Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television

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Greeley’s UFO investigative group is on the move — all the way to Cincinnati

Greeley’s Mutual UFO Network office will soon be moving on, but not to a planet far, far away. Just as far as Cincinnati.

Clifford Clift, who has been the international director of the UFO investigative and research group for two years, said Tuesday he will step down at the end of the month. Two other employees will also lose their jobs in the transfer, but the group’s local monthly meetings will continue. A new director has been chosen in Ohio.

Clift said he will step down because of personal and family commitments that require his full attention.

“There are some wonderful people that are involved with this organization and I will miss my interactions with them, but it’s time for me to move on,” Clift said.

Clift has been a member of the UFO club since 1995, and he will continue to be a part of the Greeley chapter. Clift will be responsible for overseeing the archives, which include about 33,000 cases.

“Some of them are quick and short and some are really good cases,” Clift said.

Clift was also a part of the committee that hired the new international director, David MacDonald.

MacDonald has been involved with the network as an assistant director of investigations and Star Team Administrator. He has conducted testing for new field investigators and sits on the board of directors. He operates a school for pilots and aircraft dispatchers and owns Flamingo Air, a charter airline in Cincinnati.

“I think it is a great move,” Clift said. “It is at an airport where there is a lot of activity — a lot of flights and pilots. We get a lot of good reports from pilots, so that will be a great resource.”

MUFON’s monthly meetings in Greeley usually host about 60 people, Clift said. There are 200 members in Colorado.