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UFOTV: Are We Alone? - Zecharia Sitchin (Video)

"In Loving Memory of Zecharia Sitchin 7/11/1920 - 10/9/2010, and his Contribution to Extraterrestrial Research. In a set of 6000-year-old stone tablets, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia vividly describe cataclysmic planetary events which billions of years ago gave our solar system it's current configuration, fashioning our own planet in the process. Sumerian records also mention advanced human cloning technology and the existence of an additional planet in our solar system referred to as Nibiru, which is currently unknown to modern science, and is the recorded home of our human ancestors, according to these ancient records.

Eminent scientists agree that calculations tend to confirm the accuracy of the ancient Sumerian creation story. Now unmanned U.S. space probes have photographed pyramids and other strange features on the surface of Mars, suggesting this was once the site of an alien space base. Join Zecharia Sitchin, author of Genesis Revisited and The 12th Planet, as we embark on an exciting new journey into uncharted territory; a provocative reassessment of who we are and where we stand in the Universe.

Includes the facts about these amazing discoveries along with a series of spellbinding interviews with researchers and the best known, most credible scientists in the world today. Packed with expert analyses, in-depth commentary, and stunning unforgettable conclusions."

The Incident at Falcon Lake

By Chris Capps

Stories involving unidentified flying objects often include accounts where the objects appear and leave physical evidence behind. These incidents, while rare, do carry with them a higher level of credibility than the simple eyewitness accounts in the eyes of skeptics. One such account to enter into the history of UFOlogical studies was the Falcon Lake Incident of May 20, 1967 which included not only a physical object seen by a witness, but an unexplained radioactive material left behind.

The witness, Stefan Michelak, spotted two cigar shaped objects as he was hiking on vacation and prospecting for quartz in Falcon Lake near Whiteshell Provincial Park. The objects described by Michelak as chrome and cigar shaped as they cast their shadows over the area, were unlike anything he had ever seen in the sky before. And after one of them landed nearby where the witness had been camping, he approached. The injuries he reportedly sustained during the incident would occur only after he drew near one of the nearest object as it landed.

When he came within 160 feet of the craft, he noted that it had a grid-like sequence of lines spread across the lower anterior side, appearing like a large mesh exhaust port or a grid for ventilating heat. When one of the doors opened on the craft he became suddenly very still, straining to hear what he would later describe as voices from inside.

He approached the vessel and peeked his head inside the vessel, still thinking that the ship was most likely terrestrial in origin. Later he would recount that at this point he still thought the voices may have belonged to two humans, and attempted to call into the vessel by using phrases from multiple languages. The response was distinct. The massive door through which he had been peering screamed shut and Michalak found himself bracing his hand against the hull of the vessel to get out in time. Even through his thick gloves the exterior of the craft burned his hands.

After the door closed, Michalak says the craft took off and disappeared along with the other one, leaving him with burns on his hand and chest and a lot of questions about what he had just witnessed. After feeling pain and an unexplained sickness, he left his gear behind and returned to the road in search of medical assistance. When he was examined, doctors were shocked to discover burns on his chest in a shape similar to what he had seen on the ship.

The Mounted Police investigated the area and discovered the location Michalak had left behind. They noted the presence of radium 226 nearby the location where the ship was said to have landed. Was the radioactive material left behind by the vessels? Or was it naturally occurring in the area, possibly acting as a motivation for them to visit that particular area?

As for Stefan Michalak, he would eventually recover from the incident, though it would leave questions forever in his mind. He died at the age of 83 in 1999.

Amber colored orbs hovering over Phelan Apple Valley California (Video)

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"Stunning Ufo Amber colored orbs hovering over Apple Valley California 4th June 2012"

Three Ufo's Filmed outside of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada (Video)

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3 Ufo's are caught on film while fishing at a beach in Buffalo Pound provincial park outside of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada. There are 3 ufos. Two which appear to be glowing orange orbs and the third at 2:01 a flash of white light appears out in the distance in the top left hand corner of the screen. There is no sound with these objects and no identifiable aircraft markers including strobes. This is an authentic ufo video, not to mention the night before I had a dream about ufos and being able to consciously attract them and it appears that I am now able to do this.

Indiana cows 'go nuts' after hovering UFO encounter

An Indiana witness reports a hovering light that eventually "streaked across the sky very fast and had a long tail behind it" before disappearing on June 4, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
And in what might be an unrelated situation, the same witness said that minutes later at his nearby farm house he observed his cows "going nuts, making noises and slamming into the gate."
The witness was driving to his local gas station when the "unusually bright light" seemed to be hovering in the south sky. As he turned his vehicle, the light became obstructed by trees. But further down the road, he saw the light again.
"I saw what I'm assuming was the same light - color and size was the same," the witness stated. "And it streaked across the sky very fast and had a really long tail behind it and then it vanished."
The witness was standing on his driveway at the farm house and reports feeling "strange and shaky."

"I live on a farm house and when I got out of my vehicle the cows were going nuts, making noises and slamming into the gate. I've lived here for several years and never one time have I seen the cows do that in the day time let alone 11:45 at night."
The witness reports one additional unusual event for the evening.
"I don't know that it was related, but not even three minutes after I saw it streak through the sky, I heard sirens and saw several emergency response vehicles headed in the direction that the 'UFO' was traveling."
No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on June 5, 2012. No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the file. The above quotes were edited for clarity.
Indiana is a current UFO ALERT 4 rating, with a higher than average number of UFO sightings nationally. Indiana had 14 reports in May 2012 - the 16th highest reporting state while California had 71 reports - the highest reporting state in the nation.
You can read more details about other recently reported cases at the UFO Examiner home page.
The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Indiana MUFON State Director Stewart Hill investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update. Please report UFO activity to
IN, June 4, 2012 - Hovering light, streaks across sky, scares the cows. MUFON Case 38893.

Twin UFOs Filmed from Plane over Atlanta (Video)

A pair of white, wingless UFOs, seemingly flying in tandem formation, zoomed past an airplane over Atlanta on Monday and were caught on tape.

The unidentified flying objects were filmed by passenger Mike Smith as he caught the view out his window moving past the downtown area. As he catches the panoramic view, two streaking objects, flying side by side, zoom past and quickly out of view.

The objects behave like a pair of military jets flying in formation, but, although they are moving quickly, an enlargement of the image seems to show they don't look like any known aircraft.

The UFOs are completely white, look circular and elongated, show no markings or engine exhaust and don't appear to have wings.

The objects are flying at what looks to be over 30,000 feet, which is far too high for any birds. They are not balloons or helicopters and don't look like military jets. So what are they? Here's the video:

‘Military exercises’ in area of Baltic Sea UFO

The treasure-hunting outfit known as Ocean Explorer, or Ocean X-Team, discovered what appears to be a large disc-shaped object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland in June of 2011. Sonar detected the object approximately three-hundred feet below the sea’s surface, and is estimated to be nearly two-hundred feet in length. The announcement of this find fueled speculation that the mysterious object could be a crashed UFO. And the media helped fuel that speculation by pointing out that the object’s appearance resembles the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

Mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. (Ocean Explorer/Peter Lindberg)

Now, one year later, Ocean X-Team has returned to the area to hopefully identify the mysterious object. But as Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post points out, not everyone thinks there is a UFO sitting at the bottom of the sea. Benjamin Radford, deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, told The Huffington Post that side-scan sonar, the type of sonar used by Ocean X-Team, can create “false echoes,” and “the object that we’re talking about is basically flush with the ocean floor, and side-scan sonar is much less reliable for things like that.” Radford also told the Huffington Post that he suspects conspiracy theories will ignite if the team is unable to locate the object this time around. And there is already added fuel for those conspiracy theories should the object no longer be detected.

Peter and Dennis of Ocean X-Team. (Credit: Ocean Explorer)

According to Swedish news site Aftonbladet, the team is already worried that someone may have beaten them to the object. Team member Dennis Åsberg reportedly stated recently that Russians and Americans were conducting “military exercises” in the area.

Regardless, the team, reportedly backed by a “secret sponsor,” set out to rediscover the object, and hopefully determine its identity. According to the team’s website, “The expedition started Friday (June) 1st from Norrtälje harbor when Ocean X-Team took their crew out for this exciting adventure trying to find out what the mysterious disc-shaped object is. Unfortunately the weather conditions have been really bad the last days, but now they are on a roll.”
NTD Television reports that the team will use equipment to conduct three dimensional sea floor mapping, and sea floor penetrating equipment. Team member Peter Lindberg explains, “We have divers, we have robot, sophisticated sonar, we will take bottom samples, we will measure for radiation and we will also bring tests with us so we can leave it to a lab.”
The latest expedition is scheduled to last between six and ten days.

The Kingman Saucer and a Contactee

Back in 1973, a man named Arthur Stansel – using the alias of Fritz Werner – provided the respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler with an extraordinary and controversial affidavit concerning nothing less than an alleged crashed UFO event in Kingman, Arizona two decades earlier. It went like this…
“I, Fritz Werner, do solemnly swear that during a special assignment with the U.S. Air Force, on May 21, 1953, I assisted in the investigation of a crashed unknown object in the vicinity of Kingman, Arizona. The object was constructed of an unfamiliar metal which resembled brushed aluminum. It had impacted twenty inches into the sand without any sign of structural damage. It was oval and about 30 feet in diameter. An entranceway hatch had been vertically lowered and opened.”
Stansel/Werner continued: “It was about 3-1/2 feet high and 1-1/2 feet wide. I was able to talk briefly with someone on the team who did look inside only briefly. He saw two swivel seats, an oval cabin, and a lot of instruments and displays. A tent pitched near the object sheltered the dead remains of the only occupant of the craft. It was about 4 feet tall, dark brown complexion and had 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, and a small round mouth. It was clothed in a silvery, metallic suit and wore a skullcap of the same type material. It wore no face covering or helmet. I certify that the above statement is true by affixing my signature to this document this day of June 7, 1973.”

