, William M. Price, are that the “CPS-1 radar set” had been checked that morning as usual, and the equipment was also checked “during and after the sightings and found to be in good operating condition.” The other point was that the (name deleted) “pilot of the F-82, reported that he had made visual sightings earlier in the same evening at a distance of ten (10) to fifteen (15) miles.”
Feb. 18, 1949 FBI Memo to Director J. Edgar Hoover from Special Agent in Charge (SAC) in Knoxville, TN. Of particular interest is the label on “SUBJECT: ‘Flying Saucers’ Observed Over Oak Ridge Area – Internal Security – X.” This X-file marking, however, refers to counter-intelligence matters and not to the paranormal as championed in the popular TV series. (Credit: FBI)

In fact, a confidential Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) “Summary of Information,” dated Oct. 21, 1950, concerning “Objects Sighted Over Oak Ridge, Tennessee,” reveals that a UFO had been first sighted and photographed around that restricted area on June 1947, right at the beginning of the flying saucer modern era. The FBI memo quoted in our previous article, regarding the opinions of an army nuclear technician at Oak Ridge, gives further details about these photos. It says that after submitting it to thorough analysis, government experts determined “that the photographs were, without doubt, authentic.”

The document also reveals that when the security authorities of Oak Ridge learned that the photographer had distributed several prints “among his acquaintances at Oak Ridge,” orders were given immediately “to recover as many as possible of the photographs, advise the persons in whose possession they were found to say nothing to anyone concerning them, and to return the said photographs to him for transmission to the United States Air Force Intelligence Service.” Although the photos would be later officially labeled “the result of accident or purposeful hoax,” it is interesting to note that, according to the CIC Summary of Information, “some officials at Atomic Energy Commission question the veracity of this statement. They also believe it significant that the Air Force did not return the negative of this print.”

Again in June 1949, and on every day between March 1st and 6th, 1950, there were new reports of UFOs flying over the restricted area of Oak Ridge. But the highest security alert would take place later on that year, on October 12, 13, 15 and 16, when several unidentified objects were both detected on radar and seen by a number of competent witnesses which included AEC security personnel and civilian employees at the AEC Oak Ridge facilities. Fighter jets were scrambled on at least two occasions, but “made unsuccessful passes” and “could see nothing.”
The 2×5 metallic card

A precise description of one of the objects sighted on October 13, however, is summarized in one of the intelligence documents regarding the mini-nuke flap. By tabulating the visual observations of AEC Security Patrol Trooper, Edward Rymer; Mr. John Moneymaker, from the University of Tennessee Research Farm; Mr. E. W. Hightower, an electrician employed in the installations by the Maxon Construction Company; and Joe Zarzecki, Captain of the AEC Security Patrol, the government investigators arrived to the following sequence:
Another FBI document with a “True copy” by Knoxville SAC William Gray, showing the radar penetration of UFOs within the “Boundary of Restricted Flying Zone over Pak Ridge, Tenn.” (Credit: FBI)

The object observed from the Kerr Hollow Gate in Oak Ridge’s “Control Zone” appeared first as “an aircraft, trailing smoke, or better described as ‘smoke writing’.” When the object approached the ground, however, “it took on the shape of a bullet with a large tail.” It was then described “to be approximately the size of a 2×5 card, with a twenty (20) foot ribbon tail. The object and the tail was alternately moving up and down, and the ribbon appeared to be waving in the breeze. The color was a metallic gray.”

Finally, the document indicates that, “when Trooper Rymer came within fifty (50) feet of the object,” he also observed that a section of the tail “appeared almost transparent and was glowing, intermittently in sections. The tail appeared to have four or five sections which would glow intermittently.”

Another significant point is that at 3:20 p.m., exactly the same time when Messrs. Hightower and Moneymaker and Troopers Rymer and Zarzecki observed the card-looking metallic UFO from the Kerr Hollow Gate, “radar scopes at McGhee-Tyson Airport indicated unidentified targets,” added the report, and a fighter jet was “scrambled” once again. Yet as we shall see in our next article, still more reports kept coming in, enough to keep a sizeable number of experts from the AFOSI, the CIC, the AEC and the FBI busy.

NEXT WEEK: More on the wave of UFO sightings over Oak Ridge and other atomic installations as recorded in previously top-secret intelligence documents—including one which provides a precisely detailed description and sketch of a flying saucer chased by a fighter pilot over the Belgian Congo.
The documents, contrary to the official position of debunking UFO sightings or saying the issue is not their concern, show the U.S. military to be deeply concerned and thoroughly involved in the mystery of UFOs.

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Confidential Memorandum for Record by Major U. G. Carlan, dated Aug. 4, 1950, about UFO sightings ‘over the Hanford AEC Plant.’

FBI ‘X-File’ Memo to Director Hoover, dated Jan. 2, 1949, about ‘Flying Saucers’ over Oak Ridge Area.

Oct. 14, 1950 Confidential Memo, ‘SUBJECT: Unidentified Flying Objects over Oak Ridge, Tennessee,’ filed by AFOSI Detachment Commander William M. Price.

Secret Summary of Information list compiled by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Security Office at Oak Ridge, dated Oct. 21, 1950, concerning the mini-UFO flap at the restricted atomic installations