Friday, 29 June 2012

A Wisconsin Family's Encounters With UFOs Near Their Home

By Betty May Ockerl

The UFO topic couldn't have been farther from my mind...until a mid October evening in 2004.
What is the reason behind the bizarre lights appearing in the sky around our home? Are they really UFOs?
After documenting a dozen different encounters from 2004-2007, I was on the quest for an explaination...and the best way to get the word out was to write a book!
The Mysterious Lindsey Lights is our family's story about the sightings...along with illustrations and the time and dates they appeared.

I hope my book encourages other average people to come forward about their experiences and realize that such things can happen to anyone at any time...
Also, I welcome all logical explainations for what our family saw.



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Betty May Ockerl is the author of the book, The Mysterious Lindsey Lights: One Family's True Encounters with Strange Lights in the Sky Near Lindsey, Wisconsin. Starting in 2004 Betty and her family began seing strange lights in the sky. The sightings continued, so Betty began documenting the sightings and researching the UFO phenomenon to find out more about them. She felt that the sightings were so mysterious and important that she decided to write a book about them, despite the ridcule she may face in her rural community. We will talk to Betty about the Lindsey sightings, her investigation, and the community's reaction to her book. To read more about her book visit the book's page on