Well, as fascinating as all the above undeniably is, it’s a fact that the Kingman affair is one that is absolutely steeped in controversy and debate, and which has led some to accept the case as valid and has caused others to dismiss it all as nothing more than outrageous fantasy. And appropriately for such a controversial story, there is an intriguing aspect of the Kingman affair that is hardly ever discussed, and of which many within Ufology are completely unaware. And here it is, in all its strange glory…
Beyond any shadow of doubt, the number of people who can claim aliens wrecked their marriages is infinitely small. But, such claims have been made – the most memorable being that of construction-worker Truman Bethurum. His idea of a close encounter was very different to those of other UFO witnesses: his alleged 1952 liaisons – atop Nevada’s Mormon Mesa – with Space Captain Aura Rhanes, a supposed citizen of the planet Clarion, ultimately led his outraged wife to file for divorce!
Mormon Mesa is a 1,893 foot high summit which dominates Nevada’s Moapa Valley. Between the mesa and its two, near-identical neighbors, are two huge chasms created by the Muddy and Virgin Rivers that carved the mesa eons ago. Visually stunning, both then and now, Mormon Mesa was about to become a veritable hotbed of alien activity – specifically when, in the mid-to-late part of 1952, Bethurum began working in the area.

Bethurum’s wife was a collector of seashells; and as the area had been covered by ocean during prehistoric times, after he finished his shift one particular night, Bethurum headed out to the Mesa to see if he could find any fossilized shells as a gift for his wife – who had decided not to accompany her husband to Nevada, and instead elected to remain at their home in Santa Barbara. Yes: the cracks in the relationship were already showing.
Bethurum searched the pitch-black area for a couple of hours; but, having failed to find any such seashells, returned to his truck “to take a little snooze.” It was while snoozing – or while, it might be argued, he was in an altered state-of-mind – that Bethurum was blessed with a visit from the inhabitants of another world: the Clarionites. An hour or so after falling asleep, said Bethurum, he was awakened by what he described as “mumbling.”
As he began to stir, Bethurum was shocked to see that his truck was surrounded by between eight and ten men. They were all olive-skinned, around five feet in height, wearing uniforms and black-billed caps – and who were in stark contrast to the long-haired, hippy-types that hung out with George Adamski. The encounters had begun – according to Bethurum, at least.
It must be stressed that much of Bethurum’s tale is, frankly, unbelievable. His encounters with the hot and shapely Captain Rhanes come across like a cross between Star Trek and Baywatch, and read like a wild sci-fi novel. But, there is one particularly intriguing aspect to Bethurum’s story that may have a bearing upon the saga of Arthur Stansel.
On the night of November 2, Bethurum was out in the desert, actually quite near to the town of Kingman. Anxious to see his gorgeous Captain Rhanes again, Bethurum fired into the air one of several flares supposedly given to him by his alien friends, as a means by which he could contact them at any time. Sure enough, Rhanes and her crew were quickly on the scene.
For the final time, Bethurum was invited aboard the saucer and the pair chatted at length about life on their respective worlds, their hobbies, and much more of a friendly nature. At the end of the exchange, there was no real indication that this was to be their last meeting – and yet, it certainly was. Rhanes escorted Bethurum out of the saucer and back to the desert floor, where they bid each other farewell. In a few moments, Bethurum was alone, standing in the stark desert darkness; watching in awe as the huge alien craft grew ever smaller as it rose silently into the starlit sky.

We could, of course, relegate Bethurum’s story to the realm of fiction and nothing else – and, indeed, many people within the UFO research arena have firmly done so. In the minds of many, the Contactees of yesteryear most certainly do not stand strong against today’s Abductees. There is, however, one intriguing factor suggesting that, just maybe, Bethurum wasn’t quite the fantasist that so many believed him to be.
Recall that Stansel had told Ray Fowler in his 1970s affidavit that with respect to the alien body found at the Kingman site: “It was about 4 feet tall, dark brown complexion and had 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, and a small round mouth. It was clothed in a silvery, metallic suit and wore a skullcap of the same type material.”
Compare that with the words of the aliens that Truman Bethurum claimed to have encountered in late 1952 very near to Kingman: “They were all olive-skinned, around five feet in height, wearing uniforms and black-billed caps.”
The location is, of course, the same in both stories. The aliens in both accounts are short in stature – which is in stark contrast to most of the long-haired beings reported in Contactee cases in the 1950s. Both Werner and Bethurum said that the aliens wore uniforms and caps. The body viewed by Werner was dark-skinned, and the skin of the aliens that Bethurum claimed to have met was olive-skinned – not too much of a difference, one could well argue.
The wholly skeptical commentator might say that Bethurum simply made up his story after hearing of the Fritz Werner revelations in the 1970s. There is, however, a problem with this theory: Bethurum’s account was published way back in 1954 – less than one-year after the alleged events at Kingman and no less than two-decades before Fritz Werner even surfaced. Perhaps Bethurum was not the hoaxer that many have assumed him to be.
Whatever the truth, methinks we have not heard the last of the Kingman affair…