Friday, 29 June 2012

UFO Buzzes Chopper over Waldo Canyon Wildfire (Video)

A video on YouTube, taken from a newscast airing on TV, shows a UFO trailing a helicopter fighting the Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado.

The video, caught with a camera phone videotaping a live news report, suffers from poor quality. But it is evident that an unusual, unidentified flying object is first trailing, then overtaking the helicopter.

The shape of the object is the classic flying saucer disc with no wings, lights or exhaust.

The helicopter itself is clearly visible even though the sky is filled with a smoky haze. The object is not far from it, yet it is difficult to make out any clear detail.

The UFO first trails the chopper at relative speed, but then begins to quicken and overtake the helicopter before the live news report ends. This seems to prove it is not attached to the chopper and the water bucket hovering below it is clearly visible the whole time. So, what is it? Here's the video: